Fighting off the blahs…..

Blahs: 1      BG: 0

Last week, one of my favorite nephews, cut off his thumb and index finger with a saw. They were reattached surgically, so far, so good.

Not a good injury for a young man who is right hand dominant.

C is a hard working guy with a wife and young daughter. I wish I was closer so I could help them out. Oklahoma is a helluva long ways from Northern Michigan.

Please send C out some good vibes. I would really, really appreciate it.


Oklahoma’s glorious spring weather blew away when the thunderstorms hit last night.

This morning it was 32 degrees, sleeting, then snowing. Now it is just windy and cold.

This cold, gloomy weather is bringing me down.

I need sunshine and I need to be outside.

I need the winds to quit blowing 30 mph.

I need to ride Scooter, my saddle is collecting dust bunnies.

I need for Wee One’s surgery to be a success, over and done with, behind us.

I need for March 26th to get here NOW, it is the first day of my vacation, without the family.

I need for people to keep their drama to themselves.

Enough about that business, I am fixing to deal with it soon and it won’t be pretty.


My cats are the laziest cats to ever walk this Earth.

All they do is sleep, eat, sleep some more, eat, sleep.

Oh, and use the litterbox as soon as I scoop it out.

Why do both cats love to scratch this chair?

The ugly pink wingback chair is the only piece of furniture the cats scratch. Good thing too because Kitty has all her claws.

Why does Marvin even bother scratching? he doesnt have any claws.

Wee One nearly polished off that entire bag of Jack Links beef jerky Sunday. I pretty much let him too.

His pre-op is Wednesday and his surgery is scheduled for Thursday. Wee’s voice still sounds a bit hoarse. He does not have a fever and he is acting fine, but he was before when his surgery was canceled.

Things here at The Res are busy, hectic, chaotic, confusing, stressful.

It may be awhile before I get a chance to post again….most likely after Wee One’s surgery.



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37 responses to “Niisaandendam

  1. I’m saying a prayer for Wee One’s successful recovery from surgery, and also for the nephew.

  2. jo

    Wow BG…your plate sounds too full…

    Take a deep breath….look forward to Friday, when this week will be behind you. Wee will be recovered and doing well, that cats will still be annoying and perhaps you’ll get get good news about your nephew.
    Anything here in Mi. I can do ?

    Take care of you…sneak out for a ride if you can

  3. Take Care and good luck to WeeOne and the surgery, good vibes being sent from this end to your nephew and I too have got the winter blues. Need sunshine and warmer weather! Oh and cats that lay around , eat and crap……….

  4. I was afraid you were going to get a much worse version of this mercurial weather.

    That’s awful about your nephew’s accident. Fortunately they were able to reattach…and that is a lot to be grateful for. My brother lost a finger tip to the 1st knuckle on a saw and they were not able to reconstruct. Pretty much ended his fretting a guitar.

  5. donnaW-thank you, it is very mucho appreciated

    jo-thanks! I am looking forward to the weekend already and it is only Monday, that is just wrong.

    callie-thank you. The blues suck. I want spring, now.

    seamus-just howling straight line winds, a few tree limbs, no twisters…Does your brother miss the guitar? Hubs had his left hand smashed back in ’91, it was pretty bad, still is sometimes…

  6. Oh BG you REALLY need that vacation in the sun! Try to think of the pool that you will be sitting by and the cabana boys bringing you drinks with funny umbrellas in them!
    Munchie and Noodles have one thing that they like to scratch too and it is the padded bench at the foot of our bed. I have to keep a blanket over it! Grrrrr…..
    So sorry about your nephew. I will be praying that the reattachment works!
    Also will be thinking of WeeOne, I know you will feel better when you get this behind you. It’s hard when our children need something done, the waiting I mean. Let’s just get it done like YESTERDAY!
    Let me know the final review of the Dumas Key book. I need to buy one for my trip, usually I just grab any paperback with a horse on the cover!

  7. Sorry, don’t have your email, so here is code for map with you on it. Just add it to side bar…..

    View Larger Map

  8. Oh poo, sorry don’t know if that worked.

  9. Your plate IS full! My prayers and thoughts to your poor nephew! Love seeing Scooter as always; he must have a nice coat for Winter. The Cats are smart in finding comforters and such. My guess is that couch is the perfect angle to polish (Ahem!) tear up the furniture!

    WEE ONE: You’ll do well!

  10. Our clawless cat still goes thru the motion, too.
    I feel sorry for her.

    so… is there a drama queen that is going to get her crown knocked off. oh boy… are you going to share?

  11. ps. so sorry about the saw accident. makes my teeth grit just to think about it. Our ex- neighbor put his hand in a chipper. I was at work – so I got to hear about the screaming from the other neighbors who were at home.

  12. I thought Wee One already had his surgery. Did it get rescheduled or am I just living in a fog again? lol Anyway, I hope it goes well too.

    Also sorry to hear about the blahs. I think they are contagious. I am dealing with the same thing right now. The weather has turned cold and ugly again and I am feed up with winter. My horses look like crap. It has been a hard winter for them too.

