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I was never a big cat person. I like cats but always seemed to have a dog…until the last year.

This cat above is a Maine Coon Cat ……Marvin’s breed.

Often when people see Marvin, they ask me what kind of cat he is and if he is all ‘fur’. Marv does have a lot of hair, but all of his 20 pounds is his body.

They have some gorgeous cats at the Maine Coon Cat link.

I especially love this fella:

This handsome guy comes from a here


I am aching to be in the saddle. I have a suspicion, Scooter feels the same.

It has been almost 2 weeks since we’ve last been out on a ride.

Too, too long.

After the ice storm, then the snow storm, everything is horribly muddy and wet. This week, it looks like we may dry out. I am looking forward to that.

The Boys are both out of school the middle of this week for Christmas break. Wee One’s last day is Wednesday. He is having a party and Santa is coming to visit. I am taking photos. Bubba’s last day is Thursday, he also has a wrestling tournaments Tuesday and Thursday.

My days are looking very busy so my blogging time is zilch. But, I’ll be around as soon as I can and in between my busybusyness.

I have a new toy. I bought a web cam. They were on sale so I picked one up at our little Wal-Mart (not a super center).

The little thing is so much fun to tinker with.

Wee One posed and mugged for the camera so I easily got the hang of taking stills. I am having a bit trouble recording movies and saving them though.

Hubs saw it asked “cool, is that a camera?”

Me, “a video cam

Hubs, “it is live and people can see you?”

Me, “yep. Cool huh?”

Hubs, “well, maybe

Then after a beat, he says “how much was it?”

Me, “under $20 dont have a money police attack

I call hubs, The Money Police.

Seriously, if you need a budget and need to stick to it, my husband is just the guy for ya. Your bills will get paid, your creditors will get paid, and he will even somehow fix it so you’ll get some money into saving but, do not expect to live lavishly, there will be no money in the budget for any nonsense. This was how he got us out of serious debt. I am happy about it, but damn, it gets old sometimes…

Back to the conversation.

Hubs, “I am not complaining because you spent money, I just wanted to make sure it was not like a $100 piece of computer equipment we need to document for our insurance stuff.”

Me, “yeah, right” I lean out of the cameras view, give a big eye roll because he is behind me and cannot see my face.

After I leaned back into the camera’s view, hubs looks at the little square screen and sees us both on it in real time. He says, “hey that is neat

Me, “yep. I cannot wait to use it in an IM”

Hubs, “who will you be instant messaging?”

The only people I instant message are my sisters, best friend L and a friend from high school, but hubs does not know that. So I say, “anyone who wants to pay for a sex show. You know I need to earn some cash, this Ebay selling is a slow business.”

Hubs, “what? you are not serious. Isnt that illegal?”

Now I am thinking, “omg-he really thinks I would do a sex show on the internet???!!!!”

After a minute of silence, hubs leans over my chair and gives me a hug and says, “I know your just joking but can you send me photos to my phone”

I laughed. “maybe, if your good to me.”



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28 responses to “Easily Amused

  1. Jenny

    I bought a cam when my nephew went to Iraq last March thinking I could talk to him while he was over there. I have never used it. Maybe you can add me to your list of IMers. I promise I won’t ask for a sex show.

  2. I am falling off my chair! BG you should do stand up comedy! Hahaha! Hope Hubs doesn’t let anyone borrow his phone if you do send him a ‘show’!

    Yes Maine coon cats are gorgeous. Mine are supposed to be but I think they are a distant relative of the real thing! I did have one years ago and she was beautiful. Marv is a hunk, you should do a calendar of him.

  3. jenny-Ive missed ya! heck yeah Ill put you on my IM list, whats yer AIM? do you have AOL instant messenger? awww no sex show? dang and here I was bored… just joking 😉

    MM-lol, hubs knows ANY photos are to be kept for his eyes only…or else. He is a sound sleeper and I am a great video-taper so I have back up…lets call it INSURANCE. heheheh he wouldnt want the whole world to see him in his birthday suit now would he? I was disappointed that many of the Maine Coon breeders were in foreign countries! I love Marv’s personality. He acts more like a dog than a cat and he LIKES water. I would definitely get another Maine Coon breed of cat just because of their behaviors.

