Bezhigooganzhiig (My Horse) & Misaaboozoog(Donkey)

Whose only fit companion is his horse.~William Cowper, Conversation 1 412.(1781) 

While I was shoveling bebezhigooganzhiiwimoo wan (horse manure) for 3 days, Scooter often watched me struggle with the wheel barrow.

I swear, he had this look on his face that said, “at it again huh?”

After all the years Ive cleaned up after him, Scooter is still a BIG slob.

The past weekend and Monday, I did double barn duty work. I was making up for some laziness I fell prey to while I was ill-stricken with pneumonia or when the weather was just too darn cold and nasty to be outside in.

I do have to say, my barn, stalls, and loafing shed look wonderful.

Ummmm, my manicure does not.

Snort! is that a person on a bike? I must get a better look!”

Scooter takes off at a gallop, runs to the North forty to gawk at some kids on bikes….

Scooter loves kids on bikes.

Kids, who of course, dismount their bikes, throw them haphazardly in the ditch, spokes still spinning wildly. Then the youngsters reach over the fence giving Scooter a pat on the neck.

Scooter knows these kids, they ride by often to their Grandparent’s house who have the itty, bitty, dun pony…….with the itty bitty cute whinny we can hear at our place if the wind is out of the North.

When the short visit is over and the kids ride off, Scooter whinnies back at me. He lopes up to the barn, jumping over the little spring in the middle of the trees. Scooter gives a couple of tail flying prances and snorts in a big circle around me. Freddie tries to match him with a half-hearted buck then goes back to standing and watching me intently work the wheel barrow.

When Scooter finishes his showing off, he walks over to me and nudges me in the back until I give him a cheek scratch and shoo him away.

My stoic companion, Freddie.

Freddie never tries to get in the way or get my attention while I am working….unlike some other hooved equine creature I know, he demands ALL of my attentions.

Why else would I have him tattooed on my body???

um, no. I will not be getting Freddie tattooed anywhere, ever.



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28 responses to “Bezhigooganzhiig (My Horse) & Misaaboozoog(Donkey)

  1. The thing that amazes me is that you even attempt manicures. 😀

  2. The manure doesn’t half mount up if one doesn’t keep on top of the job. With 30 beasts here, we move about a cubic yard or manure daily.

    I’m curious that the Native American words are so much longer than their English equivalents. Do you know why? Do you pronounce every syllable, or do they shorten in speech?

  3. I could totally imagine Scooter prancing around, showing off.

    I agree with markira: manicures? really??

  4. well we all have an “ass”… so the tattoo is redundant

  5. I can see Scooter as he puts on his brilliant show. You have to give him credit, the horse knows how to keep you hooked! lol

    And for that matter, sounds to me like Freddie has things figured out as well. He knows he can’t compete with Scooter so he better have his own style.

    Manicure? to have one of those don’t you have to have fingernails?? Fingernails and horses don’t even belong in the same sentence, do they? lol

  6. DaBich

    LOL Pamela said it for me!

    Ya feelin better BG? I had the flu over the weekend and I felt like I was dying.

    Still do at times…

  7. dickiebo

    Just don’t tell Freddie that, Ramblin’! He’s sure to get a complex. Nuthin’ like a sulky animal. I know. I’ve got B!

  8. Kat

    Why don’t you just have tha name “jack” tatooed on your left butt cheek and let everyone else figure out its in honor of freddie…LOL

  9. Awwww….I can’t believe you don’t want a Freddie tatoo!! Love Pamela’s comment!!

  10. I don’t know. freddy has an AWESOME doo!

  11. some people have horses.
    and some horses have people.

  12. Mine both nose into the work I attempt, especially Kola. Now I know the perfect place for a Freddie tatoo. I believe it’s been suggested….LOL

  13. markira-I am a vain woman at times

    transylvanianhorseman-oh my, mucking after 30 is A LOT! Ive mucked after 12 horses before, not easy when they are stall kept either. Ojibwe language is spoken different than English, altho it uses the english alphabet, it sounds different. I am NO expert! but for example the word chioginiig (it means tomatoes) sounds like: chin. If a word is pronounced wrong, it can take on a totally different definition, so I rarely speak aloud unless I KNOW for sure how it is spoken…

    pinky-he is a beauty when he does put on a show…yes, I DO manicures 🙂

    pamela-LMAO! that was goooooood

    risingrainbow-I like my nails to look good, they are in bad shape today…..I need to do something! I guess Ill call my girl and make an appt. before FL

    dabich-Im a lot better. sorry to hear your poorly, I hope you feel better asap

    dickiebo-you are bad!!!!!

    kat-oh no way would I ever get a name tatt

    arkansassongbird-no way!!

    mel-morelike scary doo

    gino-well said!

    callie-pamela was on the ball w/ her comment, no? lol

  14. I bet Scooter just eats up that extra attention– and I’d love to see the look on his face when you were struggling with the wheelbarrow. You’re a tough cookie, so I bet that the barn and stables do look great! *hugs*

  15. I think Freddie is very cute! Wish I could pet him!

  16. Those two must be great fun!

  17. For a second I thought you really did have a Freddie tattoo. I spose it is a little over the top…
    Love the pics and know bout the poop. Same here, doing double duty from being sick, was out till 8:30 in the dark getting that last load or 3 out. Feels good though 🙂 Fresh air, no kleenex in hand…

  18. ane-thnx, I really like it!

    christy-he does and I just hauled off my old wheel barrow to the dump, I gotta buy a new one now…..

    kila-wanna buy him????

    burg-yeah, they are

    mikey-um yeah, wouldnt want an extra ass….as per pamela

  19. jo

    I’m really lovin’ Scooter and Freddie ! Great post 🙂

  20. Love the pics! Freddie is just too cute! I have a couple of horses that will stay with me when I am out in the pasture, very nosey little boogers. Then they decide to take something and run off! LOL! Love this little game with them! Scooter is a hoot, getting his loves from the kiddos! Isn’t it great to have such awesome horses?! THanks for sharing!

  21. LOL,awww why not??

    Scooter sounds like a hoot!
    I can see why you love him so:)

  22. Aniin BG. I think Freddie is cute. Too big for our sun room though.

    Hope all is well with you and you’re getting excited about the trip. We may decide to be in Orlando on the 26th, depends on the weather and what Ann wants to do.


  23. my dad had an affectionate horse. dont know the breed, but he was only bout 2/3 the size of a ‘normal’ horse.
    would follow me around whenever i left the house to hunt out back (200 acre spread). i’d be sitting behind a ground blind, and he would sneak up real quiet and put his head on my shoulder. or follow to my tree stand in the woods and wait at the bottom.

    once, i tied him to a fence so i could make it out with out him, got a ways, woods separated us, and here he comes, galloping around the bend to catch up with me. he had broken the fence beam loose.
    after that, he spent the week in the barn.

  24. jo-thnx!

    kdwhorses-yes, it is great to have awesome horses…they are like people to us 🙂

    lael-well…..I already have one rather large ass

    brian-Boozhoo! well, dang, I was gonna send Freddie UPS

    gino-hmm, he may have just been a small horse. He must have liked you!

  25. Rebecca

    It’c cool all the kids feel comfy around scooter.
    I bet you will have Freddie …added. OK. Maybe to hubby’s butt?

  26. Katie

    Freddie is so adorable though!

  27. Theres a bunch of horses out on my rural paper route and my kids like to go with me and get out and pet them.

    I agree with Katie. Freddie is adorable!

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