Late For Breakfast And William Petersen Is Delicious

I did not realize until Sunday evening that both boys were out of school the whole day Monday. Wee One had a note but nothing from Bubba-grr. Good thing I decided to check up on him using the parent online tool. I can check his grades, attendance, and everything I need to know about his schooling from home. I love it! 

Monday morning (Presidents Day) I was a bit late in feeding my horses. Normally, at or before 7am, they are fed every morning. Yesterday, it was about 8:20 am before I ventured out to feed the ever impatient Scooter. I finished my 3rd cup of coffee, cleaned up the breakfast mess, and sprayed both bathrooms down with the cleaner to soak before I started my Monday house scrubbing.

As soon as Scooter heard the back door slam shut, he whirled around, raced over to the gate, and gave me a scolding whinny for being so late with his breakfast.

Scooter trotted over to this favorite metal feed tub and waited for me while I measure out his and Freddie’s feed from inside the barn. I put Freddie back inside his paddock, gave him his rations. Then I walked over to where Scooter was waiting by his bucket.

As I poured the Old Guy’s feed into his pan, a Medi-Vac helicopter swooped over the hillside scaring the bejeezuz out of me, it was so low I swear I could feel the wind off of the chopper blades.

Of course the chopper did not spook Scooter one bit, he never lets anything interfere with his meal times.

Once I recovered from my initial shock, I realized Medi-Vac or otherwise known as LIFEFLIGHT was landing at the baseball field of our tiny town.

I mentally did inventory: just spoke to hubs, hes fine, both boys are fine, just spoke to MIL, all was well with them. So most of my loved ones in the immediate area are accounted for and well….


I silently thought to myself, “I am so thankful it isnt ME , been there done that.”

I finished up my outdoors morning business and headed back inside. The chopper was still at the baseball field and had been for atleast 15 minutes.

I remembered hubs telling me, when I was Life-Flighted to Tulsa, it happened so fast that the chopper never turned off and it took place within a couple of minutes.

I was wondering about who was being flown out from our tiny hamlet and if I knew them…chances are yes because I pretty much know everyone in our community. 

When I came indoors, I placed another morning phone call to my MIL who has a scanner. 

MIL informed me as to what was happening.

I hope the elderly lady who was being flown out for medical care is okay, her husband is also in my thoughts.

Wee One brought a babydoll home from Grandma’s house on Sunday. He’s been playing with it off and on. Putting the baby to sleep, pushing it in the stroller (in between playing w/ his dinosaurs that are attacking the farms and his trainset/town).

Hubs is not thrilled and told Wee One “boys do not play with dolls.”

I gave hubs a good cussing over that. Bubba had a ‘camo guy’ doll that he played with when he was about 3-4 yo.  

I picked up some DVDs for Wee One and myself to watch while he is healing from his surgery.

Wee One’s are The Aristocats From Disney (NOT on the $5 shelf!) , The Adventures of Milo and Otis (not pictured) , and…….while we were digging thru the $5 DVD shelves at our nearest Wal-Mart, I let Wee persuade me to splurge $5 for one of his favorite movies, Anaconda (1997) . I was not going to buy him the movie since it is always on TV but he asked so nicely, I had to give in. Yes, it is a somewhat scary, violent movie and I let him watch it…no it does not scare him, he knows it is not real. It isnt any worse than his Jurassic Park movies.

For me, I bought ‘Fear (1996)‘ off of the $5 DVD shelf. I love, love William Petersen. He rocks as Grissom on CSI Las Vegas. Every single movie I have  watched with Petersen in it has been good. Or, maybe I just like Petersen. I have a thing for men with brains. Ya gotta admit though, Petersen is hot despite being gray headed and a bit on the old side. I know I’ve said that before about this certain actor.

**bonus** for the ‘Fear‘ movie, it shows Petersen in only a towel after a shower…..


Oh joy, Wednesday and Thursday, Oklahoma is going to have an ice storm. The weatherman says it is going to be very bad and dangerous driving. Just my luck, we’ve only had Wee One’s surgery scheduled for 2 damn months. BOTH of those days we have to be in Tulsa, not the best drive on icy roads from our area. Wee’s pre-op and Hospital registration on Wednesday and his surgery on Thursday. 

Wee One’s surgery has been rescheduled to 3/6. He has an infected tonsil. So Wee’s taking a very expensive and potent antibiotic. The surgeon was also concerned about the weather and possible icy roads. We live in a rural area, the closest hospital is 20 minutes away and it is not somewhere y’all want to go for anything. Hubs and I had already planned on staying at a hotel tonite with Wee but now it looks like we don’t have to-yippeee! no freezing rain, sleet, or drizzle yet. I would be lying if I did not say I am happy about the post-poned surgery. Thank you for all the well wishes!!!!
I met my Imposter ! Post about HER coming soon….


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28 responses to “Late For Breakfast And William Petersen Is Delicious

  1. Katie

    Best wishes with Wee One’s surgery and the roads!

    I think playing with dolls is healthy… teaching caring, compassion, nurturing…. the chance to relate and express skills verbally and physically.

    Take care of you!

  2. Aniin BG, I hope that the ice storm doesn’t mess things up and that Wee One’s surgery is flawless.

    It’s not a doll, it’s a superhero. Besides, we had stuffed animals for years and years and look how I turned out!

