Every Day Sightings

all photos were taken from the comfort and safety of my computer chair or the driver’s seat of my car


Every day I see myself in the mirror.

Some days are not so bad, but then there are days like today. I do not wanna get old!

Best Friend L turns 39 yo this week, my 39th birthday is just a couple of months away.

Lately, I’ve realized, I ain’t getting any younger….seriously considering botox. Does it hurt????Anyone know??

Five times a week, I drive a certain highway, 15 minutes South to Wee One’s school and 15 minutes North to Bubba’s school. On these travels I usually see a lot of the same thing. Here is some of what I see.

*Around the noon hour when I go to pick up Wee One, I usually see a little, gray-haired woman walking her tiny terrier. Her dog is either a yorkie or a silkie terrier. The woman and her little pooch live on the edge of town. On nice days, they are always out strolling about noonish. The little dog is so minute, if the grass is very tall, it cannot be seen. For the first couple of weeks of fall, I never knew what kind of dog she was walking because the weeds on the edge of the road hid the little doggie from my sight.

* There is a house about 3 mi from my own on the highway. They have a beautiful grey gelding, a stocky palomino gelding, and a flashy bay gelding. All 3 of these horses are seasoned roping horses. I know this because I have seen their owner ride and rope at our town’s roping arena. I have been in love with the grey and the bay ever since I have laid eyes on them. I keep planning on getting photos of them to post here but it is difficult because the highway does not have a shoulder and the ditches are too steep to park in. Somehow, I will one day post their photos here, probably when we start roping again.

*When I drive North to pick up Bubba, I pass a certain run down looking place that normally has a whole pack of dogs lounging about at the end of the driveway. It is a common sight to see a dead dog in their ditch because the pups never have enough sense to stay clear of the road. It is sad. These dogs also must be flea/tick infested, they are constantly scratching at themselves. It makes me itch just seeing them. Sometimes when I witness the pack of dogs scratching, the first thing I do when I get home is inspect Marvin and Kitty….they do not have fleas but I still obsess about it!

*Also on my drive North is a house for sale. It is priced at $600,000. It is an awesome place, a great set up for horses. On the days I purchase my powerball lottery tickets, I fantasize about spending some of my winnings on buying that home and land.

*If Wee One and I get on the road before 7:30 am, we drive past a ranch’s huge cattle pasture, we often see the cowboy in charge of the cattle unloading his horses for a days work. I usually wish I could trade places with the old cowboy for the day(depending on the weather!). The remainder of the trip to Wee One’s school, my mind is on working cattle and my love it/hate it feeling towards it.

Enough of my nonsense, I need to google ‘botox’!



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31 responses to “Every Day Sightings

  1. Check out restaline(sp) too. I hear that`s good. I`ve been considering getting something myself later on. Why the hell not,huh`É (that is supposed to be a question mark,I`ve done something to my keyboard!)

    I love your photos. It`s neat to see what you see every day AND it`s neat to see YOU too!
    I used to have the same hair cut. I loved it!

  2. Don’t worry about your age, it’ll only make you older. When you’re not getting older you have a big problem. I really believe age is just a number. I don’t let it slow me down. I do consider it from time to time when I am doing something dangerous like climbing aboard one of my unbroke baby horses but that’s as far as the consideration goes. I have plenty of life I still want to live. Letting age slow me down would mean I would miss out on some of that. I’ve already missed out on as much as I am willing to, from here on out I’m living it to the fullest.

    I’m looking forward to the pictures of the roping horses. And would love to hear what’s behind your love it/hate it on working cows

  3. girl, you need to win that money and move to a ranch… i am thinking you have already checked out pioneer gals blog. thats the kind of life I see you leading.


  4. spiffy1

    To coin a phrase, Getting old certainly beats the alternative. Up to a point, at least.

  5. Aniin BG, thanks for checking in with me. Been too busy at work this week to blog.

    Love all the pictures, but the top one is the best. 😉

    I’m 44 so you’re a filly still.

  6. lael- is that stuff less painful? I have squintlines near my eyes I want gone…

    risingrainbow-gah! if this damn weather wouldjust warm up. Yeah, Iknow its not how old ya really are but how ya feel-right? I want the little wrinkles GONE tho.

    melanie-I have powerball tickets, Im gonna win and travel, no working on a ranch for me, Ill trail ride off into the sunset and enjoy life NOT working.

    spiffy1-well, ya do have a GOOD point!

    Brian-busy? well, I guess people need their cars huh? aww, thanks for the compliment. I aint no filly, but thanks anyways!

  7. Katie

    My oldest daughter says it does not hurt… but do you really want to inject poison into your system? Then you have tokeep doing it every 6 months or so…

    It is good to see you – and you do have great hair!
    You look wonderful!

  8. BG you look wonderful! And you also have great hair! You are just a filly so don’t even think about botox!!! There are some really good face creams that work well. Go over to Chic-Critique and ask them about it. I need to go over there and see what they can do for an almost 57 year old. Now that’s something to be depressed over! lol! Actually I’m not depressed except for my weight, I want to be here to see my grand kids grow up, wrinkles and all. Yesterday I was bent over picking up something and my granddaughter said Grammie you have a big booty! Leave it to kids to say it like it is!
    Hey I can hear you drooling over my deer! hahaha!

  9. The best things I have ever found for keeping the skin fresh and young (and I am not that young, I’ll be 52 this year) are water, water and more water, moistures and don’t smoke. It causes major wrinkles.

