Hang The Horse Thief

ahhhhhhhhh. Can you smell it? It’s piney and fresh.

Why it is called glistening snow is beyond me.

I’ve smelled plenty of snow in my day and it never smelled like this candle.

Glade Scented Candles makes a candle called “Glistening Snow“. I love the scent! It makes me homesick for Northern Michigan.

These are the latest books I am reading.

Savannah Breeze” by Mary Kay Andrews. This is a cute, fast paced book. I am halfway thru it and still enjoying it. My first to read by this author. I would read another one of her books.

Back when I was reading a Jonothan Kellerman book someone commented I should give his wife’s books a try. So I picked up Faye Kellerman’s “Prayers For The Dead” to read. Havent started it yet.

I really enjoyed “Sundowners” by Lesley Lokko! It was a nice suprise, totally different from what I was anticipating.



Back in the early nineties, I was a victim of horse theft. It was not my much loved Scooter who was snatched but a lovely, athletic Appendix registered roping gelding I owned.

Streak is a stout, sorrel with 4 white socks. The kid I sold him to in 1994 still owns him and Streak is living out his retirement years on a ranch North of me. Streak can turn on a dime and was the fastest horse I have ever had the pleasure of riding in my lifetime.

I will try to make a long story short, it is an awful feeling going out to the pasture/barn and realizing someone has stolen your horse.

I noticed Streak was missing right away. His paddock bordered the driveway. When I pulled in I noticed the gate swinging in the wind. The other horses were safe in the far back and out of sight from the road. There were trailer tire marks and hoofprints where he’d been lead up the driveway and loaded into a trailer while hubs and I were away at work.

I called my local Brand Inspector and he got on the ball. Streak had just recently been shod. He was, thankfully, tattooed, which was documented on my AQHA papers.

Then I called the sheriff. The Brand inspector, the sheriff, and I met. We decided to start with the local sales and low and behold, we found Streak on his way to Joplin MO. He was ran thru a sale in another county about 2 1/2 hours away.

Streak was found with in 2 days. I was able to recover Streak 12 days later and bring him home on my birthday in 1991. The same day a deadly, tornadic storm hit Skiatook and our area. We raced home in front of the storm.

Streak was as happy to see me as I was to see him. He was a bit worse for the wear. About 100 pounds leaner and spooked. He calmed down as soon as I got him home safe and sound.

Charges were pressed against the horse thief. He got probation and a huge fine. After all was said and done, the Brand Inspector told me that hanging horse thieves is still legal in the Oklahoma law books! If I had known that when I was furious and frantic with worry about my horse being stolen, I’d have hung a noose from the huge, old, mulberry tree and taken care of that legal business myself.

Below is a letter all horse owners need to read. If your horse isnt branded, microchipped, or tattooed, please consider doing it! Never in my worse nightmares did I ever think of someone snatching my horse. It happened to me in ’91, it can very well happen to YOU.

It is getting close to Christmas and we see an increase of thefts this time of year, especially with kid safe horses and ponies. Do you have anything that falls into this category? Read the story below of an attempted theft in Virginia this past weekend. Now is a good time to take a moment and protect your horses and your property with microchips that you may insert yourself and farm/travel security signs for horses and equipment.

Protect your property and your horses: http://www.netposse.com/merch/paypal.htm

Below is an excerpt from a letter received at Stolen Horse International this weekend.

