Tasteless Pet Sematary


Like always, the book ‘Pet Sematary by Stephen King ‘ was a ten times better than the movie. It is one of my favorite King books. In Pet Cemetary fashion, it appears a Korean Company is going to Clone Dead Pets. As much as I truly love my 29 yo horse Scooter, I could never do this.

Sure, I like the way Scooter is built. He is 14.3 hands and, thanks to his Two-Eyed Jack breeding, he is muscular and stocky, in his younger days he had enough cow sense for both of us, he is fast and still yet can stop on a dime. But, it is his soul who makes him who he is. I honestly believe the soul cannot be cloned. Genes, heck yeah, but the real deal, not a chance in hell. 

I have never been a fan of Jane F0nda. For a hundred different reasons, mainly her ex-Patriotism to our Country and our Troops. So, I was far from shocked when I read NBC apologizes for Fonda using the ‘C’ word on The Today Show. .

Can Fonda be any more tasteless? Yeah, I know she is 70 years old but that is no excuse for using the ‘C’ word. I use plenty of foul language but, that word isnt even in my vocabulary, it is 100% tasteless.

While I am semi-ranting. Wee One’s pre-op was rescheduled to Wednesday instead of Monday. Now he goes the day before his surgery. Wednesday happens to be the same day I rescheduled my doctors appointment from Monday. Gah! Now my doctor cannot see me for nearly 2 weeks. I am still coughing and horribly congested. I wanna trade this body in for a new one…..

This morning, I woke up at 5:30 am to get my chores done and get on the rode to the MathCounts competitions. I went outside to do my chores, everything was covered in ice. I woke up hubs and told him he was going to have to drive the boys to the MathCounts competitions. I do not like driving on ice.

So, they went. They did well. I stayed home with Wee One. Once it warmed up to 37 degrees, it started pouring down rain the entire day. It is still pouring rain and storming right now as I type.

The weatherman is promising a lot of heavy, wet, snow tomorrow.

And, tomorrow evening is hub’s church’s dinner. I promised I would go. I do not want to go, but I am going.


went to the dinner. It was delicious. It was not as bad as I had anticipated. My 2 desserts were a hit w/ the crowd.  Wee One became tired as soon as we finished chowing down on some fabulous food. So we had to leave early. I visited with quite a few people I knew. The preacher and his wife, as well as quite a few other members made a point to stop at our table and say how happy they were to see me at the church function w/ hubs and Bubba. I felt welcome but that doesn’t mean Im jumping on the holy roller band wagon.


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30 responses to “Tasteless Pet Sematary

  1. Pet Sematary (the book) is one of my SK favorites, too. The movie irritates me no end, particularly Herman Munster’s (I mean Fred Gwynne) attempt at a Downeast Mainer accent. Seriously, people, if you don’t have the accent, you canNOT fake it. Please do not try.

    Interesting about a book about raising things from the dead segued into an article about cloning dead pets. Really quite the same thing. You might have something that looks the same, but it’s not.

    As stated in the book, “Sometimes, dead is better.” mk

  2. Pet Sematary was one of my favorite King books. I cannot even imaging the cloning of dead pets though! Gives me chills just thinking about it!

  3. jo

    Don’t go if you are not well…tell hubs it would be cruel to expose the others. Or go, and then it’s behind you. Could be fun…..
    So Wee will be in over night or is it in and out these days ? This should fix him right up, so try not to worry too much.
    Jane has a decade on me, and I am a sailors brat…yet I do not, will not use that kind of language. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I’m just furious that people want to give her a pass because she is older. I’m older and still think she needs killin’.
    You know, the grands latch on to every new word. I would be so freakin’ mortified if they mimiced that one.
    Hope you feel better soon BG…this must be wearing you out !

  4. His recovery from that awful auto accident was a miracle. Before my father died, he said he forgave Fonda. Like you, I really have no regard for ANYONE using their fame to push buttons or agendas. A friend of mine who is a musician is Classy and said to a crowd between numbers. “I hope you all get out to vote for whomever your heart tells you to on Election Day. I know what my heart says”. And that was it! Nice. Nothing offensive. Hope you can get to a doctor to knock out that cold BG!

