Random Thoughts, Mini Rants, And Reads


The other day, I ate the most delicious pecan carmel apple turnover. It was so good! I went back to buy another a couple of days later but it seems the turnovers are all sold out by 9 am. My ever-widening ass thanked me for missing out.

Occasionally in the mornings, while I am doing my housework, I’ll turn on The Price Is Right. It reminds me of my childhood, I used to watch it  with my Grandmother who lived with us while I was growing up. Most of the time I am glad that Drew Carey has replaced B*b Barker, Barker was becoming a cranky old b*stard. Does anyone else get as frustrated with some of the contestants as I do? Sometimes, I think they do not have a single brain cell in their heads and it puzzles me why they are even at the game show to begin with.

People who do not yield to emergency vehicles make me so angry! I want to shout at them, “pull the freak over and stop your vehicle! cant you see the flashing red, or blue and red lights??? What if that ambulance is going to save your kid’s life? or that fire-truck is going to your home to put out a raging fire because your hot-water tank exploded? or what if that police officer driving 80mph is on his way to save your trailer-trash sister from her whacked out meth-head boyfriend who is swinging an ax at her and calling her an alien from Mars? Gah!!!!! Pull Over!!!!!!!!! There should be jail time for the idiots that do not obey this law.

Whenever I come inside from being out in the freezing, cold winter days, I am thankful I have a very warm and draft-free, cozy house.

I think I blasted out one of the music speakers when I was cleaning house and blaring Def Leppard. Do you wanna rock?! Lets get,lets get, lets get rocked”

The other morning, I was in my bathroom getting ready for the day, and Marvin was in his usual place, flopped on the sink vanity. I spritzed myself with some ‘White Diamonds” parfume as a last finishing touch. Later that day, hubs came home from lunch and was sitting at the counter reading the paper and eating his sandwich. Marvin jumped up onto the stool next to him. Hubs looks down at Marv and gives Marvin a big sniff. He says, “hey, Marvin smells like you.”

I do not like Rachel Ray…..but not as much as I loathe Marta Stewart or Oprah. I prefer our local (well, sorta local, TULSA)  News people at  FOX23 News. I watch them in the morning and in the evening. Strange, but I like all the people at that News Station!

On SuperTuesday I ventured out to vote during the huge thunderstorms. I am a Republican. Our pickings are slim…..I do not like Huckabee, something about him gives me a feeling that he is untrustworthy or slick (more so than the rest of the politicians except Obama who I think has no business anywhere near the Whitehouse, Oprah endorsed or not) Plus I do not like Huckabee’s ears……they sit odd on his head.

Hillary Clinton was a huge winner in Oklahoma. My husband and Bubba both like her. All I’ll say is “she’s better than Obama.”

I was disappointed that McCain was the Republican winner in Oklahoma and not Romney……hohum. Politics suck.

Are my lungs ever going to return to normal? I am so sick and tired of this hacking. It needs to end soon.

I like watching Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel. Especially when the competitors are family members. I love it when they win!

Why is it, when people find out I do not work outside of the home anymore, they act like I live a life of leisure? I’ll agree, I got it pretty darn good but it’s not like I’m laying around on the sofa munching BonBons and waiting for the maid to show up. Geesh.


My latest reads.

I watched an interview a couple of weeks ago with Stephen King. He was discussing his new book, “Duma Key”. I like King. I think he is very intriguing and I enjoy his macabre, twisted thinking.

So, I checked out Lisey’s Story: By Stephen King. I am enjoying this dark and wonderful love story.

I also checked out Bloodstream By Tess Gerritsen. It is one of her earlier books that I have neglected to read.

The last book in my stack is Missing Pieces By Joy Fielding. Ever since I read her book, “Mad River Road”, I am a fan of her writings.

“The Accidental Housewife” was a cute read. But, “The Whole World Over” By Julia Glass bored me to tears the first chapter and I took it back to the library. I usually force myself to finish every book I start….I think it’s a control issue thing…..anyway, I still feel guilty about not reading that book but at the same time, glad I returned it and checked out this latest batch.

