Fins, Gills, And Such

Saturday, my plans were highjacked.

I woke up early and finished my chores. The weather promised to be a perfect day of bright sun and high 60+ degree temperatures. I had plans for this special day, a day spent exploring the hiking trails at Osage Hills State Park .

In all reality, I probably should not have been out hiking feeling as poorly as I still do….but I so badly need to be outdoors!  My sanity is at stake…..

A hiking trip was not to be though. I promised the boys, on the next nasty weather day or the next time we had to make a weekend trip to Tulsa, I would take them back to the Oklahoma Aquarium.

We ended up going to the Aquarium on my perfect weather day because we had to go to Tulsa to buy Bubba his new baseball cleets. He needed them by Monday and The Sports Authority is always a best bet to finding his size and a pair under $100.

Sunday’s weather was cold and would have been a much better day to be indoors at the Aquarium but my horse-shoer was scheduled. He showed up on time and did a wonderful job. I am very much impressed with the ‘natural trim’ he is doing on both Scooter and Freddie. Scooter’s hooves have always been in good condition but they are perfect nowadays with this new style of trimming.

 I wonder how many people sit on that poor gator??

Wee One saw the starfish and he said, “hey, it’s Patrick Star!”

The eel was pretty cool.

Feeding the turtles was a BIG hit with both boys….watch your fingers!

The shark exhibit is my favorite. I can sit and watch them for a long time but that is hard to do with 2 boys who seem to always be on the move.

Sunday evening, Wee One and I watched “The Worlds 10 Deadliest Sharks” and “AirJaws” on the Discovery Channel before bedtime.

Strange thing: both Saturday and Sunday evening, I dreamed about sharks, one of my all time favorite movies “Jaws”, and in my dreams I was helping chief Brody chase down the monster Great White. I woke up this morning and read this in the news: ‘Jaws’ Star Roy Scheider Dies at 75.

I loved Scheider in the movie. 

Of course I took a lot of photos of the sea horses!

We spent a lot of time looking at the jelly-fishes. Wee One calls them jelly-fishes and he watched them longer than any of the other exhibits.

When we stopped at the gift shop before we left, I told him he could pick out 1 thing. He chose a jellyfish.

After our aquarium trip, I took the boys to their favorite eating spot, McDonalds. Wee One was plum tired out. He dozed as we drove back into Tulsa from Jenks. We hit the sports store, found Bubba some cleets, and buzzed on home. We arrived just before dark. Scooter and Freddie were both besides themselves thinking they werent going to get their supper….like either one has ever missed a meal living with me, not hardly.

Sunday morning, hubs attended his church services. Wee One begged off saying he was going to ‘cry’ if he was made to attend his Bible studies. Wee One said he did not like it anymore, so I guess he’s a Bible School drop out.

The church is putting on a Valentine’s Dinner next Sunday evening. Hubs has asked nicely, if we could all attend. It appears, I’ll have to put on my happy social face on his behalf.

Wee One stayed home with me Sunday morning (his heathen mama). It was bitterly cold ouside, so we stayed inside until the horse-shoer showed up. We watched the movie, “The Last Mimzy “. It was an excellent movie! Wee One was enthralled watching it…..I have to admit, so was I. As far as movies go, this one is a A+.

Is it really Monday already?

Gah! I am so not ready to start this week…..maybe after a Sugarfree Red Bull, I’ll be ready to start the day.



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31 responses to “Fins, Gills, And Such

  1. I skipped church two weeks in a row. In all fairness, I did have a cold last week. The downside is my older daughters bugging the cheese out of me for not going.

    JAWS scared me so bad I was afraid to get in my bathtub or swim in the neighborhood pool.

    My mom’s street is named Osage Park. 🙂

  2. That looked like a lot of fun! I liked Wee One calling those things, “Patrick Stars.” lol

  3. Aniin BG. Love the picture of your boys standing in front of the building. Made my heart go pitter-patter.

    Great views of all the sea life, did Wee-One have a fish sandwich with those fries?

