OKC Mathematics Competition Trip

 We made good time on our trip South to OKC Friday evening. The traffic was busy, Oklahoma Highway Patrol was abundant. 

We entered onto I-35 at Ponca City.  The traffic was light until we were 1/2 way to OKC and then we encountered road construction. 

We checked into our hotel without incident. The boys had their noses in Bubba’s phone and Ipod touch. We had free wireless internet, so Bubba took advantage of that.

I am reading Stephen King’s Duma Key . What a great book! I cannot put it down, it is so good.

I have read a lot of good books the past 6 months, Duma Key is in the TOP 5.

We checked out of the hotel early so we could find Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics    and not be late.

The boys had both been there with their Gifted and Talented instructor last Fall but I have never been.

We had some time to burn, so we cruised downtown.


We checked out the State Capitol.

“umm, how do we get over there?”

We eventually found our way. 

Still having time to burn, we searched out a cup of coffee and found Java Dave’s.

JD’s was only a couple of blocks from OSSM and it had computers, free wireless, and delicious coffee.

Me, “were here!”

Boys, “awesome.”

Me, “ya nervous? know your math equations?” 

Bubba, “yep.”

J “yep.”

I look at them, they are as cool as cucumbers.

200+ kids and their parents attended.

I learned about the school in a small lecture type setting while the boys tested. It was a very informative event for me. There are so many good things about this school! However, there are quite a few things Bubba might not like about the school….such as there is not a competitive sports program, no cell phones, only allowed to drive their car to/fro home on weekends, they are allowed to come home every other weekend…just to name a few.

The pros outweight the cons but, Bubba without his sports is like a fish out of water.


Second and Third place in our division.

J also took 3rd place in another category which I have already forgotten. I wrote it down during the awards ceremony.

I was a proud mama!

** I want to add, 90% of the competing kids had either a teacher OR a math-coach with them, MY boys had neither **

 Driving home, not even close.


Their teenage brains recharging to give BG more grief.

No rest for me, I was driving.

2-lanes, getting closer. 

Almost home, only 60 miles to go….


Bubba and I go back to OSSM in April for a open house parent/kid type visit. Bubba has also been invited to another MathCounts 2 day workshop in June.


Hubs gets a gold star.

He is beginning to comprehend the meaning of choreplay.’

I came home to a clean house, vacuumed floors, laundry done, dishwasher loaded, happy Wee One, and animals all taken care of.

Despite it being nearly dark, I spent my necessary time with my horses (necessary means: necessary for my mental well being). Wee One was bouncing under foot in the barn, talking non-stop.

I could tell I was missed. I jumped in the shower and Wee One camped out on the bath-tub with his juice box and book. He read to me while I was loofa-ing. Soon here comes hubs, He parks himself on the side of the garden tub alongside Wee. Good thing I do not care about privacy anymore,eh?

We’ve had some wonderful sunny and very warm weather in Oklahoma. Today they are predicting severe storms…..I hope they miss us.



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22 responses to “OKC Mathematics Competition Trip

  1. BrownEyedCowgirls

    Awesome – way to go boys!!(and momma). I was in OKC once(a long time ago) to judge horses and we ate at this really cool restaurant. Don’t remember the name but all of the staff was dressed like pirates and wenches. The salad bar was a 62′ Jaguar.
    Bet it felt doubly good to get home to a cleaned house, happy baby and content animals?

  2. Aniin BG.

    I’ve said it before… YOU ROCK!!!!

    Congrats to Bubba and congrats to you, proud mama.

    About that shower…… 😉

  3. Way to go Bubba! Awesome.

    Choreplay – I need to have some more of that going on in my house.

  4. Way to go Bubba and congrats for a safe & successful trip!
    We’re catching the edge of that weather here, but so far just a little wing and clouds.

  5. Congrats to everyone! That’s pretty darn cool.

    I must really be in the sticks no restuarants or whatever with puters and wireless internet anywhere around here. Although maybe in Seattle….I feel like I’ve been left back in time or something. lol

    It’s even more impressive the boys did well without a coach. Shows they have confidence in what they know and can really use it.

    Glad that hubs helped out. That’s pretty cool too. It’s always much nicer coming home from a stressful day and being able to relax instead of putting in another day at home.

    I know what you mean about horses being for you mental well being. That’s a given here.

