Party, Fatty, Marv, Reads, And Tongue Flap

The Preschool Valentines Day Party was a success!


Wee One and his little girlfriend sat next to each other during ‘song’ time.

The main course was fruit and vegetable shishkabobs but the kids were also given McDonalds Hamburger Happy Meals.

Wee One with his Valentines Day ‘loot’.

Hubs suprised me with a rose.

I am nearly finished reading, Missing Pieces By Joy Fielding. It is full of suspense. I am enjoying it so much, that when I had a couple of hours free time before picking up Wee One from school, I buzzed into the library and checked out another Joy Fielding book, Whispers and Lies by Joy Fielding.

I also checked out a book by another favorite author, No Second Chance By Harlan Coben. I hope it is as good as the rest of Coben’s books.

Marvin is such a snoop. I am constantly shooing him off my scanner/printer/copier. It already works like crap and his 20 lb behind sitting on it cannot be helping it.

Last Wednesday, about 1pm I noticed I had not seen Miss Kitty underfoot. I called for her, I searched the entire house for her and could not find her. I called Bubba at school on his lunch break. He said he saw her when he took his morning shower. That was the last time I’d seen her too. I tore the house apart again, looking for her and calling her.

Evening rolled around, I did my outdoor barn chores, calling out for her before I came inside the house. I heard a faint ‘meow‘. It was Kitty, she was stuck underneath the front porch. I rescued her, she was cold, hungry, and thankful.

Why does Kitty always try to escape out the door when people are coming in/out? It really makes me mad! But I was happy to have Kitty back, I was getting worried.

If I did not know any better, I might think hubs has put Marvin up to spying on my online shopping. But, I have to have some new ‘vacation clothes’ for my up-coming sisters vacation the end of March.

Why, for the love of gawd, do clothing companies send out their ‘Spring Preview’ catalogs, then when you place an order, almost everything is on back order?!?!?!?! what the heck? it makes me cranky.

Freddie looks cross-eyed in this photo, he isnt, in real life. He is fat though. I’ve taken to calling him ‘fatty’. Freddie has porked out since he came to live at the Res.

When Wee One hears me call Freddy, Fatty—Wee One reminds me, “it is not nice to call names but“, he says, “Freddie is fat.”

Then I’ll say, “I’m fat too.”

Wee One always answers, “your just big mama, and your pretty too.”

Wee One is my #1 fan.

Yesterday, I brought Freddie out into the yard to administer his rabies vaccination and check his little hooves. When my farrier was here, I mentioned how Freddie seems to easily get ‘build up’ in his hooves. We decided on the ‘natural trim’ method for Freddie as well.

When I checked him a few days after his 1st trim, Freddie’s hooves were free of build up.

I tried to get a photo of Scooter foaming and flapping his tongue out of his mouth when it was his eating time. It was not easy and it started to drizzle.

Scooter is looking rather unkempt these days. His mane is a holyhell mess needing a good pulling. My hands ache just thinking about doing it. I am waiting for Spring before I take on that task.

After seeing the above photo, I gave Scooter an intense 20 minute grooming session and he looks much neater. Of course, as soon as I turned him loose, he ran to his sand hill and gave himself a roll. Yesterday morning, I went out to the barn to feed, Scooter greeted me with a forelock full of cockleburs. Gah!

Freddie never gets into the burs. Why does Scooter seek them out?


Tomorrow is MathCounts competition. Tonite Bubba has a 7th, 8th, and 9th grade dance. It goes on from 8pm until Midnight. Bubba thinks he is going to stay out until 11pm…..nope.

I’ll be there at 10 pm to gather him up and he does not want me coming inside after him. I already explained the rules. We have to be on the road at 7am tomorrow morning to the Competitions. 11 pm is too late to be out dancing. Heck, he is only 14 yo anyhow.

Monday is Wee one’s pre-op appointment. I had to reschedule my MD appointment for the next day. I still have awful head congestion and a cough. I am so ready to feel normal again.



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13 responses to “Party, Fatty, Marv, Reads, And Tongue Flap

  1. Aniin BG. Well I’m your #2 fan then. 🙂

    Our cats don’t try to get out, they know it’s a big, bad world out there; plus, there’s no food.

    I see my doctor this afternoon for my allergies. They are getting worse and nothing I take helps for long.

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  2. Geez, I was so impressed with what looked like a “healthy” snack and then I spotted the Mickey D’s. Nothing healthy about that. LOL Sorry, healthy is my thing right now, I am having trouble getting my fat *ss onto a horse and need to loose some of the junk in my trunk.