We live in Bumpass, Virginia, which is in Spotsylvania County Virginia. We never thought living in the country this could happen to us.  Well it  did.  We are very lucky that our horses were not stolen but we feel that we need to warn other horse owners in this area.  Three of my horses have tattoos and all five are micro-chipped.  I have current pictures with their description in the event they are stolen or missing.    
I want to personally thank Debi, as she really opened our eyes.  My husband and I met Debi on November 3, 2007 in Richmond Virginia at the Virginia Equine Extravaganza. Debi please keep up the great work!!
On Friday November 2, 2007 at approximately 7:45 pm – 8:15 pm someone or persons attempted to steal my horses but where unsuccessful.  It appears they were scared off by either my dog or neighbor.  When my husband and I got home we noticed our gate and fence were damaged and the fence post was split in half and pulled out of the ground.  There were also tire marks in the field and yard.  My horses were very spooked and needless to say so were we.  I called the police right away.  My neighbor had heard a noise and looked over but could not see much as it was dark. All she heard was a crash and then the sound of a trailer door opening. She said right after the crashing sound and the sound of a trailer door opening, all she could see were the horses running around.  My dog Zeus was barking non stop.  She was by herself and was afraid to come on the property and tried to call us on our cells phones, but could not find our numbers.  When we got home and saw the damage, we called the police. My three other horses who were in a different field were safe but also very spooked.  When my neighbor saw that we were home, she came over a told us what she heard.  When the police arrived they were very concerned and took a report and told us that they will start patrolling our area more. There are other horse owners on our road and we notified them of what happened to us so that it does not happen to them.    
The gate, which even had a padlock on it, was pushed inwards and fence post was broken right out of the ground. We think the trailer hit the gate and pulled forward as the tire marks indicated this.  Thank
goodness my horses ran away from it, as they could have gotten hurt.  My mare had a few scrapes from the fence wire and was spooked and my gelding was very spooked.  It took us awhile to calm everyone down. Once we got them into their stalls and locked them up for the night they finally settled down.  We were up all night waiting for the thefts to come back, as the police said they may try again.  Well needless to say
we were waiting…  
Joyce and Johnny 
Bumpass, Virginia



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28 responses to “Hang The Horse Thief

  1. Aniin BG. People will steal anything. Glad you got Streak back all right.

    Homesick for snow? Girl, you need help. 😛

    I got my first copy of the hardcover edition of ‘Real Magic’ today. It’s very nice quality, I am impressed. I ordered more so hopefully w/i three weeks you’ll get yours.

  2. Yikes! I’ve never heard of a horse thief around here but I guess it can happen anywhere. I’ll bring the rope next time if you have a good sturdy tree!!! I can’t imagine getting up and finding one of my guys gone. I’d freak. My goobers are so friendly they would probably walk right on the trailer and think they were going for a nice ride!!! Thanks BG for the reminder that these things can happen!

  3. Geez – i can’t believe that still happens – it seems like such an Old West type of thing. I’m glad your story had a happy ending and you got the horse back!

  4. Rebecca

    Sorry about your “theft”. I know that must had been really tough at the time.

    I will join you in the longing for snow…at least one week out of the year, it sure could be nice!

    The books look intriguing. Savannah looks to be a bit more to my liking….

    Have a great day!

  5. Brian-yep, I need HELP. Preferably in the form of prozac or something in that drug family..

    MM-scary isnt it!?!?! All of my horses have been friendly and loved going in the trailer. Especially Scooter, I swear, he gets a smile on his face when he gets to go somewhere in a trailer! just thinking about some snake stealing a loving family member for profit makes me see red.

    KarmynR-it still is a bit Old West out here believe it or not! I was VERY lucky to get Streak back, it took 2 days to find him. Luckily the horse trader who bought him had truck troubles and was delayed going back to MO.

    Rebecca-funny, I thought about you when I picked up the Savannah Breeze book to read!

  6. dickiebo

    Shoot ’em, BG. I’ll swear it was an accident!!

  7. We havent seen a real snow since being back from Pennsylvania. I keep telling Matt I want to take Braden out in the winter to Colorado or somewhere for a good snow.

  8. Going out and finding Blue gone would be like finding one of my children gone! What a horrible thing that would be.

  9. glad they found him for you. Oh and NANO is novembers national writing month. Its basically write your brains out for the entire month. If you get 50000 words you get a nifty certificate and a sense of accomplishment. I have 114 words ugh I suck lol

  10. dickiebo-lol! oh I wish! but anyone who knows me knows it wont be any accident should I shoot someone….

    kelli-CO is only a hop skip and a jump from us!

    Donna-when I received that email letter, I immediately thought about Blue and how sweet he was with all those kids when you rode by them. Keep your guy safe. Blue is a gem of a horse….if you EVER have to sell him, I want to know.

    Anne-50,000 words????? OMG!

  11. Hello and hugs, BG! I hope you are doing well! My horses are ready to travel. I’m not..but I’m leaving on Friday morning anyway…
    cheers!, Katie

  12. Maybe they should change the name of the candle to Snow Glistened Pine……would make more sense lol.

    I can’t believe someone would steal a horse. I guess I forget how low people will go to make money. I’m glad your horse was returned and he’s enjoying his retirement.