Thank goodness my insomnia has been back in full force. I am getting a lot of reading done……..I would much rather get some restful zzzzzzzzz’s but all this coughing makes for  restless nights.



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35 responses to “Random Thoughts, Mini Rants, And Reads

  1. Oh how I hate those hacking coughs that seem to hang on forever after a bad cold!! Wish I had an answer for you, the only thing that makes me feel better is that I tell myself that I am burning extra calories! ha!

    I saw that interview with Step*hen King too. He and his wife Tabitha have done so much for our community. I miss seeing him walking down the street, they don’t live here in the wintertime and have a summer place on the coast so are only here occasionally. They still care about their hometown though and have their big house with the spider web iron gate in the front. I don’t read too many of his books though, too scary! I think I will give the new one a try.

    I agree with your rant about the people that don’t get over when an emergency vehicle is trying to go by. It makes me soooooo mad, I wish I could just push them right into the ditch! My BIL broke his foot 4-wheeling at our camp one summer and the police were transporting him to the hospital and you wouldn’t believe the people that didn’t pull over. I was furious!

  2. Aniin BG. You keep talking ’bout your ‘ever-widening ass’. As far as I can tell, in the nearly two years I’ve known you, that would mean you would need two Scooters to keep you up. 😉

    I could talk politics for hours, but I won’t bore you.

    The only shows I watch are ‘How things are made’ and some sports. UConn is on ESPN tonight, should be a good game.

    If I can’t get into a book w/i the first few pages, I don’t read it.

    The cold front is coming through tonight, a thin band of thunderstorms and then dropping temps. It’s been in the low 80’s the last three days, but by Sunday, lows will be in the upper 30’s again.

    I am really suffering from allergies this year. I hope your lungs clear up soon.

  3. Lu-OMG! that is awful. I am so sad for that little boy. what is wrong with people?!?!?!?! gah!

    MM-I would LOVE to meet Stephen King. Just the chance to visit w/ him! Where I live, emergency vehicles are not often seen, our roads arent that busy either BUT dang, the other day there was an ambulance and a deputy on the highway. 2 CARS, did not even stop, causing the EM vehicles to have to drive into the oncoming lane. grrrr

    Brian-haha, Scooter is thinking “WTF? your ass needs to go on a diet. get off my back untily you lose that fat!” Our weather has been so odd, not sure what to think about it. I hope your allergies slack off for you! I am starting to get down feeling like crap all the time…coughing is getting old.

  4. Rebecca

    Well, I voted for Romney. I was a bit disappointed in his lack of votes and a bit surprised that Huckaby got as many as he did. I would like to see McCain and Romney on a ticket toogether.

    How hot was Joe Elliot? I used to LOVE that guy. Pour some Sugar on me was my fav tune…ok Foolin was right up there too.

    I used to love Price as a kid. I thought Bob was getting cranky too. Oh and why could he be old as dirt and his showcase girls have to be 15???

  5. I spent most of last winter on steroids for my cough, that really makes a person’s butt wide. Peppermints seem to help me when I’m coughing a lot. I guess I’m not the only cowgirl that likes Def Leppard. I regret that I never went to a concert. Van Halen would of been great to see too. Seems we rant about a lot of the same things.

  6. Lu

    I am finishing up steroids for this cough/virus/whatever crap…
    I find licorice sometimes works for cough…doubt if one can beat the phenegran w/c though…mucinex D? And in a pinch and not always a tiny pinch of salt to disolve in mouth…not sure why that works…
    BG can go back to doctor to get well…darn stuff hangs on forever and she needs to be well!! Preachy again…I am out of here..

  7. Dang take care girl.
    Obama creeps me, Huckie reminds me of a hypocrite preacher I once had…
    AStay away from those turnovers

  8. My kids watched The Price is Right with their grandma.

    what really bugs me, is when I pull over for an Emergency Vehicle and the cars behind me pass me.

