Mudjimushkeeki (bad medicine).

After my Bad Sign Post, I felt I should explain a bit further. Lest, I bring bad medicine upon myself.

I suppose I am superstitious to a certain extent.

Some people might find it silly. It would be silly if I let it disrupt my life.

Maybe I do have some odd beliefs but not anything I find unusual concerning my Native American Heritage. These things I just pay attention to. 

We are all part of nature. We all know that there are things in nature that affect our lives, some of which cannot be explained scientifically. Some of us believe that it happens for a spiritual reason or some kind of special message. There are things I may encounter or experience, such as my owl omen, that do not have a logical explanation. 

I am not a believer in coincidences, as I have stated before. Everything happens for a reason. If I see crows hanging about, I feel good. Crows to me mean, a good sign, good luck sign of protection and messenger of wealth.

The morning after the visit from the owl, I saw a Bald Eagle just South of my home.

Seeing an Eagle so close to my home meant to me it was a good sign, one that counter-balances the owl’s omen. This is how I see it, feel it.

The Eagle represents protection, wealth, wisdom, foresight, strength,spirituality. I immediately felt better upon seeing the huge Bald Eagle at the pond South of my home. It made me feel like owl was paying me a visit to let me know how good my life really is and not to take for granted.

Now, when the freaky Praying Mantis jumped at my face last month, it scared me half to death. But, I sincerely think it meant no harm. The weather was changing and a fierce cold front was bearing down on Oklahoma that evening. The Manitis’s message? I have no idea.

How we perceive our surroundings is in fact our reality.

Some of us are more in tune to nature than others.Nature surrounds us where ever we are, communicating inside and outside of our perceptions.

Nature communicates to us all the time, whether we listen and acknowledge the significance in our lives is up to us as individuals.

More animal sign/omens:

Butterfly-presence of good spirits, shows of metamorphosis, balance, harmony, grace, peace,beauty, and spirituality 

Coyote-magic, special powers, and teachings 

Bobcat/Mountain Lion-bad sign, you are being stalked by an enemy but could also be used as good luck for protection of your family 

Hummingbird-good sign, messenger to take prayers to the creator. hummingbird is a doctor and healer and close to the Shaman


Marvin actually thought I turned down the bed for him

The other night, hubs tried to get into bed and Marvin hissed at him. Marvin got whacked with a pillow and shooed off. Poor hubs, Elvis used to growl at him whenever he tried to get into bed. Now he has Marvin to contend with. Oh well, no love lost between those two anyways.

Scooter was impatiently pacing the fence because I was not hurrying fast enough to the barn.

Scooter was not cooperating when I wanted to take some photos. So I just gave up.

Taking good horse photos is hard most of the time!

Scooter did pose still while he was gobbling up his feed out of his favorite tub.

It is his favorite feed tube because he can easily flip it over and move it around with his muzzle. When he sees me coming at feedings, he’ll flip his tub over if it is upside down and nudge it across the ground in my direction. He cannot do this very well with the rubber or plastic tubs/buckets.

Scooter has been rolling in the mud and is filthy.

Tonite Oklahoma has a winter storm coming at us once again. There are still people without power from the ice storm. 

Crazy weather….. 



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26 responses to “Mudjimushkeeki

  1. dickiebo

    I love all these signs & omens. Perhaps you can tell me; what does it mean if Barbara is ‘hovering?’ (I don’t thinks it’s gonna be anything good!).

  2. Aniin BG, I thought at first it was a ‘hummingbunny’ .

    Thanks for the info, there’s not much wildlife around in the urban lands. I mean the usual, but mostly mockingbirds and ducks. Lots of kestrels in town but I haven’t seen as many woodpeckers this year.

  3. When I graduated from college, I was driving down a major highway toward a much-needed Job Interview. Half-way to my destination I saw an absolutely GORGEOUS Bald Eagle just sitting on a road sign along the highway. I couldn’t believe it. And then – 5 seconds later I saw a huge Semi-truck with a trailer advertising the company I was going to be interviewing with.