  4. Aniin BG. I was all set to make a joke about saddling up Marvin for ride when I got to the sex show part.

    Girl….. you’d make a mint! And I know, that you know, that I know how you’d do it. 😛

  5. Hi Jenny, I’ve missed you. Hope all is well. (((((hugs))))

  6. hilarious! lets IM. I have a computer cam too. Isight… cuz I am a mac addict.

    sex show!!! ha! get your hot housewife sex here… tee hee….

  7. Let us know when you go live with your internet sex show 😉

  8. Rebecca

    Marvin is a ball of fluffy love! I am so a cat person. I so wanna run my fingers through his majesty’s fluffyness of splendor.

    I bet you can send some naughty pictures to invite hubby home with??? just send him a note of love too….posterboard and I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  9. I am definitely a cat person AND a dog person.

    Maine Coon cats are beautiful. I don’t think I have ever known anyone to have one though. I’ve just seen pictures.

    Definitely send your husband a “show” sometime. Bet, he’d be smiling all day at his job.

  10. I’m dying to ride too. First my knee hurt to badly to ride; then it was the weather. Well, my knee is ready to go, so all I need is some thawing.

  11. I’ve never had any kind of purebred cat but a Maine Coon is at the top of my list of wants for one.

    I’ve really missed riding too. I moved my horses to an arena so I would get riding time this winter and then got sick so still haven’t been able to ride. Talk about the pits.

    Have fun with the live webcam. I have one for foaling but that is all. I didn’t realize you could link it with IM. That would be a trip to get to see who you are conversing with.

    Your poor hubs……..sending pics of his bum to his phone. You have a mean streak, girl!!

  12. Hahaha, Barngoddess! Never a dull moment at your place. We have a local apartment cat I’ve named “Mr. Cat” (yes the one who bit my hand; I was informed this was his way of ‘playing’). He is such a beggar and my neighbor on the floor below sets out water and food. I agree that Scooter seems to be pondering a good ride with you.Hope the ground allows this.I’ll bet he will love it! Wee One and Santa!!!!:)

  13. Katie

    You are too funny! 🙂

  14. Trish

    Hi! I really enjoyed looking at that Austrian Maine Coon website – thanks! My sister had 2 Maine Coons – one black & white tuxedo, and one that looked like Marvin. I had a long-haired grey-brown tabby named Dakota that was supposed to be a Maine Coon, but I’m not sure if he really was or not – one of the best cats I ever had; I sure miss him. When he walked he would cross one front leg over the other one like a runway model – he was so regal, and SO SWEET! He only ever liked me; he never got fond of anybody else. I think the Maine Coons at that web site are pretty (and huge!) but I think Marvin’s even prettier. Does Marvin ever drool when you pet him? I had to put a towel under Dakota’s head whenever I held him, he would drool so much when he purred. I sure miss his sweet spirit and big personality. I’ll probably never find another cat like him – he was really special. I can’t get ANY cats now, as long as I have my Korean Jindo, Sunny. She’s an AWESOME dog, but has a strong prey drive and hates cats. Have fun with your video cam! You crack me up!!! I definitely think you should send your hubs a little show! Maybe an early Christmas present?! Speaking of Christmas presents, I’m working hard to have yours done by Christmas!!!! I hope I make it! Can someone please slow the calender down a little bit? It’s going much too fast! Hope you get that ride in soon!

