The Reservation’s Buck Report And More….

Not quite Bambi but close!

Bubba shot his buck opening day. A small buck that field dressed at around #100.

Not quite like the huge buck he took last year.

Last year was the first year Bubba ever shot a buck, it was a nice one indeed for a first.

This small buck’s meat was nearly like slicing butter when butchering and nice-n-tender while eating. Suprisingly we, we did harvest quite a bit of meat off this little guy.

I went back out to my deer blind Sunday. Mr and Mrs. Annoying Squirrels were there, chittering up a storm once again.

Monday morning I was sorely tempted to slip the .22 revolver into my pocket and shut them up for good. I did not though.

So far I have seen 1 large doe and 1 good sized buck. I guess the buck at around a 6 point, he was moving fast and about 200 yards away. No way could I get a decent shot. I’m not one for wilding firing at something and ‘hoping‘ I hit my target.


Wee One made a bird seed feeder at school. It consists of a huge pinecone lathered in peanut butter with bird seed stuck onto it.

Wee is very proud of it. We hung it up and waited for the birds to flock to it……except,

Scooter was the only one who flocked to it. He took a big bite out of it, shame on him!

Scooter needs some Head And Shoulders. His dandruff is out of control!

I sprayed him with some horse coat conditioner Saturday afternoon.

The weather in Oklahoma has been on the warm side, 80 degree days. It’s not going to last, the weatherman promises cold and rain by Wednesday.

Freddie does not like water, he is true to his Donkey traits in that area!

But, Freddie loves to be fussed over just as much as Scooter does.

I threw an old blanket on Freddie and mounted up. He does not know how to step off on his own. I had hubs lead him around with me riding. After I was done, I offered to lead Wee One around but he said, “No thank you. I only ride Scooter. He’s a horse and not a donkey.”


The hubs likes Freddie much more than I had thought. He even mentioned building a round pen when he takes 2 days off work at Christmas. Maybe he wants me to train Freddie. I hope hubs wants to ride him eventually.

I noticed Freddie is putting on some weight. He needs a few pounds but not many more.

Over the weekend, I wormed him again and gave him the rest of his vaccines, except for one last booster he gets Sunday.

Freddie does not like shots. He was none too impressed with me over the weekend.

Have I ever mentioned I love Jeffers ?

They ship UPS (and COD if needed). Since I am in the process of paying off my MasterCard (once again but making huge headway) I like to pay with a check or cash.

I give all my own vaccinations and do all of my own wormings, on all of my animals. I have done this since I was a teenager. The only vaccine I get from my horse vet is the West Nile Virus booster.

I showed Wee One this photo of Freddies behind. He said,” ewww. Freddies butt is gross. He needs to cover it up.”

Why doesnt Wee One like Freddie???????


I hope everyone has a great Turkey Day!




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25 responses to “The Reservation’s Buck Report And More….

  1. deer

    You’ve got to check out that link…. I’ve been there quite a few times and those deer are dangerous

  2. eighty degrees???? It snowed here this morning. oh ya… doin a snow dance.

  3. Aniin BG, a quick note. Thanks for the email. 😀

  4. 61 here tonight. gonna be warm this week. That is strange that he does not like him. He is so cute. WTg on buck. I like em young, meat is tender.

  5. 80* ‘eh? How about 20* with a brisk wind??? Want to trade for a few days?? My horses are so thick and fuzzy now it’s pathetic! We must be in for a long cold winter. Good job Bubba getting your deer! I have a few around here that eat my plants and shrubs that I’ ll send your way! A good size 6 pointer was on the front lawn this morning. I think Freddie has a cute butt! Tell Wee One that I said that and see what he says! I HATE giving shots, I don’t mind the worming but shots give me the weak knees! I usually have the lady that owns the stable do my five. I am good with a rec*tal thermometer though! ha! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving BG!! xoxo

  6. Katie

    I heard it was warm in Austin as well today. Here? 30’s , snowing! 🙂 My big dogs learned what a dog house was good for.

