Strange Days On The Reservation


Callie over yonder at MidWestHorse gave me this “Spread The Love” award.

This award was created by Mica at Garb-oodles Soup with an idea to “Spread The Love” in amongst those we meet through the blogoshere and find that connection.

Two reasons I have this blog.

1. I need a creative outlet….or a ranting outlet….or a rambling outlet. You get the picture.

2. There are people out there in the blogosphere who are truly interesting people and tremendously talented writers. I am connected to a certain, special, group of y’all. Some of ya have horses, some of ya have dogs, or cats, or kids and or none of those and so on. I enjoy reading what y’all have to say (most of the time!). And, I LOVE seeing photos and reading about how others live, in other states or other countries.


Bubba’s algebra teacher nominated him for the United States Achievement Academy and Yearbook. We are happy about it.

The MathCounts competitions have been rescheduled to the 16th of this month. I am also happy about that. It is a lot of fun and I do not even like Math!


Meanwhile, everything is crazy busy as before but I am still wandering around in this awful head-fog.

I want to be well again, dang it.

The past week, sugar-free RedBull and vitamin mineral water have been my best friends.

Sunrises and Sunsets are a favorite thing of mine….Sunsets more so.

Sunday evening (Feb 3rd), the sky was on fire.

Notice that Wee One’s curls are nearly gone?

sniff sniff.

He wanted a ‘big’ haircut so I let him have one. Wee is happy with it but I am still mourning the loss of his beautiful curls. There are still some but not as long and pretty as they were….

In this photo he is so tired he can barely see straight.

I went and took a shower, hubs was supposed to be putting Wee One to bed. I got out of the shower about 25 minutes later and find Wee One drawing, hubs was snoring from Wee One’s bed.

So, I gathered up Wee One and put him in my huge kingsize bed. I think hubs had an uncomfortable night in Wee’s twin size bed with rails-ha.

Super Tuesday dawned with thunderstorms and heavy downpours. We were lucky to not get those awful tornados.

Wednesday morning (Ash Wednesday) we awoke to snow and black ice on the roads. Schools were still in session though.

Thursday from about 10 am until noon it snowed. It melted…most of it, as soon as it hit the ground.

Now it appears our whacky weather is back to ‘normal’….but what exactly is normal for Oklahoma this time of year????

Our taxes are done and the checks are written out, sigh….we will pay in as usual but nearly as much as I had thought.

I am disgusted with Romney’s withdrawal from the Presidential race. Never dreamed he was a quitter.


The past few Sundays hubs and both boys went to church. It has started to become a regular thing.

I am not sure what to think about hubs the last few months. He has quit drinking all together. Hubs has never been a drunk or had any type of addiction troubles so I am unclear as to why he has quit completely. I much prefer him when he has had a beer or two. Heck, I much prefer myself after a few cocktails…..

 I certainly hope hubs is not expecting me to jump on the dry out wagon, because that is not likely to happen any time soon.

Now, hubs is all gungho about attending Sunday church services. I am hoping he ‘grows‘ out of this……but chances are slim of that. Hubs is not one to do things on a whim or to go thru phases. This may turn into a permanent thing.

We attend church only on special occasions. When Bubba’s Youth Group is doing something special or if hub’s oldest brother, who is the Baptist Preacher of the huge congregation in the town where Bubba attends school, is having a special service or something along those lines.

Being raised and schooled Catholic, and now having Lost Faith , I have a hard time with all catagorized religions.

Below is taken from the Lost Faith post to give a better idea of where I am at right now:

I was a practicing Catholic when I was younger, over half of my life. I would not call myself atheist — agnostic is probably closer — but I’ve definitely had a shift. Life lessons have taught me that there is a way to retain spirituality (of a sort) without adhering to dogma. More than once, I’ve noticed that some Christians have a vastly different concept of Christianity than mine and were (excuse the sweeping unfair generalization) often one-sided jerks really made me rethink my identification with that group. Values are important, and I have a myriad of Christian beliefs and some that are regarded anti-Christian. A few of my beliefs: I believe strongly in the death penalty, abortion is a woman’s choice (as long it is not utilized as birth control), and I am not against euthanasia in some instances. Where do my values fit in with Christianity and Catholicism? They don’t. Hypocrites run rampant in religion. I refuse to agree with certain beliefs when inside my heart, I cannot change the way I feel.

