What The H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!?!

I really wanted to use profanity in my title.

One thing I love about WordPress: they notify you when someone links your site.

One thing I hate about the blogosphere: people steal content.

I was notified of a pingback from this site, ourmonkeys.

It seems they linked my Haunted ShayShay post.

My comment is still awaiting moderation over there. Where, I am sure it’ll sit for all eternity.

Why this  flooring/cleaning site is using my material  is beyond me.

My posts are my very own, spewed forth from my often confused and cranky mind.

If I am posting about a news article, I give the link so the newsource is credited.

If I am writing about someone else’s blog, I definitely make sure y’all KNOW where the content originated from and who the blog owner/writer is.

What frustrates me is that there a lot, I mean a lot, of talented and witty people out there writing blogs and posting their photos.

Many of those very same people are my regular commentors. Their works are of professional quality.

It would be awful for some sorry, lazy ass, cheater to be getting credit for something they stole.

Speaking of my Haunted ShayShay  post. I was hoping I’d be able to take some photos of the old estate soon.

But, it seems my dear friend ET, ever the drama queen, had a bit of trouble with the law due to an altercation with some gal her (ET)’s boyfriend was messing around with.


I do not know Scott very well. If I get around to it, I’ll get word thru their mother that I want to take photos to Scott and see how he feels about it.

2 people I know love this water. They are always drinking it.

I picked up some to try. It’s a bit pricey, not sure if I’ll be persuaded to give up my Dasani lemon flavored H20 anytime soon.

Germ patrol is something I am vigilant about, especially now with the deadly MRSA bug spreading all over Oklahoma like wildfire.

MRSA is rapidly spreading in schools  and I am worried because Bubba is wrestling! His coaches have been diligent about watching out for and preventing this deadly, antibiotic resistent staph infection. I am still worried.

I have stocked up on GermX, sending obscene amounts to school with Bubba. Then, hounding him into using it religiously.

Wee One tries to balk when I lather him up in the GermX. It doesnt work, he still gets a treatment before he comes home from his preschool.

FOX23 News says: Students from Tulsa Public Schools, Jenks, Muskogee, Owasso, Coweta and Choteau have also tested positive for the infection.


Freddie is a good donkey. He only uses the bathroom in ONE spot. The SAME spot every single time.

It makes for cleaning up after him on the easy side.

Very much UNLIKE Scooter who messes all over his stall, then stays hunched up in the corner worried he might get his hooves dirty.

Cleaning up after him is tedious.

Since we are on the subject of Scooter. He has gotten back into the cockleburs.


It took me forever to get this bunch out, even using a 1/2 a bottle of baby oil.

My fingers hurt……..



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18 responses to “What The H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!?!

  1. Freddie is just so darned cute and pooping in one spot is such a bonus! Three of my guys are pigs and the other two are pretty good in their stalls but they don’t like to pee outside. Will come in to freshly cleaned stalls from outside and pee and then go outside again. Should keep the doors closed but I’m too easy on them.
    What’s a pingback? I just don’t know all of this blogtalk. I have a sitemeter but it just gives me numbers not anything else. Donna was saying one day that she could tell who came to her site and for what topic. I don’t know how to do all that stuff. Can’t teach an old dog much for new tricks I guess. I do have a new computer geek coming on Monday for four hours. YIKES! My eyes will be bulging out of my head!

    I rode Buddy today for the first time since May when he foundered. The vet said it would be good for him as long as I stayed on soft footing like the inside and outside rings. He’s doing good but looks so different to me now that he has his new slim look. The crest on his neck is gone so it looks so much thinner but this is what the vet and farrier wanted as he was way overweight. He still has his shoes on backwards and probably will for a while.

    My niece just moved back East from Coweta. I’ll have to tell her about the germ thing. I would be freaked too, it’s scary!

  2. jo

    What a day you’ve had !
    We have MRSA here, too. Very scary with kids in dif schools.
    Are ya keeping Freddie ? Scooter cutting him some slack yet ?

