Wee One was making squids and an octopus with his modeling clays. He watched a TV program on the Discovery Channel about giant squid.

Each one of his squids was named ‘Squidward‘.

Wee One might be watching too much Sponge Bob…..

Wee One needs a haircut.

I planned on giving him one over the long weekend but I never had the time.

Bubba had a huge wrestling tournament Friday and Saturday. He was beat 3X and he won 3X but did not place. The entire wrestling team took 2nd place for the whole tournament.

There were a lot of people there. Schools from all over came to compete and seats were hard to find.

Bubba tested high enough on the MathCounts exam to go to the Mathematics competition in a few weeks. We went last year, his first time, and it was a really fun day……despite the fact it’s all about Math.

I was impressed with the kids from all over who competed. They all were very, very smart and only junior high kids!

Marvin is mad at me this morning. Both he and Kitty received their Frontline treatment. They get it monthly and they both do not like it one bit. It is better than the alternative though, fleas.

Neither cat ever goes outdoors but I am not taking any chances.

The Frontline works great but it leaves a big, greasy, spot on the back of my cat’s heads.

Does anyone else have this problem with Frontline or Advantage?

Freddie got loose the other day in the yard.

Naturally, he did not want to be caught. Freddie ran and bucked around like a wild range mustang. I sat and watched him in the freezing cold, letting him have his fun.

Freddie was easily caught with the feed bucket. Good thing too.

It’s been very, very cold in Oklahoma the last few days. 

Scooter has been back in the cockleburs.

He did it on purpose. Ive been awfully busy and neglecting him. This week isnt looking too good for Scooter either.

Tomorrow Wee One and I’ll be at the pediatric dentist all day in Tulsa. Wednesday we have Wee One’s preschool teacher’s home visit. Thursday we have Bubba’s wrestling duel. I cannot see Friday on my Calendar, it’s covered up…..

I guess I’d better get after my housework and use a little bit extra elbow grease since the teacher is coming to visit!



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31 responses to “Squidward

  1. Aniin BG, I wanted to get a haircut as well on Sat., but wasn’t feeling well enough. The weather is chilly, bouncing up and down from the 40’s to the 70’s. Strange winter, much wetter than normal.

    Good thing you monitor Wee One’s television, who knows what kind of weird things he’d make otherwise.

    Got a question for you? Since when do teachers make home visits?

    Good luck to Bubba with the wrestling and the math.

  2. Hi Brian-our weather is awful today, cold, windy, freezing rain maybe. The preschool home visit is like a parent/teacher conference. It’s a preschool thing, Im not sure why the preeschool goes to homes, they never came out to our house when Bubba was in preschool 11-12 years ago.We can also do the visit at school if we want to. Sammy really likes his teacher and is thrilled shes coming to our house to visit and see his house/room/toys.

  3. dickiebo

    Ah! The feed bucket. If somebody had told me that that is the best way to ‘collar’ a horse, it would have saved me a lot of ‘lost face’ when I was a lad! Where were you then, O Wise One?

  4. Wow… Marvin -really- looks p.o.ed…. LOL!

  5. DaBich

    LOL, I *LOVE* the magazine article Marvin is “reading”….15 Things Every Man Should do for the Woman He Loves….pass that on to the Hubs!

    It’s been bitter cold here as well. Sunday the high was 10 and the low about 6. Today is a heat wave – 17!!!

  6. Kat

    Been sick again..trying to catch up….I use the front line on my dog…it leaves the greasy spot…but after the first day I take a towel and rub it in a little more and then it makes his fur kind of glossy…it disappears altogether after a few days. Have you heard anything about the stuff you can buy at the pet store..that is supposed to relieve anxiety in dogs?? Kinda like a ginseng and green tea remedy? Says its for riding in cars and hyperactivity.etc…

  7. Rebecca

    You really do have a full week ahead. I hope that the dental visit is as painfree for BOTH Of you as possible.

    I had today MONDAY OFF…Can I say amen??? I did tons of school and college work. I do feel a bit relieved in that respect.

    I did manage to nap each day…which means I will have a hell of a time sleeping tonight.

  8. Ann

    Wee One has such beautiful curls.

    Feed Buckets work most of the time. Husband uses that trick when the goats get out. LOL

  9. etrish

    Yes, Frontline leaves greasy smears…but well worth it if you’re not the cat being treated! BTW, do you think it’s wise to let Marvin drink sugary, caffeinated Coke? ;- )

  10. jo

    Pics are soooo sweet !
    I got tired just reading about your week…whew ! Hope all goes well.
    Cold here..sub zero, now hovering around 12*,and we are under yet another snow warning.
    You must be so proud of Bubba…so few kids these days have a clue about math 😦
    Good luck with the rest of your week !

  11. I used to have a pony that would bust loose and I would find him across the street at the pig farm. Always could catch him with grain!

  12. BG you need a vacation! I couldn’t begin to keep up with you! Well, maybe when I was your age I could’ve, I had lots more energy then. Good luck to Bubba at the math competition! Wee One’s hair looks so cute just the way it is, those curls are beautiful!! Marv does look a bit like he is pouting. Maybe Cat Fancy Magazine would help.

    Alright Freddie! A guy has got to get out and kick up his heels once in awhile!! Yes, the ole’ feed bucket works every time doesn’t it. It works for me too, just put some chocolate in one and I would come running every time! Sad but true.

