For My Phobic Friends

This photo I took yesterday evening when I came indoors from finishing my night chores.

I snapped it out the back doors. It looks great in my editor but when I uploaded it into PhotoBucket it is blurry.


It is almost the weekend! 


I was doing my blog rounds. THE SMILING INFIDEL  posted about a grocery cashier who was afraid of pineapples. Which lead me to thinking about silly fears and phobias.

So, I googled Phobias.

Boy oh boy did I Iearn a lot.

I have a phobia. I think.

I am uneasy about touching people, especially strangers. It is something I am very uncomfortable with. There is a name for this kind of phobia, it’s called Aphephobia.

Do YOU have a Phobia?

A phobia, (from Greek “fear”), is an abnormal, persistent fear of situations, objects, activities, of persons. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject.

  • Ablutophobia: Fear of washing or bathing. (ewww)
  • Ailurophobia: Fear of cats. (don’t come to my house!)
  • Ancraophobia: Fear of wind. (hope you live somewhere other than Oklahoma)
  • Anglophobia: Fear of England or English culture, etc (aww, poor DickieBo)
  • Botanophobia: Fear of plants. (the forest in The Wizard Of Oz scared the bejeesus outta me)
  • Carnophobia: Fear of meat. (Ill take your serving of New York Strip)
  • Chronomentrophobia: Fear of clocks. (good excuse for the constantly late people)
  • Cibophobia: Fear of food. (how can I get this phobia? My ever widening behind would appreciate it)
  • Decidophobia: Fear of making decisions. (Im gonna leave this one alone)
  • Dendrophobia: Fear of trees. (refer the Botanophobia)
  • Doraphobia: Fear of fur or skins of animals. (but Marvin is sooo soft)
  • Ephebiphobia: Fear of teenagers. (anyone who has/had a teenager has this phobia. There is NO CURE)
  • Equinophobia: Fear of horses. (blasphemy!)
  • Geniophobia: Fear of chins. (make that double chins on myself)
  • Helminthophobia: Fear of being infested with worms. (shoulda listened when your mother told you not to eat dirt)
  • Lachanophobia: Fear of vegetables. (Wee One has this, he refuses to eat his veggies)
  • Linonophobia: Fear of string. (I wonder how many knitting Grandmas have this?)
  • Lutraphobia: Fear of otters. (but they are sooo cute and fun to watch!)
  • Myxophobia: Fear of slime. (no explaination needed)
  • neophobia: Fear of anything new. (a good phobia for kids to catch this time of year, Christmas)
  • Nephophobia: Fear of clouds. (huh?)
  • Novercaphobia: Fear of your step-mother. (I had this once, with good reason)
  • Numerophobia: Fear of numbers. (whenever the bank statements come in)
  • Octophobia: Fear of the figure 8. (I once exercized a horse who had this phobia)
  • Papaphobia: Fear fo the Pope. (sinners should be)
  • Paraskavedekatriaphobia: Fear of Friday the 13th. (Jason Vorhees is always stalking his next teenage camp victims on this day)
  • Pediophobia: Fear of dolls. (Ive seen some pretty creepy dolls)
  • Phronemophobia: Fear of thinking. (sometimes I have this ailment)
  • Russophobia: Fear of Russians. (never, they make excellent Vodka)
  • Scabiophobia: Fear of scabies. (umm, yeah. this makes sense)
  • Selenophobia: Fear of the moon. (the man in the moon never hurt nobody)
  • Technophobia: Fear of technology. (my computer knows this one)
  • Zemmiphobia:  Fear of the great mole rat. ( justified phobia, moles and rats are scary….a GREAT BIG mole rat being terrifying)


This post was done in fun. Do not take my jesting out of context.

Phobias can be serious to those who suffer from them.


Right now Ive got a few too many irons in the fire….which has caused me to be very busy.