  3. SailorMoon

    Thought about you yesterday. They had the annual longhorn “Texas Stampede” through downtown Dallas yesterday.I snuck out of work for a few & watched. Truly beautiful animals, & a couple fell (slippery after being penned for a couple of hours) at the start but they were fine. But what was the greatest, were the huge black horses pulling the Wells Fargo wagon. I was 4 sure they were Clysdales, but someone said they weren’t. They were huge and beautiful…I soaked it in for you. Since I left my danged camera at home!! I’m a germ freak too, my house may be messy, but by dangy everything is bleached and I have the broken out hands to prove it!!

  4. so i don’t get why that post ended up on a flooring page.
    The superbug has crossed the border and has been diagnoised a few provinces over.
    So here’s my concern with the whole thing. Superbugs exist because of all the antibaterial products and drugs we are using. They have become immune and stronger… the products kill the bacteria, but a few survive, become resistant to the antibacterial agents and thus becoming superbugs. Studies indicate that children who’s homes that are very clean usually are the first to get sick.
    I’m not suggesting that you relax, because this superbug thing is very very scary, but as my gramma used to say, ” a little dirt on the carrot is good for you”.

  5. ps my grandaughter was born 3 months premature, 900 grams ( a little over 2 lbs) , with MRSA, and barely survived. She is our warrior.

  6. Aniin BG, don’t worry about the content theft. The sites that steal are commercial sites that get paid for bulk content and clicks. They will never answer and never take the stolen content down. Your only recourse is to go to any advertisers on the site.

    When I had my infection, I had to try several different antibiotics before one worked. I hope everything will be ok, but keep the good germs around.

    Away at Madd’s this weekend, I’ll check back on Monday. Still waiting for more books.

  7. My Walking horse gelding used to have one spot to poop in. Somebody told me that’s called a “stud pile”, although Pleasure Boy wasn’t a stud. LOL. Blue would rather go inside to poop, given the chance, than to “go” outside. And he does it anywhere and everywhere.

  8. Kat

    I wouldn’t have a clue as to who would even want to steal any of the sick stuff I write about. I don’t understand why anyone would do that unless it was for a search engine that was picking up on certain topics or something…you know how if I searched for EMT’s…something might pull up from my own site because the word is mentioned in alot of my posts…I’m still not real computer savvy..I’m just barely getting by as it is…LOL

  9. A nice post. Thank you for your kind comments on my site regarding Sahara’s passing!

  10. If you go to that “our monkeys sight” and click on “read more here” – it actually links to your blog now….so maybe they’ve changed it since you first found it.

  11. dickiebo

    At least copying is the sincerest form of flattery, BG!
    The great wave you mention, is coming down the east side of the UK. I’m in Swansea, Wales – the west side. Where are all the surfers now, I wonder.
    When I was a lad, working part-time in a thoroughbred stables, the horses were in individual boxes, floor covered with wood-shavings. Part of my job was to clean out after the horses had discharged their cargo! One day, I saw one was about to ‘go’, so I opened the door, stood behind it with a 4-pronged pitchfork, and waited, to catch it!!!! The boss came up behind me, caught me by the ear, led me away, and pointed out – er, not too politely – what could happen if the horse had suddenly kicked out. Yea. I died.

  12. Seems there’s nothing dumb about donkeys
    thoughtful and cute little so & so making your life so much easier.

  13. Yikes, that sucks, hope they unlink ya. I hated when my horse used to get in cockleburrs ugh

  14. Scooter is a very handsome horse, but Freddie has stolen my heart. He is so cute! I love his little face in that first shot.

  15. I have had trouble with those content thiefs too. The process to get the content removed is a pain in the a** but if you want the information, I can send you a link with the process. I have gotten content removed successfully from two sites but have still not located the correct source for one and have a new one this week. It makes me crazy!!

    We’re having trouble with that virus in some schools here, it is a virus isn’t it? Not the schools my grandkids go to but it’s only a matter of time.

    I still can’t believe that we’re buying bottled water. Let alone all that fancy stuff.

    Cockleburrs don’t sound like fun to deal with. How come Scooter doesn’t know better than that? lol

  16. My horses pasture includes woods and although I don’t know exactly where they are, I know there are burrs in our woods because my horses are always finding them.

    I hate burrs. They are so hard to get out.

    Freddie IS very adorable. I especially love that he is so neat.

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