Spring Piranhas

Our fish have turned into piranhas.

The fish swim at you when you come anywhere near their tank.

If your feeding them, look out. The little gold one will actually propel itself up out of the water at your hand. This is Wee One’s favorite part of feeding the fish.

Suprisingly, the fish are pretty simple to care for and the tank is easy to clean. It has a pretty big filter system….which I am sure is why.

I won something!

‘The Riders Handbook’ was my prize won over at Home On The Range . It arrived in the mail and is an excellent read to ad to my small collection of Equine books. 


This is Wee One the day after his surgery. The little rubber snakes in his bowl? They had just arrived via courier as a gift from his 2 preschool teachers, Ms. J and Ms. T.

Wee One was obsessed with the little rubber snakes a classmate had one day. His kind and thoughtful teachers sent them out to Wee One as a ‘get well’ gift. That was days ago and he is still playing with them non-stop.

Speaking of gifts. My sister J mailed me out some beautiful blouses.

 Believe me, the photo doesnt do the top justice.

I love, love getting packages in the mail. I also love, love when my sister J cleans out her closet……..

One of the blouses is a brand spanking new beaded/sequined Ulla Popken, absolutely gorgeous. I’ve worn it twice already and have gotten many comments both times.

Thank you J! I am lucky to have you as my sister.

Ms. Kitty watching Bubba put the cover on his 4-wheeler last night.

 Spring (zeegwung) has arrived.

The weekend was beautiful in Oklahoma. Sunday was perfect weather, could not ask for better.

We all took advantage of it, even Wee One was allowed outside to run wild.

Wee One pointed out to me that my flowers are blooming from the bulbs we buried last year.

After Wee One looked at them for awhile, he picked them all.

Hubs promised to bring me home a fence to put around as a border today…he’d better not forget. I planted a lot of bulbs and they are just starting to sprout, they can barely be seen but they are there.

I am also seriously contemplating the idea of growing a small garden(gitigan) this year. We love fresh vegetables. I have only been able to grow tomatoes and various peppers in pots. This year I may take on an actual real garden. A small one.

Boys will be boys no matter how old they get….

I was persuaded into a basketball game of horse, when I smoked everyone, they turned on themselves. Just kidding, they were having a tickling match, dogpile on Bubba.

I did shoot some hoops though….

The last 3 days and nights, Scooter has only consumed about 1/2 of his hay. He has been grazing more because we have a lot of green grass already.

Scooter’s winter coat has come to it’s last stages, it is lifeless and dull looking, but underneath, I can see just the beginning of his new, shiny, warm weather coat coming in beautifully.

Soon, I shall be currying and working him over with the shedder…..

 “A short tale is soon told-and a short horse soon curried”

Walter Scott, The Abbot chapter 11 (1820)

Another sunset full of fire…

Busy week ahead. Wee One has his post-op MD visit in Tulsa, then back to school for him. Thursday, both boys are out on Spring Break. Friday I have Bubba’s parent teacher conferences, and we have 2 baseball games this week. 1 home and 1 game 2 hours away…

Man oh man, this time change is kicking my sorry *ss today, I cannot get my hiney in gear!

Scared to drink anymore coffee, I may get the shakes.
I am thankful for the longer daylight hours…..very thankful



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29 responses to “Spring Piranhas

  1. Wow! lots going on on the ole’ reservation today. Glad your book arrived, I hope you like it. Glad WeeOne can get outside and enjoy the sunshine after being in sickbay all week. Picked your flowers eh??!! That’s boys for you! I did a MAJOR shedding on Buddy today. Wish I had taken my camera to take a picture. He sheds like mad and it came out in tons! My arms are sore from all the brushing but he loved it. It will take four of five more times to get it all out of him and I’ve done two or three already. Thankfully the rest of the crew doesn’t get such a heavy coat. I’m leaving tomorrow so have lots to do to get ready. You’ll be in the sunshine before you know it!! Take care!!