    Take care, Trish

  15. brian-lol, you know that I know that you know that I know I just might do it!

    memsahib-your giving me ideas….lol. Ill check into Isight and email ya

    arkansassongbird-y’all will be the 1st to know 🙂

    rebecca-that sounds like an awful lot of work….kidding!

    jolynna-Marvin was the 1st one Id ever seen other than in photos. lol, he might be happy but I am not feeling very ‘nice’ right now…

    donnaW-we had a good thaw here but its sooo muddy!

    risingrainbow-oh no, I hope you get to feeling better asap. I have a stinkin’ cold thats driving me crazy. Yep, I am kinda mean like that.

    MM-Mr.Cat sounds neat….does he have all his shots?

    katie-aww, ya think?

    Trish-Hi! no rush on that painting, take your time. Iam excited to see it but not enough to cause you to rush. Dakota sounds like he was a sweetie. He sounds like a MCC too. Yes, Marvin DOES drool often, not too bad but enough I have to use a kleenex occasionally-eww. What is a Korean Jindo? Sunny sounds interesting!

  16. I have yet to get a cam. I keep putting it off. When I do we can cam!

  17. I like to sit around at my computer braless and eating stuff……don’t nobody want to see that!

  18. Kat

    I havent used my web cam in years..I don’t even know if it still works or not…LOL

  19. celeste-silly hubs isnt getting ANY thing today if ya get my drift……

    EWBL-nownow, you would NOT believe what some pervs pay money to see….

    kat-do they have an expiration date?

  20. Rebecca

    Just wondering if you have taking your new video to send via phone to hubby???


    Where are our other pics, that you should be taking for all of your bloggers?

  21. If you lived closer, Danielle and I would consider employing “The Money Police”. We need someone like that to keep us financially disciplined!

  22. the maine coon: not a more glamorous nor graceful cat exists anywhere.
    i think they are the epitome of what “cat” means.

    i was a cat hater. big time.
    til i had this one unloved cat forced upon my household over 15yrs ago.
    despite my best efforts, she adopted me.
    two wives,two kids, three counties, and several moves later, she is still here, (sitting right next to me as i type).

    the last 3-4 yrs have cost me a fortune in surgeries and meds, but she’s here to stay (she’s now 20yrs).

    yeah, i’m in love with my cat.
    who’da thunk it?

  23. rebecca-ha, not today, he has some ‘making up’ to be doing if he wants any ‘sugar’ from me 😉 Plus, I am sooo busy-grrrrr

    transylvanianhorseman-believe, me-hubs can whip y’all into financial shape…bordering on the cruel and unusual! Hubs missed his calling in life……

    gino-The MC cats have wonderful personalities, our Marvin acts more like a dog than a cat. I think this is why he and I get along so well! He likes water, car rides, playing fetch, he walks on a leash in a harness. He is just a fun cat! Awww your kitty sounds sweet and lucky to have you. 20 years is a LONG time in cat years, ya gotta be doing something right

  24. I have a web cam. One of the originals. We were going to use it with our kids. We tried it – but the technology wasn’t as good then.

    The first time I tried it, some guy beeped int (or rang in) on the cam site I was using and like a naive nivlock I opened the window.

    Of course it was EXACTLY what you think it was… and I screamed. My husband came running from the other end of the house.

    I finally got it clicked off… and then I thought. “Pamela, you are an adult. You’ve seen one of those before. You should have just made some kind of insulting comment.”

    But even with that pep talk, my heart was still beating and I think I had some shine on my brow .

  25. jo

    BG,you are a stunning broad ! 🙂
    My web cam and I are heading down state tomorrow. I need a LOT of practice. And I need to figure out the privacy stuff. If some damn fool showed up on my web cam ( as mentioned above) and showed his ding dong, I’d die of shock !
    Hope you get out to ride soon!

  26. pamela-haha! I got a laugh outta your comment!! I would have yelped too seeing a ‘strange’ one.lol

    jo-thnx I was thinking I looked kinda tired…have a safe trip!

  27. Better to be The Money Police than spending everyday without thinking or planning, as my DH does. Very frustrating.

    I hope you’re soon back in the saddle again!

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