Frozen Rainy Bites

I long to be in the saddle…..


it isnt going to happen until this weekend.

and then,

the weather might not be cooperative.

Oklahoma has been kisinaa(cold) and nigwaankot(cloudy).

Throw in some near freezing gimiwun(rain) and it makes miserable outdoor conditions. 

I hope this weather lets up next week, I have an opportunity to earn some zhoonay(money) riding a few young horses before they are shipped to their new homes. It is just a ‘refresher’ saddle lesson, like I gave the black colt that still has me gimping around like some cripple. I might be getting too old and outta shape to be riding these youngsters……. 


After dropping off Bubba at school, and stopping by the feed store, I was out early this morning, driving around killing time until the bank’s drive thru opened.


Luckily, I had my camera and took a few local photos to share.

A beautiful bronze horse-shoeing sculpture.

That isnt blue sky, it just looks that way because I had to acually LIGHTEN the photo so you could see the bronze

This over-bearing Gothic structure is my county’s Courthouse.


Candy Cane Hershey Kisses should be outlawed. 

I cannot stop eating them.



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24 responses to “Frozen Rainy Bites

  1. I’m sorta glad for the wintery weather; makes me not feel so sorry for myself being laid up!

  2. Ooooh I need to find those Kisses..NOW!
    I love your photos. Its neat to see what you see:)

  3. yes they should be outlawed. I had two the other day from a coworker. Thankfully she works across the building from me.

    thanks for sharing your stories about horses. i love hearing about it.

  4. I bought those kisses to give to the preschool (because they were making a Blessings Mix and needed kisses to symbolize Love.) I wish I had bought the regular chocolate ones so I could have kept those peppermint kisses. I want to know how they taste.

  5. jo

    Lucky for me I HATE peppermint ! I wish they would outlaw the dark chocolate ones ! Sooooooo damn good !
    I like that courthouse !
    Hey…put how you pronounce those Indian words in here…I’m actually trying to remember and use them. Why, I have no idea. Maybe because it’s original language of this county and doesn’t remotely resemble spanish/spanglish.

  6. Rebecca

    I know you would enjoy the horse riding..I think it would do you some good to get out and away even for a few PEACEFUL hours!!!!

  7. I didn’t know there was such a thing as candy cane hershey kisses. Sounds like something right up my alley! If I get hooked, I’m gonna blame it one you!

  8. Katie

    grinning at the kisses.. I canna remember seeing them. Chocolate is a good thing!

    Loved the sculpture! Fabulous piece of work!

    Moody gothic building!

    I want to ride… Weather is turning for the worse here too.

  9. I also want to ride in this cloudy climate but want to avoid sweet.

  10. JJ

    You may have snow, we have rain. No riding until we get a break in the weather. It might stay dry next week – keeping fingers crossed.

    The kisses are making my mouth water and I just ate dinner!

  11. As I was unpacking and placing photos on my corner table, I had purchased a plaster cast of a yellow horse in Louisville, and placed it next to my late Cousin’s photo. You would have loved her!

  12. dickiebo

    I might be getting too old and outta shape to be riding these youngsters…….
    ‘Come and join us, Come and join us. Come and join our happy throng.’ (Set to music).
    Sure does look like a nice sculpture. Is it there permanently?

  13. donna-I agree w/ you on that one! its not so bad being stuck inside when the weather is cr*p-heal fast!

    lael-you know I LOVE your Canadian photos 🙂

    memsahib-stay far away fromt he candyman co-worker, you’ll become addicted

    karmynR-I am the only one in our house that LIKES them…..weird huh?

    jo-the hubs doesnt like peppermint either-y’all are picky!

    rebecca-I need some saddle time but NOT in the freezing cold rains

    risingrainbow-Ill take the blame for your addiction 🙂

    katie-the county jail used to be in the basement until the rats (4-legged ones) ran out the other rats (2-legged ones) now we have a fancy new HUGE jail.

    horse shirt-good luck!

    jj-I WISH we had snow, we have RAIN. Id rather have snow instead of rain sometimes.

    MM-glad your move went smoothly. I have a horse sculpture from one of MO caverns hubs bought for me, it is made out of rock and very heavy, I like it a lot.

    dickiebo-yep, its permanent. lol, but I dont wanna be old and decrepit!

  14. I love kisses of all kinds!
    I am hoping to ride this weekend too.

  15. that’s why I don’t buy candy lol. I would end up eating it all. We got another 2 inches of snow and then tonight supposed to be freezing rain go figure

  16. Aniin BG. (((((((hugs)))))) Thanks

  17. Katie

    Cool building … I really like some of the historical buildings – the architect is so intricate. The one in Butte Montana is done with pink granite? or pink marble..anyway the walls are beautiful. Then they have paintings on the dome ceiling. I remember the beauty despite the fact that I was there to pay my one and only traffic ticket.

  18. I love the wintery weather, but I agree it isn’t good horseback riding weather.

  19. I long to ride too but it’s just to darned cold now. It was 3* this morning and now it’s up to 20* so I hope tomorrow when we go to the stable it’s warmer then that. Just can’t get the horses sweaty in this cold weather as it just takes soooooo long to cool them out with all their winter hair. Don’t want them catching cold. We ride just enough to give them some exercise and get the kinks out. Love the horse statue. I love anything to do with farriers. I even love my farrier! ha! He is such a sweetheart and calls me Aunt Weezie. Just looking at that candy made me drool. I just got back from the store and didn’t get any and I don’t want to go out again! Darn!

  20. Trish

    Awesome bronze statue! I wish we had statues like that where I live – it looks so lifelike! In nearby Kirkland, WA, which is kind of an artsy community, there are a few nice statues, and some very realistic ones of deer, but I doubt if the whole city of Seattle has anything as nice as that horse-shoeing sculpture. Thank you for taking such great pains lightening up the photo so you could show it to us; I’m glad you did!

  21. That is a nice horse shoeing sculpture. Is that a sculpted dog on the left, eating the hoof clippings? If so, the sculptor really did their homework.

    “Vampirish” is a word. We do see Goths here from time to time. Not many Vampires anymore though, not since democracy created a stakeholder society.

  22. the bricks behind the sculpture are very appealing, too

  23. wooooooooo , cold!how you keep them fit?

  24. Jen

    oh my gosh y’all must be freezing your butts off. It doesn’t look like that here yet! I hear ya on wanting to ride’s been almost a month for horses are all wound tight.


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