Graduated Fishes


 Wee and Mr.Fishy 2006

Wee One has missed Mr.Fish since his untimely death this past January.

Maybe it is my fault, I was awfully sick with that pneumonia and we gave Mr. Fish a hasty, hurried funeral.

Wee One was still mourning Mr.Fish recently. Hubs felt badly for Wee One. So just prior to Wee’s recently rescheduled surgery, hubs brought Wee home these friends.

It appears that we’ve graduated to a bigger and better fish set-up. I know absolutely nothing about keeping and caring for fish. Let me just say, google is the best way ever to get a crash course in goldfish care.

They are not the prettiest ‘fancy goldfish’ I have ever seen but they kinda grow on ya…in a homely sort of way. Hubs picked them out by himself.

Hubs said they are called, “Calico FanTails.”

I still cannot believe hubs paid over $6 apiece for them!

Oh well.

I guess it is better than paying $100 for a goldfish.

So far they are called, Fish #1 and Fish #2.

Please, please!!  We need some name suggestions.

Yours will be greatly appreciated.



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32 responses to “Graduated Fishes

  1. I like the fish, they do grow on ya. And Wee One looks to be reallllllly liking the fish. Paying over 100 bucks for goldfish is asinine.

    Um, how about Blueberry and Spike? I have no idea what I’m talking about. Ignore me!! HAHA!!

  2. We kept goldfish for many years while the girls were growing up. We had just a couple in a big tank and they grew to the size of the tank – LOL! They just became part of the family.

  3. Aniin BG

    I’m no good at names. 😦

    Thanks, your love for all of us warms my heart.

  4. I’ve never named a fish. This will be exciting to see if you come up with something.

    How about something original like

    Goldy and Shimmer. ha!

    (or a spin off from my old Micky Mouse Days)
    Fin and Darty.

  5. SailorMoon

    Fishes are fun..we had several of the bettas for a couple of years and then one day…cats decided they were tired of looking at them and wanted interaction I guess….after having them for a couple of years. Weird.

    Anyway, my brainstorm names would be – Marble and Spacky. (The first 2 names that popped in my head were marmelade and jambalaya.) Marble because of the coloring and Spacky – as in that spackle wall stuff….??? I don’t know. I like Fish #1 and #2, tho…in honor of thing #1 and thing #2. Good luck!

  6. Unfortunately I know a lot about goldfish and have a hubs who would easily spring for a $100 ornanda. Fantails are not just “common goldfish” that’s why the price your hubs paid. You have goldfish with class! Lots of people love the calicos although they were never my favorite. However, yours have more unusual markings than I have seen before. The one looks to have stripes while the other has more lights than darks in color. Interesting fish.

    But when it comes to names, we never quite went that far. lol Good luck……

  7. Um, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish and Blue Fish?

    Congrats on the new pretty pets to Wee One!

  8. The last goldfish we had here was named Bunny #5.

    This was in honor of Mark’s role in the kindergarten class play. mk

  9. pinky-so far the fish are a big hit. good names

    seamus-I hope ours survive a long, long time like yours!

    brian-me neither…..:)

    pamela-those were good!

    SM-At first, I suspected maybe Kitty did Mr.Fish in but I think he just croaked for reasons unknown.

    risingrainbow-wow! these are better than plainole comets eh? I bet hubs knew this….omg, your husband would spend that much on a fish????? they are pretty tho

    DHW-so far fish #1 and fish #2 seem to be sticking……

  10. Wow! That is an impressive upgrade the Wee One got. I have the worst luck with fish so I decided never again. We went through 12 goldfish in about a month and I just couldn’t take the flushings anymore.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. When I was a kid, I named my goldfish Zip and Zap.

  12. Lu

    OMIGOSH!! I can say good luck…that is about it!!!
    You do not mention your own health, doesn’t that mean you are that nasty stuff and are now functioning with 2 lungs?