I will never push my beliefs on anyone nor would I allow anyone to push their beliefs on me.

So far, I am behind hubs decision to attend church/mass and do whatever he feels he needs/wants to do.
So far Wee One likes the bible study he has been attending. Bubba has always liked his Youth Group, he has been a member of for over 4 years. I know the bible study teacher, Youth Group leader, and she is a great lady.
Often hubs is called in for work on Sunday so I am not sure if this is going to work out on a regular basis type thing. I do not think The First Christian Church has evening services…..

And, if hubs is thinking about giving any church 10% of our income, he may have a small problem with me agreeing to it. I know quite a few wealthy preachers who do not work outside of their church, neither do their wives or children and they live pretty damn good….okay I feel this turning into a rant to I’ll end it here for now.

I am not against him donating some money to church, but I do not agree with 10%.


I almost forgot to add this.

Last Monday morning, Wee One and I went to Tulsa to his dentists appointment. I deviated from our normal route to drive by a large Quarter Horse farm/ranch to see if they had any new foals out in their paddocks yet.

After we passed by the ranch, we had to take a back road up to the highway. On the left side of the road was a large, agricultural type building with fresh new white paint. On the side of the building, in big letters, written in bold, blue paint was this:

The Sheep Shed

Fellow Worship Church

I busted out laughing upon reading that.

Wee One pipes up from the back seat, “mama, what is so funny?”

I am starting to worry about my sanity…….



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23 responses to “Strange Days On The Reservation

  1. Aniin BG, does beer go good with goat cheese?

    I must tell you, I had the weirdest dream and you were part of it. NO, not in that way! I was at a arts and crafts fair with family, that’s weird enough, and I was very tired because of the CFS. Anyway, I came across a horse auction and the first horse up for bids was a strawberry filly and she was so beautiful. I thought of you and if I bought her, I could board her with you and Scooter. Nobody bid on her, except one guy who bid $5. I finally bid $10 and then he bid $15. I woke up when I was still trying to decide if I wanted to bid higher and the filly spoke to me and apologized for her color.

    Like I said, very strange dream. Going to relax and rest today, these allergies are wiping me out.


  2. As an ex-catholic I have to agree with you regarding organized religion. I think what you said about retaining “spirituality (of a sort) without adhering to dogma” was well said. I imagine it’ll be a challenge at time to have a partner who wants to attend services, but it has worked in our household.

    LMAO at “The Sheep Shed”!!!!

  3. I hear you on that.

    Perhaps if your husband was ever to want to give 10% of your income away, maybe you could compromise and not give it to a church, but seek out a deserving cause together. That way, you still get to be charitable and generous, but without dishing out hard earned money to a cause that you feel may not be worthy.

    I agree that 10% is a lot.

  4. Brian-lol, never tried them together but I am up for it 🙂 THAT is a weird dream….maybe you’d better attend the next local horse auction??? I hope you feel better soon. It sucks feeling poorly.

    Seamus-my shift has happened gradually over my lifetime. Being schooled Catholic, I still fall into old habits because they are exactly that habits. Since I have studied and became more open to my Native American roots and beliefs, my spirituality has changed immensely. I am much more comfortable in my beliefs these days as opposed to when I was in my late teens and early twenties.

    scary-I agree 10% is too much. I am not against him donating to his church BUT I wonder about how the so-called church is spending their money. They make A LOT of money off their members…A LOT.

  5. Great post. I think “Hubs” is searching for something right now and this is a period of intense spiritual introspection for him right now. The best thing you can do is communicate openly and honestly and discuss this matter in depth.

    From my spiritual journey, I can tell you that organized religion was not the path to enlightenment, serenity, or peace. Rather, it represents a social unit where like minds congregate to experience each other for a variety of purposes (some good, some bad). Spiritual enlightenment comes from within and does not require a political hierarchy, dogma, or canonical judgment.

    I was sad to hear about Romney’s fate. His speech to the CPAC conference was incredibly moving – one of the best I have heard for quite some time. Why did he not talk like this in the debates or on the stump? I firmly believe he could have beat McCain had it not been for his religion. Unfortunately, many small minded people judge others based on which sect of religion they have been handed by their fathers and mothers.