    Marvin is so cute scratching his little check on your papers. I think he just wants to be sure he is commanding most of your attention.

    Glad that you found Kitty. I always hate when we have one missing. We have coyotes who love nothing better than to dine on pussy cats.

    Hope Bubba has a good time at the dance and then does well at his competition. That’s a lot stacked into one weekend for anyone.

    Wee One is so cute reminding you not to call names but you are both right, Freddie is on the portly side. I see the tip of Scooter’s tongue sticking out there and the concentration he is using. What a character!

  3. It’s scary when you can’t find a pet!

    Take care of yourself, you don’t need a relapse.

  4. Glad his party was a success! Cats and computers, I have one that sits on top of mine and trys to paw at me while I am typing, really!?!?! The rose is just gorgeous! Oh our horses are fixing to start getting there manes and tails done, I am waiting on the weather to even out some more. I normally braid there manes and tails every 3-4 days and redo them. It helps them grow and keeps them from pulling the hair out! I also use MTG (mane/tail/growth) hubby’s horse, he has allergies and will rub the top of his mane out and the base of the tail. Works wonders! Well, better get back to it here.
    Calling for bad weather this evening and tomorrow. UGH, our pasture is just drying out from the last rain.

  5. Wow lots of news BG, I love it! Wee One looks so cute at his party, of course he looks cute anywhere! I agree, 10 o’clock is late enough especially before a big competition! I’d need all the rest I could get. Why do they plan these things all the same weekend??!!

    I HATE pulling manes! I’ve pretty much let them all go aunatural, is that how you spell it? Poor Buddy has an appy mane, thin and stands right up straight in places. I used to band it down but the ‘ole boy doesn’t need me picking at him any more then I do.

    I wish you could get competely over that congestion mess. That is very tiring to be coughing and hacking!

    I love Freddie. Are you sure he doesn’t want to come live in Maine??????

  6. Aww Wee One is so sweet to his Mama:)

  7. Loved reading about Scooter and such a young personality! Hope you feel better. Forgot about Wee One and Pre-Op. I’ll have to look back. Get well!!!!

  8. I spent an hour brushing out burrs from the new pup…. he howled like I was killing him…
    GO TO THE DOCTOR WOMAN!!!! you have been sick too long 😦

  9. Awwww… What a sweetheart of a boy! I love that “and you’re pretty too..” I’d have to slip him a ten for that! 🙂

  10. Looks like Wee one made out with a good amount of Valentines loot. Good luck to Bubba on his math competition.

  11. Brian-Thanks #2!!!! Im starting to think Kitty has sh*t for brains, Marv never tries to escape. I hope you feel better, I am tired of feeling like crap too.

    risingrainbow-I dont even want to talk about ‘junk in my trunk’! Marvin is really only attached to me, I love it. Hubs drove the boys to th eir Math competition, we had freezing drizzle and the roads were slick at 7am 😦 I missed out but hes a better icy road driver than I am.

    DonnaW-Im starting to worry why I am still hacking something awful…

    KD-I hope the bad weather misses you! we need some rain here, it is dry and our wildfire threat will be bad if we dont get more rain…we did get some freezing drixxle though.

    MM-pulling manes isnt any fun. Poor Buddy! I know about those loosa manes. He is very handsome though. I would love to have an appy, a leopard 🙂 tell me where to ship Freddie, Im packing for him as I type, lol.

    lael-he is..most of the time

    MM-adnoids, tonsils removed and ear tubes. Scooter made a mess in his stall this morning, I am not happy w/ him!

    hope-new pup???photos! Ive been to the MD. There is a lot to be desired for our Indian Health out here….you live in Canada where EVERYONE is treated equal…

    burg-lol, I let him play with my cell phone and call whoever he wanted, does that count?

    kelli-omg, the suckers he got! I had to go thru them and make sure none were from Dollar General.

  12. kitties just dont know how dangerous it is outside.
    especially in the country,where coyotes roam.
    i’m an urban dweller at the moment, and wont let my kids leave the house.

    question: do donkeys make good ‘pets’, if you can use that word? i hear they are more docile than a horse, but i have zero experience with either, so i dont really know.

    and the offer to adopt wee one is still on the table.
    just let me know.

  13. Wow, that is a lot of VDay loot! Lovely rose, love the cross-eyed donkey! You have been a busy lady to be sure! Hugs!

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