Judging Pockets Anniversary

Noongo giizhigad dibishkaa

Today marks my 2 year blogging anniversary. Two years have went by quickly!

MidLife Mom over at Home On The Range  gave me 2 Horse Lover Awards awards. Thank you!
MM hails from the Northern part of Country, she is from beautiful Maine. She is undoubtedly one of the kindest, nicest people I have ever met thru blogging. MM is also a fellow horseperson and has her own herd.

What kind of things does 14 yo Bubba carry in his pockets on a Saturday?

2 knives

.22 caliber gun clip

Ipod Touch

cell phone with a $5 bill folded up square inside.

Bubba needs a muzzle because his 14 yo mouth has been running away with itself. I am starting to get really fed up with this teenager crap…..

Woot! I am stocked up on books, good books. 

I have Stephen King’s Duma Key. Nothing like a good King book to get into.

The one and only Nasaw book I read was good, so I checked out The Girls He Adored by Jonathan Nasaw from the library.

Lastly, James Patterson’s Murder Club series I have liked and disliked as well. Some of the books were good reading but the last one was boring, slow moving, and made me feel like I had an attention deficit disorder. Anyhow, I checked out  7th Heaven. I hope it is a good read.

While I was at our closest Wal-Mart (the tiny original kind of WM, not a supercenter), I picked up this book Killing Fear: by  Allison Brennan.

Wee One does not get to drink much soda. His drinks usually consist of orange juice, flavored bottled water, apple juice boxes and juice pouches, a rare diet root beer, and chocolate or vanilla flavored soy milk.

The other day I was busy doing ‘stuff’. I would walk thru the kitchen and take a swig of my diet cherry vanilla Dr.Pepper. I realized it was almost gone. No way did I guzzle a can of pop that quickly.

As I was starting the washing machine, I peeked out the laundry room door and caught Wee One sneaking sips of my pop.



We are off to OKC in the too early morning hours of Saturday.

I have thrown around the idea of staying the night in OKC but we are hauling an extra kid to/fro to The Oklahoma School Of Math and Science. In fact, I am not sure how we even got wrangled into giving him a ride again.

Oh well. I guess I’ll put on my happy face and be cool about it. It is not the kid’s fault. I like this kid in general, he does not seem to be any more of a trouble-maker than Bubba.

I am irritated with a few people/situations in my life right now. I am fixing to lay it all out for them soon. I am just thinking about my approach. (imagine that, ME thinking before opening my mouth).

When I say things, they do not always come out like I intend. I come across as a snotty rude b*tch. Believe me, I am not exaggerating. Anyone who knows me personally will attest. So, the situation has to get really, really bothersome to me before I open my mouth and piss someone off, which is usually the end result.

While I am off on this rant, I do NOT know my way around OKC. I called several hotels in the OKC area.

The hotel, I am guessing that is closest to the school (Oklahoma School of Science and Math) only had 1 double bed per room available, rollaways are $10 apiece.

Wondering if the lack of comfort will be worth staying close to the school, I ask the hotel clerk(who sounds like a 12 yo on the phone) how close the hotel was located to the school.

Clerk answers, “um, I have not a clue. I am from Texas, been here 2 weeks.”

So, I ask, “can you ask someone else there at the hotel who might know this information?”

Clerk,” yeah sure.” I can hear muffled talking, she comes back on the phone, “We cant help you, the only other person here is from Texas too.”

Me, “oh, wow. I appreciate the helpful information.” said in my most sarcastic voice.

The clerk decides to ignore my nasty tone. She says in a cheery voice, “so, can I make you a reservation? Our hotel is really nice. You wont be disappointed.”

Me, “Errr, I’ll call back.” Not really.

grrrrr. I still have not made any hotel reservations. The hotels are quickly filling up. I need an assistant to do this stuff for me!

Hubs says I am just like this judge from The People’s Court. He says we talk, have the same mannerisms, and act just alike, especially while trying to get our point across to people we are irritated with.


