Photo From The Past

 I’ve been tagged by Transylvanian horseman.

Taken from Transylvanian Horseman’s blog:

A few posts ago, I floated the idea of tagging some readers to post pictures of themselves from the past, perhaps illustrating an interesting or unusual aspect of their earlier life

I highly recommend a visit to the Transylvanian horseman‘s blog. Not only is he an eloquent and interesting writer but his photos of Romania are wonderful.

 Now for my photo from my past……..

This would be me at, barely 18 yo, accepting my high school diploma from Archbishop Robert Rose in 1987.

Back in the 80’s, I had some really, really big hair. It took 2 friends and I to anchor my graduation cap onto my head with a dozen or more bobbypins. We had to shove all of my hair forward in a ‘funky part’. I prayed my cap would not spring forth off my head. My 2 friends and I stifled our giggles walking down the aisle in Graduation procession. My walking partner Joel, was looking at me like I had already started celebrating…..not yet.

Joel and I were partners for many years. Both of our last names started with L, so in alphabetical order, from 1st grade until the day we graduated 12th grade, we walked side by side, shoulder to shoulder, and even thru blizzards, hand in hand, behind the nuns, marching to our daily Mass or to some assembly or pep rally et. For 12 years Joel was my walking partner and for 2 high school years, he was my chem lab and bio lab partner. We never fussed with each other like some of the other boy/girl partners did. I bet Joel made some lucky Catholic girl a good husband.

Back to the big day. I was so happy, excited, relieved, beyond thrilled to see my graduation day come. I was ready to start my life and start my higher education.

It was a day of mixed feelings. I was also a tiny bit sad, scared, and unsure, just a tiny bit though. The future promised so much. I looked forward to it.

I no longer belonged to St. Marys schools. I was now considered alumni. I was to be a student in college in 2 short months. I was leaving my hometown and my 37 fellow students who I had went to school with for 12-13 years. We were like brothers and sisters. I knew my fellow student’s families, knew their grandparents, had been to their homes on many occasions. We shared everything together for many years. We also shared a mixed emotional day. We all cried, we all laughed, and we all looked forward to our promising futures.

Nonetheless, it was one the happiest days of my life……despite the halarious ‘funky hair part’.

If I could go back to that day-right now, I would not change one thing about it.


Now, I must tag 3 unsuspecting people to participate in this tag.



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27 responses to “Photo From The Past

  1. Y’all did a great job because your hair looks fine in the photos. In fact, the white gown shimmers and you look like an angel.

    You need to find out what happened to Joel and let us know.

  2. Rebecca

    Hey now… I had that eighties hair too!!!! We did have such STYLE in those days….I wish it were that easy now to be so glamorous!!!

    I wish you would post more pics of you…and not sure I have ever seen hubby. Hmmmm.

    Wed are funky and LONG for me. Grrrrr

  3. You DID have big hair, didn’t you?

  4. Great story, BG! My son went to a small Christian school as well; only 8 kids in his 8th grade class!

    And I wish my big hair had ended in the 80’s…. 🙂

  5. It’s scary for me to look back that far (for me it was 20 years earlier than you) – I’m not sure funky even describes it – LOL!

  6. You did have some big hair!! I had some of the same feelings when I graduated from high school. I was excited, but scared at the same time.

  7. I can’t believe that cap stayed on your head. It’s a good thing a wind didn’t come along, I think you would’ve had lift off.

    When I graduated the nuns insisted that our mortar boards be parallel to the ground. lol

    I’m impressed you actually got the arch-bishop to hand out diplomas. My small school was too far away in the sticks for the high mucky muck to be bothered. We got ours from the parrish priest.

  8. hair hair hair… i had a fro in the 70’s. thats a trip huh?

    i was thinking more about those shoes! :giggles:

    this was fun.

  9. Aniin BG


    I’m speechless. 😉

  10. anne-aww thank you for the nice compliments! Last I heard about Joel, was probably back in 1990. He was in college at Central Michigan U.

    rebecca-I post photos of myself all the time! I left the link with the latest photo I posted of my hubs at your blog earlier. The 80’s!!! Big hair, tight pants, belts, ankle boots, long earrings, tweed coats, izod everything, penny loafers. We DID have style!

    DonnaW-it was huge. My hair is still kinda big but not the height it was in the 80’s yowza.

    DHW-big hair isnt all bad….if I could send my boys to a church school, they’s already be enrolled.

    Seamus-ha, you KNOW it isnt all that frightful….Id like to see your grad photo. hint hint

    arkansassongbird-it was a roller coaster day for sure. We were so happy but a bit scared of our adult life.

    risingrainbow-my hometown held the Parish and the Cathedral, as well as the school. We saw a lot of the Bishop and Archbishop. Sometimes they even subsituted when needed.

    memsahib-hey, I was stylin’ I had a pair of pumps in every color imaginable! lol, a fro? I gotta see it…please post a photo of it.

    Brian-you speechless?????no way

  11. Yes way!!!! That hair! Those shoes!

    I had a fro as well. 😉

  12. If those bobby pins had let go you would’ve taken out the whole first row ! lol! Hey I like the shoes, what’s all the fuss about the shoes? I probably have some like them now!!

    I agree I wish you would post more pictures of yourself and I too have never seen the Hubs.

    You should Goggle Joel and see where he is!

  13. In the 80’s my naturally curly hair had to be permed to be “big” enough.

    You DO look like an angel with your blonde hair and white robe.

    Have you gone to any of your high school reunions? With everyone being so close it sounds like they’d be fun.

    (I like wee ones haircut. He does look older, though.)

  14. Barngoddess: I had to chuckle! It’s nice to preserve a memory you would never change–“big hair” and all!

  15. dickiebo

    Aw Gee, Ramblin’! You look just like an Angel. Strewth. How you’ve changed!!! lol

  16. Brian-show me the fro!

    MMom-those shoes were the rage of the 80’s. My best friend L. had a pair in bright green. Maybe Ill google Joel, his last name was very odd.

    jolynna-wow, I bet you had some huge hair too!

    MM-it was a great day

    dickiebo-lol, you made me laugh outloud ONCE again! you have that affect on me. thnx for the 6am giggle 🙂

  17. Kat

    OMG…that looks like me in a graduation pic I have…LOL…thats scary !!!

  18. DaBich

    WOW! What year was that?? 😉

    But yes, you DO look like an angel….strewth 😉

  19. I’m not ignoring you lol just have to find a photo from the past lol

  20. kat-lemme see it!

    DaBich-aww, thnx! truth is……I was pretty far from anything representing an Angel. In fact, I am much more angelic these days in my old age.


  21. I was working the flat and listless hair look waaayyyyy before that whole grunge thing in the early 90’s. 🙂

    Houston Humidity=No Hair Poof For Me

  22. DaBich

    BG dahling, age is just a number….I feel 21, still, hope I can say the same thing in like…10 more years when I’m approaching 60!

  23. ewbl-you have naturally big hair! its nice too, Ive seen photos of you 🙂

    DaBich-you are right on!

  24. Kat

    I’ll have to hunt it down..I think its at moms….you will die laughing!!! Don’t let me forget about it..K?

  25. Thank you for tagging me, although I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do it, because all my old photos are still in England. I’ll do my best, but it might be a while.

    Nice hair by the way…

  26. Jen

    im with scary. Nice do :0)

    Im working on this one. I’ll have to find something to scan most likely but it sounds fun nonetheless!

  27. Wow!, that is pretty big hair. I had some bad hair photos on mine…LOL

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