    Hope the weather stays good so you can get out by yourself soon.

  4. Sorry you didn’t get your hike in the park, but it looks like it was a fun outing anyway!
    Is “Patrick Star” a cartoon character?
    Funny that our animals are such creatures of habit! What is “natural trim”?

  5. dickiebo

    Is that the jelly-fish that Wee ‘un is eating? My God! lol.

  6. SailorMoon

    Mimzy was great! Someone who works for the cinemas gave my youngest a stuffed Mimzy when it first came out. He carried that thing everywhere.Had to have it. Still does. Speaking of my youngest, got my first call from the principal about him. He kicked another boy & that boy hit him back. They were talking about ISS (in school suspension)–for a KINDERGARTNER!! I said not my baby boy!! Since he’s a model student & never gets in trouble, both boys had to sit in timeout for PE.Wow…I wasn’t expecting that type of a call about him this early!! I supposes that’s why I found my 2nd gray hair this morning!!

  7. EWBL-neat name, your mom’s street. ‘Jaws’ is one of my favorite movies.

    pavel-yep, Wee One knows his aquatic life thanks to Sponge Bob

    Brian-nope, he had a Happy Meal but I had a filet-O-fish sandwich, it was good too!

    Seamus-yep, Patrick Starr is Sponge Bob SquarePants best friend. The natural trim is a barefoot trim method used in place of a horse’s shoes. I have switched Scooter to going without shoes and to this method since he is mostly retired. If I were to trail ride him more often, work him on hard ground, or ride over rough ground, I would either put boots on his hooves or go back to him wearing shoes.

    dickiebo-no silly 🙂 its a french fry!

    SM-oh dear! already….I wish you strength. I stopped counting my grays a LONG time ago.

  8. Wow, temps near 60° I am so jealous. Still freezing my *ss off here. I thought with weather like that your plans would be to do something with your horse. Poor Scooter, neglected.

    I heards about Roy Schrieder. Very sad.

    Sounds like the trip to the aquarium was fun though. I had no idea who Patrick Star was either. lol Guess that really tells my age.

    My one experience with natural trimming didn’t work out well. I don’t know if it was the trim or the guy that did it, but that was it for me.

    I don’t count gray hairs either. It really doesn’t matter, the big deal is about still breathing. lol

  9. Love aquariums…. we visited sea world when we were in California @ Christmas… I could have spend hours with the sharks (they have tunnel right through the tank so they swim right over you) but they have a converyor belt thing that moves you right on through.

  10. That’s a way cool aquarium! Awesome for the kids, I like the feeding the turtles part. Sharks, I can live w/o 🙂

  11. You’re lucky that Wee One hasn’t said that “he won’t drink water because of all the things that fish do in it”.

    See my blog: I’ve tagged you with an interesting task.

  12. I absolutely adore aquariums… looks like you guys had a great time.

    I’ve been looking at Mimzy, but hadn’t decided. With your recommendation I think I’ll pick it up!

  13. risingrainbow-yeah, I KNOW poor neglected Scooter-I really wanted to ride but his hooves were looking a bit long the day before my farrier was scheduled-otherwise I would HAVE ridden him. I just came indoors from giving him his equine senior lunch, he was full of himself, bucking and galloping like a colt.

    hope-omg, they make you ride a moving walkway thingy, thats awful Our Aquarium has a tunnel and benches to sit and watch, I can watch all day long of the sharks.

    mikey-there were adults feeding the turtles that were trying to crowd out the little kids, another mother and I had to tell them to back off-grrrrr

    thorsemen-okay, Ill be over to see ya! lol, Wee One only knows how to drink bottled water, sad isnt it?

    astaryth-I enjoyed the movie A LOT. we had a good time saturday, I am looking forward to going back again some day soon.

  14. I hadn’t heard that Roy Scheider died.

    I always enjoy a trip to a good aquarium.

