Sunnyside Up

The weather has been gloriously sunny-which has  helped me with this crazy daylight savings time stuff.

My Halloween spider crackers were a huge hit with the preschoolers!Thank you Kel!

Wee One got so much  candy trick or treating  it should be illegal.

Freddie has settled in nicely.

He is so stoic! and a bit of a watch dog. Freddie has taken to braying when someone comes down the driveway.

Hubs likes him more than I had thought. Freddie has gotten treats and some pats/scratches from hubs over the weekend.

Scooter is still #1 around here though!

Scooter is jealous. He has ceased snaking his head at Freddie,  much to my relief. I still have them seperated. I am worried Scooter might try to bully Freddie and get his *ss whooped.  Donkeys are known to be mean and tough. Altho Freddie has not showed me any signs, I am going to take time and not any chances.

Over the weekend, while I messed with Freddie, Wee One fussed over Scooter. Scooter is a gem. He stood patiently,  mostly dozing, while Wee One did his thing of brushing and  grooming. 

Scooter is so sweet with Wee One, it worries me when Wee is around other horses because Scooter doesnt kick, stomp, or do anything that could be dangerous to Wee One.  Oh well, all I can do is keep repeating myself and hope it sinks in…….

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Wee One’s birthday is this Saturday which is the same day as Bubba’s first wrestling tournament. I am unprepared and have not planned Wee’s  party yet. The  next 2  days  I’ll be  in  Tulsa with my Father-in-law for a  surgery and medical appointments.


I  need an  assistant…………


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23 responses to “Sunnyside Up

  1. Freddie is ADORABLE! I’ll bet he and Scooter end up being pals after the initial “introductory” period.

  2. Kim

    Your pictures inspire me!

  3. From the first photo, I think Wee One is anticipating his birthday. Freddie seems at home. Scooter sounds like a very special horse to be that cautious around Wee One. All the very Best for your Father in law!!!

  4. dickiebo

    Sorry, gal. I’d love to be your assistant but………far too old, slow, lazy, stoopid, …(all things that Barbara keeps saying to me)! Know what I mean?

  5. Aniin BG, glad you got through Halloween all right and the costume looks cute.

    Have a great week, I’m feeling much better.

  6. oh those spider crackers cookies are so cool. lol I should try that next year

  7. Rebecca

    Wee one is too cute on the John Deere! I loved it!

    I hope Father in law has everything go well.
    YEs, you do need an assistant. You could add that to your Santa wish list and tuck it in hubby wallet…so he can find it while he’s out and about away from the house.

    I loved the cookies. They were cool! You are creative!!!!

  8. Lisa from Kentucky

    Love your blog, also share your love of horses. I have a wonderful poem I would like to share with you entitled “I Ride”. It’s about women and their love of horses. If you want shoot me an email and I will send it to you. I promise you will love it and will want to share it w/all the women you know or meet that share our love of horses.


  9. SailorMoon

    Cute crackers!! And Wee-One is adorable. Love Freddie too. Tell me about it on the birthdays-#1 son will be 14yo on the 12th, only daughter will be 16yo on the 14th, and my baby will be 6yo on the 16th. Yes, all this month. What the crap??!!! I’m about as prepared as an onion. (don’t know where that came from). And of course #1 son needs new BB shoes, can’t keep anything longer than one season…and so on!!Oh well..what can you do??!!

  10. Wee One is just too darn cute period. I love the costume pic. What a smile.

    I wondered if Scooter was jealous of the new addition. But he should know there’s no way he’ll even lose his special place in your heart. He’s such a special horse.

    If you figure out how to “get” an assistant, please let me know. I sure could use one too.

  11. jo

    Got my daily *Wee* fix 🙂
    I so hope Freddie and Scooter get along ..they are such gorgeous animals.

    Hope all goes well w/ F-in-L.

    Have a great week !

  12. DaBich

    Ahhh….birthday parties. Such a necessary evil eh? Good luck (and Godspeed) deciding what to do.

    Freddie is adorable =D

  13. Cute cookies!! I am so glad that Freddie is fitting in.

  14. Wee One looks absolutely adorably awesome and we won’t even start on the crackers! Great idea…

  15. Those cracker are so cool!
    They turned our really good..

    Scooter is a great animal:)
    You must be just filled with
    love and pride for your special

  16. i need an assistant too. especially on days when I can’t think.

    you got an a**? right on!

  17. Glad Freddie is settling in well. I still think in time he and Scooter will be bosom buddies but you’re wise to take it slow. We don’t want anyone getting their arse kicked! Wee One looks adorable in his costume!!!! love the crackers, so cute. I have eaten way too much left over HALLOWEEN CANDY. Whoops I hit caps lock. I hate Hubbys puter, be glad when mine is up and running again!!!

  18. Now you can start a mini-Donkey Basketball team with Freddie at the helm!

    Great pictures!

  19. Kat

    Spider crackers…that is just TOO cute!!! And I love the little dragon costume too…is that Spyro? I used to love to play that game with mini

  20. Cool ride, Wee One! My boys always wanted a tractor like that.

    Love the spider crackers!

    Glad to hear Freddie’s doing OK.

    Have fun with the birthday! We have a birthday this Saturday, too–my DH is turning 40!

  21. Kat

    LOL…we seem to be “rawhide” free now…everything is coming out ok. (We won’t be doing that again anytime soon)

  22. I almost talked my husband into a mule a few weeks ago, wonder what that would have brought. Wee One is the cutest in his costume. No wonder he got so much candy! Scooter and Freddie will probably become best of buddies. It took Misty nearly 6 months to attach to Kola.

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