A Howling Good Weekend

It’s that time again……….the hooved family members got their routine worm medicine.

Scooter does not cooperate. He does not like the taste of the worm paste. However, I am an old hand at worming un-cooperative horses so Scooter’s efforts to keep his mouth out of my reach were fruitless.

Scooter waited impatiently for his treats after I finished riding him.

I threw on Scooter’s bridle and we went for a 30 minute bareback ride while Bubba and Wee One hung out in the yard.

Scooter’s withers are not nearly as comfy as they used to be!

Freddie passed the ‘wind flying loud plastic sack’ test.

I was cleaning out the trash in my car. The plastic trash sack I was using blew out of my hands into the gusting 30 mph winds. It ended up inches from Freddie’s face caught in the wire. Freddie did not so much as flinch. Of course Scooter ran off 20 feet away and gave a big snort….like he’s never seen a plastic sack before.

What the heck?

We took advantage of the warm weekend.

Wee One loves being outside.

I mentioned to Bubba that he should not be worried about yakking on his phone when riding the 4-wheeler.

His answer was, “buy me a bluetooth.”

My answer, ” get a J.O.B.”

He isnt going to be 14 yo until 1/15/08 so he cannot legally work…………….yet.

But soon, very, very soon.

Wee One and I went with hubs to work Saturday for a few hours.

We went for a good, long hike.

We saw ice on the creek in a deep, shady spot.

It was 65 degrees outside and we had to take off our sweatshirts because we hiked up a sweat.

Wee One and I came across a coyote skull.

The skull was all by itself. The rest of the carcass was somewhere else.

Wee One had to pick it up and examine every inch of it, asking me a gazillion questions.

It was getting dark fast so we met hubs at the gate and made our way back home.



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31 responses to “A Howling Good Weekend

  1. Kat

    You always make even the simplist things sound so entertaining..I love your perspective on things

  2. Great pictures especially that last one. We are having warm weather down here, too. Seventy-two degrees as I type.

  3. Hahahaha:get a J.O.B
    I love it! You sound like me.
    You’ll be proud of him when he
    does. They turn into different
    people,right before your eyes:)

    That skull was pretty cool..

  4. Jen

    It looks like y’all had a great time! I’m glad you got the warmer weather finally :0)

    Our horses hate the paste too…we hold their heads up until we here the *GULP* hahaha

  5. Rebecca

    Can you blame him for not liking the taste of worm paste?
    The hike was good for you! Just think of the calories that you burned!!!!
    Wee One can keep the skull, although a few of my science teachers may enjoy getting their hands on it!
    Ice in the creek….I would have enjoyed it! God do I love cold weather. I think I was a polar bear in a previous life!!!!!!

  6. Blue hates being wormed, and will spit the wormer out if he can; lately we keep a bite of feed handy and get him eating as soon as he’s wormed. He’s such a hog, this does the trick.

  7. dickiebo

    That great-looking place where you went hiking. Is it common land, or does it belong to somebody?

  8. I know this weekend was so nice. Of course it wont last but it was nice to get out.

  9. looks like decent land to lay down a food plot and hang a stand.

  10. Love that “Freddie”!
    You do make worming sound like an adventure! Great photos.

  11. I wondered what that was on Scooter’s lips. Poor guy! I hate giving mine that stuff, they all act like I’m trying to kill them when the opposite it true. But I still feel like a brute!

    A blue tooth for the four wheeler, with demands like that, he better get a good paying job. Teenagers!

    I am so jealous – 65 ° We had snow here and are getting more tonight. It’s way too cold for me.

    Sounds like Wee One had quite an adventure. Pretty darn cool finding something so interesting.

  12. Glad you had a nice weekend! (I can’t remember what 65 degrees is like!)

  13. the sack in the wind and the brave old jack-ass made me laugh.

    Heeee haaaaaaaa!!!

  14. Aniin BG, hope you are doing well.


  15. DaBich

    We had 72 degrees Monday, what a BEAUTIFUL day! Usually January has temps in the teens here, with a minus in the wild chill factor. Love the creek you hiked by. We have one that runs thru our back yard, gotta love it!!!