    I think you might want to wait and come up in the summer… lol… best time for camping, hiking, riding, etc.. You are already almost half way here since you’re in OK. I would love to have you come visit!

    I give all my animals their shots too ( except rabies and West Niles ) except when I’m leaving a State. Then I have the vet give them everything. Texas includes ( demands ) rabies for the horses. .
    Fortunately, I had the documentation since I needed it this time.

    You have a donkey. That was a surprise! Every time I hear the name Freddie though I think of Freddie Krugar. I’ll have to read back a bit to see what else I missed. I switched browsers so maybe I can catch up!

    Body Double was interesting and twisty.

    I bought 3 horse flicks
    The Silver Stallion
    The Winter Stallion…

    Great to pop in and see you again!

  7. Your weather sounds wonderful! We had snow on Saturday!

    Congrats to Bubba! DH didn’t get one yet. It’s been too rainy–the deer aren’t moving.

    I had no idea that horses get dandruff!

  8. He doesn’t like Freddie ‘cuz he’s a DONKEY. ’nuff said.


  9. Rebecca

    Bubba seems pleased. I am glad that you hunt for meat and not just for sport. I still don’t like deer meat though…

    I do like the truck he’s sitting in!

    I think you have really takin a liking to Freddie. Just so long as Scooter knows he is number 1!!!!!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. pamela-snow? omg! I got a kick out of that photo….it might be okay until that buck came into rut, then I might be a little uneasy about him being so close and comfy.

    bri-your welcome

    celeste-it’s been awhile since weve had a tender deer, my freezer looks good.

    MM-brrr, bundle up! Id like to take care of that 6pt for ya. I am giggling over the rectal therm…hehehee

    katie-our Freddie is the farthest thing from Kruger! Seriously, I would love to come to MT this summer, even if I have to drive it alone towing my boys. It sounds beautiful from your posts. “The Winter Stallion” I liked a lot! I was disappointed in the new Flicka….but I love the old Flicka movie.

    kila-tis been too hot and humid, the deer arent moving much here either 😦 Oh yeah, horses get dandruff!

    michelle-whats wrong w/ donkeys?

    rebecca-thats hubs truck, its a lemon. We hunt for sport AND the meat….equally. I wish we’d get one more small deer, then Id be completely happy with my freezer’s contents 🙂 Happy Turkey Day

  11. Heheheh Scooter;p
    Funny guy.

  12. I think it’s awesome that you hunt.. I went with my dad once when I was a teenager. I just sat and watched. I decided it requires one to get up too early and sit too still for too long.. 😛

  13. Way to go Scooter…….eat the kid’s project. I hope it didn’t make him cry. But as much as Wee One loves Scooter maybe he was happy the horse took a bite out of his birdfeeder.

    I’m with Michelle, Wee One doesn’t like Freddie because Freddie is NOT a horse. Besides, Scooter is his best horse bud.

    Hope you have a great turkey day.

  14. DaBich

    I had to LAUGH at Scooter getting to the bird feeder. Smart guy he is LOL!!

    80 degrees?!?!? I am so envious!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  15. Wow! He’s good!

    I just wanted to wish you and your family a great Turkey day, BG!!!

  16. jo

    Happy Thanksgiving BG and family 🙂

  17. That is funny Scooter taking a bite of the bird feeder!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. I’ve had deer crash into my truck TWICE this past year. My 4 year old Melody commented, “Mommy why are pretty things so stupid?” Why indeed.

  19. And just to let you know what I’m most thankful for this holiday:
    I’m thankful for elastic waist band pants stretchy enough to accommodate me gluttonously devouring second and third Turkey Day dinner helpings.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. 80 degrees?! It is SNOWING out here…brrrrrrr My horses are huddled in the barn. They don’t go outside if it is snowing or raining.

    My horses LOVE birdseed too. Poor Wee One, though. His feeder was so cute.

  21. sooner

    Could you get in touch with me?

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