Prozac Cocktail Needed Immediately

The ice has cleared out leaving us with chilly fog, rain, and drizzle.

Outside is either slick as snot or very, very muddy. Not a good combination.

I long to see the SUN.

All of this gray, dreary weather is really bringing me down.

Maybe I need a prozac cocktail or something along those lines….


Wee One’s schools are canceled today. He has an afternoon medical appointment at Indian Health he is trying to get out of going. Tomorrow he has a dental appointment in a town over 1 hour away at a different Indian Health Clinic. I am not familiar with this town or even how to find the clinic. I guess Ill be doing a MAPQUEST before we start out on our travels.

Unfortunately for Bubba, his schools are open for classes. So he is begrudgingly at school this morning. Try as he might to stay home another day and rabbit hunt, his father and I werent having nothing of it.


Yesterday I finished reading THE BONE PARADE by Mark Nykanen. I enjoyed the book. It was dark, twisted, and suspenseful with some unexpected twists and turns.

Last night I started reading IMMORAL by Brian Freeman. Big mistake. I could not put it down and stayed up way too late. Freeman has done an astounding job so far. I like horror, mystery, puzzling whodunits. In a small way Freeman’s writing is similar to John Sanford’s writing style but a lot better? I am not early in the book to judge…the only thing I can say for certain is, this is an excellent book.

To be honest, being holed up indoors during this nasty weather does not seem so awful with Freeman’s book at hand to read. 

One day shortly after I took this photo of this local gallery, I went into the store and looked around.

The huge horse painting on the right is priced at $7500!

Trish offered to paint Scooter. I am so excited and grateful for her offer. I cannot pay her a commission like that…..

I wish I could.

Speaking of greenbacks….

Tomorrow is lottery ticket day, wish me luck!



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21 responses to “Prozac Cocktail Needed Immediately

  1. Cliff’s brother in Elk City called this morning; I always assume your weather is similar to his. Sounds like the assumption is right. I wish I could lose myself in a book as easily as you do. I probably could, if I’d turn off the computer!

  2. I just heard about your terrible weather conditions. Be careful!

    The painting is HOW MUCH????
    wow… You could buy a decent used car with that much money!!!

  3. I hope you get thawed out soon. The pics we saw on the news here looked pretty awful.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you and the lottery. I think maybe that has become the new American dream……winning the lottery. lol I have plans for that money too. lol

  4. Well, I don’t play the lottery, so your chances just went up!! LOL Hope you win!!

    I saved the picture of your icy horses for my husband to see last night. Made us feel cold just looking at it.

    Hate to tell you, but we are having another summer day here.

    You hang in… maybe you’ll be able to get along with out the Prozac Cocktail. Hummm, might better go check on my nerve pills to see how close they are to running out… ~Later

  5. etrish

    Wow! That’s an amazing picture of the horses in the icey fog. I wish I could get some of that cold weather here in Georgia. My winter crops are starting to flower and weeds are starting to take off where my cover crops should be! It’s mid-70’s today and so hard to get in the Christmas mood!

    Good luck with the lottery!


  6. Good Luck,good luck,good luck!

  7. Trish

    $7,500 – WHAT???? For a PAINTING? That’s highway robbery, even if it IS a good painting. Wow, I bet it will sit in that window for a long time; who could buy it?

    Your Scooter picture is turning out GOOD! I think it’s really looking like him, and the colors are good! What’s really nice is that Scooter has a lot of small unique characteristics (that are evident in the photos) that make him Scooter, so it’s pretty easy to capture a good likeness; I hope you think so!!!! The other nice thing is the price: free!

    I’m stealing time from my job right now as I write this, so I better say good bye & get back to work. I had to fire somebody yesterday and I’m all bummed out, so I couldn’t wait to go online and read your blog today to cheer me up!! I ALWAYS can’t wait – but usually I have to – I don’t have my own computer at home.

    Have a great afternoon! Trish

  8. Katie

    How exciting to get a painting of Scooter!

    I like the foggy horse picure!

    I really enjoyed reading John Sanford’s books so now I’m looking forward to this new author, Brian Freeman. I never did make it to town yesterday. Maybe next week. I thought I’d start looking for a j.o.b.. Morning shift. Most of the jobs I can apply online.