  16. kat-thank you

    arkansassongbird-I hope those storms didnt blast you last nite

    lael-I already have a job lined up for him this summer!

    jen-the weekend was sooooo nice! its cold again 😦

    rebecca-a polar bear? yikes!

    donna-I wish the feed trick worked w/ Scooter, hes sooo picky about meds.

    dickiebo-it is on a huge ranch, very very BIG place. It is privately owned.

    kelli-it’s cold now-brr

    gino-didnt see any deer when we hiked but saw plenty on the ride home.

    SL-Freddie was good taking his worm paste too

    risingrainbow-after being wormed Scooter runa about trying to wipe his tongue on everything, like hes poisoned now-geesh.

    kila-it was nice while it lasted

    pamela-Freddie is pretty calm. Hubs and the boys are constantly braying since we got Freddie, it is soooooo annoying!

    brian-alls well

    dabich-a nice break from our winter weather, unfortunately it caused some bad storms 😦

  17. JOB!!!! thats a good one.

    i love the wee one. kids are fun.

  18. jo

    What a great post and fantastic pics !!!
    So Bubba and I are within 2 days of sharing a birthday….Capricorns are known for hard work, so I betcha Bubba will have J-O-B… pdq. 🙂

  19. Thanks my friend. We are doing better, but we miss Blessing so much. Thanks for the hugs.

  20. Katie

    How fabulous to come see your family again! Via blog land but I’ve missed you! I need to worm my kids as well. This weeken I intend to be totally well enough! 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  21. Katie

    p.s. cool skull!

  22. Just no lack of entertainment in the Great Rural is there!???? 😉

  23. The kids are having fun! Poor Scooter. But this is my first look at Freddie. All cool fun!!! (except the worm paste)!:)

  24. Bubba on the bike with the phone… priceless!

    Loved Wee One checking out the scull…

    Your blog is so interesting!!

  25. ooooo, that’s so pretty where you live! Trees, creek, I swear in that gator Wee One’s driving, I see an antler! And you found a skull? WAY cool! Those are good adventures. My mom keeps telling me, these are the best years of your life and I think she’s right. Your post, it sums that up. Riding bareback, hiking w/the kids… that’s all good 🙂
    Love it!!

  26. What’s a bluetooth BG?? Loved the get a job line! Poor Bubba, welcome to the real world.

    I have one horse that you just CAN NOT worm him the regular way. He will rear up and go all to pieces. It’s my little palamino rescue pony. So I make a molasses & wormer sandwich and put it in his feed dish when we close up the barn for the night and it’s gone by morning. I guess you do what works.

    Finding that skull was quite an adventure for Wee One! My grand kids would have loved that and had the gazillion questions too.

    The ‘ole plastic sack test eh?? Buddy wouldn’t move a muscle but my thoroughbred/welsh would probably snort, blow, run, shake, sweat and anything else he could think of! Freddie is so cute! Do you ride him??????? He would look so cute in harness too!

  27. I love the picture of the creek, and it’s always nice to see wee one with his great smile.

    My little guys have been asking me for a cell phone for a while now and I refuse, at least untill they’re older. Bluetooth? lol!

    Get a job…. hee hee

  28. I wanna come play at YOUR house! Great pics!

  29. You can get worm paste down your horses throat?

    We are wooses with our mare. We tried everything…even putting it in grain. No way would she take a taste.

    The vet has to do it for us and has no problem. He gets it down her before she knows what happened.

  30. etrish

    Wee One’s mini Gator is GREAT! I’m envious….I want a JD Gator, too! The hike in the country looks amazing. I love to hike out here in the woods where I live, but recently it’s been so rainy and wet that I’ve opted out of the walks. The dog pouts, and doesn’t understand….maybe your post will inspire me to get out and walk this weekend.

    If so, expect a “thank you” note from Abby. ;- )


  31. Sounds like a fun weekend. Funny enough, it was worming week at my place as well. Followed by a treat for being good girls and taking their paste like they should.

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