The Great Hunter

Yep, thats me-The Great Hunter

Not really.

But, I paid good cash for my deer tag, I am determined to fill it.

Even if this meant hunting in the recently arrived artic cold front with drizzle, and freezing cold 40 mph winds with a windchill of 18 degrees.


Wednesday evening Hubs dropped Bubba and I off near our blinds and made a plan to pick us up right at dark.

My blind is located quite a good distance off the little dirt trail, so I was the last one to be picked up at dark.

When I first got into the woods Wednesday late afternoon, I spooked 2 does right off the bat.

I was hopeful.

Surely Mr. buck was not too far from these ladies….

The drizzle ceased and the sun peeked out for a split second-something else in my favor.

However, that was the only appearance the sun made until sunset.

The artic front wind was blowing. I hunkered down in my deer blind out of the wind as much as I could.

I kept a watchful eye out for Mr. Buck.

Until I became really cold and bored.

About 2 hours into my icy cold wait-slash-hunt, I became bored and took a photo.

It was so cold my camera wasnt working properly.

 Dark fell fast.

The wind never let up.

Doing jumping jacks to stay warm crossed my mind.

I took another photo instead.

The flash probably sent all the deer within a 5 mile radius of me sprinting to the next county.

It didnt matter anyhow by then it was hard to see in the dark.

I took this photo while I was walking. I was about halfway to my pick up point.

The tall grass was swaying in the winds, resembling an ocean of dark gold. It reminded me of the movie, The Ghost and the Darkness.

Which briefly sent thoughts of African man-killing Lions across my mind..


The woods were dark when I started my trek to the road where my pick up point was.

Of course, I did not have the foresight to pack my flashlight. I used my cell phone light when it became hard to see and where the terrain was rough crossing over.

I kept straining my ears for any sounds other than the howling wind.

Only the lonesome wind whispered to me.


Here I stand at the pick up point awaiting my Prince Charming aka The Hubs.

After about 5 minutes, I did a few sets of jumping jacks, had more thoughts about man-killing African Lions which drifted to mountain lion attacks on humans. I just happened to be in an area of known mountian lion activity.

The thoughts did not scare me, but intrigued me.

However, if I would have been thinking about some escaped psycho killer from the Criminally Insane Sanitarium I could have easily frightened myself.

As sad as this is, it is the truth: humans scare me far worse than wild animals. There is no end to the atrocities humans do to each other.

When I had been waiting 15 minutes, I called hubs to make sure he didnt forget about me waiting. It had been dark for well over 30 minutes. 

Hubs said he was on his way.

Lastly while waiting for my ride, I took a photo of my freezing self out in the middle of the Great Oklahoma Wilderness. 

Bubba was all toasty warm since he was picked up before me. He had hot chocolate and cashews.

I had pre-hypothermia and hunger pains.

Hey, that’s where my bullets went.

Nah, those are spent shell casings Wee One is holding.

Those casings came from target practicing when we sighted in our rifles a couple of weeks ago.


I received my personally signed hardcover copy of Real Magic by  one of my favorite Authors, Brian Fowler.

I am happily looking forward to reading it front to back. The book itself is appealing and quite attractive to the eye.

Excellent job Brian!

Thank you very much.



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21 responses to “The Great Hunter

  1. Aniin BG. I’m sorry you had such a miserable time. Especially since you know all the bucks were nowhere to be found. I think they were holed up in their warm and cozy cabin, playing cards, drinking hot chocolate laced with whiskey. Probably their buddies the mountain lions were checking out the tasty treat in the blind. Tastes just like chicken. 😉

    Beautiful pictures of you, I like the first one better. Not that there’s any problem with you holding up my novel. No sir, you can plug ‘Real Magic’ as much as you want.

    It’s a bit chilly today, a cold front went through and it’s only in the 60’s. Had rain half the day yesterday. Slow at work, all the crazy people are out shopping. Why?

    Had a good Thanksgiving. Diane and Rose had Cornish Game hen with stuffing and squash. She said it was yummy. 😉

    Have a great weekend reading.

  2. Katie

    So sweet to see a picture of you! Beautiful gal!

    So that is Brian’s book?! How fabulous!

    The bucks ..well… I hear that they are a bit camera shy. I’ve been busy trying to get my novel for November done. It’s definitely not a intense thriller… lol.. but ever so good practice.

    Cold here in Montana. I started a fire this morning. It was and is actually a beautiful day. It simply just took a few hours for the clouds to burn away.

    I watched the Silver Stallion the other day.. it was lovely.
    Stay warm!

  3. jo

    Really enjoyed the photos, and I agree with Katie..beautiful gal !
    I fear humans more than animals, too.., with the exception of a mouse.
    We got about 4 inches of snow..and it was -9 in Grayling this morning !
    Hope you get that freeze full soon !