Does hubs deserve a slap or a hug for that comparison?



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31 responses to “Judging Pockets Anniversary

  1. Well, I like Judge Marilyn Milian. I am trying to reconcile your pic with her mannerisms and it is shorting out my brain.

    When I was in Boston last week I was trying to imagine if my son went to college in a big city, how I would possibly go visit him. I hate big cities. Well, I hate having to be the one to attempt to navigate big cities. If I have a local with me, I’m good. I just don’t even try to keep up with where I am.

  2. Hey BG thanks for your kind words! Glad you like your horse awards, about time we had some for horse lovers!! You won the horse book on my give away so send me your snail mail address and I will get it right out to you. My e-mail is thediz@roadrunner.com
    I totally dislike driving in the city when I don’t know where I am going. Totally! You should have asked for the manager to help you, I also totally dislike it when I get some young chicky on the phone that doesn’t have a clue what’s going on! Hope you ended up getting a good close hotel. I just realized that I used the word totally three times in this paragraph, how pathetic is that?! lol!

  3. markira-maybe Milian and I favor each other just a tad bit but I am not latino! Actually, I have only seen her a few times. I will be lost in OKC…..

    MM-me? a winner??? woot!!!!!!!!!! thank you! every word I said I meant and it is the truth, you are the nicest blogger I have ever met, really. OMG, I finally reserved a room out in BFE OKC and I had to speak w/ a foreigner who 1. I could NOT understand 2. I had to spell everything for, my name is simple 3. I had to repeat my credit card numbers 5 times while he said them outloud. Now Im wondering whos gonna steal it. Gah!!!!!

  4. Happy 2 year anniversary! I have loved blogging and all the wonderful people I have meet! My step son is 16 years old-I can totally releate to the smart mouth! They become so self centered little know it alls! UGH! Amen-I do not know why they do hire people who are intelligent or at least have common sense!

  5. she must be day time TV
    Never had the opportunity.

    Happy two years!!!

    I have to be really careful – because sarcasm comes easily for me, too.
    I try to remember that sometimes I’m on the other end of it — and usually about something over which I have no control

  6. dickiebo

    Yea. Me too – sarcastic! I got into trouble on somebody called ‘Alan’ (I think it was)’s blog, when he took seriously my comment about him being a bit stingey for not making an award to me when he had given it to everybody else! Needless to say, I don’t go there anymore!
    I’ve never seen that Judge, Ramblin’, but she looks OK to me – in a mature way, of course!!
    As for driving, can’t you get a SatNav to help you?

  7. I can so relate to the smart mouth teenagers. If my first two kids had been teenagers before the second two came along (I missed that by a year or two), there never would have been a second two. lol I’m pretty sure a muzzle will not help, it’ll only get you landed in jail.

    My youngest son has just moved to San Diego and is working in a hotel. I can just imagine him on the other end of the phone saying about the same thing. lol

    Wee One busted for sneaking soda…….he is just too cute. How did he fare with his surgery? He looks good, but what kind of patient was he……for you, not the doc. lol

  8. I have the mouth problem too. I just give in to it now. I think it’s the holding in that may actually be the problem,lol. Makes me looooooony;p

  9. jo

    Happy blogging anniversary !
    You owe hubs a hug…the judge is a no nonsense,honest broad….as are you.

    Wee and Dr P..too cute 🙂

    The teen mouth syndrome…yikes !!!!! Take heart in knowing the time will come when he looks back and apologizes for being mouthy …honest !

    Y’all have fun this weekend !

