Joy To The Res

 “Joy To The Res, The Tree Is Up!”

I heard them before I saw them.

Earlier today, as I stepped out of the High School doors into the gloomy morning, I heard the familiar honking of Canadian geese. I look up and to the North, there they were in their well known V formation.

I felt an ache fill my heart. I suddenly was very home-sick for N.MI and my family over the Holidays.

Fear not, despite my longing to see my family, I have not lost faith in catching the Christmas Spirit.

How can I not?

When I look into Wee One’s eyes, they are so full of magic, wonder, and happiness thru this Holiday Season. He is such fun and a huge believer in Santa Clause…..

It started only as a tiny niggling in the cobwebs of my brain, it is growing steadily every day. Just maybe, these Bah Humbug feelings will be squashed and put to rest.

Yesterday evening, after Wee One was fast asleep and Bubba and his father were in the big town at the wrestling tournament, I found the energy to get out the Christmas Tree and put it up.

Not my smartest move so far this Holiday Season.

It takes a lot of effort to make our Charlie Brown Christmas tree look good. Hubs is by far the best at putting it up but he’s been too busy.

After hubs viewed the end result at 11 pm, he tried as he might to sneak a chance to make the tree more appealing but I would have none of it. I was ready to go to bed!

Here is the final result. Well, not quite final because Wee One still had to hang his 20 ornaments (which are mostly reindeer ones).

Marvin has taken up ownership of the Christmas train that circles our pathetic tree. This has been a huge conflict with Wee One.


Thoughts that went thru my mind while I was throwing together the tree and train:

1. I thought these tree branches were color coded, what the heck?

2. oops, the big branches go at the bottom. Where are the directions? weve only had this tree for 15 damn years…..

3. Now, what idiot threw the lights in a jumbled up mess inside this box?!?!!? oops, I recall that may have been moi.

4. I need a drink……an alcoholic beverage preferably.

5. OMG this floor is freakin’ hard.

6. Bless whoever patented cotton blue jeans with a touch of spandex in them.

7. Awww, I remember when Bubba made this ornament in the 1st grade. He was soooo sweet back them. Hard to believe he is the smart-mouthed, moody teenager he is these days.

8. Okay, wheres all the damn batteries for this dang train?

9. I think Ill plug in the lights now……omg the tree is the ugliest it’s ever been.

10. Oh well, we like our Charlie Brown tree and our hundred ornaments that have a sentimental meaning behind them.

The weatherman is predicting some nasty weather in store for Oklahoma……freezing rain type stuff. I’d much rather see a blizzard than ice.

Now I feel like I am coming down with a bellybuster of a cold…please gawd NO!

Despite being crazy busy, I found time to pop into the library to stock up on some reading material. You can imagine my joy when I realised my local library had gotten in some new books! 


THE BONE PARADE by Mark Nykanen

I just began reading this book. So far it is very much like “Red Dragon” by Thomas Harris but in a wittier, flowing way of reading (if such a gruesome story line can be witty-this is it).

 DOWN RIVER by John Hart

John Hart also wrote “The King Of Lies“. I really enjoyed that book! The way Hart writes about the colorful people in character made me feel like the story was unfolding in my own little hamlet. One thing I enjoy about Hart’s books, they are set in the deep South, as well as Greg Isles books. Books set out in the deep South have always been one of my first choices.

IMMORAL by Brian Freeman

This is a debut book by Brian Freeman. A serial killer in Duluth MN. Teenaged girls disappear without a trace, like a bitter gust off Lake Superior. The jacket read good and so far all the reviews have too.




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17 responses to “Joy To The Res

  1. Trish

    I think your tree looks GREAT!!! How could it NOT be great with all that love and memories attached to it! THAT’S what makes the tree so special, as you have said! I LOVE the way you write about Wee One, and Bubba, and all of the good, as well as bad, things in your life. You have put ME in the holiday spirit!!! Thank you!! My mind has been elsewhere, because my 19 yr. old Dachshund has been sick (lots of Vet appointments), and two friends and I have been putting together a new business. Your writings today have really focused my thoughts on Christmas, and I had better get busy and put up our tree!