  4. Bubba looks ready to call it a night. It looks freezing! Wee One looks like a Formula One race driver. Very Cool!:)

  5. Now see you are braver than me, I’m not going out in the cold unless I have to lol

  6. Brian-glad y’all had a good Holiday. We did too. I drank too much wine though. It snowed last night, when the hunting party went out before dawn today, I declined-I am a wuss in the snow. Enough of that growing up in N.Mi

    katie-aww thanks, not my most flattering photo!

    jo-did you send that snow to Oklahoma? if so, take it back!

    MM-it was cold that evening. I think I am not just warming up

    Anne-I do not mind the cold…as much as I mind the SNOW

  7. sometimes alone time is more important that the event itself.

    That man eating lion feeling came over me a few weeks ago when I was walking alone at dusk up the creek path.

    I had that shiver go up my back and I looked around into the bushes and hills that lead into the foothills of the mountains.

    I figured about that time if a mountain lion was following my tracks, I’d make more for him.

  8. I agree, untamed humans are scarier than wild animals.

    I received Brian’s book, too, but didn’t actually dive in and read it cover-to-cover yet, due to Thanksgiving. I’ll have to start it tonight 🙂

    Better luck next time. Too bad it was so cold. Do you use any calls?

  9. I agree that humans are scarier than animals. But, maybe I’ve watched too many Forensic Files on Court TV. Or read too many Ann Rule true crime novels.

    I hate being cold, so I feel really sorry for you being outside in bad weather.

    I love the pictures too!

  10. Bummer that you didn’t get anything and it was cold. I have to agree with you though, humans are scarier than animals.

  11. pamela-making fast tracks eh? you have mt. lions in your area, lots of them! bears too, I would think. Even though I was literally freezing my *ss off, I enjoyed my alone time-your right.

    kila-nope. I am not very good at calling anything in….except once when we went on a bobcat hunt, I got the distressed rabbit down pretty well.

    jolynna-humans are A LOT scarier than animals. I came to that conclusion without TV. I havent read an Ann Rule book in years! I think I need to pick up one of hers….

    callie-yeah, dang it! oh well.

  12. I TOTALLY agree with you that some humans are much scarier then animals. I think of that when I walk through the path through the woods over to Son’s house after dark. Don’t do it too often as we occasionally do get some weirdo’s around.

    Sorry you didn’t get your buck, maybe next time. Awful to be cold AND bored, twice as bad! Why don’t you ever show your whole face????? What you do show is so pretty!!

    It’s rather cold here too. It was 21* this morning when I got up. Sometimes I’m glad the ‘boys’ are at the stable and I can stay in bed instead of shoveling and feeding! (Bad mother, Bad!)

    How’s ‘ole Freddie doing? He is so cute! Has he been in with Scooter yet??

  13. I love the lion thinking….

    At my “old” house we had this HUGE front yard with a creek and some nights a mist would rise in the grass and when I’d walk out into it I’d think of the Baskervilles.

    I am sending you “luck” for your next stake-out.

  14. MM-watch out for those weirdos! Freddie and Scooter are getting on better but Scooter is still a bully.

    karmynR-I need all the luck I can get 🙂 Hopefully Ill be able to get out hunting before the season ends. Your ‘old’house sounds neat!

  15. DaBich

    As much as I love venison, I WILL NOT stand out in the cold to get it! You’re far braver than I am.

    I got a copy of Bri’s book too, it’s beautifully done. Can’t wait to find time to read it.

    Love your hair, you take great pictures!

  16. Wow! The idea of hunting never appealed to me and now, after reading your ordeal, I have even less desire to ever go hunting!

    I’m glad you didn’t get any frostbite, though.

  17. The Ghost and the Darkness scared the pee out of me! Those lions just blended with the tall grass. Terrifying!

  18. Rebecca

    Great Pictures!

    It’s nice to see you. It is so rare that you post a face pic of you! Bubba looked like he warmed up a bit!
    I would have passed on the jumping jacks as well. I prefer taking pictures as well. = )

    18 degrees. My oh my! It was 60 here when I left the house this morning. RAINY AND DRAB!!!!

  19. I can’t do cold. I can do dark.

    I loved your photos and your story. You’re a good sport, and I’m secretly glad there was no blood involved. Yours or the deer….

    You’re right. People are scarier than animals. Unless you’re talking about a hungry horse.

  20. No hunting for me, I hate the cold. I’m just a big pansy.

    Sorry you didn’t get anything except bored and cold. That’s not fun.

    Nice to see a face to go with the name and brian’s book too! lol

    I’m with you about how scary people can be, but I’m sure you know that. Give me horses any day, well, and cats like Marvin. lol

    Wee One looks intrigued by those spent shells, a hunter in the making.

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