    It is a shame because now there is a false choice between the leading parties. There is no discernable distinction between right/left or Republican/Democrat. That is why I will vote for the man that will save this once great Nation – Ron Paul (3rd party).

    Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to address you and your wonderful readers.

    Peace and prosperity to you and yours,

  6. Haven’t been by for a “spell” and just wanted to say hello. My, that post is more than I post in a week. Interesting train of thought.
    I hear you on the ‘tithing.’ We went to church and the sermon was on The Ten Commandments. Somehow the minister worked in how much everyone should be giving with EACH commandment. I didn’t remember them that way. Stop by sometime.

  7. Wee One looks older without his curls. I’m sure that’s the last thing you wanted to hear. I remember the day I cut off the curls of my boys. It was a sad day for me.

    Your take on spirituality sounds like it’s right there with mine. I started out the Catholic route, as you know, but don’t have the native american influence, just lots of therapy and healing. That road to peace and serenity certainly must be travelled within as one of the above commenters stated.

    And Brian’s dream sounded pretty darn interesting. What a bunch of components, you and a horse apologizing for her color…….definitely interesting. lol

  8. jo

    Marvelous post and fantastic pictures.
    I totally understand the Catholic/Baptist/where did my faith go situation.
    I simply can’t abide organized religion anymore.

    Kinda felt betrayed by Romney…felt like he was our only hope.
    Wish we had a good conservative in this race.
    Good on Bubba..and Wee is a doll face with or without curls 🙂
    Get your butt better girl !!!!!

  9. i understand where you are coming from,per religion.
    but for me, the organised well thought theology of catholicism (i refound it later after yrs on the out), has actually provided the peace and spirituality i was seeking. death penalty is not against the faith,btw. its just a policy preference of the church.
    (abortion and euthenasia are held at a higher level).

    in the end, we need to find our own path to God. and i dont think the final judgement is going to include a catechism test.

    and i always had the impression church attendance was mandatory in OK. how you managing to slide by unnoticed? 🙂

    wee one looks cute no matter what you do to his hair. evertime you post his picture, i just want to reach out and hug him. (i miss my kids when they were little. can you tell?)

  10. Wee One looks adorable with or without the curls! I know how you feel though, I felt the same way when my ‘baby’ had his curls cut off and his hair was never really curly after that.

    Good job Bubba! I was so bad at math, I just hated it because I struggled so much with it. I admire anyone who is good at it and you have reason to be proud! :o)

    Your pictures are beautiful. Aren’t we lucky to have our digital cameras to capture these scenes?! I just don’t know what I did before I went digital. I guess I take a lot more pictures now and then have to weed them out as there will be 10 of practically the same scene!

    Congratulations on your award BG! It is very well deserved indeed! We all need to spread more love around, the world would be a better place wouldn’t it?!

    You cracked me up when you said you like yourself better after a few cocktails! lol! You are a hoot!

    I hope you feel better SOON, it’s awful to have ones head feel like it’s in a fog!! This has gone on WAY too long!

  11. johnnypeepers-“Spiritual enlightenment comes from within and does not require a political hierarchy, dogma, or canonical judgment.” Bravo! you said it perfectly, that is exactly how I feel. Everyone’s opinion is welcome at the Res. I appreciate your viewpoint on the religion debate. Romney, never, ever thought he was a quitter. I am embarrassed to say, I do not know much about Ron Paul.

    swampy-hey there! Ive been lurking occasionally at your place. My dial up sucks and takes an eternity to load if you have a lot of big photos 😦 Ill be by to see ya soon!

    risingrainbow-ahh, thats okay. My baby has to grow up sometime, right? I explained the rosary to Bubba a few days ago. He said, “how do you remember it all?” My answer, just follow the bead system. Ive said a million rosaries in my time! Yeah, what about Brian’s dream??? Strawberry roans are good luck or so says my cowboy friend Russell.

    jo-thanks! I miss the curls still yet but they were hard to keep in condition and looking good for Wee One. He never fussed about my ‘doing’ his hair but sometimes we run short on time in the AM.

    gino-“i dont think the final judgement is going to include a catechism test.” lawdy I hope not, I need a refresher course if it is! Im torn by wanting my boys to stay small but at the same time grow up and look after themselves…I think it’s a parent dilemma.