  9. rebecca-lol! yes, you are right about those PIR models, they are jailbait and always look like supermodels. I would like to seeMcCain and Romney on a ticket together as well but I think McCain is in bed with slick Huckabee

    TOQS-I went to a Def Leppard concert back in ’86 in MI. It was AWESOME!!! The BEST concert Ive ever been to hands down.

    Lu-Next weel Im telling my MD I want some cough syrup w/ codeine. That’ll help me sleep!

    celeste-Yes! Huckabee gives me a nasty vibe like your preacher would…..

    pamela-makes you want to do the citizens arrest thing doesnt it? Grandma + PIR = good childhood memories 🙂

  10. DaBich

    Still coughing?!? Bless you, lady! I hope it clears up soon.

    Obama, is waayyy better than that heartless bi*t*h Hillary UGH! lol

    Funny you say that about Bob Barker, my 21 year old daughter misses him, always called him a sexy senior citizen! lol Go figure!

  11. Kristin

    One more reason I don’t like Martha…she has Friesians…so jealous. She does have a woman farrier though, gotta give her credit for that.

  12. Midlife Mom, your link goes to “The Furniture Lab,” which is homeontherange.com.

    Barn Goddess, I LOVE Stephen King. Just finished his new one, “Duma Key.” Also just finished Tess’s “Bloodstream.” She’s a local author, I love her stuff. (Although it was too bad when her husband quit to manage her career and raise the boys…he was a very good doctor.)

    Haven’t *met* SK, but have met his wife, Tabitha. She’s also a great author, you should check out some of her stuff. mk

  13. Those people who don’t pull over make me crazy too. They would be the first ones whinning and crying and threatening to sue because their house burned down before the emergency vehicles could get there too!

    I’m sure that Scooter wouldn’t talk bad like that about his mommy. She loves he so and he knows it.

    I’m not a fan of the modern Oprah. I do think in the early days she did a lot to open up the discussion of child abuse and I will always be grateful for that. But that’s where it ends for me. Martha makes me gag and her little crafty projects are nothing but a bunch of junk. I wouldn’t be caught dead with one of the tacky projects in my house. But then she’s rich and I’m not! LOL

    I’m sorry that the cough is still haunting you. Mine took two months to get over. It really sucked.

    So Marvin likes smelling like White Diamonds. What a cat! lol

  14. Reading your blog is just like sittin’ in the kitchen and talkin’ to ya. I love it!! I’m concerned about possibly having Obama in the White House. I just don’t think he is a good choice. You are so right about Huckabee. He had I don’t know how many slush funds as governor in Arkansas. And his son tormented and abused animals. I just don’t trust a man whose son would do something like that.

  15. dabich-yep, still coughing 😦 we havent much to choose from for our Presidential candidates! lol, your daughter…I did like Bob Barker in that Adam Sandler golf movie, he was a hoot.

    Kristen-yeah, your right, she DOES have some gorgeous horses. NPT fair, shes a dang felon!

    Markira-SK is great, How was his new book? I had no idea his wife was a writer!

    risingrainbow-law suit crazy people make me crazy! LMAO at your M.Stewart comments! you are too funny and I could NOT agree more.

    arkansasssongbird-omg, I had no idea about Huckabee’s son doing that to animals. Thats awful! I do NOT trust him….Now Mitt Romney has DROPPED out of the presidential race…..what am I gonna DO?????ack!

  16. I agree, that angers me so much. I guarantee you they have never had anyone riding in one and fighting for there life, where minutes do count! Of course people do not pull over and show respect when a funreal possession is passing either! I will get off my soap box now! Pecan Caramel Turnover-YUM! Sounds great, there is a old time fried pie place in a town close to us, I have yet to stop I am very afraid to!

  17. I love Def Leppard!

    I’m crushed about the election. Conservatives are left without a candidate. I do not consider McCain to even be a Republican. I like Mike Huckabee OK, but it doesn’t look like he’ll get the nomination. I’ve always voted in every election, but now there is no one I would vote for in November.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  18. kdwhorses-omg, I would HAVE to stop at the fried pie place….minutes can mean A LOT in emergency situations.

