Things I’ve Learned & More


 Some things I’ve recently learned:

Wednesday is not the day to be out shopping in my area. Wednesday is Senior Citizen Day in every store in the county. I have nothing against Senior Citizens except for the fact that the come out in droves, drive slow, then visit in the isles holding the cereal hostage.

Hubs has really gone over the deep religious end. He listens to the Tulsa Christian radio station. Along with hub’s regular church attendance, he also attended a weekend revival. Why cant I easily accept hub’s new found desire for religion? I am trying. As best friend L said, “hey, get over it. It’s better than the alternative.”

I am a sugarfree redbull addict. I usually drink one a day. Today I did not drink one and I’ve been really cranky and tired. Yep, I think I am an addict. Time to quit.

Wee came home from school Tuesday and informed me, “mama, I dont fart at school. I pass gas!

Scooter still does not like Freddie. I keep them seperated during feedings because of this. Rergardless, the first chance Scooter gets, he is snaking his head at Freddie with teeth bared or trying to kick the crap outta poor Freddie…Scooter is normally acceptable of other horses, I am not sure what to do. Maybe I’ll have to sell or give Freddie to a good home.

I am not allowed to come home from my Florida vacation without a Minnie Mouse for Wee One. Per Wee One’s orders.

I am leaving for my Florida vacation trip in 12 days. I am counting down………I cannot wait. I recently realized my family is joyful I am going away. They are happy I am going to get some R & R….maybe I will not be such a snarling, mean, mother after my short break.

I bought Tami Hoag’s: The Alibi Man to read on my trip. This is the 2nd novel Hoag has written featuring Elena Estes, an ex-cop but a superb horsewoman. I was happy when it came out in paperback, my local library seems to buy Danielle Steele novels by the bulk but rarely buy what I consider..the good stuff. In fact, I was shocked that they purchased ‘Duma Key.’

Sadly, I ran out of books to read and I had to start reading ‘The Alibi Man’ now. On my trip to Wal-Mart early this morning, I bought the book, OBSESSION: An Alex Delaware Novel by Jonathan Kellerman. I enjoy the Dr. Delaware books. They are psychological thrillers and just plain suspenseful. Definitely a good book to have my nose in during one of my layovers.

We have plenty of furniture. Why does Kitty have to pester Marvin and vice versa????? They are like having 2 more squabbling kids.

Wee One caught a catapillar at school today. The class named it ‘Herman’ after a worm character in their favorite storybook, “Herman, The worm“.

What I want to know is why couldnt Herman stay in the classroom??? Why did Ms.J insist we bring Herman home??? I think he’d have been alright over Spring Break, it started today.

Today is another wonderful weather day. We’ve missed the thunderstroms, I am afraid our luck might run out though. There are some in the forecast.

Hubs finished welding my flower borders. He bought a lot of white paint. We are going to paint the fences, gates, and the new border. I do not like to paint, I hope I can get out of it. He mentioned painting the house but I said lets wait and pay someone to do it….if they screw it up, they gotta fix it. I think for once, hubs agreed.

I have a lot more fodder for another The PreSchool Mothers post. Next time I get the urge to write, maybe Ill get it all written down….



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18 responses to “Things I’ve Learned & More

  1. Aniin BG. It’s raining cats and donkeys here today. Been a very, very wet winter. I hope it clears for your vacation.

    There is a huge Disney store at Downtown Disney. They have everything Minnie you could ever want.

    Still not blogging and I haven’t decided yet, but I will always check in on you.


  2. I have both of those books in my sidetable… next on the reading lists. I love Kellerman…. can’t wait to find the time.We have the same taste in light reading.
    I LOVE the fart comment…. too funny.
    I also hate painting… it has something to do with being the messiest painter in the world.

  3. I love both authors too! I hadn’t seen the new Kellerman one yet but I’ll be looking. Tuesday is seniors day in Canada. Don’t ever get behind one that’s ordering twelve different donuts, it take awhile:)

  4. Poor Wee One, first he’ll have to change his language and next he’ll be learning he’s not allowed to do it, let alone talk about it in public….so much for fart versus gas. lol

    Scooter just thinks that Freddie is beneath him. Funny how some horses feel that way about donks while others could care less. Too bad that Scooter is mean to him however, that’s not good.

    The cats looks just like mine get. One minute they are licking each other like they’re very best friends and the next they are hissing, howling and scratching. Who knows what it all means. lol

    So the count down for your trip has begun. You must be getting excited. Has Wee One been anymore specific that Minnie Mouse for a sovenier, that’s pretty wide lattitude.