  5. dickiebo

    You’re dead right on both counts, Ramblin’! Cloning, and Fonda.
    Markira mentions ‘doing’ accents. The worst two cases EVER, were Kevin Costner trying to be Robin Hood, and Dick Van Dyke trying to be a cockney in Mary Poppins!!!!! Awful.
    If you don’t wanna go to the church dinner, then just say a li’l ol’ prayer. Perhaps it’ll be cancelled, by an ‘Act of God!’
    You really should get to the doctor. This has been around for too long now. Needs sorting out. We all wish you a speedy recovery. (I know. Nag, nag, nag!!)

  6. markira-“Sometimes, dead is better.” right on

    Seamus-it is my favorite King book too 🙂

    jo-Im going to the dinner, I promised. F0nda, eww. She is somethin’ else altogether and NOT in a good way.

    MM-Celebrities (Oprah, F0nda, Penn to name a few) who use their celebrity status for political reasons is wrong. I like how your musician friend said it, perfect.

    dickiebo-faked accents are too much for me to handle! dinner canceled? not a chance. Everyone has 4-wheel drive and they like to eat!

  7. Kevin Costner was trying an accent? *That’s* what he was doing?

    I hate Kevin Costner. I think he is a horrible, horrible actor with exactly one facial expression (that would be blank) and I don’t understand why people keep casting him.

  8. Yes it is a miracle that Stephen King recovered from that accident. The guy that hit him died last year. He was trying to do something with his dog, reaching over or something when he hit SK.

    I have never gotten over Jane Fond’s behavior back then, never will.

    Talk about killing an accent, just watch reruns of Murder She Wrote and listen to Tom Bosley try to do a downeast accent. It’s like running ones nails down a chalk board!!!!

    Wish you could get in with another doctor if this one is all filled up. You need to get over this mess!

  9. I’m not keen on the idea of cloning either. If our breed registry ever decides to accept such horses, I’m going to puke. And then I don’t know what I’ll do.

    I think that scientists have the tendency to believe they are gods and that they know everything. By the time we find out they are wrong about cloning not causing any kind of genetic damage it’s going to be too late. There is so much proof about the many, many times they have been wrong, why does anyone trust them anyways. That’s my rant on the subject.

    As for Jane Fonda, she never did have any class so why would it be a surprise she did this. My guess is they all laughed at her like it was somehow so cool! I have about the same amount of respect for her and Martha Stewart. And you already know my thoughts on her. No class there either.

    Sorry about your appointment problems. Dave just had the same kind of issue. Changed his dentist appointment to accommodate a special project at work, then they changed the project date to the same day as his new dentist appt. Life…..you just never know.

    I’m sorry that you are still not feeling well. That bug really has a hold on you. That’s the pits.

  10. My thoughts are with Wee One and I hope you feel better too.

    Maybe you need our warm Aussie weather!

  11. you are right. i believe what makes scooter, or any of my kitties, exactly what they are is their experiences amd memories to certain trainings or circumstances. these things cannot be cloned.

    i dont want another cat as graceful,quick, tender, curious, or beautiful as mine. these are surface characteristics. i want MY cat, with it’s baggage, making him a complete being.

    and when the dreadful day comes, I’ll love another one, with its own unique baggage and soul, and make him mine.
    no cloning required for that.

    get well, would ya?
    this bug has had you too long now. it might be something more serious than originally thought.

  12. You have had that hacking cough for awhile I hope they can get you in sooner and that you can get to feeling better. Glad Math counts went well.

  13. Rebecca

    Sorry I was never really a fonda fan….

    I haven’t been around much. The next month or two will be kinda busy…but I promise to be a better blogger by the summer.

    Thanxs for the hubby link…

    Feeling crappy sucks—I know. I’ve been in the house for 4 days…..MEOW

  14. dickiebo

    I guess that none of us are fonda her!

  15. (((((((((hugs))))))))))

    At work today, but thinking bout you.

  16. DaBich

    Never could stand Fonda.

    Hope all goes well with Wee One…I didn’t catch what the surgery is…but he’s just a wee guy, so Bless you both!

    Feel better yourself. My cough is hanging on too, been over 3 weeks now :/

  17. markira-I liked Costner’s movies: “For The Love Of The Game’ and “Rumor Has It’ and ‘Dances W/ Wolves’….but I liked those 3 movies stories AND all the people in it. I do not care much for Costner as a ‘star actor’ he is not a good actor, your right!

