What freezings I have felt, what dark days seen,
What old December’s bareness everywhere!
Shakespeare’s Sonnet 97


Early Sunday morning is when the ice storm really got roaring.

I got my butt outdoors straight out of bed.

Scooter and Freddie were happy to see me. I rushed and got them fed in a hurry.

While I was scurrying from the house to the barns and back, dressed in Carhartt coveralls and all those extra warm clothes, amidst the rumbling thunder and too close for comfort lightening, I was a teeny bit thankful I was wearing my eye glasses.

My glasses kept me from being blinded by the pelting ice.

Needless to say, we are stuck at home, indoors.

A snowstorm I can easily deal with.

This ice is something that should not be messed with. 

Wee One will not be going to his preschool in the morning. His school may or may not be cancelled.

If Bubba’s school is not cancelled, we will have to drive him into town. Hubs will take him in the morning and I’ll fetch him in the evening if needed. That’s enough ice driving for me.

Hubs had to go out in the storm today and work for a bit. I was kinda glad about that……mean arent I? 

Our electric has not gone out this time..yet. I am hoping with all my might it does not or we might get a bit chilly.

The fireplace is offlimits to hubs.


Wee One exhausted me playing for over an hour in his bedroom with his GEOTRAX train system.

I persuaded him to bring part of it out here so I can be on the computer and cook some kind of dinner….

Wee loves the GEOTRAX trains. We bought him more track for Christmas. I noticed one of his little main engines was running a bit wearily, I hope it is just the batteries.


Wee One asks so many questions.


How come?

What happened?

I know this is how he learns and he’s curious but dang.

Here is just one example:

Wee One asked how our water got hot inside the faucet. I explained about the hot water heater and how it heats the water. I also explained theres a heating element inside the tank of water that warms up the water for us.

He wanted to know what a heating element was and how it worked. Way to technical for me. He had to wait until his daddy got home from work to get the detailed version.

I am pretty sure Wee One now knows how the hot water heater works…..probably better than me!

Marvin was eyeing the Christmas candy while I was reading the newspaper at the counter….even Marvin loves the candy cane flavored Hersey kisses.

My area of Oklahoma is under an ice storm warning until 6 pm tomorrow. We are also under a winter storm warning until 6 pm tomorrow. Does this mean more snow or more ice?

I am confused…….



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23 responses to “IceBound

  1. Sounds like you got more ice than we did. Our roads can be navigated, if we’re careful. It’s Monday night and Tuesday I’m apprehensive about.

  2. Oh, the horses look sooooooooo cold! Marvin likes them too, huh? I”m gonna have to find some of those. I’m going to tell HB and see if he’ll search them out for me since he’s the shopper, not me.

    As for a winter storm, what you see is what you get! It can mean anything, wind, snow, sleet, ice, hail, it’s all a winter storm. AND technically isn’t not even winter yet!!

  3. I talked to my brother and SIL in Oklahoma this afternoon … and they were encountering the same.

  4. Yikes! Ice storms are not my favorite!! It was the ice storm of ’98 that practically shut our state right down for about 7 days. We moved into a hotel after a couple days of cold and no electricity, even our ferrets went with us! (they since have died of old age) Our horses don’t go out when it is raining or ice storm in the wintertime. With all the winter hair it’s just not safe for them to get soaked as it takes forever for them to dry out. We just turn them out in the inside arena for a while to get the kinks out. I hope you didn’t lose your electricity!!

  5. Hoping you still have power? Hoping it melts fast too

  6. donna-everything here is covered in 1/2 in – 1 in of ice. Everything is slick, it sucked being outside feeding in it this AM.

    risingrainbow-marvin is so picky! he’ll only eat dry cat food not people food or canned foods but he LOVES candy.

    pamela-I hope they arent 2 of the 120,000 without electric

    MM-back in ’02 we had a bad ice storm and were w/out electric for 1 week, it was awful! we nearly starved because no stores were open! finally the hubs said he knew of a bar off in the middle of no where near one of the oil leases, we loaded up and crawled there and they had a few groceries they sold us!

    anne-melt fast! I hear ya…we have electric. I am thankful!

  7. Lu

    Ice storm slams into NE Oklahoma

    Synopsis of story: An ice storm snapped trees and power lines, leaving tens of thousands of northeast Oklahoma residents without power on Sunday with the threat of additional accumulation Monday.

    This article was published on on 12/10/2007.

    Terrible!! Mentions 125,00?? Yikes!
    I remember ’02 all too well!

  8. dickiebo

    Those poor horses. Bring ’em in, gal.
    Blimey. That Marvin is an evil-looking sod!

  9. Rebecca

    I have never in my life been in an ice storm.
    I am not sure what I’d be thinking. I know it’s supposed to hit 80 degrees here today. YUK
    I thought it was supposed to be December. We were in shorts outside yesterday.

    Marvin is quite the handsome kitty!
    My kids at school are driving me crazy today. I need to go home already… I am missing R. I think I am really falling!

