The Big Meanie

The big Meanie = ME

Yep, I am mean.


a. I am stressed because there is a lot going on

b. I need sleep and my family is oblivious to this

c. I feel like I am catching Wee’s stomach virus

d. my husband is an asshole

e. I slid in the mud and hurt my ‘bad’ knee. Now every step I take causes excruciating pain.  

f. I missed Bubba taking 3rd place and a trophey Saturday at an important tournament because I was home taking care of Wee One and his stomach virus.

g. I can count on 1 hand how many times I have been able to ride Scooter since Christmas. Sad isnt it?

and MOST of all,

me, “hey!”

Bubba, “what?”

me, ” are you riding without a helmet?”

Bubba, “yeah but..”

me, “park it now!”

Bubba, “but..”

me, “park it now!”

So sorry Bubba.

But if ya cannot abide by the 2 rules, ya can’t ride.

How hard is it? It is 2 easy rules. That’s all. Nothing complicated.

The 4-wheeler and dirtbike rules:

1. always wear a helmet

2. always tell one of your parents when and where you are riding.

Do these rules seem unreasonable?

heck no.

His 4-wheeler is parked up next to the house as I type. There will be no sneaking off…..

Oklahoma is one stupid state that does NOT have a helmet law. Regardless of that, we DO have one here at the Reservation. If you are riding the dirtbike or 4-wheeler, a helmet is required. No ifs, ands, or buts.

I know I ride my horse and other horses without a helmet. I have since I was a Wee child and barely able to pull myself up into the saddle.

There is a huge difference between a machine going 65mph and a horse.

That is not debatable.

There was a stray cat outside in the driveway Friday evening. Marvin was throwing a huge growling fit at the window so Wee One went over to reassure Marvin everything was okay.

Half way thru this book-very good reading.

I found this new book by Sanford, Dark of the Moon by John Sandford, at my local library. I am the 2nd person to check it out.

It doesnt feature the detective Davenport from the Prey Series but a BIA agent named Virgil Flowers. I gotta say, I am really enjoying this change. This book has literally saved my sanity these past few days. Too bad my reading time is always cut short.

I have yet to read, Invisible Prey by John Sandford. Hopefully this one will be soon if not next on my list of reads. I’ve heard it’s a really good Prey novel and I’ve heard it is dreary, boring. I will have to judge for myself.

If I were a horse, this would be me today.

I have honestly earned my title of Big Meanie.



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32 responses to “The Big Meanie

  1. Spring’s on its way. Really.

  2. I will tell you what my niece told her son after he got his drivers license. She said I wiped your butt and changed your diapers when you were little and I don’t want to do it again if you drive too fast, do something stupid and have a car accident and end up a vegetable. Tell Bubba the same thing and that’s why you want him to wear a helmet! Tough love but sometimes you just gotta do it. Being a parent isn’t a popularity contest, we always lose out when we are being a ‘meanie’ but they will appreciate it some day!

  3. jo

    Wow…you do need some downtime !
    I think reinforcing the rules is one of the hardest parts of parenting. Good on ya !!!
    Hope Wee gets better soon and hope you don’t catch it. By the way…I think at certain times of the year, men band together and assert their asshole-iness.

    It will get better…

  4. You’re right about quad bike safety. A few miles from here, someone came off one and hit a post head-first, wearing no helmet as “we’re just riding up and down the trackway”. Hitting the post was just “bad luck”, but she still hit it. That earned her a cracked skill, a brain haemorhage and a helicopter ride to hospital.

  5. Donna-thank gawd…

    MMom-I will tell Bubba. Popular I am not around here. But thats fine w/ me.

    jo-hubs has his man-period I think. Sometimes I get so sick of being the ‘law’ around here. geesh

    TH-that is awful. poor girl. Helmets arent any fun but they do what they are made for. protect our skulls.

  6. Kristen

    Hello! I’m sorry you had a bad day. I hope Things get better for you this week. 🙂

  7. I’ve been skipping out on church for the past couple weeks and I’ve been extra cranky with my kids. I’ll see your Big Meanie title and raise you a Big Meanie Heathen title instead. 🙂

    Here’s to better days and more obedient/healthy children!

  8. I totally support your making him park it for breaking the rules.

    And that is a very important rule! Living with someone with brain damage, I can tell you it just isn’t worth the risk.

    I love the picture of the crabby horse! Is that a mare??

    I hope that you are feeling better soon. I’ve been down for weeks and being sick is just no fun at all. I,too, get crabby when I don’t get to ride. By now, even my horse is getting crabby about it.

  9. Sorry it’s been rough there. I hope you and Wee One are feeling better, and things improve this week.

  10. I totally AGREE about kids (or adults for that matter) on motorcycles or 4-wheelers wearing helmets when they ride.

    Mississippi doesn’t require helmets either, but back in the days with the boyfriend with the motorcycle, I WORE a helmet.

    Anyway, it sounds like you need some time on your horse!!!! IT would be good for both of you.

  11. LOL! If you aren’t a Meanie most of the time you aren’t doing the parenting thing right.

  12. it would be much “meaner” to let him crash, have irreversible brain damage, and you have someone else wipe his bottom the rest of his life.

    Feel better soon – and go ride!!!

  13. dickiebo

    Gee, thanks Ramblin’!
    It’s monday morning, I’m now starting my diet, (no morning coffee? My God. I’m gonna die!), it’s pouring with rain, Nick’s favourite soccer team (Newcastle United) lost 6 – 0, and I’ve gotta see a skin specialist about something on my hand which my doc says she doesn’t like the look of!
    I tune in to you, to get cheered up and …………….grrrooooan. And to cap it all, you put that horrid picture of that sourpuss horse.
    Now listen. Get hubs to help you up onto Scooter, leave him in charge of the terrible two, and go for a nice, long ride. Take some photos which you can post here for tomorrow, and remember, “Laugh, and the whole world laughs with you. Cry, and………..we all cry with you.” (Dickiebo 2008!!!!)