  15. Sounds like you had a great time at the aquarium! Great pictures, I like the turtles. What were they feeding them??

    So sorry you still don’t feel up to par! That makes it hard to function and you have a lot to take care of.

    I don’t feel too bad for Scooter and Freddie! I think they have it pretty darned good. My guys get all bent out of shape if their supper is a minute late! As if it would hurt them to miss a meal, they all are too fat! Guess that’s my fault for not working them enough and feeding them too much.

    We got more snow last night. Where my sister lives in Western Maine they have over four feet so far! We’re expecting more on Wednesday. Yikes!

  16. DaBich

    OooH….love the aquarium and love the zoo. Both great places to visit and come back to now and again.

    Roy Scheider was GREAT in Jaws…RIP Roy…

    60 degrees??? I am sooo jealous…it was 3 degrees here this morning, and the high today (Monday) is 18 ::sigh::
    I *HATE* winter!

  17. Whew,I’m tired just reading about all the stuff you guys got up too!

  18. McDonalds! Of course the guys would choose the “Golden Arches”. Wee One is so filled with wonder! Bubba looks like a protective brother who says “Yeah, been there, done that. But I’m watchin’ over ya! Great photos. How sad about Roy Schieder. I must see “The Seven Ups” again!

  19. We have seen the Last Mimzy as well and my daughter loved it to! Loved the aquarium pics! We had great weather both Sat and Sunday! It was in the 60s both days and I was horseback both days, whoo hoo! But there is rain in the forecast again starting this evening!

  20. arkansassongbird-I like Aquariums too, I would have liked to spent a longer day but the boys were tired out after a few hours.

    MM-omg, you guys DO have a lot of snow! your herd looks happy and healthy, you give them the POSH life 🙂

    Dabich-Ill miss chief Brody too. Today we have freezing drizzle/plain drizzle/fog. NOT a nice day.

    lael-I think Im going to hit the hay early tonite, all this busy-ness and lack of sleep has caught up w/ me.

    MM-I liked your description of Bubba. I havent seen The 7Ups, I guess Id better look into it!

    kd-Im jealous of you being horseback 2 days in a row! The Last Mimzy is a good movie, I was happily suprised.

    Anne-mee too.

  21. if you ever get tired of Wee One, i have a good home for him.
    (he’s so darn cute)

  22. Jen

    I haven’t heard of that movie…must be good since it’s getting rave reviews here lol.
    Wee one is such a cutie with his blonde curlies!!!

  23. What a fasincating trip that must have been for everyone. Love the pictures.

  24. gino-thnx for the offer! some days he drives me completely bonkers but most of the time we like having him around 🙂

    jen-I recommend it!

    SL-we had a very good day.

  25. I so enjoy aquariums, zoos and such. Being around wildlife, animals especially water animals is so comforting. Great photos! Have a great day!

  26. jo

    What a wonderful day for y’all !
    I’d love a day like that with the grands !
    From what I can *see, pics are fantastic. Gonna be about 10 more days b4 my eyesight is *normal again.

  27. kathleen-your right on about animals being comforting 🙂

    jo-I hope those 10 days go by FAST for u!

  28. I hate your plans got hijacked– I love to hike, too– and the weather sounds like it would’ve been really nice for a hiking trip. Although, I must say, the aquarium looked like a lot of fun, too. I absolutely love the jellyfish– and I typically end up making friends with a catfish. Don’t ask me why, but one at the aquarium in Gatlinburg will follow me from side to side in the tank no matter where I move, it’s kinda funny!

    I can’t believe how big Wee One is getting– and your other son! Wow! He’s growing up so fast! I know I’ve only know you for a little over two years now, but the boys are both growing so fast!

    I hope, soon, you’ll get some time to rest, and head out hiking! *Hugs*

  29. We love going to Jenks to the aquarium, but hope you get your hike soon for sanity sake!

  30. I need to find a barefoot farrier here.

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