  2. It looks to me like your oranda’s are already growing. That’s pretty cool! A great filtration system and an uncrowded tank would encourage that.

    That was very thoughtful of Wee One’s teachers. It looks like he is doing great but is his tongue permanently blue after all of those special blue things he chose to keep hydrated. lol

    I’m with you on that missing hour. I am moving in slowmotion and have so much to do.

    Hope you have a good day.

  3. Daylight savings isn’t doing me any favors, either. Since Miss Pinky is gone, I mistakenly turned off my alarm only to wake up at 10:30!! OMG!

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. It also sounds like your whole house is glad for the nice weather. Glad that Wee is healing well and that he’s getting to play more. OH! The clothes your sister sent you! My cousin-by-way-of-marriage got some plastic surgery done, so I got all her hand-me-downs! NICE stuff. Hand-me-downs are great when they are super nice. Have fun with your new clothes!

  4. Spring flowers! Warmth! I’m so jealous!!!!!!!

  5. I always love the spring time change and the additional hours. Last summer I really missed the long daylight that we had when we lived in Seattle (thought the warmth and sunshine here make up for it)! Glad your bulbs are sprouting – spring has indeed sprung.

  6. BTW – Michael Ondaatje is the author of The English Patient.

  7. We came home once to find our angel fish in process of eating another fish – the tail was sticking out of its mouth.

  8. jo

    Fantastic photos. So glad Wee is better !
    This time change got to me this year…I have the slows…can’t seem to do anything.
    I will grow my deck veggies again this year, but an actual garden, here..where the critters refuse to share, is no longer an option for me. I don’t mind feeding the wild critters, but ya think they’d leave me a cucumber or squash ? Nooooooo.
    Hope you have fun growing yours !
    Your sister has great taste !

  9. Glad Wee One’s surgery went well.

    I love little crocus peeking up from the ground calling “Spring is on the way!”

  10. Boo’s winter coat has that ‘frizzy’ sun-bleached end-of-winter look going on too, but soon he will be slick coated and shiny….. until the sun bleaches his summer coat out {sigh}

    Glad Wee One is doing so well after his surgery!

  11. It’s great that Wee One came through surgery just fine. No green grass here; winter wheat is the only thing greening up. But that will change any day. Blue is shedding by the handfuls already.

  12. MM-Im thrilled w/ my book, thank you!I bet you are busy with your FL trip tomorrow. I cannot wait until I leave. Our older horses DO have tons more hair, dont they???

    risingrainbow-both Organdas croaked, the orange fish is just a plain ole fancytail! we were sad about the Organdas 😦

    pinky-DST is useless! sister J always gives me awesome handmedowns….sometimes they are BRAND NEW 🙂

    callie-I sent some your way…did it find you?

    seamus-yeah, when I moved from N.MI I lost a few daylight hours BUT the weather here is worth it 10 fold! I didnt read “The English Patient” and only watched about 20 minutes of the movie…I might like the book though. Ill give it a whirl.

    karmynR-oh no! hubs wants another tank but with tropical fish…..I told him I wanted large Angel fish, that may NOT be a good idea now.

    jo-thnx. my sister has wonderful taste. I really am enjoying the tops she sent me. Hubs said he’d put up a wire border if I decide to do a garden…it may be more work than I want…not sure but Id better make up my mind SOON.

    arkansassongbird-arent the flowers pretty? Wee picked them ALL….all three, grrrrr.

    astaryth-I am ready for the big shedding to be over already….I think all horse owners feel the same.

    DonnaW-poor Blue. the winter coat sure keeps our horses warm but it all that hair is a pain when the warmer days start. Yesterday while we were outside Hubs said, “Ill have to mow soon!” I thought, “yep, he is right.’