    Have a great day 🙂

  13. I would have never thought people would do this. I’m sorry it happened to you once…

  14. katie- I hope you and your equines have a quick and safe journey to MT! be sure to holler when you get there so Im not wonderin’ bout ya.

    RNG-I agree w/ you about the candle! I just saw ole Streak the other day, he is fat and happy in a huge pasture with a bunch of bossy mares..heheheh

    pavel-yep, it happens. All the more reasons for me to stand behind my opinion ‘people suck’.

  15. On the marestare boards it seems like there are stories about horse thefts pretty regularly. And I do mean regularly so if people think it can’t happen to them, they could be sadly mistaken.

    I’m curious about that law, does it mean that if you catch someone stealing your horse, YOU can hang them? If so, maybe I should move to OK.

  16. Hang ’em high! 100 lbs leaner in under two weeks? Oye!

    Certainly that would have to be one of the scariest moments a person can face, coming out to the barn and finding your horse missing. MiKaela, I’ll move with you if you’re allowed to hang horse thieves!

  17. People are assholes!
    I’m glad you got your boy back,that must have been just awful:(

  18. I love the Kellerman’s book, they’ve also done a few collaberations you will probably enjoy as well.

  19. jo

    Anyone that would steal your horse is just as likely to kill you. Hanging is too good for the a-holes.

    N. Michigan has cooties right now…everyone I know is sick again and MRSA was documented in Grayling not long ago. Damn cooties anyway !

    I have to add that candle to my list now..it does sound nice.

  20. So glad to hear you found your boy & now his happy in his retirement, I don’t know what I would do if this happend to me, we also have this problem here in the UK. Mind you my horse is 18hand ‘Cleveland Bay’ with attitude to people he doesn’t know. looking at the other comments, I’d like to help set-up a hanging/shooting party in any country yours or mine !

  21. I am so glad to hear you got your horse back, especially since he was on his way to Missouri. Back in the early 90’s is when horses in MO were supposedly being sold for meat to be shipped to France. Or that was the rumor going around then.

    Thanks for providing info on getting horses tatooed. You can never be too careful.

    I liked Faye Kellerman because I was fascinated by the details about her religion. I thought it was really interesting and loved how she wove those facts into her story.

  22. Ann

    I thought horse stealing was a thing of the past. I didn’t realize it could still happen today. Glad you got the horse back okay. Thanks for visiting A Mother’s Minute for WW!

  23. I would die if somebody took my Precious.

  24. If somebody tried I do shoot to kill.

  25. Kat

    Someone really has a lot of nerve to steal a horse…that was a very time consuming process (far longer than stealing a car), so you know they had to be watching and laying in wait for the opportunity. Its a shame you didn’t get to hang his ass!!!

  26. risingrainbow-he didnt go into specifics 😦 Oklahoma still has some very Old West type laws.

    DHW-hang ’em high! thats right!

    lael-yep, they are.

    Hope-I havent had a chance to start Faye’s book yet, darn it

    Jo-oh my gawd! its in N.Mi already? yikes, weve had it in 8 schools out here already.

    equineimage-thnks for stopping by! A 18 hand ‘Cleveland Bay’ with attitude should keep the horse thieves away for sure. My Old Guy loves the trailer and anytime it is hitched up, hes dying to jump in and go. I would KILL anyone who messes with him, he is like on of my very own sons. Mess w/ them and die a slow painful death.

    Jolyana-meat? I cringe at thinking about Streak being served with taters and gravy!

    Ann-nope, horse theft happens too damn often (insert mad face here)

    Celeste-if ya kill the horse thief, you get a gold star. One less amongst us.

    kat-I would bet most horse thieves know the horses they plan on stealing. Streaks horse-napper knew him very well.

  27. Hello, Thanks for the comments on my blog.
    This link will take you to my Horses..
    ‘Cleveland Bay’ called ‘Archie’ & our other horse called ‘Sevi’…


  28. thieves suck. they make life miserable for every one. I have no sympathy for people that have no character.

    i am glad you got your horse back.

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