Worm Boogers

Here’s my handsome Old Guy. I thought I’d post a photo of him for Dickiebo who did not like the ‘sourpuss’ mare photo from my last post.


I was lying in bed succumbing to the awful stomach virus. My bedroom door was open. For some reason sounds carry from the living room into my bedroom fairly louder than in any other room in the house. It was quiet except for the TV. Despite my fever and delirium, I overheard a conversation between Bubba and Wee One. Bubba was sitting with Wee One watching a Sponge Bob movie because Wee One was still sick with the stomach bug, possibly needing help in the bathroom.


Bubba, “are you picking your nose?”

Wee One, “yep

Bubba, “ew.  That is nasty stop.”

A few minutes later. Bubba, “are you eating your boogers?”

Wee One,”yep

Bubba, “no wonder your belly hurts. Eating boogers will give you worms. You’ll have to go to the hospital and the doctor will cut your belly open to get the worms  out.

Wee One, “I don’t want the doctor to cut my belly open.”

Bubba, “then you’ll have to stop eating boogers.”

Wee One is very quiet. I imagine him thinking over this new information. A few minutes later he comes into my bedroom.

Wee says, “mama, am I gonna get worms in my belly for eating boogers?”

In my sick and weakened state, I answered, “uhuh.”

It looks like Bubba’s  strategy has  worked. Wee One has stopped eating his boogers.


I  purchased this wicker  basket because it was half price. I wanted to store my  magazines in it next to the couch but Marvin seems to think it is his personal bed. I put about 5 magazines in there and went to get the rest of the stack when Marv flopped his fat rear inside the basket.


When Hubs came home from work I complained about Marvin taking over the new basket.


Hubs said, “look at that Cosmo cover, can ya blame him?


My answer, “Marvin is neutered, he should not need any sex tips OR care about cleavage.”


I knew I should have bought two baskets, especially at that low price.


I am on the mend. Wee One is not getting over it as quickly. We both are congested with coughs now, we were just fine until we caught that stoopid stomach bug. 

I kept Wee One home from school yesterday and today. I am contemplating taking him to the doctor. I know they’ll probably just give him more antibiotics. Which in my opinion, he has had enough of in his 4 years. Im holding out until noon and see if he starts acting more like his normal self.

Yesterday was Bubba’s 14th  b-day. I sprung him from school at lunchtime and took him to SubWay to eat. Yesterday was also Wrestling Homecoming so he was out until 9:45 pm. Hubs went and watched his duel. Bubba was beat by 2 points. We are doing cake and  ice  cream this weekend sometime after the big tournament that starts Friday morning and goes until Saturday evening.


If you have ever doubted that Tom Cruise is a serious nut job, have a look at this quote, then go to the link and watch the video if it is still available. He’s blabbing about his Scientology stuff again.

In the video, Cruise says that “it’s a privilege to call yourself a Scientologist, and it’s something that you have to earn. Because a Scientologist does, he or she has the ability to create new and better realities and improve conditions.”Cruise goes on to say that the religion is all about helping others,”being a Scientologist, when you drive past an accident, it’s not like anyone else. As you drive past you know you have to do something about it because you know you’re the only one that can really help.””We are the authorities on getting people off drugs,” says Cruise. “We are the authorities on the mind. We are the authorities on improving conditions. We can rehabilitate criminals … we can bring peace and unite cultures. Once you know these tools and you know that they work, it’s not good enough that I’m just doing okay.”Cruise also lets out a hearty laugh talking about suppressive persons (or anti-social persons), which are referred to by Scientologists as SPs. He recalls a member of the church asking him “So have you met an SP?” After gathering himself from chuckling, Cruise says “I looked at them and I thought, what a beautiful thing because maybe one day it will be like that. SPs, you’ll read about them in the history books.”


Cruise and his religion is the authority on whhhhatttt???

I’ll eat crow if Scientology brings World Peace in my generation. And, I’ll smile the whole time I am chowing down.



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33 responses to “Worm Boogers

  1. That is such a nice picture of Scooter! He is in such good shape, you have taken really good care of him! Buddy was sore this morning so I need to call the vet and see what he thinks is going on. No founder but something is bothering him. I think he needs shoes back on but then he would have to have studs on them and if you get stepped on with those it goes right through your foot! Ouch!