  13. Glad you all are back and Wee One is recovering! The book looks great! I know you will enjoy it! It is so nice to get packages in the mail. Horse coats-ours are dull as well, but I think they are just waiting for the weather and will start shedding. Then I will bring out the slicker as well and help them along! I love grooming them, it is my thereapy. I will also start braiding there manes and tails as well. It really helps them to grow and keep them from breaking! I am so ready for spring here as well! It has been raining here today and cool.

  14. Sorry to hear that first two fish didn’t survive. That’s the pits, but that top fish looks like it has a pretty fancy tail and set of fins to be an oridinary gold fish.

  15. just wait til wee one finds a real snake in the yard.
    just wait…

    step-mom was planting (springtime) and came across a black snake half buried in the soil. after the snake left, she dug up around there and pulled out about 75 eggs.
    dad took them into his greenhouse to hatch.

  16. KDW-grooming horses can be very relaxing. Most of the time, it is also relaxing for ME 🙂

    risingrainbow-the 2 big fish are the calico fancytails that hubs bought first…then the 2 Organdas croaked so we just bought a plain ole gold fancytail for Wee One, he doesnt like the Calicos! I miss the little Organdas!

    gino-oh weve had our fair share of snakes! did your dad let those eggs hatch??? ew. Ive been chased by an anacaonda..oops I mean a BLACK snake that LOOKED like an Anaconda. Ill send u the link AND photo

  17. Yep, I still have an AOL journal… It’s the same name “Adventures of an Eclectic Mind”. Basically it’s just a mirror blog of the Blogger blog, just not as pretty ;p I usually post the same entries in both places. I figure this way I have a back-up of my blog in case either service closes LOL!

  18. I am ready to put my garden in!

  19. Got your nice card today BG! Thanks that was so nice, I do love those Leanin’ Tree cards! I buy them by the bundle when we go to Shepler’s in Florida.

    Yes our older horses do get more hair. I took the shedding blade to Buddy today and got just tons and tons of hair out of him. We just stood there and almost fell asleep, he loved it.

    I head out in a few hours. Can’t wait to get to that mini horse show! The ole camera will be clicking away!

    Take care my friend and thanks again for the nice card !

  20. How nice of Wee One’s teachers to send him those 🙂

    Enjoy your gifts!

    Green grass and blooms? Hooray! We are still buried under several feet of snow, LOL, but some of it will melt this week, when we get up into the 40’s!

    Wee One would enjoy watching a garden grow 🙂

  21. Goldfish are wicked little fish aren’t they

  22. astaryth-okay, I was curious I might be missing out 🙂

    celeste-me too

    MM-your welcome! have a good time in FL…safe travels

    Kila-sending you some warm sun and warm weather! brrrr

    anne-yes, they are indeed

  23. Aniin BG. Doing good and I’m glad to see spring poking up in your neck of the woods. Have a great week.

  24. I’m so sorry I haven’t been around your blog for a while. I need to catch up but I didn’t know Wee One had surgery. I’ll try and back up and find out why, but I’m glad he’s doing well…

  25. Katie

    I want some fish.. and plants… lol.. I love seeing all of yours in the photos you share! Thank you.

    The book looks like a fun read! Congratulations!

    Glad to see Wee One out playing.

    I hope every one is doing well over your way BG!

  26. brian-howdy! good to see you. glad your well. I am overjoyed spring is here…’cept for the storm part.

    pavel-hey stranger! well….I see youve been busy AND your in an upcoming musical, so I understand!

    katie-so far, the fish are EASY to care for and they are actually, nice to watch. My house plants and outdoor plants have been thriving, I think b/c when I was sick, hubs started caring for them! he worked in a flower shop in Phoenix when he was in college for 2 years. He has the green thumb

  27. That was nice of his teachers, my kids both love those stupid rubber snake and lizards.
    We are wanting to try a garden, it didn’t turn out so good last time.

  28. kelli-he has some wonderful preschool teachers! I was rather fond of those things too as a kid….

  29. so happy to see Wee One looking well after surgery.

    (the time change kicked me, too. or else I’m getting sick)

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