    MM-I am no whiz in the math department either. Glad Bubba takes after his ole dad. I took 58 photos with my digital camera today. In the old days that would never have been possible!

  12. Wee One is still cute. I hope his curls grow back.

    Most people I know who’ve grown up Catholic have a hard time with church/religion. The ones I know that HAVE gone back to church attend contemporary services, in non-denominational churches, much different than what they grew up with.

    I feel it’s good for the kids to go. There needs to be some base, a starting point, some sense of direction, something to identify with…know what I mean?

    (And it’s such a large part of our culture, that it helps them in various ways to experience and learn the basics.)

    As for the tithing, that can be tough, and many couples fight about it. Yet people I know who do tithe their 10 % or more do end up with financial blessings and stonger faith.

    I recently heard of a verse in the Bible where God says to “test” him on this. … OK, I found it: Malachi 3:10 “Bring one-tenth of your income into the storehouse so that there may be food in my house. Test me in this way,” says the LORD of Armies. “See if I won’t open the windows of heaven for you and flood you with blessings.”

    And that concludes my Sunday sermon 😉

    Romney. I was so shocked and disappointed and mad at first, but now I think he’s looking at the big picture, down the road, years from now, and knows that to make a difference then, this is what he must do for now. I think he’ll play important roles in the future.

    Finally, congratulations to Bubba!

  13. Barngoddess: Wee One with no smile this week? He must have been tired! Steve McQueen went to church often the last couple of years of his life and it became a ritual to wake up his son to take him. Steve would point out all the girls he felt his son should be meeting. Then afterwards, they’d stop at a Circle K on the way home and split a six pack. His favorite was Old Milwaukee, but he changed later to Bud I believe. Hope this brings a smile! 🙂


  15. I agree wit Mikael. WeeOne looks older for sure without his curls. So is it a sheep barn or a church or is it a church that worships sheep or something else that may include “wellies”. hehehehe

  16. dickiebo

    You sure are dead-right about religion, Ramblin’! It matters not as to what label you attach to yourself. It’s what is in your heart that matters. Some preach – Some do!
    PS. ‘Spread the Love’ is OK but………..don’t pass on anything else that you have picked up!! lol.

  17. kila-I hope your right about Romney. I am not happy w/ his decision. I also agree w/ church being good for kids, it does give them some sort of a ‘moral’ building platform outside of preaching parents!

    MM-if Steve McQueen can do it, Ive got hope for my hubs! Im going to tell him about that, he CAN have a beer. I wish he would too

    callie-lol, I got a giggle out of your comment early this AM

    dickiebo-“PS. ‘Spread the Love’ is OK but………..don’t pass on anything else that you have picked up!! lol.” LMAO ewwwww

  18. Jenny

    Did you save one of Wee One’s curls for your locket? Cutting those curls off is a bittersweet rite of passage. When my daughter was little I kept wishing she’d get just a little bit more dependent, I guess because I was young and selfish and impatient. Now I look back and wonder why I was in such a hurry. I saved a lock of hair from my grandson’s first haircut. With him I see where I erred with my daughter and I see they grow up quickly enough whether we want them to or not. But I know you already know this stuff.

  19. He doesn’t look like wee one anymore.
    We may have to have a new name.

    Hey – maybe he’ll surprise you and be a better person with his new lease on Christianity. It happens — !
    Some people actually become more compassionate and less condeming.
    Unfortunately there are hypocrites in every walk of life. The new religion of “global warming” being one. I’ve never seen a worse bunch of hypocrites than all the celebrities who want us to believe how worried they are about the planet, by flying everywhere in big jets to preach about it. I watched a commercial by two of them talking about how they turn off the water faucet when they brush their teeth. I didn’t believe them.

  20. Wee one is still cute. I am out of step with the organized religion also. We share many of the same feelings.

  21. jenny-I did save a couple of the long curls but I forgot where I stashed them! it’s this head-fog, it’s killing me, seriously killing me.

    pamela-he will always be my Wee One, or until he gets as big as his Bubba! Im not to hyped about religion period, it’s my problem but hard not to influence the spouse. You are so RIGHT about those celebrities! they are HUGE hypocrites!

    celeste-I do not have any room in my life for organized religion right now…or maybe ever again.

  22. That first shot is stunning.

  23. perhaps hubby could donate his unused beer money to the church and you would come out even 😉

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