    You look great… I certainly would be worried at your age about getting old any time soon!


  10. Don’t forget to come over and pick up your horse awards! They are on my sidebar, take ’em both you deserve them. You take such great care of Scooter and Freddie, it does my heart good!

  11. katie-is it rattlesnake venom?

    MM-aww, your nice 🙂 lol, your grandkids! Wee One said to me the other day, “mama, I have little boobies and you have really, really, really, big ones.” then he added, “but your just big huh?” Thank you for the awards, Ill be right over.

    KM-I quit smoking long ago….I think most of my aging is from the sun and not wearing sunscreen. grrrr

  12. I was talking to a friend the other day about taking pictures of the personal landmarks I pass by on a regular basis. On the same drive, different people watch for different things. I wanted to record what I watched for.

    Dang it, you got there ahead of me. mk

    p.s. Yes, those are my kids. Thank you; I think they’re beautiful, too. 😀

  13. don’t do it. I can’t stop staring at botox. They look like Data on Star Trek. No expression

    Just smile alot. That way you’ll have happy wrinkles. And they’ll crinkle.

    Loved your descriptions of every day road. I don’t go very far, but I used to see an old man and his little dog. One day he wasn’t there – and I never saw him again. Then I saw people moving his stuff out of the house. I knew he’d died. I don’t know about the dog.

  14. Would love to tag along on your drives past cowboys, horses, pastures and … space!

    Help! Somebody come get me. I’m stuck in traffic out here!

    About the botox, … count every line in your future as smile lines. Keep every one!

  15. Vic Grace

    I really should get my camera out more. It would never occur to me to take the every day pictures of life. I am always waiting for the great shot but it never comes. Thanks for popping by and visiting my blog.

  16. Barngoddess: I have some news for you: You are the same age as Shelby Lynne–and that is young. So if anyone asks your age, just tell them the truth and say “I’m young”! 🙂

  17. markira-the other day I was thinking same ole same ole same ole as I made my 3rd trip down the hwy and into town!

    pamela-ew. not a star trek fan. aww, sad about the little old man.

    SL-you have a beautiful home, but that traffic would drive me insane. Loved Royal’s video, he is a black beauty!

    VC-your photos are wonderful, when are you going to have some caribou?

    MM-lol, okay Ill try it, botox might cost more $$ than I am willing to part with at 38 yo!

  18. I went shopping today…and as I was going up the escalator, I looked at myself in that mirror on the side of the escalator, in nasty, unforgiving, reveal-every-wrinkle-you-have-or-ever-will-have-light: It was horrifying! And depressing.

    So let me know what your googling comes up with.

    PS: Thanks for dropping by today. It is nice to ‘meet’ you.

  19. Please don’t do botox. Recently there was a news article (another blog had a link to it) about children dieing after having botox injections. As a biologist it makes me squirm….its botulism in your face. do you really want that?

  20. Don’t you worry, girl, I turn 45 this year! What the hell happened! Applying anti-aging serum now!

  21. Age is just a number! You look great! Do not change a thing!

  22. Oh – you should love your wrinkles. They are a map of your life experiences. I couldn’t wait to get them(okay-I know that sounds weird). I finally have earned some and am anxiously waiting for that first gray hair.
    I think that little quirk comes from being around my grandpa a lot. He had the most interesting face and beautiful snow white hair(from the time he was 22). I used to love listening to him talk and thought all of that knowledge must have come from the wrinkles.
    Besides – the alternative to getting older is not good. LOL

  23. I think women look best naturally as they age! Keep those lines and wrinkles. They show that you’ve smiled and had a wonderful life!!

  24. dickiebo

    Having a Botox will totally guarantee that henceforth you will look just like a Japanese doll! Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Scooter certainly will not recognise you if you do.

  25. heidi-fluorescent lighting is every woman’s worst enemy! lol, from the comments left here botox isnt a good idea. I googled and it was kinda pricey too.

    karmynR-botulism, no thanks! why on earth were kids getting botox? crazy

    callie-lol, I hear ya!

    kd-ha, easier said than done…..

    LaTone-seriously? your waiting for your 1st gray hair??? how old are you???

    RLL-mine are more like squint lines….from squinting into the blazing Oklahoma sun from from my saddle.

    dickiebo-I kinda fancy looking like a doll…er, maybe not. Scooter will always recognize ME! he recognized me after my car wreck and I looked pretty damn scary.

  26. Uhh…38. I had a gray hair when I was in my 20’s and accidentally pulled it out. It never came back 😦

  27. LaTonne-omg, we are the same age and I have a million white hairs. Soon, I wonthave to color my hair blonde, Ill be totally white-headed…:(

  28. Jen

    I’m with you on trading places with the cowboy! I love/hate working cattle too lol.

    And girl you do NOT need botox!!

  29. I enjoyed hearing about what you see.

    You’re beautiful just the way you are 🙂

  30. I would love to win the lottery, course if I actually played it my odds would be so much better

  31. jen-working cattle: I love being in the saddle, roping (im a pretty darn good heeler), like roping calf, branding stinks, dehorning is messy, hate dealing with cattle because they are so dumb….dislike working in the freezing cold or heatstroke weather and winds blowing over 15mph…..picky arent I?


    anne-lol, ya gotta play to WIN. Just checked my numbers, nada 😦

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