A Mustang Promise

Ice fog and freezing bitter cold air has rang in the New Year.

Bubba returned to school today. Hubs returned to his ‘normal’ work day routine.

2 down, 1 to go.

Wee One doesnt return to school until Thursday.

Over the Holidays, hubs worked often, even more so when a contract lease pumper from down South called Saturday evening from a Tulsa Hospital ER Admissions informing hubs:

he, the pumper, was in fact being admitted into the hospt. for an  unknown duration. it is NOT work-related”

So, hubs had to deal with yet more work.

In order to spend time with him, the boys have resulted in riding along with hubs to work.

I, being constantly busy cleaning and cooking and busting my *ss around the homestead, have begged off going.

Not to mention I am a firm believer in: absence makes the heart grow fonder.

But, hubs enticed me with the promise of a beautiful, wild, new herd of mustangs.

So I went along for the ride one afternoon.

 But first I saw this lovely bovine.

 and many, many more bovines.

Where are the ‘stangs? I was wondering????

 Here they are.

This grey beauty stole my heart at first sight.

They have traveled to Oklahoma from somewhere warm for they have not the long, shaggy, winter coats as horses grow from colder climates.

Spanish descents? I queried after a closer observation of their slightly larger, more pronounced arched necks.

As I stood gazing upon them, I could almost feel the Mustangs hearts pounding in unison with their fight or flight response.

The herd was skittish and did not like my approach one bit. My photos suffered for it.

Fresh, new numbered brands, they are fat and sassy….

Hoping they stay this way.

The Mustangs are stunning creatures.


you know that old adage?
wild horses couldn’t drag me away
It has never applied to me. Wild horses can indeed drag me away from anything and everything.


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32 responses to “A Mustang Promise

  1. Aniin BG, beautiful pictures of the horses. You can sense the tension from them.

    It’s cold this morning at work, only 39 with a wind chill in the 20’s. Tomorrow morning it will be as low as 19 degrees in the area!!!!! Too cold!!!!!

    You going to stay up and watch the Sooners????

  2. DaBich

    Beautiful indeed. It’s cold here in PA also, to go down in the low teens this evening. About 3 -4 inches of snow expected overall. UGH!

  3. brian-they are magnificant! I hope to see them again soo. brrrr FL gets that cold? stay warm….its horribly cold here as well. Sooners? nah….Im not a big College fan of any kind these days.

    dabich-yikes! stay warm and outta the snow.

  4. Great pictures. I hope you’re keeping warm. It’s 10 degrees this morning, with promised form the weather-guessers that it’ll warm up by the weekend.

  5. Yes it does get that cold here. We’ve been here seven winters now and every year but one, we’ve had at least one hard freeze. The last snow in the area I believe was back in the 70’s, but it’s snowed in Miami also. Yes, Florida can get very cold. 😀

  6. dickiebo

    I really love the sight of wild horses BUT……..when I was a teenager, I took a girl-friend to see some wild ponies on the Common (common-land) near us. I took some apples to give ’em. I got out of the car and doled out the apples, but the blasted horses wouldn’t believe that I didn’t have any more! I saw their ears go back as they all walked briskly towards me, so …yea. I took off! Oh shame, oh shame! Girl-friend laughing hysterically in the car as I fleed down the road. End of another romance. Sigh!

  7. Great photos! Love those Mustangs!

  8. Is this a wild, migrating herd or …? You said they have fresh brands?
    They are absolutely gorgeous though! I’m with you, they could drag me away anytime! 🙂

  9. Wild horses. I did not know they still existed. There is a technical term for an animal that used to be domestic and returned to wild life.

  10. Very pretty pics indeed!!
    it to is fricken cold here brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  11. Kat

    OH WOW!!!!!!!!! The pictures are fabulous!!! Mustangs…we never get to see anything like that around here…mostly deer and turkey.

    Mini got a snow day today on her supposed first day abck to school…lucky dog!!

  12. Kat

    oops…BACK to school

  13. Wee One’s smile says he KNOWS there is “No School” until Thursday! I’ll bet he makes everyday an adventure. I must tell you, the Gray horse at a distance reminds me of the Arabian horse my late Cousin had. The rest look beautiful. But there’s only one “Scooter”! 🙂

  14. Jen

    how beautiful to be able to see wild mustangs. Watching horses has always captivated me since I was little. I still sit on the tack barn porch and just watch my “kids” as I call them. I love it even more when we go back home to the ranch and see them roaming freely as they please.

  15. cold cold cold here. My kiddos don’t go back til Jan 7th

  16. Just the thought of being in the presence of those mustangs gets my heart going!

  17. Yupe, I’d leave home to see mustangs in the wild. Pretty darn cool.

    I have a wildlife photographer friend who takes beautiful pics but no horses. I asked him about taking pics of the wild horses and he thought, like your commentor above that they were long gone. I tracked down where to find herds and he did photograph them. They were amazing pictures. But it surprises me how many people think they are gone.

  18. wow!!! I loved this post. Not just the pics, mind you; they’re as beautiful as always. But I love reading your words, your melancholy, frustrations, you love for the beautiful animals.