    I knew it was a sign! The interview went excellent and I got the job. I’ve NEVER doubted that it was a sign.

  4. Ooooh I SO want Marvin;)

    In BC,the Raven is thought to be a trickster
    and boy are they ever,lol
    I love ravens and crows..and coyotes and butterflies and..oh everything,lol.
    I’ve always believed I was a part of nature.
    When I was a kid I thought I was a freak because nobody else understood me but now I’m proud of what I know and believe.

  5. dickiebo-you pegged that right, Barbara hovering is NOT a good sign for YOU. It means she needs something from YOU. lol you give me giggles…

    aniin hummingbunny!-mockingbirds are GOOD! funny thing, I was thinking about woodpeckers because I looked out my kitchen window and has THREE of them in the big tree…..then I read your comment 🙂

    karmynR-you definitely had a HUGE sign there! a very very good one too. I love bald eagles, they are so beautiful. I hope the one I saw yesterday comes back to visit so close again.

    lael-you are right about yourself. You are one person who loves animals, all of them. If the world had more people like youin it, it’d be a MUCH better place.

  6. What can I say? It must be pecker ESP. 🙄

    I did see a bald eagle several years ago near our house, mainly we have osprey with an occasional kite.

  7. Katie

    I believe in signs and omens if you will. We all have “things” that we believe in. When we see a lot of butterflies , change is in the air. They are conmsidered messengers as well.

    The mountain lion is my main totem..although my birth totem is the salmon, of the hawk clan. All totems play a part in my life.

    Cougar/Mountain Lion/Puma’s Wisdom Includes:
    Using leadership power wisely and without ego
    Balancing power, intention, strength
    Gaining self-confidence
    Freedom from guilt

    ” Cougar was the Master Hunter, known for its high intelligence, its knowledge of other animal and life forms, its physical prowess, its strength of will, and its intuitive ability. Cougar sees the maintenance of its territory as essential for its survival. Cougar was designated the duty of carrying messages from humans to the higher spirits, because of this animal’s personal power, superior knowledge, strength of will, and steadfastness. Therefore, Cougar represents the link between ourselves and the most powerful spirits in Zuni Mythology: Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Originator of All. ”

    Some people believe if you kill a spider inside you will have rain by nightfall.

    I find the similarities and differences of beliefs equally interesting.

  8. Kat

    I always noticed my cats acted strangely when a storm was coming (ice/snow/rain)…does Marvin do that? What about Scooter?

  9. Thanks for all the information on signs. I REALLY need to study up on my ancestry, you’ve inspried me! Thanks for the happy dance about Buddy!! I’ve been doing happy dances for two days straight! Yes, I think the shoe-less way is the way to go if at all possible. I doubt Buddy will ever have shoes again unless (heaven forbid!) he should founder again. My friend is getting Mac Boots for her horse that has an abscess on one foot. Have you heard of them?? Another time I would invest in them instead of doing all the wrapping and pads. I spent more on vet wrap this summer then a pair of those would’ve cost @ 150.00!! Marvin is a hoot! My parents used to have a little tiny poodle and every time Dad would try to get into bed she would snarl and go right at him! ha! I told Mom that she trained her to do that! Scooter and his favorite dish reminds me of Buddy with his only he just picks his up and holds it in his mouth at meal time. Wish I could get a picture of it. We’re suppoed to get a Nor’easter this weekend with up to 20 inches of snow. Yeehaw! Let the fun begin! The snowmobile is ready to go and so am I! Take care BG!!

  10. hmmmm, I’ve heard some of these things… what do you say about “Whip-o-whills” ?(some kind of bird…probably spelled wrong)

    I once saw an owl at night in one of our pine trees.

  11. Thanks for the information about nature’s signs.

    I like the idea of being in tune with and relating to nature. I’m glad the eagle came to counter balance the owl.

