Bonfire At BG’s!

I was hooked after reading his first book, “The King Of Lies” so I was not suprised when I could not put down the book, DOWN RIVER by John Hart.

Hart has weaved a master mystery page turner once again. I literally read this book in 1 day. It was that good!

And of course, it was set in the South….


Author James Patterson has lost his ‘touch’ or so it seemed to me. The last 3 or 4 books I have read of his were a struggle for me to finish….not at all like his earlier novels.

Anyhow, I took another chance and checked out Pattersons new book, You’ve Been Warned by James Patterson.


Excellent book. It was very fast paced and it kept me interested with many, many twists and turns. Indeed a great book. I hope Patterson and his co-writer, Howard Roughan churn out more worthy books like this in the future.

I am off to the library today to restock my reading stash….I hope I can find something good!

Snow for Christmas would have been okay but not the day after Christmas.


Scooter loves the chilly weather……Freddie and I would much rather be in the barn.

Tonite we have another snow advisory/warning until late Friday morning.

Someone needs to let Mother Nature know Oklahoma is not supposed to get so much cold, snowy weather….

I am a mean mother but my tactic worked very well.

I told Wee One he had to pick up and put away his new toys from Christmas when he was done playing or Santa would come take them back.

Hubs and Bubba informed Wee One that was untrue. Santa would never take back toys.

Since Wee One has been informed, Ive had to pick up 3,000 Lincoln Logs pieces repeatedly off the floors.

Guess what?

Were having a bonfire in the fireplace tonite! Courtesy of mom and the whole Lincoln Log set.

Everyone bring your marshmallows and hotdog weenies!


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24 responses to “Bonfire At BG’s!

  1. jo

    Aren’t the “logs” made of plastic these days ?
    I would over rule hubs and Bubba and disappear the logs for awhile. I’m a mean mutha ,too. :-p

  2. I’m reading Dominick Dunn’s book on the trials that he has observed including his own daughters murder trail. It’s very good.

    I have Lincoln Logs stashed away in the attic. Got tired of picking them up! ha! Good idea though to burn them in the firepit! I’m a mean grandmother!ha!

    Send the snow up here to Maine! We got darned ole’ rain and it spoiled our snowmobile trails so we want SNOW again!

  3. Kat

    Lincoln Logs…OMG I haven’t seen those in yearssssssss!!! It was one of my fav’s as a child…those and leggo’s…LOL

  4. Here via Michael Manning.

    LOL at the Lincoln Log bonfire – I remember similar thoughts!

    White after-Christmas – seems anti-climatic, huh?

  5. jo-hmm, they look like wood but some may be plastic-grrr oh well, plastic burns too….except I dont like fumes-ack

    MM-oh, I bet Dominick Dunn’s book is GREAT! it sounds like its a good read. Sending all this snow your way 🙂

    kat-I was once nearly crippled by a blue leggo….may it burn in hell

    seamus-thnx for coming by!

  6. A weenie roast sounds great. 😉

    Have fun at the library.

  7. Oooh those books sound good! I’m needing a new one.

    Hubs can pick up the logs since he blew it for ya!

  8. no snow on christmas here, kaylie kept saying its a green christmas. lol we did have a few flakes this morning though but they are gone

  9. Brian-I did have fun at the library….I felt rushed though 😦

    lynn-lol, thosee stoopid logs were HIS idea too

    anne-you can have our forcasted snow!

  10. Here’s another and different Anne. I try to be a mean Mom but only am when I’m not trying.

    I like the idea of getting the logs to disappear for a while. I probably couldn’t do it, but I like the idea.

    The snow is pretty. I’d love a one-day snow event.

    Don’t hurt yourself on the logs!

  11. Undone by Hubby. Well, Wee One is so charming with his smile I guess it’s hard to resist! But he picks up quick too doesn’t he!! Scooter loving the cold was very interesting! Freddie must have had a better Christmas than he would have had you guys not taken him in. Very loving on your part, Barngodess!:)

  12. Our heater is broken and we’ve had freezing temps two nights in a row. 😦 We had to break out the sleeping bags.

    I’ve been threatening my younger kids since Christmas morning too. They both got Nerf guns and have been shooting and/or destroying everything in the house…..well everything that they hadn’t already destroyed.

  13. I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas barn goddess!!!!

  14. I remember getting fed up with toy pieces everywhere and threatening to throw them away.
    I was mean, too.

  15. Anne-ack, you can have this snow/ice, its no fun

    MM-Wee is a quick study!

    kila-I used too…

    EWBL-oh no! I hope your heater gets fixed asap. Good thing you are down South..sorta!

    pamela-ha, you mean? I just cannot see it….

  16. yeah the 365 pics is a self portrait challenge I guess started in bloggyland I saw Mrs Fun was doing it so I have been thinking of doing it.

  17. I’m really good at the tough love thing. Take those suckers away if he won’t pick them up. It only takes a time or two before he’ll know you really mean business. He’s such a quick study it won’t take long.

    As for being made of plastic. What is the deal there? Since when are logs plastic. What is this world coming too………..

    My horses would be happy to be in the barn with you and the donkey in that cold weather (but my guess is it’d be a bit crowded). I’ve raised a punch of pansies! lol

  18. etrish

    Oh no! You’ve been undermined by your Mom! That breaks some kind of cardinal rule, doesn’t it – “Thall shalt not contradict the Mother in front of the Children” or something like that.

    Looks like you had a lovely Christmas!


  19. Are Turkey hot dogs ok? My faith does not allow me to eat non-Halal meat. I look forward to cook out 🙂

  20. Jen

    this sounds all too familiar. my pet peeve is train track pieces. My youngest has taken over my laundry room. I loathe Thomas the train these days 😉

  21. Lincoln logs, you say?! What fun … sure brings back the memories with my kids.

  22. anne-holy crap, a photo 365 days a year? wow!

    risingrainbow-crowded barn? no problemo 🙂 I TOOK the lincoln logs away, I am a meanie

    etrish-lol, that rules doesnt seem to apply here. Hubs has paid dearly for his slip up…

    johnnypeepers-heck yeah turkey dogs are fine! welcome!!!!

    jen-gah! TRAIN TRACKS? I can relate, we have the Geotrax taking over our home..

    SM-they can be fun but not cleaning them up repeatedly.

  23. Aniin BG, at work this morning. 😦

    Love you and hope you get to have a blowout of a New Years. 😆

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