Wee Fix

Wee One’s surgery went well. He is very sore as expected but resting comfortably(thanks to good pain meds) on the couch. Wee has complete and total control over the TV. He’s switching between Sponge Bob on Nick and his favorite DVD, ‘Over The Hedge.’

Wee’s requested blue popcicles, blue gatorade, and blue jello. I’ve stocked up on all three in blue. Unfortunately, he is consuming them at a very slow pace with me worrying over his fluid intake.

Hopefully Wee’s healing process will be quick and he’ll be back to his hell-raising self soon. 

I appreciate the prayers, well wishes, and good thoughts on both Wee’s and my nephew’s behalf-Thank you!

I took these photos last week when the weather was very spring-like. 

This slide goes fast…….and around in a circle. 


Always something interesting on the ground to find and stash in one’s pockets.

After about 10  minutes of vigorous pushing I say, “Wee, can I stop pushing?”  I am still running around in a circle.

Wee One, “no, faster!”

Okay, so I trot a little quicker while pushing. Starting to feel vertigo-like, I say, “Wee, I’m dizzy, mama’s gotta stop.”

Wee, “no, Please faster!”

Me, ” okay, one more big push then I gotta walk a straight line for a bit.

I am a playground wimp, I get too dizzy is what I am informed by Wee One later that evening.

Too high! Do not scare your mother…….

Look out, this slide goes fast.

If you want to see a super-short (4.0 seconds)video of Wee One at the park click here:


His laughter is catchy, watch out!



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18 responses to “Wee Fix

  1. jo

    Oh what a laugh !!!!! I am so glad all went well for him. How are you holding up ? How is your nephew doing ?
    I still remember having my tonsils out at 4….blue food hadn’t been invented yet 🙂 Sounds fun the Wee One while he mends up.
    Hope you both rest well tonite ! Bet your stress level had dropped enough that you will have a good nights sleep !
    Thanks for letting us know..been thinking of y’all all day.

  2. Rebecca

    He looks SOOOOO cheerful in these pics! I hope he heals quickly and you soon see his progress. I bet daddy’s favorite color is blue too?

    Sorry that I haven’t been by. Every day I have more and more to do it seems. I never feel like I am caught up. My guy is out of town until Sunday night. I wanted to rest this weekend….but no way will that be possible. I have to declutter 2 closets. One I have to clean out completely..I have a 4 bedroom house and EVERY closet is filled to capacity. Help me. Send me someone to organize things for me.

  3. oh, the giggles…
    brings back memories of my now adult kids (thanks for the tearing up)

    its raining in OK today, aint it?
    my real estate agent sent some pics he took today of a house i’m inquiring about in Spiro (west of ft smith), and it looked rather wet over there.

  4. That is just a darling video of WeeOne coming down the slide! I’d like to bottle up that giggle and keep it for days when I need a boost! So glad his surgery went well and that he is on the mend. Blue ‘eh? T had a blue Slushy today at the mall with me. Her tongue was really blue and the sugar cranked her right up to the ceiling! I’ll never do that again! lol! How you coming on the Dumas Key book? I was at Bord*er’s the other night and almost bought it but want to know what you think first. You are my Reviewer!

  5. celeste

    So glad surgery went well. He will drink more as the pain eases up.

  6. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Are all those blue things the same flavor or does he just like the color?

    It seems to me they don’t drink much the first 24 hrs or so and then pick up after that. It’s been a while since my kids were that little but I still remember some of this stuff. lol

    You’re not the only one to get dizzy. I was never good at pushing those things either. I’m even worse now. LOL

    I hope you get a good night’s sleep.

  7. Poor Wee One! I hope he gets all better quick. He sure is a handsome lil guy!

  8. jo-I slept pretty well last night! only up at midnight for Wee’s pain med, then he was up at 5am to start the day w/ jello, popcicle and more meds.

    rebecca-yep, hubs likes blue and green. Wee used to LOVE pink! I figured you were busy, afterall its not like you get married every day 🙂

    gino-weve had rain AND snow-ick!

    MM-glad you liked the video! sugar-highs…I miss them. I bet T liked hers, poor grandma. I emailed you about Duma Key. I think Ill post about it someday soon.

    celeste-hes a lot better today

    risingrainbow-both! he likes blue raspberry and the color blue. He is better today, still puny though. We slept good, thank goodness

    mikey-awww thanks!

  9. I’m so glad things went well with his surgery. He’ll be back on the slide and you’ll be getting dizzy very soon I’m sure! 😉

  10. He is too cute. Glad his surgery went well and that he recuperates quickly!!!

  11. He is too darn cute!
    I’m glad he’s home,safe and sound.
    I love that he’s flipping between show,lol

  12. ann

    So glad that everything went so well for Wee One!!

  13. dickiebo

    He sure looks and sounds not bad. Get him mounted on Marvel for a short ride and get your cameraman to film him for his admirers out here. He’ll soon be right back to normal – so look out!

  14. seamus-I think I stay ‘dizzy’ sometimes! Wee One has been a lot better today 🙂


    lael-he likes his DVD’s thats for sure…

    ann-thank you!

    dickiebo-okay, I shall post a better video 🙂 I am trying to conserve my energys…


    (I hope the giggle box heard me)

  16. ELL

    Feel Well and strong soon Wee One!

  17. OH! I’m so glad that everything went well. Thank you for sharing pictures of your darling Wee One, he’s a charmer! And that laugh! Verrrrry infectious. I’m sure he’ll be back to making you crazy soon enough. I wouldn’t worry about the fluid intake as much as I would about him turning blue! HA!

    (I can only joke because I’ve been eating only strawberry flavored things and my hubby said I was going to turn red. Hasn’t happened yet.)

  18. Katie

    Wee One is So cute! I came back to catch up on my reading! 🙂

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