    Kila- I agree 100% I feel McCain is not even remotely close to my republican views. I WISH Romney wasnt a quitter, grrrr

  19. lol My ass will thank me for not even going to attempt to get one of those deserts lol

  20. Aniin BG.


  21. It sounds like you’re as short of good candidates as we are in Europe. In Britain it’s the Conservatives that just can’t get their act together. Goodness knows why. But there just seems to be so little difference between the parties anyway. The US might be like Britain: many people seek a “conservative” approach in an increasingly insecure world, however no-one seems able to deliver this.

    Someone remarked to me that McCain deserves a chance after all the dirty tricks foisted on him last time he stood.

    I do wonder whether some people vote for Hillary just to see Bill as the “First Spouse”.

    An outsider’s view: like him or not, Obama might be the next JFK, if such a thing is possible.

    I wouldn’t vote for someone whose son abuses animals. It was bad enough having a leader whose son got jailed for illegal arms dealing (the Iron Lady’s dodgy son Mark).

  22. Love the photo! Hey! … that was a good rant on hazardous drivers! CashCab is great fun, especially when kids are involved. Hope you are over that hacking cough soon!

  23. Hahahaha! “My ever-widening ass thanked me for missing out.” You and me both!
    Why can’t it be the boobs or hair that gets thicker????

    I love that you notice Huckabee’s ears sit oddly on his head. I get irriated by things like that all the time;)

  24. Insomnia and coughing/hacking seem to be at epidemic proportion these days.

    I just finished King’s “The Dark Tower”. Both glad and sad to be at the end of the series of books.

  25. anne-mines glad I missed out!

    brian-happy Friday!

    translvanianhorseman-McCain and Huckabee pulled a dirty trick on Romney on SuperTuesday but I guess it doesnt matter now. McCain ats more like a democrat. Huckabee is untrustworthy…Bill the cheater (I did NOT have sex w/ that woman) as the “First Spouse”??????. Oh MY!

    SL-I like cashcab 🙂 I hate coughing.

    lael-oh how I agree! grrr that Huckabee I do NOT like plus his boy is an animal torturer

  26. seamus-what I would give for a good nites sleep. I am always happy and sad when I finish a book or book series too!

  27. Hey, girl. You’ve just been given an award! Pop on over to my place to receive it. Copy the pic and post on your blog! Thanks!

  28. So much to respond to in this post. I’ll take politics first, I guess.

    Okay, you know what sucks? Texas is a frickin huge state with a frickin huge amount of delegates and yet by the time the Primary gets here, it’s all over with as far as party nominees. I’m a conservative first and Republican second.

    I’m very disappointed that Romney dropped out. There is nobody left that I want to cast my vote for. 😦 McCain is a liberal who wants to pass his ashat McCain-Kennedy bill he sponsored with the perpetually shit-faced Ted Kennedy which will give amnesty to all illegals and allow them to flood the country with their relatives. Crap, McCain almost switched over to the Democrat party a few years ago. I wish he would have so we wouldn’t have to deal with him now. The New York Times endorsed him. Need I say more?

  29. I want to spin the give the big wheel a spin on Price Is Right before I die.

    Plinko was always my favorite game.

  30. As usual a fascinating post! A neighbor of mine growing up, who was a hoot taught us that seconds can save a life. If I have to, I’ll pull my car onto a sidewalk to let an ambulance get by.

  31. callie-thanks!

    EWBL-plinko! oh yeah, nothing wrong w/ winning some cash 🙂 McCain is wayyyyy too liberal for ME. I believe he’ll drive this country even further into the ditch were already stuck in 😦

  32. BG, SK’s new book was pretty good. Not his best work, but worth the read.

  33. I am so behind in reading, I don’t even know who Gerritson is…

    I love Joy Fielding but haven’t read any of her recent books. One of her first books, The Deep End, is still one of my favorites.

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