Fa-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la


Early Saturday afternoon, hubs and I set out on our Christmas shopping trip. I was not thrilled about going on Saturday, especially in the afternoon. It was rainy, humid, and the winds were gusting 40 mph-not a perfect shopping day. 

I appreciate the gesture that my husband tried as he might, not to scare me half to death with his driving in the city. It did not work. That was a really big curb…… 

Why are electronics so expensive? Especially anything video game related? $59.99 for XBOX360 games is outrageous. Everything on Bubba’s wishlist was high priced ($59.99 being the lowest priced). I hope Bubba isn’t disappointed when he only has 5-6 gifts to unwrap……it’s about quality NOT quantity. Santa does have a budget. I could go into the whole speech about the REAL meaning of Christmas but I am not.  

About 2 hours into our shopping trip, the hubs started to get whiney. I had to promptly remind him that our shopping trip was his idea, not mine. And why was he complaining anyhow? He is the one who disappears for hours inside every Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and even a PetSmart we shopped in! I had to repeatedly call him on his phone to find him, he’s worse than shopping with a kid! The only added benefit of the hubs wandering off is I can pile the cart full with whatever I want.  

The Target sales-people in the Electronic section of the Owasso Oklahoma store ROCK. The sales person who assisted us answered our questions about a certain very expensive Apple product clearly and patiently making sure we understood everything we needed to know about the very expensive Apple product before we dropped a load of cash on it. On the Eve of our shopping trip, I called the Apple 800 number and spoke to a customer service representative who left me more confused after my phone call. 

Our search for a non-girly pink ‘play kitchen’ proved to be harder than what we anticipated. After stopping at Target and 2 Wal-Marts, the hubs and I were getting a bit worried about finding Wee One a ‘play kitchen’ that was NOT girly. Fortunately, there was oneplay kitchen,’ which was NOT Dora The Explorer or girly themed. It was located on a high shelf in a HUGE box at the last Wal-Mart store we shopped. Of course, it being Wal-Mart, not one sales person was available to assist us. The hubs, being a man of action, retrieved the huge box from high above and set it next to our ½ full cart. Then he went to get another cart to put the huge box inside. As I was standing near the box waiting, an older lady with an extremely tall behive hairdo tried to take the ‘play kitchen’. When I stopped her from snatching it from beside my cart, BeeHive lady said, “It is not in your cart!” in a very hateful tone with narrowed eyes. I did not explain that I had no room in my cart or that my husband went to get us another cart or anything else. I ignored her and kept my hand on top of the box where it had been the entire time. BeeHive Lady made a 2nd attempt at grabbing the huge box away from me. I thought to myself, “Is this idiot really doing this?!?!” Luckily the hubs arrived with the extra cart, saving me from behaving badly towards the nasty BeeHive Lady. 

Why is it, in every crowd of people, someone has to fart? Gah! I nearly lost my dinner at Target. I was following the salesman down an aisle and passed by a kid playing a video game. It was obvious the kid had let off a putrefied stinker just seconds prior to our approach-he had that sneaky look when we passed by him. I coughed and gagged. The salesman coughed and asked if I was okay. The hubs said, “It wasn’t me! That was baaaaaaad”. 

My shopping survival tip: after 4 top-shelf margaritas from Monterey’s Tex Mex none of the above really matters.. 

 Those margaritas made my shopping excursion tolerable. I was thankful NOT to be the designated driver for once.  



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22 responses to “Fa-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la

  1. Katie

    oh my gosh! lol… shopping sounds like hell! I’ll take a margarita though please…lol

  2. Aniin BG. 😆

    Man oh man I am glad I don’t like shopping. Those margaritas though will take the edge off anything.

  3. That WOMAN!!! I am SHOCKED,what a cow(sorry cows) Wow…I’m impressed that you didn’t smack that ridiclous hairstyle off her head. I’m mad just reading about it,lol

    Glad booze helps..I may have to drink BEFORE I go next time,heh.

  4. katie-it was crazy.

    brian-lol, those double shot margaritas are the BEST ever…..

    Lael-I was sorely tempted to knock BeeHive lady into the New Year, you have no idea.