    Err… never mind.


  3. Sounds like you have a lot going on. I’m sending healing thoughts to Wee One and hopes that all goes well. Hang in there, Momma, you know he’s a tough one.

  4. DaBich

    Speedy recovery wishes in advance for the Wee One, and for peace of mind for you!

    Gray hair on a man is DROP DEAD SEXY!!! MmMmmm!

    Oh boy, there I go again 😉

  5. We had the crappy ice rain and then a cold dusting of snow on top of it. My driveway is a skating rink. All ice. I hate the ice! I hope Wee One’s surgery goes well.

  6. Scooter and his food sound like most of my herd. They have their priorities straight. lol

    I’m not much for driving on ice either. I hope all goes well with your commutes.

    Wee One will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope his healing is fast.

  7. I love that Wee One is so sweet and caring with that doll! I also love that his dinos attack his little town,heehee.

    I’ll be thinkin’ of your little guy!
    Good luck!

  8. The best of wishes for Wee One’s surgery and good luck on those icy roads!

  9. Lots of positive vibes coming Wee One’s way.

    Grissom in a towel….oooooooooh. He really does have a little somethin’ going for him. Yummy.

  10. I was cracking up at your online check up on Bubba! Nothing gets past the Barngoddess. The horses I know out here are not spooked by desert racers on motorcycles, as they are used to them. I grew up driving on ice and for me it’s okay. My thoughts and prayers are with you on this trip. Be safe!

  11. Fear was a freaky movie for so many reasons…. some of the scenes were visually crazy. (like the roller coaster ride being sung to Wild Horses) – and the scene with Alyssa Milano having sex.

    I didn’t like Grissom’s character in this movie. – way too over protective of a dad. I just realized Reese Witherspoon was the daughter. That was one of her first movies, I think!

  12. Hoping all goes well with Wee Ones surgery.

  13. katie-yeah, you are right on!

    Brian-I laughed outloud reading your comment…..icy roads, ick. Hubs suggested maybe we stay near the hospt in a Hotel.

    pinky-thank you!

    DaBuch-we need something to get US thru this damned long winter……right?

    callie-ewww, I hope your ice leaves asap. I hope ours never arrives…….

    risingrainbow-their stomachs are more important than anything! Scooter would ignore the end of the world if it arrived at dinner time. I hope the ice never arrives but I cannot be that lucky.


    Seamus-Thank you!

    markira-oh yeah, he definitely has IT!

    MM-guess they just get used to it (the horses!) ha, Bubba knows I KNOW everything…or at least I try to KNOW everything! thank you for the well wishes

    karmynR-It is a good movie but I like Seattle. I want to visit it once in my life…not sure if I could live there b/c of all the rain though. oh yeah, the R-rated roller coaster ride…good music too. This movie was filmed in your neck of the woods!

    kd-thank you!

  14. I will be thinking of your dear little one and you too as you drive. Hope the ice stays away till you are back home. I like WeeOne’s choices of movies, a good diverse selection! Keep us posted when you can, you know we all claim Wee One as one of our own!!

  15. ann

    Prayers are with Wee One and your family… Hope all goes well!!

  16. I’ve had a silly crush on William Peterson ever since I (belatedly) discovered CSI. But I’ve never watched a movie he was in. I’d better start checking movies!

  17. Rebecca

    You splurged on some good stuff it seems.

    Sorry about the upcoming weather. I hope everything else goes smoothly for ya;ll and especially wee one. I don’t think I have ever seen him with out his “curls”. He’s a handsome fella.

    Prayers are with you!

  18. enjoy the ice!
    i’ll be praying for wee one’s easy recovery.

  19. I’m with you on the ice…uneasy !
    Freezing rain and dreary fog . Yuck.

    Get well fast wee one!!

  20. I’ll be thinking about Wee One.



  21. dickiebo

    Boys with dolls? Good grief. What next? Good for hubs.
    Good luck to Wee One. I know he’ll be OK.

  22. rolling my eyes at dickiebo! lol

  23. jo

    Milo and Otis is my all time fave.
    Just think…this time tomorrow, all this will be behind you and Wee.
    Hope you’re doing better yourself !

  24. MM-ha, he likes every kind of movie imaginable….like me, except Im not into ‘love’ stories, boring.

    ann-thnx, weve been post-poned

    DonnaW-nothing silly about that, he is one hot guy! I also liked him w/ Sissy Spacek in ‘Broken Promises’ he was very young in that movie and JUST as HOT!

    rebecca-he sid he wants hjis curls back…oops

    gino-not here yet…hope it doesnt arrive

    pamela-glad your back 🙂

    RDK-thank you, post-poned until 3/6

    dickiebo-not YOU too!!!!!!!

    risingrainbow- me too….gah, men

    jo-we had a DVD of M and O but someone stepped on it..we needed a new one.

  25. ann

    Things work out … hope you miss the ice … and hope all goes well with Wee One in March…

  26. ann

    Just went back and read your old imposter post… hmmm… I’ll be back…LOL

  27. Katie

    omy gosh! I’m happy the op was rescheduled!

    I wanna hear about the imposter! lol…

  28. Boys and dolls are just fine. Smack him(hubs) upside the head for me.
    THey did my daughter’s surgery the same day she took her last dose of strong meds. Did not want to risk getting more infection.

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