Scooter says, “I’ve got equine company! who’s  inside the trailer?

Scooter can barely contain himself, he is so excited.

Sniff sniff, squeal. 

“what the heck? that isnt a horse!”

It’s a damn donkey!!!

This is Freddie. He is a donkey who needed a home.

Freddie is gentle and easy to handle. He is fun and a sweetie. He doesnt bray often but when he does it is loud.

Scooter has himself in a jealous snit ever since Freddie arrived.

I went looking for a jenny but none were available. Freddie needed a home and was free, his owner no longer could care for him. Hubs and I brought him home.

I have not made up my mind if he is going to stay on here permanently just yet……Scooter is not too thrilled with him. For now Ive been keeping them seperated.

I’ll see how things work out as the days go by.


Wednesday night, the hubs and I were standing in the kitchen sharing a glass of milk before going to bed about 11:30 pm and we heard Freddie braying from his stall inside the barn.

Hubs said, “the neighbors are gonna love us!”



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22 responses to “Freddie

  1. SailorMoon

    Aww, Freddie’s a cutie!! They get lonely, we had one up the street come and stand by my porch when the owners moved all the horses out and left just him. Quite a shock when walking out a night..not expecting to trip over a donkey!! Keep him, keep him, keep him!!

  2. DaBich

    Oh MY! A donkey? Whatever will you come up with next BG???? Good luck with Freddie!

  3. Awwwwwww…you’ve got to keep him, he is adorable! Scooter will get over his snit and they will become best buddies for sure! Tell the neighbors you give out free ear plugs! lol! He will quiet down after he settles in. We used to have several in our neighborhood and I loved hearing them bray, I can’t remember them braying at night, I think they were in the barn together.

  4. Rebecca

    Scooter may end up liking Freddie. They may end up the very best of friends. We shall see! Give it some time~~ I wish you luck.

    How do the boys feel about Freddie?

    You should snap a pic of them with Freddie and share it with us!

  5. He’s so CUTE! I hope Scooter gets used to him.

  6. Oh, Freddie is so cute. I hope Scooter and he learn to get along.

  7. Aniin BG, it pays the neighbors back for all the goats and cows wandering over. Glad you’ve liking the pictures from Paris and London, I’ll have more next week.

    I hope to send you a copy of ‘Real Magic’ within three weeks, I have to order more. I sold three copies at work today. 🙂

    Have a great weekend and have some fun for me.

  8. Awww Freddie has such beautiful markings. Perhaps Scooter will accept him in time? Read the ghost story- it’s common in England for ghosts to be disturbed during re-modelling. Should settle. Our old house dated from the Medieval period possibly even before that. Regularly at 3pm there would be a smell a bit like tobacco from by the Victorian kitchen fireside. In this house things just get moved at inconvenient times from one part of the living room. It’s just something we’ve got used to.

  9. He’s adorable!
    My ex SIL has minature donkeys… they are great for keeping the coyotes away.
    Good on ya for giving freddie a good home.

  10. SM-they are sweet animals. Freddie is a lot of fun to handle and such. He is so very stoic.

    DaBich-one never knows around here!

    MM-Scooter has calmed a bit-no more snaking his head trying to bite Freddie, just flattening his ears and acting mean, more when I am outside. He is such a brat!

    rebecca-yep. I am going to give it some time and see how it goes. Bubba likes Freddie a lot (so does hubs) but Wee One isnt too keen on him for some reason. Wee said, “Scooter dont like the loud donkey, he needs to go back to his mama!”

    Donna-he is a cutie! and so sweet acting, very easy to like.

    arkansassongbird-me too! I am tired of mucking out Freddies stall and keeping him in the pen or staked out.

    brian-haha! yeah, those goats are loud. Congrats on selling your book today! I like the cover a lot.

    melanie-hopefully they get used to each other. wow-your home is old! that is so neat. Living w/ ghosts can be frustrating though.

  11. hope-he did need a home otherwise he was going to be euthanized or sold for meat. Freddie also something of a watchdog 🙂

  12. So glad you have him. The pony I saw today made and is making me cry.

  13. Poor Scooter–I know what it’s like to have a little brother!

    Freddie is cute 🙂

  14. Oh i remember the brief time on my grandpa’s farm when he had a donkey and he was sooo loud.

  15. barngoddess: You have a tremendous heart! I just mailed my annual donation to the SPCA in memory of my young cousin who like you, raised horses and was just wonderful with all animals. Poor Scooter probably doesn’t understand yet. I think you are smart to keep them separate. I love stopping by here for the photos! Scooter is special.

  16. aw so cute, maybe they will get along in time.

  17. jo

    Awww…I love Freddie !!!!

  18. Freddie is soooo cute! You’ve got to keep him. Scooter has been an only child … so it may take him awhile to think sharing is .. fun. Good luck.

  19. Awwww I love him!!
    I almost had a goat the other day…

  20. Hmmmm, I’m not sure that “love” is the right word. LOL

    So Scooter would have like a horse buddy but thinks he’s above a donkey for company. Such a funny horse. However, that noise wouldn’t be my favorite either. Although the ears are definitely cute. What does Wee One think of him?

  21. Freddie is so cute, wee one’s comment is too funny! Love all the pics!

  22. sweetly sings the donkey,
    at the break of day,
    if you do not feed him,
    this is what he’ll say
    Hee Hawww, Hee Hawww,
    He Haw, He Haw, He Haw

    Welcome Freddie

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