    MM-I was born in ’69 but I will never get over Fonda’s behavior or remarks. I support our country and troops 100% regardless. I was shocked to hear how badly King was injured, careless drivers-grrr. Im taking new antibiotics I had call edin, gah I hope they start working soon.

    risingrainbow-hmm, I do not even know is the AQHA has accepted cloned animals or not..guess Id better start reading the mail they send me! Fonda and Stewart deserve eachother…..

    dm-thank you! hey, is that an invite? because Id love nothing better to visit Australia!

    gino-“and when the dreadful day comes, I’ll love another one, with its own unique baggage and soul, and make him mine.
    no cloning required for that” well said! A clone of Scooter may look like him but the clone and I would never, ever have the bond he and I have.

    kelli-Im ready to be over it and actually sleep more than an hour and a half without waking up coughing…makes me crabby

    rebecca-hey girl, your getting hitched! I know your busy!

    dickiebo-lol! your too much 🙂

    brian-dont work too hard. I hope your thinking good things about me!

    Dabich-we arent the only ones with this crap hanging on, I have spoken to at least 3 others in the same boat as us.

  18. I always think good things bout you. 😉

  19. I agree with you on cloning. It may give you the appearance of said animal, but not there heart, soul and spirit and that is really were the bond is! I love our horses, dogs and even our cat but wouldn’t even think of doing cloning. Sorry to hear you are still under the weather, hopefully you will get to feeling better.

  20. The “C” word should be reserved and used for only those who truly deserve it. And that should be rare!

  21. I had you in mind when I said that about getting the guns out! Heehee! I figured you might be drooling over my nice plump deer! lol! We don’t feed them every winter only the harsh winters when it’s so hard for them to get something to eat through the heavy snow. Otherwise the coyotes get them. :o(

    Glad you had a nice time at the church supper with your family. Personally I enjoy my church family so much and find them to be wonderful, kind people. I can certainly understand you being cautious though but you will know when and if you are ready to make this a part of your life.

    Glad you are on a new med! Got to get you better!!!!

  22. Oh, what were your two desserts???????

  23. dickiebo

    Crumbs! You be careful now, gal! Sounds like that preacher-boy is already softening you up. Ha, ha, ha.
    (Sings) “Come and join us, Come and join us.”

  24. As much as I love my Punkin…I have to agree with you. Something would be missing. I hadn’t thought about it being her soul though.

    But if I COULD start all over with her as a puppy, I would surely do it!

    Feel better!

  25. Me AGAIN. Thanks for the input on the mascara!!

  26. Two desserts! That will get you welcomed ANYWHERE, especially here.

    You know, even if the cloned animal was, you know, a clone, the whole thing is unfair. That animal won’t have the experiences or knowledge the first one did so it will react to things differently and will be different (I’m not even going to address the soul issue — too much for my small brain) and won’t be the first animal, yet will be endlessly compared and will certainly fall short because it is simply not the first animal.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  27. Lu

    **Wednesday happens to be the same day I rescheduled my doctors appointment from Monday. Gah! Now my doctor cannot see me for nearly 2 weeks. I am still coughing and horribly congested. I wanna trade this body in for a new one…..**
    You go get that lung taken care of before you lose it Woman…plus do you realize Wednesday is now ICE DAY!? What a winter we have had!!! Hate to be so bossy, but I worry about you and your lungs…have you thought about steroids?

  28. Brian-thank you 🙂 !!!

    KD-I think we are w/ the majority on this one

    callie-lol, F0nda should have called herself one…gasp, did I just type that???yep sure did!

    MM-ha, I thought that comment might be for me 🙂 I took a coconutcreme pie and a rocky road chocolate bundt cake, Hubs likes the people at this church, he knows many thru work who go there. Hubs said,” even the preacher’s wife makes me feel welcome and speaks to me whenever she sees me” my amswer, “well, heck yeah, shes depositing your checks into their coffers!” mean arent I?

    anne-right on! you said it perfectly.

    Lu-Wed and Thurs we have to be in Tulsa! I am hoping it doesnt get bad……..but it doesnt look good.

  29. I am glad you made Hubby happy by going to church. Spirituality is personal, notwithstanding what “organized religion” tells its followers. If you think of church as a social club and meeting place it makes the experience more enjoyable. Besides, it does not hurt you to go and strengthens your marital bond.

    Best of luck to you. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you always leave insightful comments.

  30. I’m glad you enjoyed the dinner at church. Most are just people looking for strength in fellowship – and hope, too!

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