  13. I’ll make sure to keep your nephew C and Wee One in my thoughts and prayers. You’ve got a lot on your plate, lady, but I know you can handle it. HUGS and good vibes being sent your way.

  14. Jen

    owwwww on the finger!!:0(

    BTW I really like your profile pic girl!

  15. Love ya BG, thanks for the update. I got a lazy critter too, his name is Henry (20 lbs. worth). I hope all is well with you and the family.

  16. MM-so far, nothing occ*lt in DumaKey but there may be something farther along, I am 2/3 the way thru. GOOD BOOK, I cannot stop saying it. Wayyyyyy better than Lisey’s story.

    callie-it worked and it is COOL! your hubs rocks.

    MM-yeah, Scooter is pretty darn wooley. thank for the prayers and well wishes.

    pamela-ummm yep, it isnt going to be pleasant. We call marv’s pathetic attempt at scratching, paddling….ouch, wood chipper? I cannot imagine.

    risingrainbow-rescheduled to 3/6 because of infection. I am ready for Spring. Scooter has faired okay this winter, he is really starting to show is age though 😦

    pinky-thank you!

    jen-thanks! that was back about 6 years ago….

    jp-thank you! Henry sounds like my kind of cat.

  17. Ok, all the good wishes for Wee One from the originally scheduled date are still holding…and added some for your nephew, too.

    Keep faith, it *will* get better! Hugs, mk

  18. Kat

    Sending tons of good vibes to you!!! Hope the surgery goes well…it are so resilient its not even funny!! He’ll feel so much better afterward…mini did.

    Sounds like the cats are having a “pissing contest” on the chair…they have scent glands between the toes…claws or not… they can still leave an advertisement…LOL

  19. dickiebo

    Yea! I just knew that this week was gonna be a stinker! I shall send out my healing energies to nephew C. Awful thing to happen.
    As for the blues. Just sing ’em away, gal. They’ll soon go away. Callie’s map is quite clever. Ain’t it now?
    Don’t worry about Wee One. He’s gonna be OK. Honest Injun!

  20. BrownEyedCowgirls

    BG – Oh do I know about the drama – have been lining people out the last couple days myself. It has made me very unpopular with everyone except “my boys”(TG they still love their momma).
    Good thoughts for Wee One’s surgery and your nephew.
    Guaranteed cure for stess-go out, wrap your arms around Scooter’s neck, smash your face into his hair and BREATHE!! ahh-isn’t that the best aromatherapy ever?? God Bless….

  21. I really love that top photo.

    My cats scratch my couches and hardly move when I get after them,assholes.

    I’m sorry about your nephew. I’ll keep him in my thoughts:)

  22. I hate the weather.. I’m freezing my bits off.

    Wee one will be fine.. Stay strong!

  23. markira-thanks!

    kat-thank you 🙂 I figured the clawless scratching had something to do w/ dominance

    dickiebo-thank you! Callie’s map is neat isnt it? wish my husband was half as talented with a puter…

    BEC-thanks. Scooter has saved me from a million things…..bless him!


    burg-omg, y’all got hammered w/ the snow, I feel for ya

  24. dickiebo

    Be fair, Ramblin’, he can’t have everything, now. It just wouldn’t be fair, would it?

  25. (((((((((hugs))))))))

    Be well my friend.

  26. I have the blahs too but its cause I’m sick blah

  27. Praying for Wee Ones surgery. Sorry to hear about the finger accident, ouch. Have fun on your vacation. And I agree about the weather, I am so ready for spring. The weather here is still cold and wet.

  28. ann

    Praying that all goes well for wee one and your nephew. Loved your pictures! All of them!!

  29. Sending you positive and good luck wishes on the surgery!! What awesome shots!

  30. dickiebo-ahhh, if you say so 😉


    anne-get better

    KD-thnx. Mud, too much of it here…..


    MamaGeek-thank you!

  31. My brother was in an accident when he was 17 and severed all the fingers on his left hand. He’s left-handed. They took some of his toes and made fingers out of them but he still has what I call “Frankenstein Hand.” The grossest? He had to have his hand sewn into his chest for a week to make sure the blood circulation to his hand continued. Yuck.

    Having a family counting on you makes the situation much worse. Prayers are in order for your nephew!

  32. I woke up to around 5 inches of snow Tuesday morning!! It was a real surprise. The biggest snow of the ‘winter’ in March. It had melted off the roads by noon, but there is still a lot on the ground today.

  33. ewbl-omg! your poor brother! ouch…I bet that really hurt. toes? hmmm. I have ugly toes they would make hideous fingers.

    arkansassongbird-snow?!?! glad it went your way and not mine 🙂

  34. Sending good, healing vibes to C!

  35. kila-thanks! we are leaving in a few for Tulsa and the OSU surgery center…it’s 4:18 am, I am already tired!

  36. Katie

    Thinking of you , Wee One and your cousin – sending the best of vibes to all of you!

  37. I missed the Wee One Surgery detail. 😦 I’m so thankful your cute little guy is doing well.

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