  2. jo

    Wonderful post BG…your tree is simply perfect…I think we have the same train set !
    Z is all happy about Santa…Tink is all worried about “baby Jesus gettin’ borned again Nana” . I thnk someone at school must have said something to her to cause her to fret so much.
    Did Bubba win his match ?
    Hope you feel better…orange juice works well( just add vodka ) :-p

  3. Getting ready for Christmas is so much fun 😉

    Just think, in 3 weeks it’ll be over. Three weeks go by fast.

    So that’s where the geese went. I don’t see or hear them in Wisconsin anymore. They continued south. (I wish I could, too!)

  4. Aniin BG

    You know, you put up a grumpy front, but I can hear the joy and Christmas spirit coming through. I think the tree looks wonderful.

    Kila, come on south to Florida. 😉

  5. I hate putting up the tree, well my is fairly easy its in three pieces but you have to fluff it or it just looks weird. I remember my grandpas tree was color coded and it had to be put in piece by piece.
    I might have to check on those books.

  6. trish-oh no, I hope your little doggie is okay. We lost our weenie last winter to an awful accident 😦 I still miss him horribly.

    Jo-Bubba has won as many as hes lost but hes only gotten pinned once, which is great!

    kila-truthfully, Ill be glad when its OVER.


    brian-yep, your right!

    anne-I thought ours was color coded, actually hubs said it was but I didnt see any colors on the branches…..

  7. Katie

    That is one stunning black and whie photo! I love it!

    The tree looks great to me. 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up on the books! I especially like the sounds of the last one by Brian Freeman.

    I’m trying to finish more projects to fill empty stockings. I shan’t start baking for another 2 weeks.

    If you start feeling sick,pop an airbourne!

    If the weather holds here,I’m going riding tomorrow.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. OMG the black and white photo is breathtaking, very nice!

    This was a great post, I have not been in the Christmas spirit so much myself, but I am going to have to push through it for the boys!

  9. The tree looks good to me, bg, but the important this is that you saw wee one’s excitement, and that’s cool. I think you are a great mom, you know.

    You’re a human mom, not an imaginary mom where everything is perfect all the time, but one that sees life as it really is and also sees life through you children’s eyes, at the same time.

    That’s what makes you a great mom.

    I had a friend who just kept the tree up all year long and simply decorated it for the upcoming holiday, so they had a Valentime’s tree, a July 4th tree, etc…

    Is that insane, or what?

  10. I love the black and white picture.

    I am not familiar with the authors of the books you are reading now, but I do like Greg Isles.

    I lived in Mississippi for years, so it’s cool to read about places I have been. Plus Isles catches the people, their way of life and thinking.

    I also think your tree looks great. The memories attached to the ornaments are priceless.

  11. katie-I hope you get to ride 🙂

    michele-good luck!

    pavel-aww, thnks! omg, all year ’round the tree stays up? that would really be hard for me……..yep, I agree insane

    jolynna-I enjoy reading books that are set in the deep South. It has always grabbed my attention. The South seems so old and mysterious, stories that take place there are always intriguing.

  12. I think the black and white pic is outstanding. I’m not big on black and white but this one I could hang in my house.

    I know what you mean about teenagers. Rachel is making me crazy and I get to send her home to her mother. She’s going to make me gray!! Oops, grayer!!

    I think your tree look great. I might get some Christmas spirit if I could have a train under my tree. I’m jealous and then Marvin there too……you are truly blessed!

    I hope they are wrong about the ice storm. Those things are miserable.

    We are finally drying out some and cleaning up. I feel so grateful not to have been where the worst damage is. Those poor people AND their animals. We are working on rescue and supplies for misplaced livestock. Many of them have no homes to go home to. It is very sad.

  13. went for a walk up the creek today — and there were geese in the water. One was really honkin and generally being loud and obnoxious. I think he was telling the others that they needed to get back up in the sky and on their way.

  14. I think it’s a perfectly lovely tree.

  15. risingrainbow-im getting so much white hair, I wont have to color my hair blonde anymore…how awful about what is going on up in your area. My heart goes out to all the four-legged creatures and their humans, very sad.

    pamela-always one in every crowd!


  16. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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