The Key

Beware the ides of March.
(Julius Caesar, 1.2.22)



On a very, very rare occasion, when I finish a book, a really exceptional book, I feel both exhilarated and down at the same time. 

 Duma Key was the best Stephen King novel I have read in years…years. He does not need little ole me tooting his horn but by golly I am.

godagendaagwakamigad: to be in a painful, bad, accident

I was only into the first 1/4 of the book and I could relate to Edgar, the main character in ‘Duma Key’.

Edgar suffers a near death accident, head injuries included. Edgar’s accident and injuries were far more serious than mine…but I could  relate to his confusion, anger, frustration, and, must not leave out the best part, the screaming headaches.

A month or so ago when King was promoting his book, I caught a sliver of an interview when he was on one of the morning news programs. King was explaining about how he incorporated in his injury and rehab from an accident when he wrote ‘Duma Key’.

July of 2001, I had a near fatal car accident. Among my injuries of breaks, and torn flesh, I suffered a severe closed head Injury.

That head injury changed me more than the skin and bone injuries. My injuries did not give me a psychic power or paranormal gifts or render me unconcious for days (I was only out for a few hours). Edgar in the book received psychic powers and a talent to paint masterpieces that actually changed people’s lives in the physical sense. Nothing so grand happened to me. The only thing my head injury did give me a helluva lot of grief.

The weeks and rehabilitation following my accident were indeed, the worst part of my life to date.

After my release from the hospital, eventually, I was given the okay by my physicians for a short 30 minute walk….with my walker of course. The walker on wheels.

These short strolls of 25 feet one way to the concrete bench outside the barn and horse-pasture were my salvation.

I would pop an extra vicoden and shuffle out to see Scooter. I would rest on the bench with my horse keeping me company in the summer shade of the tall cedar trees. Those short and painful trips out to my horse are what kept me going…..

Now this is the hard part, me describing how it changed me. 

The people closest to me can attest to a lot more than I’ll ever admit.

What I can say for fact is my memory has suffered and my attention span has shortened. Sometimes my thought process gets confused, like reading maps or complicated instructions, it takes a bit longer to register and process certain information. I noticed these changes immediately, especially when I returned to work after the accident……I was in a whole new world.

With a big sigh of relief, the above things have faded. The screaming headaches are almost completely gone, with the exception of a rare one sneaking up as a nasty reminder.

I have been a fan of Stephen King since my earliest teen years. Duma Key, The Stand, Misery, and Pet Cemetary are my favorite novels by King.

What is your favorite book by King?

If your not a fan, tell me about the best book and author you’ve read in the last year. My inquiring mind wants to know.




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22 responses to “The Key

  1. Jenny

    I want to read this book it sounds fantastic. My fav King book is The Stand.

  2. Haven’t read anything by him

  3. jenny-I LOVED The Stand too. DK is one of the BEST King books I have ever read, I really enjoyed it.

    anne-thats too bad, he is a good writer…

  4. Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption.

    As good as King is, I don’t like to be scared, and I don’t enjoy being depressed.

  5. I’m glad the effects of that car accident are fading for you. My head went through a windshield once too, and my memory sucks.

    I don’t read King, but try to keep a Dean Koontz thriller in my purse for waiting rooms. He’s usually a fast read, but the novel I’m reading now is uncharacteristically slow moving and I’m finding it to be a bit painful to get through it.

  6. DonnaW-loved The Green Mile! I only saw the movie though, never read the book:(

    NM-Kootz is a very good writer. I can remember reading ‘DarkFall’ in high school and thinking about those little demon creatures..

  7. Hmmmm, picking a fav King book could be hard. I’ve read so many! I think, because it was just so effing traumatic to me, “It” would have to be one of them. I was foolish enough to read it over winter break when my brother had gone home for the holiday and I lived in our drafty ass apartment all alone. NOT A GOOD IDEA. I have yet to tackled The Stand, which my hubby just think is a shame.

    I had pneumonia 6 years ago that nearly killed me. Some odd strain that would become resistant to antibiotics rather rapidly. I drained my brain of quite a few cells and there are whole chunks of time I’ve lost, maybe forever. I didn’t have the suffering you did, but losing memory just plain sucks.

  8. Bad Girl Creek by JoAnn Mapson. Fantastic read, great author.
    And anything by Janet Evanovich….

  9. The only thing I’ve read by Stephen King was a book about how to write books. It was very informative and I appreciated his sense of humor.

    Other than that I really don’t read books because of a head injury many years ago that caused an extreme case of double vision (among other things) so I find reading books and magazines to be very difficult. I do better on the computer because I have a huge screen and can change my settings for font size. That makes it better but my retention still isn’t great. No fun……..I really miss books.