    It’s VERY cold here. It was -2* yesterday morning when I got up. Of course this is the week they are coming to the house to do some work on our generator and have to turn the power off for a few hours! Yikes! I think I will have to go to the mall for that couple of hours!!

  13. dickiebo-the ole feed bucket trick works most of the time, as long as the horse or in my case, donkey you want to catch is a big HOG!

    astayth-Marv has a bad attitude….

    dabich-brrrr. I think hubs already read it, fat lot of good it did him.

    kat-hope you feel better asap! hmm. I know about a ‘calm’ paste they make for nervous horses. Ive never used it. my friend has an RX for a valium type med for her yorkie he takes when shes away from home. he said it works.

    rebecca-I hate being so dang busy. I’ll be leaving for Tulsa in an hour, I hope the roads arent slick anymore. Hope you were able to sleep!

    Ann-aww thanks! there are some goats on hwy99 that have been loose for a week now. I worry about the cars hitting them…..

    etrish-lol! marv has been doing so great on his new diet too!!!

    jo-math was NOT my strong subject. I dislike it a lot too. I used cheat sheets in Algebra I,II,III…Im a cheater!

    callie-good thing huh?

    MM-brrrrrrr. stay warm and definitely go to the Mall if your electric will be out. I do not like being home of the electric is out unless I have a good book to read.

  14. Looking at our thermometer reading 10 degrees at 7:15 while I write this. chilly. Lip chappin’ chilly.

    I was impressed with Bubba’s math, Marvin’s reading skills, and Wee Ones draw with women… well at least his preschool teacher. hey!

    Oh, and your juggling skills.

  15. jo

    BG…I long ago decided math was meant only for those with nothing else to think about….who has time to think about algebra when they’re a mom,
    anyway. If I hadn’t cheated at algebra, I’d still be in class….looking very old. And confused.

  16. Wee One really seems to have some creative talent going there.

    Marvin does look p o’ed Can’t say as I blame him. First the diet and now this flea stuff. He’s a cooler cat than that! LOL

    Congrats to Bubba on the math competition. That’s pretty cool.

    Hope you get some Scooter time in soon.

    How come no pics of Freddie loose in the yard? LOL Always an adventure.

  17. Love the curly hair!! Our youngest has a head of curls and I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    creative kid!!

  18. That picture of Freddie’s ears is hilarious! And Scooter looks like he is so disgusted with Freddie’s behavior.

  19. That child is getting more good looking by the day. Love his Squidward!!!!

  20. Barkfoot

    We don’t have any cats of our own, but the nieghbours cats are always around here. Obviously I can’t go treating other peoples animals so, in self defence I have to ‘Frontline’ myself. Sure, it leaves a greasy mark but there is no alternative as I find flea collers chaff….

  21. the bucket works good!
    yep a greasy spot everytime

  22. yes always had that spot when we used advantage, then it got to where I couldn’t afford it so I started bathing the dogs once a month and that took care of any fleas

  23. hey there it’s me…I have the same problem with the frontline….and I get the same nasty look that marvin is giving you in the pic from my two stinkers. I think that all flea/tick stuff has some disadvantage to it. The oily crap. But it does beat fleas/ticks i tell ya!

  24. I love Wee One’s hair!

    Congrats to Bubba. Math, ugh, glad he likes it!

    I hope the dentist visit went well.

  25. Jen

    I had to stop using frontline cause my cat is strange and can actually reach back there to lick it which then makes him sick. So I use a flea collar which works well.
    I think Wee Ones hair is Cute!!!
    And Scooter even in cockleburs is a very handsome man ;0)

  26. Katie

    Wee one’s hair IS cute! lol.. as is he! Squidward!

    I did not get my haircut either… but I’m good…lol.

    Bubba did fine – he gave it his best shot I’m sure! Sounds like he’s a smart kid as well!

    I moved to Montana – no more fleas… for now anyway. Lots of snow here..and it was freezing cold earlier this week.

    You are so busy! I wanted to do a post about this book I read – but I didn’t. I think you might really like it if you haven’t read it yet… called monkeewrench by PJ Tracy… I’m looking for their second book..
    It was fabulously twisted..

  27. Sounds super busy hope you get a short break in there somewhere.

  28. its really too bad we don’t live closer. wee one and mini me would be so inseparable. we watched the same show about the giant squid. he was fascinated!

    and then we could hang out at the beach watching as they played in the waves. oh well! xo

  29. I think Freddie and I have the same problem. Damn feed bucket.

  30. Aniin BG, found another post about the NAFTA superhighway in Texas. Very interesting to say the least.


  31. Busy, busy – as always. What sort of drugs are you taking to have such strength and longevity??!!!! LOL

    Been down with the flu/colds the past few days – on & off. I hate that. As Brian said, the weather has been bouncing up & down. It’s tough to get over these things.

    WeeOne is such a cutie! Love those curls!!

    Freddie is a looker. I missed where he came from.

    Frontline leaves the grease spot, but I used to brush the area a bit after applying it. Lifted the hairs.

    Congrats on 2nd place in wrestling for the team 7 much good luck this weekend for Bubba’s continued winning streak.

    Hugs & Smiles – D

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