I have survived Christmas 2007……..

Hear me sigh a huge sigh of relief. Glad it is over and that I had enough foresight to buy 2 bottles of red wine and a pint of Cap’t Morgans.

My house is trashed and may not be the same until the boys are back in school after the New Year.

My best guy friend D spent quite a bit of time with us. His mother recently passed away and D seems sort of lost.

So far this Holiday, I have not eaten a whole pecan pie….yet.

Dinner at the In-Laws was delicious and uneventful.

Wee One was glad when he finally was able to put baby Jesus in our Nativity Set. We keep baby Jesus put up safe until Christmas morning, then we put him in the manger.

For the last 11 hours, I have been Wee One’s ‘patient‘. He received a doctors kit for Xmas. Much to my relief, he has moved on to ‘doctoring’ Marvin…

Wee One has cooked me every dish imaginable in his toy kitchen. Pretending to eat plastic broccoli, bananas, hamburgers, and pickles is not getting any easier with repetition. That is just an example, Wee One has plastic play foods from all the food groups.

When Bubba has not been out riding his bike with his buddy or playing hoops, he has been holed up in his room with his new XBOX games and his new IPOD TOUCH. **I inherited his old IPOD which is packed full of every single awesome rock song you can imagine, woot!**

Hubs has had to work since everyone is on vacation, including his relief hands. Shucks huh? not really…he could have been a jerk and made someone else work but he did not.

Everytime I think about packing up the Xmas stuff and putting it away, it makes my head hurt.

Santa was not good to me but that is what I expected since Ive been a bad girl.

But my family was good to me this Xmas. Thanks to my 2 sistas! and thanks to my Father! I appreciate the gifts. You guys are awesome! I miss y’all like crazy….

And thanks to the hubs, those fancy tires are really niiiiiiiiiiiiice. Oh, and so is the set of cooking pans.

I just cannot wait to try out those pans. After 17 years, I still get all excited about cooking yet another meal for you. 

Am I sounding a bit sarcastic in regards to my spouse? I hope so, because that is my intention.

Not very nice, am I?

I think I need sleep……… a bad way.

Last friday evening’s sunset was a stunner.

But, like everything in this world it came with a price.

The price?

More snow and ice on Saturday.

Wee One and I made Christmas cookies since the weather was crappy all day Saturday.

Hubs, Bubba, and D polished off nearly an entire plate of cookies. Wee One and I only baked 2 dozen. The cookies were gobbled up before Xmas.

Wee One and Bubba woke up at 5:55 am to see what Santa brought them.

Wee One went to bed at 7:30 pm and Bubba crashed out at 9pm Christmas Eve. Once a year thing, they both usually try to stay up as late as possible the other 364 days of the year.




I am not mechanically inclined whatsoever…

I do not pretend to know how machines operate or to have any type of knowledge about automobiles.

If my horse or your horse, or anyone’s horse has a shoe coming loose or is coming up lame, I usually notice fairly quickly.

If I have car tire problems, I am the last person to figure it out……

2 weeks ago I say to hubs, “hey, will you drive my car. It feels like it is pulling ever so slightly to the left.”

hubs sighs, then says, “you probably just have a low tire, have the guy at the full service station put air in it for you.”

Me, “okay, why should I have a low tire? those tires are only 6 months old and my car only has 30,000 miles on it.”

Hubs, “just put air in the tire!”

So, 2 weeks ago I go to the only full service station within 50 miles and have a grease monkey put air in my tire. I asked him if it looked okay, grease monkey said, “yep.”

A few days later, I say to hubs, ” My car is still pulling to the left a tiny bit, maybe it isnt the tire.”

Hubs, “did you put air in it?”

Me, “yep.” I tell him who,what, where, and when.

Hubs, “go back and have them put more air in it, it just probably leaked out, Ill check that damn tire when I get a chance. Right now I am busy.”

Me, “big suprise you are too busy.”

1 and a 1/2 weeks later.