    I have no idea what happened to today! lol.. I feel that I havent done anything. I realize though that I’ve been working on that afghan most of the morning. I woke up at 2 AM… I was sleeping so good when I first arrived here!

    I hope your weather gets better!

  9. I would LOVE to have paintings done of my horses but at that price I guess it won’t be done in this lifetime! I’ll have to be content with my digital pictures.

    It looks so dreary there, I too hope you get some sun quickly!!!!! Do your horses stay out in this kind of weather or do you put them in?

    I’m taking Buddy in for a check up and X-rays today so wish me luck!

  10. dickiebo

    Gosh! That weather looks just awful. Oklahoma weather has even been on the TV News here in Blighty. Hope the electricity holds.
    Good luck with the lottery. (Who’re you kidding, matey?)

  11. Aniin BG, glad you are doing ok. I think you’d make a fortune with one of those cocktails.

  12. 7500? (insert long low whistle). wow.

    I hope you haven’t been too iced over. Scary! Drive safely to the Dentist appt.

  13. donna-I am a reading addicy,easy for me to get lost! I am about 265 mi NW of Elk City (I think!)

    pavel-THAT would pay off my car-it’s an ’05!

    risinggrainbow-I bought my 1 OKLA state lottery ticket and my 1 powerball ticket…Im feeling LUCKY

    AO-I used to take xanaxs when I had a job out in the real world……I needed them back then!

    etrish-weve had a couple of xmas’s in OKLA when it was warm…it IS hard to get into the merry spirit then.

    lael-Ill send you to a Sonic if I win!

    trish-also, the pic was not of anyones horse in particular. The painting your doing will be special AND worth it’s own weightin gold because it is being done by a friend who knows Scooter AND who also KNOWS horses. It doesnt get any better than that 🙂

    katie-awwww insomnia has been a buddy of mine sometimes too, I feel your pain. I hope you find yourself the perfect job. Ive been doing some data entry at home for a local atty for extra cash… sucks! I’d much rather be riding some broncy colts.

    MM-I put them inside when the freezing rain was falling or if it is blizzarding or if the temps/windchill gets dangerous. They have access to their own run in shelter too BUT better safe than sorry. GOOD LUCK w/ Buddy at the vet 🙂 he looked so good the last photos you put up 🙂

    dickiebo-Oklahoma is THAT famous ????? WOW! lo, when I win, Ill be over to see some castles and have a pint w/ ya.

    Brian-thanks for the idea! now I just gotta get my hands on some prozac and Wild Turkey…


    karmyR-Wee One’s appt is rescheduled until 1/4/08 😦 oh well!

  14. Rebecca

    I know you would CHERISH a painting of Scooter. The 7,500 is supposed to pay for ALL the painters/artists supplies for the year. I am glad thatyou did go in and walk around.

    Sorry for your weather. It was a mess outside here this morning. I mean it was soooo foggy. It was barely sending sprinkles of rain. It was just YUK. Dark and of those morning that I Truly wanted to stay in bed! I swear I will get in bed so that I can have 9 hours of sleep tonight. I need it!!!
    Otherwise, tomorrow I will really be an irritable bitch. It’s only Thursday. I need more energy! I have 10th row Sugarland tix for Friday night. I did get Trace Adkins tix last weekend too. He is one sexy man…nothing but body and man.

  15. Hey, I was reading something on the internet when I found this story.

    I immediately thought of you. Well, that’s not true. First I was upset, then I thought of you. Did you know this even took place?

  16. rebecca-you KNOW the painting that Trish is doing of Scooter will be displayed in a special place in my home and in my heart:) you are one concert going woman!!!

    pavel-sadly yes. I know about China’s horse fighting sport. It is barbaric and inhumane. I watched a documentary about 8years ago,it haunts me to this day-thats how awful it was. People suck.

  17. jo

    I would give anything to have a painting of the horses in the fog ! I might have to learn to paint !

    Hope you still have power and y’all are well and warm !

  18. I did a post a while back about that horse fighting in China. It is so sad but not surprising they don’t even value human life there let alone those of animals.

  19. How exciting to get a picture of Scooter! Be sure to post a photo when it is finished.

    I do not envy you that ice. Ick! Especially if you have to get somewhere. Ice scares me.

    Having a chance to read sounds great though. I am behind and not keeping up with authors. I’m not familiar with Freeman. But, I used to love Sanford.

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