Coyote Ugly

 Brrrrrrrr! It’s turned cold in Oklahoma.

29 degrees on this frosty morning but the Weatherman is promising a sunny low 60 degree afternoon-hard to believe!


This was Friday night and Saturday morning-SNOW.

When the hunting party went out before dawn, I declined and stayed home where it is warm and dry.

I buzzed into Wal-Mart for cat food and picked up this book, “CopyCat” By Erica Spindler about 1 week ago. It was a good read. 

The Woods” by Harlan Coben was an excellent book. The ending was nothing like I had anticipated.

I checked out “The Promise” by Harlan Coben from the library. I just started reading it yesterday, so far it is addictive.

Reading Brian’s novel,Real Magic went by too quickly. I was sad when I realized I was at the end of the book.

It was even better the second time around.

One word for you Brian, sequel.


Last Tuesday evening (1 week ago), when it was still warm and windy, before Oklahoma turned into the Artic Circle……………….. I was attacked.

I was mindlessly strolling thru the gate carrying Scooter’s feed bucket when a psycho Praying Mantis jumped at my face.

I nearly had a heart attack!

The damn thing jumped right onto my face. I know I have a sorta big head, but c’mon.

I swung Scooters bucket at the crazy bug which sent Scooter into a fit. I thought Scooter might have stomped the Mantis. 

No such luck.

After I recovered the bucket, filled it with Scooters Equine Senior, I approached the gate and that psycho Mantis was waiting for me again!  

This time I ran and got my camera:

I hope the Mantis is gone for good. I did not kill it despite my urge to smash it dead…..

Scooter my protector, making sure I was okay after my Mantis attack.

It took me a few minutes to recover from my near cardic arrest-geesh that thing scared the crappola outta me.

Cellas milk chocolate covered cherries, in liquid-yummy!

This is the only kind of chocolate covered cherries I like. The ones that are soaked in that white, cream stuff are nasty-eww.

Yankee Candles are not something I have ever tried. I was renewing my car tag and noticed Yankee Candles in the store next door.

After my car registration was all taken care of, I went into the store and bought 2 Yankee votive candles. ‘Mistletoe’ and ‘Home For The Holidays’. I bought the small ones because I was not going to invest $10 on a candle I may not like.

Good thing too.

I burned the votives the other night, I was not impressed with the Yankee Candles…..


The Wildfire brand of ‘Coyote Ugly’ smells delicious!

This candle is in the tin and made in Sapulpa OK.

The little candle in the tin made my house smell wonderful…..even better than a Glade candle.

I am tempted to go back and buy another tin of this scent. But I wont.

I need more candles like I need a hole in my head.

Wee One had a preschool fundraiser about 1 month ago and had to sell $80 worth of candles.

Since no one around here is much of a saleman or saleswoman, the hubs bought $80 dollars worth of candles.

I have about 1/3 of them sold but selling the rest does not look like it is going to happen. I think I’ll throw them into my Christmas care packages, if I decide to do the packages.

 Marvin is upset with me.

I accidentally stepped on his tail while I was wearing my boots. He’s been sulking about ever since.

Geesh, I said I was sorry! Get over it already.



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22 responses to “Coyote Ugly

  1. Aniin BG, thank you again for allowing me to send you “Real Magic”. And of course for enjoying reading it. I don’t plan on a sequel… unless I sell a million copies. 😀

    Snow. Sorry dear, can’t deal with the thought. It was 82 degrees here yesterday and sunny.

    Marvin sulking, I can’t believe what I read! Cats, our cats are always underfoot. We kick them, trip over them and they look at us like we’re nuts. Humans don’t have eyes in their feet.

    I think the Mantis likes you. 😉

  2. Rebecca

    I am really bummed that you were not impressed with Yankee candles. I have them ALL over my house. I love their Buttercream! I use the tarts in my classroom for stinky sweaty kids after P.E. They have some wonderful scents: Caramel Pecan, Blueberry, Fresh Peach, Vanilla cupcake, Macintosh, Lemon zest, Blueberry Muffin…I can go on and on.
    I like their car freshners. They are powerful and last awhile if you only open them and leave some of the wrapper on….
    You should have killed the mantis!

  3. Lu

    No, no…do not kill mantis…they get a lot of bad bugs…much like the ladybugs…still I certainly would not want to be attacked by them.. Yuck!
    They do remind me a of a stick with 4 legs..
    I must try the coyote ugly…what an ugly name tho…

  4. Awwww,poor sulky,sweet Marvin;p
    He’s so funny.

    I can remember doing the SAME thing when
    I had to sell stuff for the kid’s school.
    It’s just easier that way…

  5. snow…yikes. It just got cold here. 35 for a low in the evenings.

    poor marvin. sulking kitty, isn’t that a redundant phrase?

    sighs. fundraisers SUCK! no one should have to spend 80 on candles they don’t like.

  6. Brian-Kitty stays outta the way but damn, Marv refuses to move and is dead weight if you tap him with your toe. Forget about trying to move him in the bed, hes a bed hog!

    rebecca-Nope, I was not impressed with the Yankee candles. Maybe it was the votives? I am burning a CandyCane candle right now that was from the fundraiser and it smells good.

    Lu-well, if it jumps at my face again, its dead. You know where the tag office is, next door is where I bought Coyote Ugly, I want more!

    lael-the candles are pretty nice. Ive sold some, I wish I could sell them all.

    memsahib-I like the fundraiser candles, they are good ones but damn, no one wants to buy them!