Me, “ummm, my car is really pulling to the left now. I think it is more than my tire needing air. You had better look at it.”

Hubs, “yeah, okay when I get in from work tonite.”

Me, “you had better because Christmas is 3 days away.”

3 days go by, I still drive my car and the pulling to the left is getting worse each time I drive it.

Christmas Eve morning.

I am heading out to the barn to feed the horses while hubs follows me out the door to start his work truck to warm up.

I remind hubs again about my car’s problem.

I get Scooter and Freddie their feed and hay, I walk back up to the house. As I am about to get into the door, hubs hollers, “dont drive your car anywhere, your gonna have a blow out on the front drivers side.”

Then, I hear hubs cussing under his breath. I promptly remind him I’ve been after him to check it out 2 weeks ago. I will not take the blame.

Needless to say, I got a new set of tires for my car instead of the silver bracelet I was really wanting…..

I do not think we’ll be buying anymore tires from Sears. They gave hubs the run around on their Service Agreement. The tires were not even 6 months old. Hubs left sorta p*ssed and went to Tates Tires. He bought my new tires just in time before closing……

I am angry with Sears, I plan on letting them know tomorrow.



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22 responses to “Survivor

  1. It looks like you have a pretty nice Christmas!

    Cooking pans and tires for you! Woo Hoo!!!

    Isn’t it crazy how one worries and prepares for Christmas for weeks and it’s all over so quickly. Kinda anti-climactic, don’t you think?

  2. We just got the easy part over with today. My brothers and sisters at mama’s. Just to visit and exchange token gifts…Saturday my children will be here for Christmas. They are doing everything. All we have to do is be here and let them use my house. Then on Sunday we do the inlaws, then it will be over.

    That was a beautiful sunset. If we have one that spectacular, I will expect snow… just because that’s what you got…

    Looks like Wee One really enjoyed his Christmas. Maybe you will get the silver bracelet for Valentine’s day?

  3. Did you notice the face in the clouds?

  4. I’m with you, I wouldn’t be excited about the tires or the pots and pans and actually, a silver bracelet wouldn’t float my boat either but horse stuff or even a horse and I’d be a happy camper. I think my hubs knows if he got me pots and pans, I’d probably smack him with one. lol I don’t even cook anymore except on rare occasions.

    I can hardly wait to see pics of Wee One doctoring Marvin. I’ll be that Marvin is thrilled.

    I’m glad you survived the holiday!!

  5. One of my favorite childhood gifts was a doctor’s kit.

    Sears is definitely not what it used to be. I’ve noticed that lately.

  6. dickiebo

    When we were kids, I remember once my Mum complaining that IF we ever did buy her a pressie, it was not anything for her. It was for the house! Know what u mean, gal.

  7. I totally can relate to your sentence on how thinking about putting away all the Christmas stuff makes your head hurt!! I’m going to start today and try to do one room per day. Once Christmas is over I like all the stuff gone except the trees and I leave those up till New Years. I too am waiting for pics of Wee One doctoring Marvin!!

  8. Kat

    Gift giving/receiving has always been a huge disappointment for me…even as a child. I would prefer this holiday be left to celebrating the birth of Christ…and let it be at that.

  9. Not having that tyre blow out, being safe and not having a wreck, is a good Christmas present.

  10. pavel-lol, you said it perfectly

    AO-thats okay, I suppose new tires is more practical….

    pamela-have you been in the eggnog again? just joking!

    risingrainbow-gasp, how do you get away with not cooking??? I am jealous

    donna-Wee is loving his MD kit. What is wrong with Sears? They are going to run themselves outta business…

    dickiebo-the hubs always likes giving me practical stuff…..I know how your mum felt!

    mm-Id love to pack it all away today…I just might.

    kat-I hear ya!

