Wawashkeshshi: the Ojibwe word for Deer 

Please Great Manitouwabi (Spirit), let me see a deer like this during hunting season coming up soon. When I am shooting with my 30.30 Remington bolt action and not my Kodak…

Why? Why are all the huge bucks in the thick brush and bush? Probably because they are the smart ones…..

It’s been a long while since I have taken a nice buck, the last nice buck (size: 142 field dressed and rack: perfect 8point) I bagged was in ’89. All the other deer I have shot since then were either does or spikes or 4 pts.

Holy smokes, now that Ive written that down and read it, it’s been damn near 20 years!

I know Ive said this before, we like venison around here. Hubs, Bubba, and Wee One eat deer like it is going out of style.

When we harvest deer, we use just about all the meat we can get. I make a lot of jerky with the not-so-choice cuts of meat.

The only problems with venison are:

1. it has to be seasoned properly to get the ‘gamey’ taste removed. There are a million ways to do this. I marinate in a variety of sauces and mixes, these bought at the grocery store. I use a Teriyaki marinade that is delicious! That is just one of our favorite, there are about 6 I use on a regular basis. Lawrys liquid marinates are great (all flavors).

The powdered meat tenderizer in the meat aisle works great too. Some venison can be somewhat tender, I prefer to tenderize AND marinate all cuts. But I am picky like that if I am eating it.

Other ways I use are wine vinegar, Michelob beer (it works best!). I always marinate for at least 24 hours in the fridge. It makes the meat tender and flavored well.

2. Venison does not have much fat to it. Cooking oil or lard has to be used because of the lack of fats in the meat-the lack of fats in the meat is a good thing!

We make our own deer burger too. I just buy several pounds of ground beef at the Meat market, then mix it well with the ground up venison. I mix it about 1/3 ground beef to 1 pound of venison. It makes the venison burger much easier to cook with.

The Easy Jerky recipe I use:

2 lbs deer sliced thin ( it is easier to make it in 2lbs at a time )
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tbsp Worcestershire
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
1 tbsp whole black pepper
3 large dashes liquid smoke sometimes I substitute liquid smoke w/ honey for a different flavor

Combine all of the ingrediants, marinate strips overnight in refrigerator (I like to use the zipper quart size plastic baggies to marinate the meat in). Bake in the oven at 150º until dry or put in dehydrator until the meat will snap went bent. Ive cooked it both ways. Its tastes great either way.

My food dehydrator recently bit the dust. It just up and quit on me. Naturally this had to happen before deer season, just before the Holidays, and Wee One’s birthday, and my large expense of having to buy new eye glasses.

Dang! I am not sure the coffers here at the Reservation can afford to run out and buy a new dehydrator like I had.

I wish those Publisher Clearing House people would hurry up and knock on my door, dammit. I am tired of waiting for my millions!

Seek Brotherhood, cherish solitude



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5 responses to “Bang!

  1. Kat

    Oh My Goodness…what a buck!! Unfortunately I am the weird one and won’t eat deer (I have tried it before and its very good…its just a personal choice) I’d much rather admire them walking around in my yard….Hubs is still drooling and whining staring out the windows here…LOL

  2. Rebecca

    See now I could give you the BAMBI guilt trip. I love Bambi!
    Sorry never cared for deer meat or jerky of any kind. Yep, and I am still a true southerner.

    I have friends that love to hunt, I prefer to hunt anyone that tries to break into my house…..
    Hence, I have a gun.

    Hope Monday is rather painless for you. Wee one home or in day care? Did you go and love on Scooter this morning?

  3. Aniin BG. Yum! Deer meat. 😉

    Honestly my friend. Haven’t been feeling well lately. I’ll try to send you something at least a couple of times a week.

  4. jo

    Good on Marvin !
    Just checked the birthday post…pics are simply wonderful ! Glad it was fun and successful.

    I hope you get your buck…you are over due after all this time !

  5. That’s my problem with wild meat,the gamey taste. I’m just too fussy!
    I do like it mixed with ground beef though,that’s really good and I love Bison,yum yum!
    I hope you get a big one,enough to keep your tummies full for a long time!

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