  7. First off, brrrrr I feel for ya. I have read Erica Spindler and she’s good. Not read that one though. My brother loves Queen Anne chocolate covered cherries.

  8. Kat

    So many topics!!

    The books…when you read several do you ever start blending one story with another? I had a problem with that. Couldn’t remember what happened in which book. And have you ever read anything by Patricia Cornwall on her Kay Scarpetta series? I love those. Quick and easy read…and captivating if you like the subject matter.

    I would have stomped the mantis…LOL

    Candles…have you tried using the warmer plates with your candles instead of burning them? I got one last year and my candles live soooooooooo much longer. I’m a black cherry, vanilla, and spice lover…

  9. I don’t think I have ever seen a mantis and really don’t want to!!! That would’ve scared me silly! Poor Scooter, he probably thought his equine senior was gone for the night!

    I love Yankee candles, but just certain ones. Right now I have pumpkin going and I love the bayberry Christmasy ones. The soy candles are nice too, not so much smoke.

    My cats get underfoot too and then look so hurt and picked on if they get stepped on. It jumps me right out of my skin cause they let out such a yelp then give me the look!

  10. dickiebo

    Did the Prayin’ Mantis say anything? Did it have a Welsh accent? Only, I’ve lost one.

  11. We had a few flurries just barely nothing that has stayed on the ground yet but colder and colder in our part of OK too.

  12. DaBich

    MmMmm..chocolate covered cherries, one of my favs. Did you know you can get them in DARK chocolate too? My hubby got me some! To die for!

    Poor Praying Mantis, you prolly skeered the crap outta it too! LOL!

  13. I don’t care for Yankee candles either. They cost a fortune and don’t smell as good as some of the $4.96 candles you can buy at Walmart.

    EEEIIIIII!!!! I don’t like praying mantis’s. Well, they are good for the garden, but I don’t want them on me. I also am creeped out by walking sticks.

    I loved “The Promise” by Harlen Coben. He is one of my favorite authors.

  14. jo

    Dark Choc covered cherries are the absolute best !
    Did you get your deer yet ?
    Midkid and I just went through that selling stuff…bought most ourselves, too
    Weather is cold,snowy and downright tacky here.
    Perfect afternoon for a nap…after I get the wood stove going.

  15. I have never tried Yankee Candles – I’ve always wanted to, but maybe I don’t have to now.

    The windmill on my WW is about 15 miles from my house. My husband took the picture when he took my youngest to the pumpkin patch.

  16. Trish

    I love your pictures of Scooter, the cats and your family; you are quite a photographer! I came across your site somehow as I was perusing PMU rescue websites – I can’t remember which one had your link. I am an artist (amateur, but usually pretty good). If there are any of your photos that are especially dear to you – of Scooter, or Wee One, or anybody – and you would like to have me try my hand at painting it for you I would be happy too! I have really enjoyed your blog, since I stumbled across it a few days ago. Hope you get your deer!

  17. I remember when a mantis jumped into my grandaughters hair (she’s a strawberry/blond/red head)

    we think it was looking for camaflauge

    they bite, too!

  18. Praying Mantis are so cool! But not on the face, LOL.

    $80 worth? Wow. I hate school fundraisers. And then there are the fundraisers for the sports the kids are in… I bought and ate a lot of candy bars last summer!

  19. Does your lovely horse wear a nice, cosy winter coat to stay warm during cold winter nights?

  20. anne-Erica Spindler isnt Greg Iles but shes a good writer!

    kat-Ive read everything Patricia Cornwell has written…I was disappointed in her last 2 books 😦

    MM-lol, your right about the yelp AND the look! lol!

    dickiebo-as a matter of fact, I believe the Mantis did speak with aWelsh lilt.

    kelli-cold this AM for sure

    dabich-dark chocolate? yummy I bet no one but me eats those. Wee One polished off my box of milk choco cherries…

    arkansassongbird-ewww walking sticks ARE creepy! I had one try to get into my house this summer. Coben is a a great writer! I am going to check out another one of his books to read VERY soon.

    jo-brrr I see all that snow……..

    giveitatry-it is a great photo! Iam easily excitied by windmills though

    trish-aww thnx. I am glad one of the rescues are carrying my site 🙂 heck yeah, Ive got several favorite photos…….Id love to have you paint one! thanks for stopping by and reading.

    pamela-yeah, I heard they bite HARD

    kila-oh I forgot, you hatched a million of those things didnt you? lol

    elle-no. Scooter detests blankets and he is usually left outside with access to a run in type shelter….unless it is blizzarding or freezing rain or 20 below. It doesnt get like that often in Oklahoma.

  21. Warming up to 60° I could live with that. Here it’s warming up to 34° No wonder I got a cold.

    I wouldn’t like being attacked my a mantis but I wouldn’t kill it either. Poor confused thing, mistook you for a bug. lol

    I always hated those fundraisers for the kids. Geez we live in the boonies, there are no neighbors here. Family is out of the question. If it was something edible, HB could take it to work and get them sold. Otherwise, we donated, too.

    Poor Marvin, he is such a misunderstood pussy cat.

  22. Katie

    I saw some books by Corbin the other day but I dinna buy any..Then again I was over my budget…
    I bought 10-11 books..of various authors.Next time around I’ll check him out.

    Funny about the bug! I did not know they bite.

    My favorite candle was hand made and sold in a tin in Austin. Unfortunately, I could not find the seller again.

    I like your night shot!

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