    TH-your right, I am glad I have new tires..but dang, it seemed like I just got a set of tires. My car only has 30,000 mi on it…

  11. SailorMoon

    Tires and water leaks are my thing. I had a blowout last week. Of course, in the fast lane so get on the fast lane shoulder, blow out is on that side, so I’m inches from the fast lane on a Dallas freeway. My worst nightmare. Thank goodness for Courtesy Patrol! My daughter got an ipod touch for Christmas also.The gift that you keep on spending money on!! The wi-fi is handy though. My son got a PSP and it has the wi-fi too. Technology these days! Glad you survived, and I’m tired as well. At work…struggling through it.

  12. DaBich

    Several thoughts…

    Wee One looks soooo happy =D

    Noooo…don’t take everything down yet…it’s tooooo sooooon. Enjoy it for a few more days. Then let your head hurt LOL.

    Hubs would diss me once about the car pulling to the left. The second time, I’d smack HIM in the head, and HE’D be pulling to the left…or the right, maybe 😉

    You want a nice bracelet? Go buy it for yourself….Jeez, there I go again, I’m so bad…but then, being bad got me what *I* wanted for Christmas LOL!

  13. Looks like a fun Christmas and Wee One looks like he had a GREAT TIME!

    Hmmm….tires or a silver bracelet yes I can see where you might be a tad sarcastic with the tires and cookware.

  14. Rebecca

    Wee one looks as if this Christmas was a winner!
    The cookies, I wanted one!

    Sorry about Sears letting you down. I hope you did let them have a piece of your mind.

    That sunset was stunning!

    The tires will get you safely to places, but the bracelet would have been nice…I understand your thoughts and feelings!
    Honey needs to get it for Valentines day….start telling him today!

  15. SM-oh! sorry about the tire, not good! I hope you had an easy day at work.

    dabich-I may need to try things your way…

    kelli-oh heck, at least hubs DID get me something.

    rebecca-I let Sears have a piece of my mind. Nah, I wont mention VDAY…Im not good at nagging whatsoever.

  16. jo

    Re Sears. They will make it right. You might need to go to the main guy, but they will, and probably give you a good coupon for future use. Sears , Penney’s, etc still pride themselves in customer service.
    So hubs, after 17 years still doesn’t know what NOT to give ? To the woodshed with him. I think you should by him a nice bracelet for New Years…bet he let’s ya wear it :-p
    Christmas here would have been awesome but I got real sick last night…couldn’t even go home today. Damn Michigan creeping crud!
    I got a video camera ! I was having soooo much fun til I realized my legs wouldn’t hold me up. Got great vids and sounds of grands.
    I am not that fond of play plastic food either …but it’s fun for the kids. Got tem karaoke thing so they can “be on tv “. What fun…what drama !!!
    I’m just a ramblin’ away.
    I’m glad you survived ! 🙂

  17. Ann

    I agree with you, I ‘m glad it’s over. I’m always let down the day after, too much going on and then nothing! I agree about buying a bracelet for yourself. go for it! I notice in the one picture A Chritmas Story is on the tv. Where you watching the 24 hour marathon on TBS? We watched it off and on all day! Love it! Enjoy the rest of the week!

  18. Barngoddess: I see some silver lining here when I read: “I inherited his old IPOD which is packed full of every single awesome rock song you can imagine, woot!” There ya go! 🙂

  19. I hate Sears! They never honor a service agreement. I don’t even look at the store, much less go in it. I could give you a list a mile long of big ticket stuff I’ve bought from there that went down the crapper and they left me hanging. Lawn tractor, refrigerator, etc. Maybe you’ll get your silver for your birthday? Beautiful sunset. It is stunning! I agree with the after Christmas clean up headache!

  20. jo-video camera! that is an awesome gift 🙂 So far I am waiting to hear from Sears.

    ann-yes! I am officially burnt out on that movie and hearing “you’ll shoot your eye out!”

    MM-now if I can get the ear phones to work 🙂

    callie-I am beginning to think Sears is going to ignore my complaint grrr

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  22. Aniin BG,

    You know the ping back above is spam. Anyway, glad you survived and here’s to next year.

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