    Thanks for reminding me to view the beauty all around us.

    The little guy is so happy knowing there’s no school. rofl!!!

  19. WOW!!!! What gorgeous photos! Drag me away to see wild horses anytime!

  20. Howdy Barngoddess! I surfed over from Copenhagen Kisses. Wow, it’s nice to find like-minded folks out there. Love your blog, I’ll be bookmarking.
    Read back and discovered your Wee one and mine have the same Dr’s kit. And are doing the same things to the animals 🙂 Kids…
    AND, I’m glad to see I’m not only person who posts pics of cows.
    Anyway, love it, will be back!

  21. Lovin’ the Mustangs….. I like the Bovine as well. He looks like a Walter.

  22. lol

    I love how you love horses:)

    We have herds of wild horses
    out west here,in the Chilcotin.
    I’ve never seen them but I’ve heard
    they are a beautiful and rare thing.

    If you go off onto the logging roads
    you can find all the animals turned
    loose to feed,and while we’ve come across
    many cattle,I’ve never seen horses.
    The cattle are hilarious to watch though.
    The mamas and steers don’t give a rat’s ass about you but any babies around are either really curious(coming right up to the car) or really scared,running away like big galoots!
    They make me laugh and laugh and laugh..

  23. donna-Ill believe the warm weather when I see it, it is awfully cold with 40mph biting winds here

    brian-I saw on the News last night how cold y’all are, brrrr


    dickiebo-lol, your story gave me a much needed giggle. I know a few broke horses who behave that way.


    seamus-it looked like they had been re-branded possibly? they were trucked here most likely.

    contueso-yes they do, we have many herds in Oklahoma, they are in other states too. I know people whove adopted BLM mustangs and turned them into wonderful riding and companion animals.

    jettied-stay warm!

    Kat-snow day? mini got lucky

    MM-you KNOW the right thing to say, Scooter is the best horse ever 🙂

    jen-we are very much alike. I can spend hours watching Scooter do nothing or just do horsey things.

    anne-the 7th? omg..

    kila-arent they beautiful?

    risingrainbow-I am also amazed at how many people think wild horses are extinct…I hope that NEVER happens.

    pavel-aww, thank you, I needed that. Ive been down today and your comment made me feel a lot better 🙂

    Lynn-wonderful arent they? I am lucky, they arent too far from me either….

    Mikey-welcome to the res! great minds think/blog alike, right?

    callie-walter? okay, but they all look the same…..

    lael-lol, laughter is the best!

  24. Trish

    Happy, happy new year to you and yours!!!!!!! I’ve been working outside the office for the past several days, so haven’t had computer access. I’m so glad you had a nice Christmas!!!! It looks so cold there! It’s a little warmer than usual here in Seattle, I think – not too many nights below freezing, and several sunny days alternating with rain & gloom. I think many of my tender annuals, which normally die in the winter, might survive if January & February are mild this year. I’ve got the gardening bug already – starting to poke around with some of my plants that are in winter storage under mulch and leaves, and planning how my garden will look this Spring. All of my stuff is in containers because we have absolutely no sun in the front and side yards due to too many tall trees all around us, so I’ve slowly taken over the entire patio with plants in containers of all sizes – some of them HUGE. So much has gone on since Christmas – I’m 2/3 of the way done with your painting!!!! I should have been done by now, but my two co-workers & I have been starting our own homecare business as well as running the one we work for (I’m a nurse – LPN) and that’s been pretty time consuming. When we leave this office in three months I’ll get to take my work computer home with me (I’m buying it for $100), so I’ll never be without my daily dose of your blog again!
    The mustangs in your photos are so gorgeous – you are so lucky to live where you can see them. I’ve never experienced anything like that! Oklahoma must be a wonderful place! Well, I’ve got to go – believe it or not it’s 9:30pm and I’m still in the office. Lots of love to you!!!!!! I can’t wait for you to see your painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Trish

  25. trish-I cannot wait to see it! I am excited about the painting 🙂 Geesh, you sound like you need a vacation…..maybe a green thumb vacation.

  26. I have to enjoy horses vicariously through you. Just never had the chance to have one, or know how to care for one either.

    I often feed the horses at the end our street. I don’t know how many people walking by them do the same. I’m surprised the owners don’t put up signs to stop it (unless the apples and carrots are okay)

  27. jo

    What great pictures ! Sounds like a perfect day !

  28. Oh BG those pictures make me want to pack up the ‘ole Tahoe and head west!! Just beautiful! It would take my breath away to see some wild mustangs. Doesn’t Pioneer Woman’s husband take care of some??? Does the state pay to have them cared for??

    Great post and I liked the picture of the bovine too!!

  29. Your last line has me thinking of that crappy Cranberries song, ‘Wild Horses.’ Yuck. I’d rather replace that with a nice rendition of Mustang Sally. 🙂

    Great pictures!!!

  30. Katie

    So beautiful!!!

  31. mustangs are very preatuse they are not to be treated different than people i rase ten you can tooooooooooooooo

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