Scooter Quirks


I have been tagged by Callie over at MidWestHorse to list 6 quirks that my horse Scooter has.

1. When it is Scooter’s feeding time, he starts to foam at the mouth ( I mean foam A LOT, this is nothing compared to bit froth) and flop his tongue uncontrollably. He also works his jaws in a sideways sawing motion. If a person did not know any better, they would think Scooter was either:

a. having a seizure

b. had rabies

c. choking

2. Scooter loves ‘people food’. Some examples: beef jerky, little debbie snack cakes, beer, soda, red hot candies, sandwiches. Whatever the closest human to him is consuming, he will want a taste. Scooter does have manners though and will not snatch food.

3. Scooter has several nice, new, sturdy, plastic feed buckets to eat his Equine Senior pellets out of. But, he prefers the BIG metal, wash tub to eat his feed out of. I figure, heck, he’s 29 yo Ill let him eat out of any bucket he wants as long as it isnt hurting him.

4. Scooter follows me around like a faithful dog. I can catch him anywhere, at any time. If we are out riding and I have to dismount and ground tie him, he will stay obediently where I put him.

5. Scooter loves to go. He will go anywhere, at anytime. He especially loves riding in the horse trailer. He tries to get inside it even when he isnt going anywhere.

6. Normally, whenever Scooter sees me, just me, he whinnies or nickers a greeting to me whether he is in the back of the 30 acres or standing up close to the house. I love, love this. I know he knows I am his human.


I hope y’all who were supposed to be voting today got out and casted your vote!

I braved the thunderstorms and made it to the polls……more on that later.



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13 responses to “Scooter Quirks

  1. Awwww,he loves you! Your heart must nearly burst when you see him:)

  2. Awesome………He’s loyal to you! Thanks for writing this. I love it. It shows that each horse has his/her own personality. Two more weeks in Wisconsin before we can vote.

  3. I think Scooter is very handsome, I would never guess that he is 29.

  4. I can just see Scooter foaming for his food. I love the sound of that whinny of recognition.

    We have caucuses here this weekend and then a vote later. Confusing they are doing both.

  5. What a great list BG! I love the foaming at the mouth one, sounds like me when I see pizza or chocolate! I have been tagged for that one too so will have to get at it one of these days after I am back to normal from our trip.

  6. Jen

    corn nuts…he’ll love them lol

  7. I enjoy hearing about him. How wonderful to have him in your life.

  8. lael-it definitely swells!

    callie-Scooter is definitely a character

    TOQ-hes been well cared for 🙂

    risingrainbow-I love that whinney or nicker too, its like our own personal greeting

    MM-no hurry but Ill be waiting!

    jen-hey! thnx I may have to buy him some..

    kila-I am very lucky

  9. Aniin BG, Scooter is quite the guy.

  10. I would love to hear how you discovered that he likes Little Debbie snack cakes and red hot candies. 🙂

  11. That is such a awesome feeling when they whinny and let you know they love you! No words can describe it!
    My mare loves to eat-she has tried several things, one thing she does not like is pickles-she does make a hilarious face after she smells it!!!
    Thanks for sharing your list about “Scooter!” He is in great shape to be 29! We have a geratric that will be 26 in April.

  12. Awww…this post made me miss my Jhakkar so badly. I could catch him anytime, anywhere, too, and he always ‘talked’ to me when I was outside.

    We had some scary weather yesterday, didn’t we? I am so thankful my students and I got home safely.

  13. Brian-he is!

    markira-hmm, once I caught Wee One feeding him Hot tamale candy and ever since Scooter got into my lunch I packed for work, hes eaten little debbie snack cakes ever since….he likes them all. I do not like them anymore, ewww

    KD-pickles? lol I dont think Scooter has ever ate any of those before. 4/26 is MY b-day 🙂

    arkansassongbird-OMG! I saw y’alls weather on the news. I was wondering how you were and if it tornadoed in your parts. scary!!! Im glad to hear you and your students are okay.

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