    So sorry you and Wee One have had the flu bug! That is no fun and I hope today things turn around for you both. The booger thing is a howl, I am going to use that on my grand son to see if I can break him of the booger eating habit. Thanks Bubba!

    Tom Cru*ise is a nut case. I got really upset with him when he came down on Brooke Shi*elds when she was having postpartum depression and needed some medicine to get her out of it. Since when did he have a baby and postpartum????? Give me a break!

    Happy 14th Bubba! I see a job in the near future! :o)

    Take care BG, I really hope you are feeling better SOON!!!!

  2. SailorMoon

    On the boogers…my youngest ate them constantly. I couldn’t believe it!! He finally stopped, thank goodness. That’s something that makes me sick to my stomach if I see it being done!! Now his brother would (and probably still does) would just smear them everywhere, especially on the side of my couch and car seats!! There is an advantage to them being eaten………

    If that doesn’t help your virus I don’t know what will!! 😉 You can always count on me!!

  3. That booger line is priceless. I am going to use it! My little one will totally buy that theory too.

    yes. when in doubt and they are cheap, always buy two. ALWAYS. i regret it when I don’t.

    I have always found Tom Cruise freaky. Even back in the Risky Business Days. his face is uneven. Makes you wonder what Nicole was thinking too huh?


  4. Aniin BG. I wish you’d get better soon, this sick business has to end! Very nice basket you bought, you are so good to Marvin. 😀

  5. Scooter! I am a fan of that horse. If only you had a tape recorder for the conversation with Wee One and Bubba!! Cruise is a piece of work. I avoid his movies.

  6. A while back I had a horrible train journey in a compartment where a man was picking his nose and eating it. Actually, more like open cast mining his face. Yuk. Clearly he had needed an older brother like Bubba.

    Back in Britain, I lived in the same town as the world HQ of the Scientology cult. They were nothing but trouble. There were children in my class who smelt because they only had one set of clothes, or came without shoes, because their idiot parents had given all their money to Scientology. Now the cult makes money by peddling dodgy courses to the gullible. I know people who discipline their children by threatening to send them on those courses if they don’t behave! I’ve perused the book “Dianetics” out of curiosity: it’s a jumbled mass of assertions and absurdities, with none of the sense of inspiration and mysticism that comes from a genuine religious text.

    Back in the 60’s, L Ron Hubbard endorsed violence against opponents of Scientology. Nowadays that would make him a terrorist.

  7. I think most toddlers eat buggers. I remember telling my oldest granddaughter to quit eating buggers and she’d just eat them more and smile at me. Yuck.

  8. I think Bubba’s story is terrific!! What a hoot!

    So sorry you are feeling bad. Get well soon!

    I hate it that Tom Cruise has turned out to be such a nut. I absolutely loved Risky Business and Top Gun; Jerry McGuire, too. I guess you can still be nuts and make good movies, but he hasn’t really starred in anything I’ve liked recently.

  9. LOL, aren’t big brothers great? 😉

    What a nice bed for Marvin! 😉

    Happy Birthday, Bubba! Wow, 14, that’s cool!

    I read that, too, about Tom Cruise. Wow. He used to be hot!

  10. The mare the merrier.

    (Came here from Seamus’s site)

  11. Rebecca

    I feel like I am on a roller coaster of emotions today. I feel hot and cold….fussy and sensitive. Yet lonely.

    I wish I were a cat at my house for the weekend.

  12. MM-I hope it’s nothing serious w/ Buddy. We are feeling a lot better today!

    SM-ew. now I have to block the mental images….

    memsahib-I hope the booger/worm strategy works for you. Maybe Cruise is an alien, that would explain his ‘problems’. Nichole has never struck me as a ‘bright’ person.

    Brian-after Marv vacated the basket, I filled it and now he’s pouting.

    MM-I avoid his movies too. Riskey Business was the only one I ever thought was good.

    transylvanianhorseman-omg, I would have been tempted to tell that man a thing or two, ew. Thank you for the insight into the whole Scientology business. It IS scary stuff.

    donna-lol! I bet she wouldnt like it if you blogged about it….

    arkansassongbird-amazing how Cruise has just whacked out, maybe hes always been freaky and now its just coming out..

    kila-cruise, like spears has driven their careers into the ditch

    DM-lol, very right indeed! thnx for coming by!

    rebecca-sorry about your state 😦 maybe you need a good drunk ??

