Too Many Irons

This week I have too many irons in the fire.

Today I just want to do a whole lot of nothing…

Scooter turned 29 the other day!

No time to bake a carrot cake. Instead I gave him 1 whole Little Debbie snack cake, swiss rolls to be exact. They are his favorite.

The little monkey man.

Wee One would not smile for a photo after his bath last night.

I do not blame him either.

Yesterday he learned we finally were able to get his surgery scheduled. It is on 2/21. Wee One has no idea what adnoids and tonsils are but he doesnt want to lose them he said.

Too bad, they are coming out.

Monday was Wee’s very 1st trip to the Dentist.

He did great. All his teeth are in great shape except he has the beginnings of a small cavity in one of his far back molars.

Wee One is scheduled to see a special kids dentist in Tulsa on 1/15 which happens to be his Bubba’s 14th birthday. 

Currently I am reading Low Country by Anne Rivers Siddons.

Well, reading when I have a few spare minutes, which has not been often.

I finished reading “Snow Falling On Cedars.” I liked it. Easy to see how people either like it or they do not.


Bubba has another wrestling meet tournament tonite. A home one, thankfully. This is the 3rd one this week! I am tired of running up and down the highway for either Bubba or Wee One.

Last night was the first episode of Ghost Hunters International on the SCIFI channel. I enjoy watching the TAPS guys. When they investigate the hauntings, they go in trying to disprove it and not trying to validate.

For some reason I really like the International ghost hunts. But, last night, I was so exhausted, I fell asleep on the couch half way thru the season premiere. I missed a good castle hunt.

My friend over in the UK, Dickiebo , has a castle practically in his back yard……I am envious. I wonder, is it haunted?




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21 responses to “Too Many Irons

  1. Katie

    Happy Birthday Scooter!

    I’m glad Wee One will have them removed early. I was in my early 20’s or so.. it was rougher.

    Good luck to Bubba!

    You sound as busy as ever! Be good to yourself!

  2. I love doing a whole lotta nothing.

    The good thing about horses and birthdays is they often don’t remember when their’s is, so they don’t really miss the cake and you can give it to them another day.

    Speaking of Ghost Hunters…how’s the ghostly house your friend’s brother bought? Did you ever get permission to post pictures?

  3. Well, Happy Birthday to Scooter!

    I have to laugh at Wee One wanting to keep his tonsils and adnoids. So sweet.

    I don’t know how you keep track of the schedules of your kids let alone be their chauffeur. Do you need a special license for that? lol

  4. Aniin BG,

    Happy Birthday to Scooter.

    I tried reading “Snow Falling on Cedars”. Couldn’t get into it.

    Nice and warm today, but a ‘cold’ front coming through with rain tonight.


  5. Kat

    I watched “White Noise” (again) the other night…have you ever seen it? I think alot of that stuff is fascinating as hell!!

  6. Rebecca

    What is the average life span for a horse?

    I know my cat at my parents is 21 this year…I pray he makes it.

    The books, I would like to be able to read— but grading papers and reading academic stuff for my masters…I wanna veg out on music or tv when I finally do get free time.

  7. I enjoyed Snow Falling on Cedars. I also enjoyed Land Girls. Did you ever read that one?
    I used to read so much. The past 18 plus months I’ve not read much.

  8. This week has seemed to have a few extra irons in the fire for me too.
    Both my kids did so much better after having their adnoids and tonsils removed.

  9. jo

    Gotta love a horse that likes Swiss rolls 🙂
    The pic of Wee is priceless…
    Will they keep Wee overnight or is it in and out these days ?
    Any plans for Bubba’s 14th?

  10. I’ve always wanted a castle.
    There is one along the drive back home,that’s right along a small creek,in
    amongst the trees. I wonder what it’d be like to live in?

  11. Scooter is 29? I’ll tell you something. That beautiful horse knows he is loved. It sounds so fun how you care for him and he clearly loves you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOOTER! Wee One, poor guy. I’ve been there as a tot. Your schedule sounds like a workout itself, BG! 🙂 Good Luck to Bubba on his tournament!

  12. I didn’t realize Scooter was in his 20’s! He sure looks great! He doesn’t even have the sway back thing going on like our old guy at the stable! It must be good genes and all the great care that you give him!

    I can’t get into the ghost things, they scare me to death! ha! What a chicken I am!!

    Poor Wee One! I don’t blame him for not wanting surgery. Make sure you have lots of ice cream waiting for him at home. That will feel good going down his throat. It’s the only thing I could eat when I had my tonsils out. He is so cute, I could just pinch those cheeks!!

    I too don’t know how you keep up with running for two!!

  13. I had no idea Scooter was so old. Guess I haven’t been paying attention. He sure looks good for 29 years!!

    Love the picture of Wee One!!

  14. Happy Birthday, Scooter!

    I love Wee One’s hair after his bath!

    Congrats to him on his dentist visit!

    “tired of running up and down the highway”–I gotta tell ya, it’s fabulous to be in town and only 2 minutes from school. No horses in the backyard, though.

  15. I’m jealous that Scooter gets chocolate!

  16. dickiebo

    The original castle with a wooden structure was destroyed in 1100 but it was rebuilt in stone in 1106. This was destroyed in 1215 and restored in 1285 with a tall tower added at the start of the 14th century, but the castle was abandoned by 1550.
    Since then, there have been sightings of a ‘lady in white’, but……………..that seems to be applicable to just about every other castle in the land so…………
    I can only say that, I spot the foxes and birds which enter my garden, but have never seen any lady in white, despite the fact that I’m here everyday!

  17. Howdy Folks! Ill be around soon to visit and answer your comments. Wee One has been strickenw/ THE STOMACH VIRUS-poor baby and he needs all my attention 😦

  18. Happy 29th Birthday to Scooter! And looking fantastic! Bravo!

  19. Wow, Happy Birthday to Scooter. He looks good!

  20. katie-I hope his surgery goes well 🙂

    DHW-last I heard the house was ready but E’s brother hasnt moved in. No word on photos but Ive been tempted to shoot some from the gate!

    risingrainbow-a license? more like redbull;)

    brian-the book was good but seemed tedious at points.

    kat-me too!

    rebecca-wow, thats old for a cat. Horses can live into mid-late 30’s if taken care of properly.

    pamela-Ill have to look for that book.

    kelli-I hope Wee One does

    jo-Ive heard he’ll stay the night AND he’ll get to come home, so who knows! Bubba got his present already and we’ll do his cake this weekend sometime in between his tournaments

    lael-Im guess pretty neat but cold and damp

    MM-he especially loves me at feeding times 🙂

    MidM-awww thnx! dont be scared of ghosts 🙂

    arkansassongbird-yep, hes a geriatric guy

    momto3cubs-I wish schools were close…

    burg-only in special occcasions or if he sneaks it

    dickiebo-thank you for the info. Dang, I was hoping it was haunted or something of the likes…



  21. WOW 29! I did not realize he was so old. He looks great! You have been a good mama for him.

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