    It sounds like my husband did good putting a hummingbird feeder just outside our front window too. In the summer we see a hummingbird almost every day.

    I understand about it being hard getting good horse pictures. My white horse loves mud and dirt. It is hard to catch him when he hasn’t just rolled.

  12. I heard about the winter storm coming your way–just what you need!

    You make it look very easy to take great horse photos!

  13. The animal signs were really interesting to me. I definitely believe in signs.

    Maybe I need to change my opinion of the crows that sit on the trees outside of my house all summer. They are loud and like to eat garbage, but maybe they aren’t so bad.

  14. brian-ha. ONLY a man would say such things 😉

    katie-butterflies are one of the BEST signs!

    kat-last night my cats were driving me nuts. They were racing thru the house and then when it was time for bed, Marvin would NOT stay off the bed. Scooter stays close to the barns and the house when the weather is bad, or it is going to storm.

    MM-Buddy looks so good 🙂 gotta take care of our old guys dont we? omg, 20 inches of snow??

    AO-whipperwhils are good!

    jolyanna-I like white horses, I dream about them a lot. They are very hard to keep clean though

    kila-photographing horses can be hard, they often do not cooperate!

    giveitatry-Im giggling over the crows eating garbage…..

  15. jo

    Hey there BG. Wonderful post…no way can I pronounce that word !

    Hope you stay warm and have power with this new storm.
    Ya know, next weekend the days start getting longer.

  16. I probably could pronouce that word, remembering it would be my problem. I definitely believe that nature has lots to tell us.

    At least Scooter doesn’t come right up and put his muzzle right in your face everytime he sees you with a camera. That’s what happens here! I think it’s funny that he brings his feed bin to you. Horses are so darn smart!

    Tales of Marvin just make me smile. He really is my kind of cat. Maybe you would like to trade for Squeaker. She’s a pain in the you know what cat.

    I hope you do ok in the storms. I keep looking for what’s coming at you next. Those poor people who still don’t have power and now they’re getting hit my even more.

  17. i was given a book once on animals and their signs and i loved it. (wish i could find it now). i am superstitious as well. i hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday season!

  18. Well said, Barngoddess. There are no coincidences. Love reading about Scooter communicating with his feeding bin! 😀

  19. Lu

    And speaking of coyotes, weren’t you…
    (Coyote-magic, special powers, and teachings )

  20. Really like what you said: “How we perceive our surroundings is in fact our reality”. That is so true.

    Fascinating details you gave about nature. I’ll be more appreciative of the crows that hang around in my trees.

    That Scooter is a clever boy!

  21. I believe in most of that as well and it is a matter of being in tuned with nature and your surroundings. I also do not believe in coincidence.

  22. jo-longer days? I am all ears!

    risingrainbow-Marvin is in trouble, he and Wee One tipped the XMAS tree over yesterday-grrrr

    musingoncnurse-that sounds like a book you should be looking for :)Happy Holidays

    MM-agreed! Scooter is a HOG

    Lu-what a neat blog! I only checked it quickly but I found it fascinating. Ill be back to read the whole thing

    SM-when I worked closely with physicians at my Wal-Mart job, I had one tell me that and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense!

    callie-there are a lot of people who DO believe in coincidences, Im glad you agree with me!

  23. I am also a huge believer in signs. They always seem to point me in the right direction as well as let me know that things are OK or not so much.

    We had a huge storm here last night, it was miserable but thankfully we didn’t lose power!

  24. I always know that the weather is changing by watching the birds –

  25. I believe in dreams too. Horses never give you what you want when you want it when ur trying to snap their picture it seems like

  26. Jack

    I have a question about signs. I just got a call from an old girlfriend with whom I had not spoken in months. I had loved her, but circumstances beyond our control and a great distance had forced us to part. After the call I went for a walk and saw two Bald Eagles flying together high in the sky. It was as if they were playing…. Any thoughts?

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