  13. Love that post, lol.
    Another blogger posted a helpful child hint. For kids like mine who won’t keep their drawers on.. tell them that bugs will crawl up their butt if they don’t. I swear, this worked like a charm.
    I’ll be using this one too.
    PS – Tom Cruise = Crazy

  14. etrish

    What a great post! You were all over the place, and entertaining everywhere!

    Because I cannot even contemplate the whole booger thing, I will not comment. ugh

    LOVE the pic of Marvin. Cats really -do- think they own everything and everyone, don’t they?

    And yes, Scientologist are just that meglomaniacal. When I was living in Clearwater FL (the “capital” of Scientology) I got an up close and really frightening look Scientology. It’s not just a cult. It’s downright evil.

  15. jo

    Just popped in to see how y’all are feeling. Hope you and Wee are recovered by now.
    I never liked Tom Cruise…well actually I never liked pretty boys, period.

    Have a great day !

  16. You started this post with boogers and anded by eating crow.
    Did you know that, in England, boogers are known as crows, so eat crow… heh heh.
    I think the reason for that name may be because of all the polution when coal burning was the way to heat homes, and boogers/crows were black.

  17. Didn’t Hubbard write Dianetics as a bet to someone, that he could start a new religion.

  18. Wow, Scooter looks great. You would never guess his age. That’s pretty cool!

    I’m not sure what to think about boogers. LOL

    Glad to hear that you are doing better. It’s no fun to be down with a bug.

    As for Scientology, I think any religion that is more about promoting itself than spirituality is a problem. And the poor people who cling to those religions are in real trouble.

  19. Glad to hear you all seem to be on the mend…….And Tom Cruise is a compleat nutter!

  20. Barkfoot

    Marvin may be neutered, but Cosmo reminds him of ‘the good old days’.
    Tom Cruise has kept us entertained with many fictional roles, scientology is just one of them, but with less car chases.

  21. Those scientology freaks scare the hell out of me!

    I like Bubba’s style with his brother,too cute!

  22. Great one with the boogers! Tom Cruise needs to be medicated. Man you are getting old! (or will be, he is getting close to 16!) Scooter is wonderful.

  23. P.S. Marvin needs his own basket!

  24. Tom cruise is an idiot, not what I want to call him but I will tone it down.
    I read that Invisible Prey finally, its good.

  25. Hope you’re all feeling better! And yep, Tom’s gonna save us all. Rolls eyes. Sure Tom, whatever.

  26. Diane

    Lordy! Still sick?? This simply will not do. You need a vacation somewhere warm and quiet – like the Caribbean someplace.

    Scooter is so handsome!

    LOVE the Booger Theory! LOL

    Geez – Bubba’s that old now??? SHEESH!

    Cruise was better off keeping a low profile. Nope. Had to go over the top. Now people think Scientologists are a cult AND that he is a nut case.

    Kitties LOVElove baskets!! Get Marvin his own.

    Hope you & WeeOne start to recover soon.

    D 🙂

  27. Katie

    Your boys are so cute and funny!

    I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  28. Jen

    oh my gosh you had me laughing so hard with the cosmo comment! One of my girls next to my office asked me “are you okay?” I think they think I’m nuts lol.
    Glad you’re on the mend. i had that virus. blah that was horrible. My daughter is still fighting it.
    And Tom Cruise is a wack-o. Grant it he was freakin HOT in Top Gun…he needs to go back to the 80’s and live permanently in the alter ego of MAVERICK hehe. (volleyball scene anyone??)

  29. Jen

    oh and you think boogers are bad lol… stinkbait is a stripper the moment he gets home…he loves to get on his hoppity ball thing that you sit on and bounce where you want to go STARK NEKKID lol…I have yet to find a rememdy for THAT one lol

  30. having that ear infection so close on the puke bug probably had him a bit weak.

    worms and boogers. I think my mom told me i would get worms if I chewed on my nails . There probably is some truth to that if you play in the dirt where animals poo.

  31. Sorry you have been feeling under the weather. The stomach virus is the worst.

    I am back with blogging – thought I would stop by and say hi.

  32. That is funny on Bubba’s strategy but great that it worked!
    Glad you are feeling better hope Wee One gets over it all too.

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