People Phobia

This cartoon was in November’s issue of Glamour magazine.

I can relate to this the  last couple  of weeks!


Bubba made the mistake of eating biscuits-n-gravy and drinking 2 large cartons of apple juice from the school cafeteria one morning before school. Needless to say, by 2nd period, he had to  go  to the  restroom.

The boys restroom does not have any doors in the toilet stalls.  So, Bubba and just about every one of his friends, wait and use the  restrooms in the gym or lockeroom. This was not an  option at 2nd  hour. The dreaded doorless bathroom would have to suffice.

Bubba said he was in the far corner stall finishing and  trying to get the heck outta  there  because he said  he  ‘stunk somethin’ fierce’ when someone entered the bathroom.  Bubba  peeked around the side of  the stall and saw it was one of the 7th grade male teachers. Bubba  said he  heard the teacher use the urinal then walk out of the restroom without washing his hands!

Gag!That is  nasty.

I  gave Bubba a bit of flack over being a  ‘restroom  spy’. He said he couldnt help it, he had to wait until the teacher left because he didnt want the teacher to  know who stunk up the restroom.

I know  who’s  hand I’ll never  be shaking again. In  fact, just the thought of it is making  my  ‘touching people phobia’ even  more stronger. I have always disliked touching people,  especially strangers……whether its shaking  hands,  hugging, ect.

Obviously my phobia is a good  thing in  certain cases.


I  had to go out and purchase some new glasses. 

I came home and saw a whole lot of dirt Ive been missing while  cleaning!

Why does  a decent pair of glasses, a decent pair of sunglasses (I already had  my script from  the Indian Health Clinic),  a contact  lense exam,  and a few pairs of contacts cost a small fortune?

For $300 more dollars I could have had lasik surgery done on 1 eye!

It doesnt  help the fact I have  severe astigmatism, which costs more  in glasses  lenses as well as a  lot  more in contact lenses.

It was worth  it,  I had not bought new glasses in nearly 5 years. My eyes have changed quite a bit. I can see, just in time for deer hunting  season.


On  my way home from Sand Springs and getting my eyesight straightened out,  I saw hundreds of migrating pelicans on the edge of the Arkansas River. I was kicking myself for not throwing my camera  in my bag.

I have never in my life seen  so many pelicans…….. in Oklahoma of all places.


Tomorrow my Wee One will be 4  years old. It seems  like yesterday when brought him  home from the hospital! His party is on Sunday due to Bubba’s wrestling tournament tomorrow.

I hope the little  birthday party goes well!

Off to watch “The Wizard  Of  Oz” with Wee One.

Ive been typing during the commercials.

He is loving the movie!



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15 responses to “People Phobia

  1. Even I can’t believe Wee One is four! Oh, and what an awesome picture of your horse. Don’t be like my grandson and forget your gun when you head out hunting.

  2. Wow, four , don’t they grow up in the blink of an eye.

    I have to say that I can relate to Bubba’s bathroom story. Only I’m usually the one leaving when someone else has stunk it up and I dont want them thinking it was me. lol

    As for the teacher, I heard the same kind of story about a horse trainer I know. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go behind him in an buffet line at a horse show dinner. lol YUK!

    I hate spending money on glasses. Once about every five or maybe ten years is about normal for me, even if I can’t see in between. Just can’t bear to pay that much for the darn things. lol

    When is hunting season? Soon?

    Oh and the cartoon makes me laugh. I have a friend I usually talk to once a day but I have to cut it short to post my blogs. How silly is that? lol

  3. Love that cartoon.
    Yuck on the teacher, Matt laughs at me because as soon as we have the greeting time at church where you shake everyone hands during a song and we sit back down I pull out the germ killer and slather it on my hands and hten make Matt use it too.

  4. donna-I know! I cant believe he just turned 4 today. He was born nearly 1 month early too. This morning, Id like to send him away, he got up at 5:45 am. Stooopid time change.

    risingrainbow-lol, I always think of your screen-name as rising-GRAIN-bow. Always thinking like a horse person.I last bought contacts/new glasses/eye exam in Jan of ’03, just before I became preggers w/ Wee One. I cannot believe he’s 4 today. Where does the time go? hunting season starts the 17th (I think).