    I hope the storms pass you by. I’m so sick of this weather. Praying for spring………

  6. jo

    Yay Bubba !
    BG, you must be so very proud. Great pics, too.
    I like those school rules…sounds like it would be safe and sane for a kid !
    Glad everything went well.

  7. Terrific result. May we share your pride?

    Intrigued by your comment on my Romanian ghost story post. Do tell us your “ghost post”.

    (There is a ghost in my forthcoming novel, Muskoka Maharani)

  8. WAY TO GO BOYS! Congratulations on a job well done!!!!! Tell them that MM is proud of them! Good job BG too, I don’t know if I could have found my way there and back. We don’t have restaurants with wireless service either so don’t feel bad. I like the sticks, it’s sure better then the city for this old gal.

    Great pictures as always BG.

    Hope your book is there by now. You probably already know everything in it but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Tell me more about Dumas Key. I don’t usually read SK but that one intrigues me for some reason and I need a good book to take to Florida next week to read on the plane. I just don’t like stuff about the occ*ult.

    Way to go Hubs! Give that guy a star! Nice to come home to a clean house and a happy boy.

  9. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! to very smart boys!!!!!!!!!

  10. ann

    I’m so proud of Bubba and J. !!! Glad you had a good trip and hope you don’t have storms! Enjoyed this post!!

  11. Well done young men!!! Proud of ya!!!

    (the pictures of the way home remind me of a few years back when I drove from Tulsa to Ok City with my sis in law. There were no rest stops.)

  12. donnaW-Iam very 🙂

    BEC-Im not familiar at all w/ OKC but the restaurant sounds cool!

    brian-thanks, Im all clean now 🙂

    karmynR-oh yeah, all husbands need to KNOW about choreplay

    seamus-it stormed wicked last night, now it is snowing!

    risingrainbow-whenever Bubba gets near free wireless, he is overjoyed. we do not have any wireless near where we live.

    jo-I am very proud…..but that teenage attitude is on my LAST nerve

    dm-your books sounds intriguing!

    MM-I hope the book arrives today, I am looking forward to it 🙂 I am 1/2 way thru Duma Key and so far nothing occ*ult yet…but there is still 1/2 to go. it is GOOD!

    callie-thank you

    ann-Im a proud mama

    pamela-lol, there are NO rest stops in Oklahoma!

  13. Yay! You made it there and back without incident. Always a reason to be proud.

    Awesome job, boys, on the math! Love math. mk

  14. HG- MC Staff

    Hi-I get alerts sent to me when MATHCOUNTS is mentioned on the web so every once in a while I click on the links if they sound interesting. I have been following your MC entrys off and on and enjoying them.

    Congrats to BG and the boys you all did great! So glad you enjoy MATHCOUNTS keep working hard!

  15. Sounds like you guys had an amazing trip! My brother had an opportunity to go to a School of Fine Arts for high school, but turned it down. I don’t think he regrets it at all. It’s a hard choice, but you and your hubs have obviously reared an intelligent boy and your family will do what’s right.

    Congrats to Bubba!! WOOOOO!

  16. Congrats to the guys!!! Second and third place is awesome. I’m impressed with any type math award. Math isn’t a subject area that I shine in.

  17. I am happy to hear the positive results from Mathcounts! A big high 5 to the boys. You are a great mom to be involved in extracurricular activities like you do! The boys are lucky they have your support. I haven’t read a SK in quite a while, sounds like I should! Choreplay, that’s a new word for me. I will have to share this with the hubby!

  18. a LOVELY weekend then, eh? I am so happy for you. You deserved it. :hugs:

    privacy is highly overrated when you get that kind of attention after being gone. I have to say.

  19. LOL,your bathtime sounds like my bathtime..well when I had a bathtub.

    I’m glad you had such a great time away and bonus points to your man!

  20. markira-math-yuck, Bubba didnt get his mathsmarts from ME

    HG-glad you commented! 🙂 we LOVE MathCounts gonna miss it next year

    pinky-yeah, Bubba is really really into sports, not sure how he’ll like OSSM

    arkansassongbird-Math is HARD, I have a healthy respect for ANYONE who can do it well!

    jjulesnorth-DK is addictive, I LOVE this book. Not enough time to read-grrr

    mel-better to be missed than not, eh?

    lael-but sometimes, I want to be ALONE

  21. That is great. We have a friend whose daughter attends that school and I know her dad is really impressed with it.

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