  14. Aniin BG, I wish more parents were as mean as you.

    Hope Wee One gets better and you get some sleep and your family starts treating you better!!!!!

    I know, what are the odds?

    Go PACKERS!!!!!!!

  15. kristen-me too. At least I can be happy about losing 10 pounds to the stomach virus!

    EWBL-get yer hiney to church or better yet, send your heathens, it helps Bubba 🙂

    risingrainbow-mares often look that way dont they?

    kila-this stomach virus is rough, dang it sucks!

    jolynna-I do not understand why all states do NOT have helmet laws, crazy

    astaryth-lol, so I hear 🙂

    pamela-Id feel better if I could have a new body. This one really, really hurts 😦

    dickiebo-holy cow! youve got it nearly as bad as I. Get that hand checked asap. Next post will be a good one, I promise

    brian-the odds are nil….woot! how ’bout those Packers from your home state???

  16. Ree has mustangs today. Lots and lots of pictures.

    Yup, the Packers at home this weekend against the Giants.

  17. Rebecca

    You are NOT mean. You do seemed a bit stressed however. From the reasons you have listed….I think you have every right to be. I wish you could set up an evening that is all yours. Work it out ok….dump the kids in hubby’s lap and go for a ride, shopping or cuddled up with a book under a tree with a picnic all for you.

    My kitties particularly Whisper will raise all kinds of hell when the neighborhood kitty comes around my backyard deck and my front door step. She scares the hell out of me….It sounds like a WAR is about to happen..

    Men are assholes….It’s a written law or something they feel obliged to follow.

  18. Hello BG!!

    I have returned from the great beyond.

    Your life is as busy & stress filled as ever! Sakes alive!

    You are a parent that cares, simply put. Too bad there are not more parents like you that take an interest in their children’s lives.

    I have finally posted, if you can find a spare breath!

    Hope the emotions calm, WeeOne feels better soon, that you don’t catch it and that the sleep & respect you deserve will be granted.

    Hugs & Smiles – D 🙂

  19. Good going! I like your style of meanness!

  20. Oh my….I hope Monday was better for you! I loved Invisible Prey. I didn’t think it was boring at all. I want to read Dark of the Moon, too. John Sandford is one of my favorite authors.

  21. I love those two rules. Good for you! I have that book in my stack to read, I have read the entire prey series so that was a must to check out when I went to the library. As you know I post about the books I read so you will just have to keep watch lol.

  22. You’re the mommy and you’re supposed to be the big meanie!
    Ummm off/on track, I don’t know why all states don’t have helmet laws (they should), but what I really want to know is why we all have to wear our seatbelts, but our kids ride around 40 deep in buses that don’t HAVE seatbelts…. I really want to know why, and what would it take to get that changed?

  23. Ugh!!! I’m so sorry things have been so sucky!!! I know how bad it is when you go without sleep, AND having a stomach virus on top of that, not good! I hope you get to feeling better (along with the knee), and that Scooter will get some much needed attention– soon!

    Let me know how you like the book when you’re finished reading it– I love John Sandford— Chosen Prey is my favorite!

  24. Trish

    You’re not being mean, you’re being a good mom. Bubba probably doesn’t know it, but he’s lucky to have such a smart and protective mom. I totally agree with you about the helmet issue – kids always feel so indestructable – thank God for moms (and dads) who worry about their safety!
    Ooo! I’m sorry about your knee – I know what that’s like – I broke my right knee in a freak gardening accident last summer, and it’s finally just about healed – I’ll probably always have to be careful of it – there’s nothing like a bad knee. You’ve sure had more than your share of bad weather – I’m going to hope for a better spring and that you have many more days of good riding weather – Scooter must miss the rides as much as you do! I’m 3/4 (or more) finished with your picture – I was working on it last night – it’s got a nice bright sunny background (all the greens & some browns & ochre) and he’s really shiny – he’s such a nice deep bright bay – really fun to paint. It’s looking good!!!
    That picture of Wee One and Marvin is so cute! I can just imagine Wee One trying to reassure Marvin that all is OK and to not let that cat outside bother him. Wee One sure has an affinity for animals, doesn’t he! He sure loves Marvin.
    Lots of love to you and yours, Trish

  25. you are lucky you have time to be a meanie!

    :hugs: feel better soon.

  26. Rebecca

    How are you feeling today?

  27. Jen

    hey can i be part of your big meanie club lol. That’s me lately too…wears on ya don’t it?

  28. Katie

    It’s a good law. I do not wear a riding helmet either.

    I love John Sanford’s books too.

    I hope it all gets better for you! I spent yesterday with my horses…trimming their feet and working them on the ground, etc ..I was going to ride but the wind picked up and was blowing dirt everywhere… like inti my eyes! I might need goggles here since it is so freakin windy!

  29. Howdy y’all. Ive read your comments. Wee and I are on the mend from the dreaded stomach virus. I appreciate your comments!

  30. BG, I just saw a blog today titled “mommies are supposed to be wrong all the time” or something like that. And it made me think of you and this post. I’m sure from the kid’s perspective that’s just what you are. They never get it until they are old enough to have kids of their own and the fear that goes with that.

    Hope you have found time to ride that pony of yours!

  31. Kick up some dust. Buck a bit. You’ll feel better.

  32. As parents we have to be a big meanie sometimes. It does sound like you have a lot going on; you need some R&R. A stomach bug has been going around here and it’s pretty bad. I hope you all are feeling better soon and you get some rest!

    Hugs and Love!

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