Kick’n Arse And Not Takin’ Names

I took this photo of Bubba after I smoked him in a game of hoops early Saturday afternoon.

I may be old, fat, and slower than ever before.

But, my aim is just as deadly as when I was 20 years younger. Ha!

No need to let y’all know that I had to ‘rest’ for several hours afterwards…well, not hours but it felt like it!

That damn whole pecan pie at Thanksgiving and now it’s that half of chocolate cake from Christmas…good grief.

Early this morning, Wee One was rummaging inside Bubba’s closet…definitely not a safe place.

He came out into the kitchen saying, “I am going to a match (he meant wrestling) just like Bubba.

Whenever Bubba has a match, tournament, or duel, the coach makes all the wrestlers dress up that school day wearing ties and dress shirts.

I’m not sure where the striped garage sale tie came from, I think it was from Father-in-law’s circa 1978 collection.

Wee One has been watching my John Lyon’s horse training tapes and practicing on his Breyer horses.

He has been asking to ride Scooter, I keep putting him off. Maybe if it warms up this afternoon, he and I will get one last ride in 2007.

My leetle arteest!

Wee One’s drawing abilities are really coming along. 

I will forever be indebted to Crayola……

Just like all the other males in my household, Marvin has to sprawl out like a big slob…

I am looking forward to my family going back to school, work or wherever the hell they belong.

They are such slobs, they could care less about having a clean house.

I just finished reading The Innocent by Harlan Coben.

It is a good read. Coben is a sure thing for a complicated, hunted and hunter thriller.

Currently, I am smack in the middle of reading Body Surfing by Anita Shreve.

I am enjoying the tale written about the beautiful Atlantic beach and complicated lives entwined.

 Shreve’s writing style is something I am not accustomed to reading …I find myself enjoying it immensely.

When I am finished with Shreve’s book, I will be reading Snow Falling on Cedars.

Has anyone else read this book and did you like it?

I have not seen the movie…

As much as I love the fog..I am not too fond of it when I feel like it has engulfed my being, like these past few weeks.

Hopefully the fog I’ve been trapped in these days will lift in ’08…..

See ya next year!



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23 responses to “Kick’n Arse And Not Takin’ Names

  1. Aniin BG. First and foremost, have a happy New Year and I hope 2008 goes great. Hey, that rhymes!

    So what you’re saying, is that the athletic genes come from you and not hubby? You’re probably not fat, but we’d need that webcam show to make sure.

    It’s going to get really, really cold here the middle of the week. Lows in the 20’s on Wednesday and Thursday. That’s why you get sick down here, because Saturday was 86 degrees.

    No plans tonight, we don’t go out and work is closed on Tuesday. I’ll be wallowing around like Marvin watching football and belching. 😉

  2. jo

    Happy New Year, BG and family !
    Mighty fine pictures….got a giggle over dressed up Wee One.
    Here’s hoping y’all get in one more ride before midnite !

  3. brian-Happy New Year. No plans just yet but Ive a designated driver lined up just incase! heheh. I am too FAT. Get an IM so I can webcam ya….

    Jo-it doesnt look like we’ll be riding today. Wee’s all of a sudden started coughing something awful today…grrrr he was just fine!

  4. What cute pics of the little one! Wishing you and yours a happy new year!

  5. Wee One doing his own interpretation of John Lyons, how cute is that. And he wants to imitate his brother, that’s cute too, as long as he doesn’t pick up any of the teenage attitude. lol

    Marvin is just showing off that pound he lost! After all, a guy has to brag every now and then, don’t ya think?

    Hope you and yours have a Happy New Year!

  6. Barngoddess: I had to laugh out loud at the apparent “shock” on Bubba’s face that you still have the competitive edge. If I had to put a by-line to that photo, it would read. “Damn. What just happened?” 😀 Wee One with one sock on and one off with a dress tie and creating works of art with Crayola! Isn’t he just the coolest? Ah, Scooter in a fog. I think once you get him out for a ride, you will be quoting Paul Newman in “The Color of Money” when you say: “Hey. I’m back!” Happy New Year Barngoddess!

  7. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  8. foggy here, too in western Oregon. and it rained rained… cold to the bone am I.

    Happy New Year

  9. I didn’t like Snow Falling on Cedars. It has been awhile since I read it, but I remember thinking it was a bit tedious. My brother gave me Down River by John Hart and Invisible Prey by John Sandford for Christmas. I’ve already read both of them and they were both excellent.

  10. dickiebo

    Crikey, Ramblin’! I have the qualities necessary to fit into your household like a hand into a well-tailored glove! ‘…sprawl like a big slob..’! Yea. C’est moi.
    I wish you and the menfolk of your house, the very best ever New Year. Oh! And scooter.

  11. lynn-thnx! hapy new year

    risingrainbow-that teenage attitude,omg. Lyons is the best! happy new year

    MM-lol, thats pretty much how it went down too 🙂 Happy new year

    callie-back at ya

    pamela-lets trade states? Im up for a drastic change…

    brian-happy new year!

    arkansassongbird-Hart’s book was excellent, wasnt it? I hope I like SNFC, its not my style but I like variety.

    dickiebo-poor Barbara! she has my sympathies…hahaha! Happy new year to you too my friend

  12. Hi Barn Goddess,
    Here’s wishing you and your Inner Circle all the best for the coming year, may it be filled with much fun, joy + happiness. The days filled with much much Sun (light) and the nights filled with bright Starlight.

  13. etrish

    Hi BG! Happy New Year! I -loved- Snow Falling on Cedars, and it’s a darned good thing you -didn’t- see the movie.

    Sigh…I haven’t read fiction in such a long time! Grad school takes it’s toll in so many ways…


  14. Q9-thank you!! I hope 2008 is a great year for you as well 🙂

    etrish-Ill be starting SFOC today, I hope it is good.

  15. I’m having the worst time getting photos to load today, which rather bums me out because I’ll bet there’s one of Wee One dressed up.

    Did you sneak in your last ride of the year? I did!

  16. Snow Falling on Cedars is a wonderful book! Although the movie was a beautiful film, the book was far superior to to the screenplay!

    Happy New Year!

  17. Happy New Year! Thanks for being part of my life in 2007, and I look forward to enjoying 2008 with you!

    Congrats on your basketball win!

  18. I remember starting to read Snow Falling On Cedars but can’t remember finishing it. It wasn’t for me…
    Happy New Year!!

  19. Kat

    Hubs went back to work this evening..they left early (usually leave early the morning OF work day) because a snow storm is heading in. They’re calling for 6 inches, and we already have about 1 and a half on the ground. I’ll be glad to have my house back to normal too!!

  20. DHW-aww sorry you missed the photos! no ride, wayyyyy to cold.

    seamus-Happy New Year. I am in the first 1/4 of the book….its good so far, not a page turner, I know I wontbe up late reading.

    kila-Thank you!!! back at ya…

    lael-it seems like a good book so far.

    kat-yikes! stay safe and warm..

  21. DaBich

    Happy New Year BG! This Bich is on a diet for 2008! Too much food for me lately…

  22. Snow falling on Cedars is an awesome book, let me know how you liked it!!

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