  10. Happy blogiversary! 🙂

  11. Teen boys and girls………So glad to be past that…LOL…Good luck!

  12. KD-you are 100% right on about teenagers! oh, I finally found a room, lets hope the foreign dude got my info right…

    pamela-I think she is daytime, around hubs lunch-hour in fact! thank you, its been a good 2 years.

    dickiebo-some people out in blogland are freaks, just like in the real world, there is ALL kinds. Hey, Im an injun, I travel by N,S,W, and E….I dont need a GPS. Well, on second thought……..ya got one I can borrow?

    risingrainbow-your right, the muzzle would probably get me 30 days in the county jail. Wee One hasnt had his surgery yet, it is rescheduled to 3/6 because his ears had fluid and one of his tonsils was infected. He is usually great w/ his MDs.

    lael-lol, tell itlike it is.

    jo-I always thought Milian was kinda abrupt but I suppose coming from my Yankee background that I am always reminded of, I probably DO sounds like her!


    callie-glad you survived it too

  13. a full clip ,but no gun? gotta have a talk with that boy.

    suggestion, and this works for me:
    just look up driving directions, and you’ll get the rundown on how far away someplace is from another point in town.

  14. gino-Ive mapquested, I also have a regular OKCmap, hopefully Im ready…guns are locked up immediately when done being used…………….just a silly rule around here.

  15. ((((((Hugs))))))))

    I could use you around work lately. 🙂

    Have fun this weekend.

  16. Brian-been tough at work, eh? sorry about that. Get mean w/ them…

  17. DM-yep! I even asked him if he was drinking my soda, he said, “I dont think so”

  18. Ohhhhh you have the 7th heaven book, I’m no the list to read it at the library and currently 18th place lol

  19. anne-almost finished and it is GOOD! I was the very 1st person to check it out too 🙂

  20. BULLETS!!!?????? oh no… teenagers do NOT need bullets. Not in America anyway.

    Wee One drinks soda? my son wont even drink gingerale when he is sick.

    No slap. Feel good about being a confident woman.

  21. I am so thankful that I just teach teenagers a couple of hours per day and then I can leave them behind! Don’t get me wrong….most of my students are great, but I wouldn’t want to live with them!!!

  22. ann

    Hey she’s my favorite judge. I like her! If you are like her, you are a winner!!

    Hope the weekend goes well!

  23. Marilyn Milian is hot and spicy all rolled together in one zesty package. Hell yeah, I’d like to be compared to her!

  24. I hate making travel arrangements of any kind. At least in the age of the Internet we can do all the sh*twork ourselves without having to pay a travel agent to do it.

    Have a great trip!

  25. Happy Blogaversary!

    I have the greatest sympathy for you having to deal with teenage issues. I am glad we are well past that stage. Just remember they are biologically wired to ruffle your feathers. That potpourri of items from his pocket seems a little scary though!

  26. Happy Blog Anniversary!

    Hope the trip to OKC went well. We will be making a trip there the end of this month.

  27. Happy 2 year Anniversary! I’m glad you are part of the blogosphere!

    I am really looking forward to my boys being 14, NOT! Yikes.

    People who don’t know the area working at a hotel?! I would have been frustrated, too.

    I’m not familiar with the judge, so can’t answer that last one!

  28. Katie

    Happy Blog Anniversary!

    I hope that you are having fun!

  29. Hope everything has gone good today.


  30. melanie- we like guns, Bubba handles guns better than some adults I know. We like to hunt, he was hunting coyotes w/ his .22. Wee likes soda if it is someone else’s, otherwise, he wants juice!

    arkansassongbird-coming from an overnight trip w/ two 14 yo boys, YOU are very lucky you can send your teenagers home wo their parents. I need a valium now!

    ann-cool! I guess I wont slap my husband then, eh?

    ewbl-the internet is awesome! we depend so MUCH on our computers at home, it is crazy. Milian is hot and spicy, huh? not how I would describe me but she is obviously liked, Im cool w/ that!

    seamus-thank you! Bubba is an outdoor kid. He happened to be out coyote hunting….if there is a hunting season or in this case, a bounty, Bubba is out hunting.

    kelli-thanks. The trip went well, the city was nuts Friday evening but early Saturday morning we drove around the Capitol.

    kila-oh dear, you have it times 3! your a great mom, I KNOW you’ll do well.

    katie-thank you!

    Brian-thanks for the well wishes 🙂

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