  13. kathryn-omg, 12???? that would be expensive.

    arkansassongbird-so far fish#1 and fish #2 is sticking and I dont like it.

    Lu-yep. I am better except for this sinus/bronchial stuff but my lungs no longer have fluid like before 🙂

  14. I would name #1 Artie and #2 Fluffer-nutter

    I kinda came up with those on the fly. I am sure you can do better, but I wanted to help if I could.

  15. fishy one fishy two fishy three fishy four someone else can name some more

  16. batman and robin
    superman and mr. freeze
    spiderman and doc oc
    spiderman and green goblin
    boris and natasha
    bullwinkle and rocky
    ren and stimpey
    chuckie and tommy
    phew…i’m spent…gotta go nap now!!

  17. well, where i live, most people are named Jose or Maria, so thats a start…

    and those ‘plain ol comets’, given room to grow, and time, will turn into very large fish with long flowing tails. really pretty to see. and they’ll live forever.

  18. jo

    LMAO…. they should amuse Wee for some time !
    I’d name ’em Pepperidge and Farm :-p

  19. johnnypeepers-thanks! I appreciate all the suggestions

    anne-were up to 4 fish now, Wee One wanted some Lionheads…ack!

    melbs1969-good ones 🙂

    gino-really? I told hubs if these get too big, we’ll eat them, he didnt like that….

    jo-he loves, loves, loves the fish.

  20. How about Thing 1 and Thing 2 (in honor of The Cat in the Hat)? Looks like Wee One likes ’em!

  21. Katie

    lol…. I love to watch fish! That was really sweet of your hubby… even though cleaning will probably be your job. 🙂

    I have no brain is collapsing from staying up most of the night!

    Finish getting better!

  22. astaryth-those are GOOD!

    katie-they have been quite popular so far 🙂 so far they are fish#1,fish#2,fish#3,fish#4

  23. dickiebo

    Fish 1. ‘4MarvToday.’
    Fish 2. ‘4MarvTomorra.’

  24. I didn’t read all the comments but I’m thinking that the number one rule for goldfish care is to keep Marvin away from the tank.

  25. Roscoe and Frisco.

    Flash and Gordon.

    Percy and Archie.

    Or you could just get a thing from the horse track listing out the names of the horses and choose from there. I’ve seen some really clever names.

  26. How about Nip and Tuck. That’s the best I could come up with.
    Be sure to stop by as I am having a give away and one prize is a great book on horses!

  27. More fish! Sheesh! Tell Wee One his fish will grow bigger with less friends in the tank . Then those fantails the fish are known for will get really big and pretty.

    And yes, my hubs would spend that kind of money on one fish if we still had our tank set up. It is sitting in a corner unused and has been for years. I’m the one that likes the fish, he just likes to show off with bigger and better no matter what it is.

  28. This lot have suggested Rocky and Rooney. Not what I’d have suggested, but what do I know? I’m just the mother.

  29. dickiebo-haha! clever of you….

    EWBL-I actually HAVE a tracklist, several of them in fact!

    MM-Im on my way 🙂

    risingrainbow-I’ll agree to a bigger tank as long as I do not have to maintain it or clean it. If I bought a $100, which I do not think I caould…well, maybe if I won the lotto, would croak just after 24hrs and I wouldnt get my refund!

    motherofthelot-hey! those are gooooood.

  30. Lu

    Glad you are some better BG…
    I am not good at names and I am not sure why, but I would name one ‘Skidmark’..I never had fish..
    On second thought. name one ‘Lotto’…maybe that will help???
    Stay well Gal!!! I want to sing that song…’winter’s almost gone, summer’s coming on…Movin On or such??’
    Anyhow I am saving my breath as I will need it someday!!
    Everyone from Missouri to Texas seems ill…Darn!!!

  31. Jen

    ooo ooo…finding Nemo names! My brother did a whole fish tank for my youngest based off that movie. it was so neat!

    I still cant get over how adorable wee one is 🙂

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