  10. I can’t read King. He scares me so bad I run out of undies.

  11. pinky-‘IT’ scared me too! I remember reading it and feeling like I was in the sewer right alongside those kids. The movie’s clown was sooooooo terrifying. Ive never been a fan of clowns and that just sealed the deal for me.

    mikey-Bad Creek Girl sounds like something I would LOVE to read. Ill be looking it up!

    risingrainbow-I would go bonkers w/out my books. I never knew King wrote a book like that…..

    pamela-omg! get some of those disposables. Your missing out! actually, DK was not as terrifying as King’s other books….it was more mystery and I LOVED it.

  12. I’m 1’a those folks that once I read a book I like I’ll read every single thing by that author so I read every kind book out there a while back then I got to the Dark Tower books and just … stopped. Haven’t read him in many, many years. The one that always got to me was Pet Semetary. Creeped me right the eff out.
    I’ve been on a big sci-fi thing for the last 5-6 years. My fave author is Terry Goodkind. I loved that series until about the last 2, they’re starting to sound the same now so it’s a good thing he finished the series. Word is the rights have been bought to be made into some sort of ocular candy.
    Does Wee read?

  13. I’ve never read a Stephen King book. I don’t read much fiction any more. The last one I read was three years ago. It was The Other Bolyn Girl which I think has just been released as a movie. That was a good book. I read Thoreau’s Walden a year ago but didn’t get all the way to the end. It wasn’t as great as I had hoped. Essays of E.B. White is fantastic. He was such a good writer, and very funny too.

  14. dickiebo

    I don’t read fiction. My current book is brill. It is ‘As A Dodo’, by George Poles & Simon Littlefield. It’s for Brits as it relates to people & incidents mainly in the UK. It is ‘The obituaries you would like to see’!
    PS. Hope you enjoyed your ‘glass’!

  15. I have read most everything King has written, however the last couple of books he wrote in the Dark Tower series were not among my favorites; although, after spending that much time on the rest I wanted to finish the tale. I was disappointed. I am looking forward to reading Duma Key.

    So far this year my favorite book and author has been DIVISADERO by Michael Ondaatje. I only wish he were more prolific.

  16. michelle-no Wee does not read yet BUT he LOVES to be read to! I loved Pet Semetary too, it is a fav. The Dark Towers never interested me….

    Scary -thnx for the suggestions. I have not thought much about Thoreau since college. I do like him!

    dickiebo-“As A Dodo” sounds like a GOOD book! haha, I enjoyed the whole bottle….

    Seamus-I did not even attempt ‘The Dark Towers’. I think you will like Duma Key. never heard of Michael Ondaatje, but I will certainly check the author out. I am ALWAYS on the look out for new stuff to read….I am a full blown reading addict.

  17. I have never read one of his books, but the movies based on his books are amazing. Yes, I recall that grueling accident. It’s a miracle he survived and I wish him many years of success!

  18. Rebecca

    I can suiggest teen books all day long…I read ppart of a Joel Osteen book—very uplifting and positive. Some people do not care to read religious devotions of sorts.

    Prayers are still with Wee One

  19. I loved “The Shining.” I even read it twice. The movie pales in comparison the suspense and evil that King created in the book. Have you ever seen the mash-up trailer that portrays the movie as a feel-good happy family story? It is a classic.

    “It” was a huge waste of time. I dig others though, “Christine”, “Gerald’s Game”. and especially “Misery.”

    Keep it real BG. Also, thanks for your comments (I am glad we agree on that issue).

  20. MM-oh no! the movies are nothing compared to the books. But, I have to admit, I DO like a good scare me outta my seat movie 🙂

    rebecca-thank you, Wee is nearly healed! Osteen? hes a bit preachy for me…but if he makes people feel good, good for him.

    johnnypeepers-The Shining is one book I WISHED I had read before seeing the movie. Misery was an excellent book. Glad you welcome all opinions without censoring at your blog…some people do not always do that!

  21. I am a big scardy cat so no King books form me, but hubby likes them so I may have to get this one for him.

  22. “It” is my favorite King novel. The book he wrote on writing is named “On Writing.” (go figure) It’s excellent.

    I hate the majority of movie versions of his books. They don’t get it right. The exceptions would have to be “Misery.” That one was okay. The movies are just never as good as the books. “The Shining” was probably my least favorite of the movies, because the casting was horrible. Jack Nicholson should never have been cast in that part. He changed it from being about a sane man who is driven insane by the hotel, to being about an insane man who just let it all out. mk

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