  5. LOL! My cats do the same thing! Just have to be in each other’s face!
    It’s hard in a household where one is more into religion than the other. My guess is it will level out at some point.

  6. Katie

    lol.. I love to paint! Wish I could help!

    Why was Wee One the chosen one for the catipiller? lol.. because he found it and/or ’cause he’s so cute!

    I always enjoy the books you read!

    religion… is beyond me BG!

    12 DAYS! That’s exciting!

  7. prescool need more take care, well done

  8. Brian-by golly, the weather had better be great in FL while I am there or else. Thanks for the Minnie tip! I bought Wee One a Mickey Mouse on whim at the airport when I was leavinglast year, he loves the doll…so now he wants Minnie. Miss ya posting, but you know that.

    Hope-Dr. Delaware novels are very good. I am the messiest painter too…plus the smell gives me a giant headache.

    Linda-yikes, 12 different donuts??? that would take me awhile too! lol. are you in Canada? I want some poutine….been craving it

    risingrainbow-I never thought fart as a bad word…apparently a lot of people do. silly. Scooter just flat out does not like Freddie, Im not sure what to do. I have had an offer on him but I do not know the people at all…cant let him go to a bad home.

    Seamus-I have to admit, hubs seems happier and less stressed…of course oil being $110 a barrel might be the reason!

    katie-you can take my place painting-ew. The weather is nasty and hubs had to work a bit, I am happy no painting today! Im w/ ya on the Religion thing too.

  9. My oldest daughter brought home a bunch of pretty acorns from school one time. She lovingly stored them in her Barbie doll container. A week later they hatched little wiggly worms everywhere. Yep.

    Have a great vacation!

  10. So funny the passing gas comment.

    We have 24 days till our trip to Flordia and cruise the countdown is defintely going on here.

  11. Here the no shopping days are Friday Saturday and Sunday

  12. BG I’ve missed reading your posts so have tackled Dad’s laptop to check in. I hate laptops, I have to hunt and peck. Very slow.
    It’s gorgeous here in Florida, back to reality on Tuesday. You will have a great time and go home refreshed! There is Minnie Mouse stuff everywhere even Walg*reen’s. Wish I could take Freddie but five is enough and he’d FREEZE his butt off. I hope you can keep him and that he and Scooter make friends. Poor Wee can’t say fart at school! What’s the world coming to???lol! Have a wonderful time on your trip!!!!!

  13. Rebecca

    LOVED the kitty pic.

    I have never tried a Red Bull. I have enough nervous energy…why add to it, especially these days.

    I think Hubby is doing something wonderful. REALLY. Give he a clap of hands…he’s doing something meaningful and in a positive way.
    He could be in a bar at a whore house or down by the river falling asleep…..Give him some positive feedback.

  14. Maybe the painting will be done when you come home from vacation? 😉

  15. EWBL-omg, worms? ew! I want some Mexican Jumping beans…….

    kelli-I want to go on a cruise, never been before!

    anne-I wish I could say the same..I normally shop in the early morning weekdays but my schedule sometimes doesnt work out.

    MM-good to see you! I figured you were having a ball in FL and at that Mini-show!! I cannot wait to see your photos….I wont stress over finding Minnie then 🙂

    rebecca-your right. I have been really supportive of him. RedBull doesnt give me the jitters like coffee. so I like it better.

    callie-lets hope so! Hubs did paint my flower bed border..I rode Scooter 🙂

  16. I bet Wee One would love painting! 😉

    Good luck keeping the caterpillar alive.

    My MIL loves Wednesdays, LOL.

  17. I’ll be anxious to see if you see a change in your hubs. Keep us posted.

  18. Liz

    I have the Kellerman book on hold for me at the library and am eagerly awaiting being told it’s there for me. In the meantime, may I recommend Dancing Above The Waves by Susan Walerstein. If you like suspense novels, especially those involving relationships, as opposed to just a who-dunnit or “police” kind of book, you’ll really enjoy this. If it were a month or so from now, I’d call it a beach book, but you’ll just have to curl up on the couch or wherever and start reading. You won’t be able to put it down.

    Short plot summary: rich Bostonian (has society wife, but also is having an affair) is in a hit and run one fateful day — and soon, his world falls apart. Blackmail, mystery, you get it.

    Very, very satisfying.

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