The Walk Of Shame


Who would have thought preschool was so complex?

Definitely not me.

Bubba went 2 years to preschool (headstart) nearly 11 years ago. I barely remember those days. I was a work-a-holic. 

Nowadays, the preschoolers in Wee One’s school carry $40 backpacks and have Ipods-yes, I am serious.


The walk of shame. This is the walk that the preschooler and their parent picking them up must walk when the preschooler messed in their pants. The walk goes by all the classrooms and office doors, and worst of all, the front lobby.

The preschooler’s soiled clothing is put into a see thru baggie and knotted tightly. It is scorned upon by all the preschool parents, and the little kids. Well, the kids who do not potty in their pants that is.

I have little tolerance for such melodramatic crap.

I never paid much attention to this whole Walk Of Shame drama until it happened to me.

Since Wee One became ‘housebroken‘ he has never had an accident with the exception of peeing outside and he peed on his britches.

So, you can imagine my shock when his teacher handed me the walk of shame soiled clothing bag. No doubt my face showed puzzlement and before I could ask, “what happened?”

Wee One’s teacher said, “oh, it was nothing. Wee spilled his whole cup of milk all over himself at breakfast.”

Me, “whew, okay. He has never had an accident. I was worried.”

Teacher, “oh no, when Wee has to use the potty, he goes all on his own without any help. we never have to ask him. he is the best child when it comes to using the restroom on his own

Wee One was not happy about wearing the ‘borrowed clothing’. He hung his head in shame when we walked thru the lobby carrying his soy milk soaked clothing on our way out the door.

As his mother I wanted to shout at the other parents staring, “he spilled his milk and did not go to the bathroom in his pants! Unlike your un-housebroken brats!”

But I did not. I held my head high and marched right by those judging parents and out the front door.

An added bonus, I was riding a new colt for cousin L 30 minutes prior to picking up Wee One, so I gave my boots a little extra stomp in my step making my spurs jangle even louder.


Okay, I may have exaggerated The Walk Of Shame a tad bit.

But, thats what it felt like to me.

I suppose my lack of social interaction with other people for about 5 years has given me some sort of complex/phobia…..maybe I should email Dr.Phil.

Ha! Like that would happen…..when pigs fly.


I am off to ride Scooter on this chilly, frosty morning. He had a look in his eye like he may be a handful. Despite his almost 29 years, he sometimes acts a bit broncy!



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11 responses to “The Walk Of Shame

  1. dickiebo

    Not sure what ‘broncy’ means but, sure sounds like Barbara on a frosty morning. (Get it? Frosty!)

  2. Rebecca

    I hope Scooter enjoyed the ride as much as you did. He needs the attention, we all know how much you LOVE him.

    Sorry about the whole preschool DRAMA. Damn.
    I thought 6th graders were on it with cell phones and 100dollar shoes and jackets. My parents just brought me up differently. I appreciate the finer things and I have more expensive tastes than most of my friends…but I would not waste my money on primary years and impressing others. College costs too damn much!!!

  3. Lu

    I agree with Rebecca on the college thing…very expensive..
    The ‘walk-of-shame’ bit is terrible..
    I would not think this is an emotionally healthy
    deed…how is ridicule or shame part of learning??

  4. Sorry about “the walk.” I wouldn’t let those people bother me and you shouldn’t either. If they have a problem with it, it is their problem.

    Funny about the spurs, but what about the colt?? No more info than that??

    I’ll bet Scooter was glad to get some attention.

  5. Aniin BG, hope you are doing well today. I spill rice milk all the time on myself. Good thing I don’t have to worry about spare clothes. 😉

    Give him a hug from me.

  6. jo

    Oh I think walk of shame thing is awful ! Kids that age don’t mess their pants on purpose..they are already humiliated.
    Wee’s pic is precious !

  7. why would they do that to a kid. Ipods for preschoolers oy vey

  8. Dickiebo-lol, I get it and if barbra is frosty, well, I imagine you earned it….:)

    rebecca-Scooter danced and snorted around like a 2 yo! and he even crow hopped. I am shocked at what parents buy their kids…

    Lu-I never paid much attention to the ‘walk’. I named it The Walk Of Shame

    risingrainbow-Scooter was full of himself. The Old Guy was perky to say the least. The colt is 2 yo (hell be 3 in jan) big stout and a handful. Im only going to ride him 1 more time. He is A LOT of horse. He has just been sold and L wanted him to be ridden a few times so. I am so SORE!

    Brian-lol, no walk for you!



  9. I remember the walk of shame for the very same reason!

  10. Katie

    Would we live closer I’d ride with you!

    I have never before heard of the walk of shame!!!

  11. I read somewhere recently that thieves are targeting pre- and elementary students for their Ipods. Sheesh.

    The walk of shame thing … reprehensible. Kids are mean enough to other kids, I don’t think they need more ammo. I’d be having a chat w/the school about this.

    Can I just say that I am jealous – and think it’s incredibly sexy – that you get to wear spurs in public?! I mean, seriously … jealous. Sexy. Jealous. Sexy. I can’t decide which takes precedence. That’s so COOL!

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