About 10 minutes ago, the hubs wanders in the kitchen to where I am on the desktop computer. Hubs mentions quietly to me, he wants to get the boys Christmas shopping done on Sunday. 

All of it.

We havent even decorated yet….

I am giving the Bah Humbugs a good fight.

Wish me strength!



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19 responses to “For My Phobic Friends

  1. Katie

    I’m not fond of heights. 🙂

    Good luck on the shopping, decorating and all that jazz. Fortunately all I have to do is bake…. and bake.. and make fudge… and then… try not to eat too much of it.

    It is chilly and snowy here.. I took pictures of a bunny today. He was so much fun to watch while he washed up before breakfast. 🙂

    I like your picture.


  2. Tbis one made me laugh and laugh:
    Helminthophobia: Fear of being infested with worms. (shoulda listened when your mother told you not to eat dirt)
    Yes,she did but we didn’t listen,lol

  3. Good luck on the Christmas Shopping!

  4. I have Buttchairophobia where I’m afraid to remove myself from my computer chair because I mgiht miss something on the Internet.

    I’ve been really busy lately too and I’m starting to lose my blogging passion……

    I love the colors in that picture!

  5. Good luck Christmas shopping!

    I seem to have a fear of going to bed on time 😉

  6. can I send my shopping list with him?

  7. dickiebo

    No wonder we have a fear of the English! They’ve rode roughshod over us Welsh people for years now!!
    PS. That’s a good idea putting in the bit about ‘only jesting’! Has I done that on another blog recently, I would have avoided an awful lot of unpleasantness!
    And pleeeease. Don’t bother with my pressie. I’ll be alright.

  8. I have some fears. My fear of height has been slowlt going away. I panic in crowds in stores.(and I went shopping on Black Friday!)

  9. Of course I have a phobia – fish biting my toes. I don’t know what that might be called, but I have it.

    Christmas shopping – eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. That could be another phobia!

  10. Aniin BG, I have a phobia for work. Too bad I need the paycheck.

    Have fun this weekend. 🙂

  11. I have a phobia, snakes……………eeeekkkkkkk! And christmas shopping could develop into one at almost any time now. Happy shopping! and decorating and the like! I’ll be glad when it’s all over. bah humbug!

  12. jo

    I got giggle fits reading your post 🙂
    I have several phobias, and I’m moderately agoraphobic. I also have an unnatural fear of germs.
    However, my worst phobia is mice/frogs. I’ll take on a rabid pit bull versus a mouse any day ( if I had a choice )

    It’s too soon to do ALL the Christmas shopping !!!
    Hope you have fun doing it,though.

  13. Rebecca

    No Phobia’s here…well I didn;t used to mind speaking to groups in public…but I don’t much care for it now. I hate to give presentations and such in front of adults.

    I am much more informed now that you have shared the phobias with me.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!!

  14. Ann

    I don’t like closed in spaces! That’s my phobia and I’m sticking to it! I also use to have a phobia about commenting on blogs. I got over it! Have a great evening!

  15. I cracked up over your phobia list! I guess I have several of them and maybe a few more. One is using bathrooms in the mall or a restaurant and then trying to get out without touching anything after I have scrubbed my hands. My family makes fun of me and say that I look like a surgeon after they have scrubbed and have their hands in the air!

  16. The weirdest phobia that I’ve ever encountered was a woman who was deathly afraid of feather boas. I owned a dress up birthday party business at the time so we had lots of boas. We had to hide all the boas and pick up any stay feathers before this woman came to pick up her daughter.

  17. That picture is absolutely gorgeous! And I didn’t see my phobia up there– bed bugs! I’m terrified of those damn things! I have to febreeze my bed everyday, because I believe it kills them *LOL* I know, I’m totally mental!

  18. (From Tulsa on The Road): Snakes and Pit Bulls. 🙂

  19. howdy y’all! Ill be round to visit soon. Ive developed a new phobia…..Christmas shopping phobia.

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