  5. jo

    I had one of those idiots from hell last year when I was trying to buy a pink guitar. The sales person scrounged one up from back of store…put it in my cart. Idiot broad…about 30…decided to remove it from my cart …I was looking through the shelves for Mipsy something. I was pissed. She then had the cajones to say she thought it was the store’s cart…she had been in same aisle I was in for long time. I got it back…but geeeesh. People are supposed to be nice this time of year, yet more and more are just butt ugly….. mix shopping with sales and ya get instant a-holes.
    Glad you got yours all done…I haven’t stated yet 😦
    By the way….we have major snow/ice. Want me to send it your way ? :-p

  6. ELL

    4 margaritas! You ARE the woman. I’d have to be peeled off the floor, never mind driven home! I don’t do Christmas shopping–college funds for the grandkids resturaunt gift certifs for their folks (and Uncle & Auntie) and that’s good enough for me. My 2 cents: best gift Budda could get is learning the 3 gifts are plenty at any price. Oh – but I was there and spent way too much more than once when they were little.

  7. I’ll make sure the elves to put coal in the BeeHive Lady’s stocking!

  8. we are going tonite cause mil has to tag along so won’t get anything done

  9. I HATE HATE HATE the way people act when they’re Christmas shopping. You should have decked beehive lady: the nerve of her! Thank goodness I dropped out of the shopping madness years ago.

  10. DaBich

    LMAO! I’m howling at the Putrefied fart! Not funny, but yeah IT IS! LOL!!!!!

    Our shopping is almost done, thankfully. That beehive lady is lucky it was YOU and not ME she was messing with, I’d have lambasted her on the first try to take the kitchen! I’m NOT nice with idiots LOL.

    Margaritas….ahh…pass one here…

  11. jo-I remember the pink guitar! people really suck at the Holidays. Stay off that ice….

    ELL-lol, hubs commented to me during dinner :we were out shopping NOT drinking…

    kila-thanks! she deserves it

    anne-have fun!

    donna-it took all my self-control. Wal-Mart has tons of cameras, I remember a lot of stories/situations from when I worked out of WM’s home office. Jail was not on my agenda.

    Dabich-ack, the fart was NOT funny….okay maybe a little bit. Sneaky stinky kid!

  12. dickiebo

    I’ll bet hubby’s driving seemed to improve after your 4 margaritas! Tex Mex? Sure brings back memories, though I doubt if it was the same Tex Mex as yours.

  13. Katie

    I generally shop online BG. Eliminates the crowd. I start in January. Although Girls are easier to buy for I believe, jewelry works. 🙂

    I’ve seen some ads for colts/horses here … shame to see them so low! I say that because it attracts the meat industry.

    Enjoy your day!

  14. I think I would have smacked both of those bitches on the hand at least!

  15. KC

    ugh.. the joys of christmas shopping.. I have been doing the buy one thing at a time thing this year.. BUT I’m not even close to being done so I think I might have to do a day of shopping, so not looking forward to that.

  16. BG you are a hoot! I chuckled all the way through your post! I envisioned the beehive lady looking like Marge Simpson with the blue hair! A couple years ago I was in Jo*Ann Fab*ric and I reached up to get a Christmas wreath off the wall and when I turned around a lady had taken my cart with my PURSE in it! I yelled to her that she had my cart and she stopped and said she didn’t NOTICE that my purse was in there! Yeah right, do I look that stupid??? Before I could do anything she took off out of the store like mad. Some people get so weird at Christmas time.

  17. Beehive Lady, be D*RNED! I can’t believe how pushy people are this time of year. I love the idea of a play kitchen. My wee one LOVES to pretend he is cooking. I must look for one.

    Thankfully my kid isn’t in to electronics yet. sigh. Margaritas rock! Must have helped you with hubbies city driving as well. 😉

  18. Rebecca

    Hey now hubby went with you to shop. That alone is perk..a plus! Everything today is expensive if it’s any kind of quality! R said he really wanted the XBOX 360. I actually looked on line and saw how much it was. Not going to happen ~

    You should have slapped Bee Hive lady upside her head!

  19. dickiebo-EVERYTHING improved after 4 margaritas!

    katie-your right about the meat buyers, they are shipping their stock to Mexico where the poor horses are housed in horrific conditions.

    celeste-only 1 b*tch was annoying..

    KC-get a designated driver and have a few drinks, it’ll be over before you know it

    MM-omg! she was probably going to help herself to your purse too. Glad you got it back.

    memsahib-my homophobic hubby was having fits about the ‘play kitchen’.

  20. The part about you putting more stuff in your cart when your husband wandered off made me laugh out loud.

    I fully understand about how expensive electronic gifts are. They can eat up a budget.

    I love Christmas shopping about the first two times of the season. After that…thank heavens for the internet!

  21. this post was a hoot.. Thanks so much… I needed a little giggling.

  22. skip the shopping, I just want the marguerita’s!

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