    Kelli-omg, I do not blame you in the least for doing THAT after shaking all those hands!

  5. LOVE that cartoon! I’m only able to check on the blogs I like as son is doing homework still instead of crafting Christmas presents with me.

    I wish dog stealing were a hanging offence. We had one of ours stolen. I don’t think they realised that she is opinionated, won’t run for a stranger, was spayed and dislikes change. After the longest week in my life and days and nights of searching just incase, I got a call from a person who’d seen a greyhound go into a wood. Within half an hour we were reunited and my hound sobbed in my arms. (Never heard a sound before or like it since). We stepped up security in the garden after that. Glad you got your horse back too.

  6. I would guess the pelicans are there because of the drought in the southeast (Georgia, etc)


    Ewwww… have Bubba make a little sign and sneak it up on the bathroom wall that says


  7. Hooray for new glasses! (I have astigmatism, too, so I know what you mean about the extra cost.)

    You always have such beautiful photos.

    HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY! Four is a great age!

  8. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Wee One! Happy birthday to you!!! I am singing that of course, probably off key but the sentiment is there for a precious little guy!! Well at 5:45 I wouldn’t think he was so precious! lol! Hey teach, wash your hands!!!! GAG! I also hate shaking hands at greeting time at church especially during flu season! When we leave and go to the restaurant the first thing I do is go in the restroom and scrub my hands!! I won’t open the restroom door with my clean hands either, I either take some paper towel or the sleeve of my coat and open the door. Germ phobias are fun aren’t they…….. It’s hunting season here so Dad and I wear tons of orange every day when we walk through the woods. It’s in a no hunting area but you never know. We flushed out about 40 turkeys tonight when we went at dusk. Hummmmm..isn’t Thanksgiving coming right up?????? We put in about 300 bales of hay today and 200 bales of shavings. It smells soooooo good up in the hay loft! We had 40 bales left over from this summer and 100 bales of shavings in already so we are all set for next summer. Took the ones that broke open up to the stable and gave then to the owner. About 10-12 bales. She was grinning like a butcher’s dog!

  9. jo

    Cartoon made me choke on my coffee !
    I hate public restrooms. At Tinks school last summer one of the teachers used the potty and didn’t wash her hands, either. No wonder there is so much mrsa now.
    I wish I could wear contacts.
    Looking forward to Wee’s b-day pics…ya wouldn’t want us going through Wee-thdrawal would ya ?
    How is Bubba’s wrestling working out ?

  10. melanie-I am glad you got your dog back! scary isnt it? losing a much loved four-legged family member is awful.

    pamela-thanks for the idea!! I am going to pass it on to Bubba. He might just do it.

    momto3cubs- I hate being blind. Anyone with astigmatism should be considered handicapped b/c w/out my glasses or contacts, I AM HANDICAPPED!

    MM-you and your dad are smart to wear orange. Any fool can run around in the woods well armed! Hay, I have plenty and it is a wonderful feeling knowing it is put up and safe. I have enough to feed 3 horses this winter. I bet the stable owner was thrilled! that is a lot of hay 🙂

  11. jo-yes! I shall post b-day photos, I promise. I only wear contacts when I am riding or doing something I need peripheral vision for. My allergies are too severe to wear them all the time anymore (I used to!). Bubba took a 4th place medal today-yippeee

  12. Hey there…yes it’s me. Whoa WeeOne is going to be 4!! Wow!

    You know I do the exact same thing Bubba did when I’m in the bathroom, and I don’t care if it’s in a place I’ve never been, I don’t like people knowing I’m in there to use the “potty”. I know I’m weird.

  13. oh don’t you love it when you can see how badly you have been cleaning cause you couldn’t see it before lol. YIKES. Love that flower photo and that cartoon is hilarious

  14. lol gotta dash, gotta blog

  15. Love the shot of the horse. That last shot is beautiful, too. Very appropriate for watching The Wizard of Oz!! When I was Wee One’s age, I was terrified of those flying monkeys!!

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