Walking With The Enemy

It seems as though I have been walking around with pneumonia for the last week or so.
When I developed this awful cough, I figured it was just more of the ‘crap’ going around. Then, it settled into my lungs and I have been literally gasping to breathe. My upper back feels like I’ve been mule kicked and I am exhausted. Alarmed by this, I finally went to see my physician.
Needless to say, I feel awful and have not the strength for much. I am taking a brief break from any blogging until I am over this damn pneumonia. I’ll holler at y’all when I am back ’round.
This sucks!


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40 responses to “Walking With The Enemy

  1. Aniin BG.


    Please, please take care of yourself first and get better.

  2. Something nasty is going around here too. Half my kids are hacking up a lung and the other half have runny noses. 😦

    Feel better soon barn goddess!

  3. Wow! That’s terrible. Take it easy (if the mother of a young boy CAN take it easy).

  4. Try to take it easy BG, I know that isn’t easy with a family to care for but they will have to wing it and let you rest! I have been worried about you as you haven’t been blogging this week but we can wait, you are more important, so get in that bed with a good book and put your guys to work!! Even Marvin! xoxox

  5. Jenny

    I knew you’d been quiet for a reason. Take care of yourself. I’d bring you chicken soup if I could.

  6. Every time I have had ‘walking’ pneumonia I have had it for a while before I finally break down and go to the doctor…. and find out that I really AM sick.

    Take care of yourself, rest, and get better so you can come back and give us pictures of Wee One, Scooter, and the rest!

  7. DaBich

    Take care of yourself BG…get better…FAST!

  8. I do hope that you get well soon. Take care of yourself.

  9. Hope you feel better soon! We miss ya!

  10. I hope you get to feeling better!!!! Take Care~hugs~

  11. Oh no, I hope you are well soon! (((HUGS)))

  12. take your time and get well right.
    i’ll be here waiting for ya.

  13. Good Grief I hope you get better soon!

  14. dickiebo

    Aw gee, Ramblin’! I just wish that we were all nearer to you, so’s we could do summat to help you. Just cuddle up with Marvin, gal, and we’ll all be here when you feel a little better.
    PS. You kinda look OK!!

  15. Kat

    Please get well soon!! When I went to the ER last week I seriously thought I had pneumonia too…but the xray was clear and I have a bacterial infection in my lungs..it still hurts and feels like pneumonia…the crud going around this year has been horrific hasn’t it!!!

  16. I have been worried about you, you have been so quiet, thanks for letting us know why. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about us, we’ll still be here when you get back. In the meantime let those men take care of themselves, you really do need your rest.

  17. jo

    Oh BG…I am worried , too. Please let me know how you are. Hopefully Bubba and hubs are taking good care of you !

  18. Katie

    feel better soon! Big hugs!

  19. Yes. PAMper yourself. (Sometimes I can’t help using my name in vain)

    Really, I do mean you should listen to your body. Take Care.

  20. Aww Nooo!
    I hope you get better,right quick!

  21. *Sending you a big hug* I hope that you get to feeling better, soon– I know how miserable that is.

  22. ((((((((hugs)))))))))

    Checking in with you.

  23. hope you are feeling better and if not sending you some feel better vibes

  24. SailorMoon

    Hope you are better. Sending you our supermom powers………………………….zzzzzzzz…….

  25. Rebecca

    One of my coworkers has been sick for over a week. She has been feeling awful. She finished anti biotics last week and hasn’t gotten much relief—

    Linda my dearest friend in Louisiana has a month before her first baby is due and was home sick last night on her Birthday with the flu. She’s freaking out.

  26. etrish

    I’m so sorry you are sick! That cough sounds absolutely dreadful! Take care of yourself.

    In the meantime, if you feel up to it, I’ve tagged you over on my site!


  27. Take care of yourself and get well soon!!

  28. Just checking in BG to see how you are doing. Hope you are on the mend soon!

  29. I have the same problem. did he or she say what it was? I am going today. feel better. xo

  30. Will be waiting on you.

  31. Checking back to see if you are doing ok. Take care of yourself.

  32. Thank you for all the comments! you have no idea how much better I feel by just reading your comments. It’s back to the doctor tomorrow, I do not feel a whole lot better but the x-rays should show if Im getting any better. Y’all make me feel loved 🙂

  33. Aniin BG, good to see you have the strength to work the keyboard. 😉

    Love you and hope the x-ray shows you are all better.

  34. jo

    How are you ? What did xrays show?
    Hope you’re better soon !

  35. Jen

    the crap sucks…i had it too 😦

    get well soon!

  36. Trish

    Oh, my gosh, I’m SO SORRY you’re sick. There’s a lot of bad stuff going around, and I’m so sorry that it turned into pneumonia. Are you getting any better? I’m really worried. It’s so easy for moms to get sick like that – you’re constantly taking care of everyone else, and don’t always realise how bad you feel – it kind of creeps up on you. Do you have enough good stuff to read? Do you even feel like reading? I hope you’re getting good care, and that Hubs & Bubba are taking good care of you. I love your story of Wee One and the bugger worms – I laughed my head off!!!
    Lots of love to you, and I hope you get better fast!
    Oh, and some good news: my Dachshund Betty’s head is completely healed – finally!
    Please take care! Love, Trish

  37. Goodness woman get better already,miss hearing about ya

  38. dickiebo

    Hurry back, pal. Dickiebo’s getting ‘sympathy pains’!!!

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