  10. Katie

    The horses look pretty! 🙂 My horses love playing in the snow. Although one mustang was born in TX and the grey mustang is from the Nellis Air Force range in Nevada all of my horses do very well in the winter.

    Lovely shot of Marvin.

    Snowing here, fortunately no ice. We are heading to town. I went hiking with the dogs early this morning. I’m going to see what kind of books I can find. 🙂

    Questions are a good way to get answers! Wee One’s curiousity is wonderful!

    Stay warm!

  11. Love the picture of the horses. Don’t envy you the ice storm. I love the snow, but could happily live without the ice!!

  12. Oh, I got cold just looking at your pictures. We are enjoying a spring/summer day today .. in the 70’s. We will probably be breaking records for the high’s in December and tomorrow they say we will make the 80’s. I sure would like to share with you. I wouldn’t want your ice, but we do need some rain.


  13. I’m not a fan of the ice either.
    We had a bit of a storm here,followed
    by snow and now everything is icy AND snowy. I’m staying in too! We passed a fatal accident scene today just on the highway outside our house:(

  14. Brrr – that picture of the horses just looks too cold.

    I hope you guys warm up a bit soon!

  15. Kat

    I really dislike the cold weather…hate working in it..hate looking at it…it could stay Spring all year and I’d be happy!!!

  16. Trish

    Wow, those pictures look cold!!! I’ve only seen one ice storm in my life, and that only left 3/8 inch ice all over everything, and it melted within a day. What temperature range has it been there? That is a cool picture of Marvin! It makes me laugh – he looks so intense! Hope it warms up there a little! Careful driving, and stay warm! My Dachshund Betty is doing a little better; thanks for the well-wishes!! She has a bad wound on her forehead that will not heal, that started with just a tiny scrape. I’m supposed to clean and debride it three times a day now and apply medication (plus three oral meds). The wound is definitely looking drier, and she’s putting on some weight. I’ve taken her to five Vets since August, trying to get this healed, and have tried everything & had massive lab work done (they won’t do surgery on it because of her age – 19), but I think now she is finally turning a corner! I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your Dachshund last winter. My heart goes out to you. They are so much like people, only better sometimes! I will go back in the archives and read about him. Take care!

  17. Hi there – while I haven’t drawn any horses I imagine I would love to … something about the details and muscles. They’re often pretty and if they have some sort of appeal to me then yes, imagine I’d draw one.
    Although I don’t often draw anything “serious”, just whatever I can whip out in a few minutes.
    I’m surprised that it snows/ices in OK. We rain a lot up here, and while it hardly ever snows we get an ugly ice storm once or twice a year. Eeesh.
    Be careful walking out to feed. :o)

  18. jo

    Hey BG…worrying ’bout y’all. Hope you still have power. Stay warm, keep safe !

  19. Brrr, I hope you are all safe and warm. I fondly recall Wisconsin’s Great Ice Storm of 1976, when the woodburning stove was our heat and our cooking stove for a few days. I hope things don’t get that drastic for you!

  20. Aniin BG. I hope you still have power and if you don’t, I hope the fireplace works. Stay safe and warm inside.

  21. Ann

    Hope things are going okay today for your area! Stay warm! The pictures of the horses are amazing. Poor things! Keep us up to date!

  22. Lu-’02 was a nightmare. Luckily back then we had a wood stove and stayed warm but we were in the dark for 1 week!

    dickiebo-lol, MY equines are inside…..Marvin IS evil sometimes, you pegged him right.

    rebecca-but surely being from NO youve been thru hurricanes? oh my, take care of your heart….

    katie-Scooter has always done great in winter weather. He doesnt mind snow but the wind and sleet/rain is when he likes his shelters!

    arkansassongbird-I hope you do not get the ice

    AO-were getting just plain ol rain this AM, Ill send it YOUR way

    lael-yikes! driving in ice is too scary, snow I can do but NOT ice

    karmynR-me too!

    kat-I would like it to be sunny, 75 degrees 365 days a year. It can rain during the night!

    trish-its warmed up a bit above freezing now. I was unwrapping candy for Marv and set it down to take the photo-thats why hes so intense! I am so glad to hear about your little Betty! I hope she keeps healing for you.

    michelle-I was just wondering about your drawings, your people sketches are great!

    Jo-were okay 🙂 thanks!

    Brian-cant, gotta take Wee to his MD appt this afternoon. His school is canceled but bubbas is in session

    ann-I think our area is clear of ice now 🙂

  23. I’ve been wondering how you’re doing in the weather down there. Glad you’ve survived.

    Love that pic of the horses in the snow! We’re back to mud…bleck.

    I recall when the Grammar Nazi was in that stage of life…How Come, How Come, How Come… Someone said, “Well, at least he’s not asking Why.” And I had to give them one of those looks that says, “Are you brain damaged? What’s the flippin’ difference? It’s not the word, it’s the repetitiveness!!!”

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