Who Hears A Who??

Wee One and I caught the matinee of Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! (2008) Sunday. We made the 20 minute trip South to the tiny, very rural, movie theater for the 2:00 pm showtime…..the only showtime.

I should not complain because one of the best things about this tiny theater is their prices. Here is what the matinee cost us yesterday:

2 matinee tickets: $6
large popcorn: $5
Large diet Dr. Pepper: $2
1 box of Whoppers Candy: $2
Total: $15
If we would have driven 45 minutes to Bartlesville and fought the crowds at the Mall, my wallet would be about $25-$30 lighter….not mentioning in the price of gas. The theater we go to isnt fancy or as new as the higher priced ones, but the movie looks and sounds the same as in any other theater I have been in. 
‘Horton Hears A Who’ has always been my favorite Dr. Seuss story. Wee One and I enjoyed the movie very much. It was fast paced, cute, and kept him interested throught out the entire movie. Definitely a good movie for the little kids.
We had good weekend weather. Green grass is growing up fast. This is an old photo, it isnt quite that green yet.
I’ve decided not to do a garden this year…I think I’ll stick to my potted veggie plants…..maybe plant more flowers and focus on some landscaping instead of a garden that probably wont survive.
I was able to spend a much needed hour in the saddle. Scooter, however, needs some work. It did not help that I rode him in an old o-ring snaffle bridle minus a chin strap. Nor did I take the time to lunge him for 15 – 20 minutes. Time was of the essence in our getaway from home. I knew Scooter should have been ridden in the 3 piece low port with a roller but I decided against going back inside after that bridle. 
When we reached our soft sandy road, I let Scooter lope a good long way. Once he worked off some energy Scooter paid more attention to me and not everything else. We could hear Freddie braying a few times, Scooter did not answer and pointedly ignored Freddie’s calls from the panel pen where Freddie was put into before our departure.
I have had an extra kid since Thursday, Bubba’s best bud Cho who we love having around…this is the only friend of Bubba’s that I can tolerate for a length of time. Cho is a wonderful and well behaved teenager but he was a wonderful and well behaved small kid was well.
Hubs filled my car up for me yesterday. I did not ask him what the cost was, our gas prices are up to $2.99. Crude Oil is over $110 a barrel the last time I checked. That is very good for my family, Crude Oil is how we survive…..do I feel bad about the high gas prices? yeah, a little bit. But, not like the rest of the Country.
What is the price of gas in your area?


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25 responses to “Who Hears A Who??

  1. I saw Jim Carey on Letterman the other night and they ran a clip of “Horton…” – looks like a fun movie – my kids all loved Dr. Seuss!

  2. Wow,that was a good deal at the movies!
    It’s hugely expensive here and we’re a small town so what the hell?

    I go through garden phases too. Some years I want to grow everything,then the next not so much. This year,I’m doing tons of flowers,a small raised bed and some pots on my porch..

  3. dickiebo

    One pound and 6 pence per litre. Probably something like $2 I guess. Extortion. Can’t wait for the day when we finally get to be free from the necessity of relying on oil-producers in the middle-eastern countries.

  4. Mid-grade fuel is $3.45 in Nevada. Diesel jumped up to $3.99.

    Your local movie theater definitely has a good deal. I think we are paying $8 per ticket.

  5. I think Brian filled up last week and it was $3.50 a gallon for premium. Still, in England it was over $8.00 a gallon and has gone over $10.00 since.



  6. My kids loved “Horton” and they want to see it again soon.

    Wow, those are some good ticket prices. Certainly much cheaper than around here.

  7. Aniin BG. Diane and I saw the ads for Horton this weekend. Not sure if we’ll see it. Only nine days now. 🙂

  8. We have a small town nearby that has such a theatre. One matinee and that’s it but the prices are just like you described. It’s sure worth the trip.

    Sounds like Scooter was overdue for a ride. Glad he settled in after that lope. Poor Freddie seems to be more attached to Scooter than the other way around. lol

    Don’t even get me started on the fuel situation. The government is subsidising farmers to grow corn for ethanol so half of the hay farmers here are converting over this year. Hay is going to go through the roof and with that the price of beef. People will be complaining about a lot more than just the price of gas.

  9. Rebecca

    I just filled up after work and paid 3.23 a gallon….
    So it’s only going to go up.

    I wish I had oil on my own land.

    Freddie and Scooter both need and love you = )

  10. Our gas is at $3.15 per gallon right now.

    Beautiful horse! Glad you and Scooter were able to spend some time together.

    I do love my Jasper!! He is a great hunter and an excellent hole digger!

  11. jo

    It’s getting downright scary.
    I wonder if Tink could sit through Horton…Z can’t because he doesn’t tolerate noise well. Tink’s whole world is animals,especially horses and ponies.
    Grocery’s have sky-rocketed here,too.
    Wonder if I can grow my own jelly beans :-p

  12. seamus-it was a very good movie with a very good point to it. I like Jim Carey too.

    lael-sometimes we do not get the ‘latest’ movies, they arrive about 1 week later. So far I have 1 flower bed! I need to get busy.

    dickiebo-I hear ya! I would like to see the USA buy from their own oil producers while also finding another way other than fossil fuels, not in my lifetime I bet.

    NM-the usual (Bartlesville) movie matinee ticket is $5.95 not sure about the evening shows, I never get to go at night! wow-Nev gas is high.

    RDK-thats high!

    pavel-I thought the movie was very good, it kept moving right along.

    brian-I doubt Id have gone if I didnt have Wee!

    risingrainbow-I honestly believe our country is in a recession. People do not but I happen to feel that way b/c of many things. I do not mind Scooter being a handful, I know he feels good when hes misbehaving!!

    rebecca-if you ever buy land MAKE SURE you get the mineral/gas rights.

    arkansassongbird-$3.15 is high 😦 Jasper is a cutie! they have such great personalities. Doxies are like real big hunting dogs in a tiny package.

    jo-I noticed my last grocer trip, the prices are higher. My guess b/c of diesel…

  13. Our gas is $1.10/liter or $4.40 a gallon there abouts. It’s a costly thing this driving around especially when we live 50 miles from the nearest grocery store. A garden for me is a necessity:)

  14. 2.99 2.99 omg that excites me. Ours is 3.49 its total BS

  15. Gas today $3.23 …but we are still riding… we will pay whatever it takes as long as we can…LOL

  16. Our gas prices are above $3.50……..Nice that you got a ride in, must have felt real good.

  17. I paid 3 thirty something the other day. ouch.

  18. Linda-wow! and I complain about 15 mi drive 1 way…..we have a decent Farmers Market.

    anne-it’s 3.09 now…

    AO-yep, gotta have it!

    callie-yours is too high. The ride was soooo nice!

    pamela-ouch is right.

  19. Honestly, I can’t remember what the gas is right now. Small town, I drive a Toyota and since the Pod, I don’t go anywhere. I fill up about once a month. I think it was hovering around $3.09 but I go to Kroger and get a fuel discount. Now Hubs, he drives a 1979 crew cab Chevy dual-y, gas kicks him in the nuts every other day.

    Glad to hear the movie was good, been thinking about taking Miss Pinks. I think she’d like it!

  20. OH! I forgot to mention that I bought Duma Key on Thursday! IT’S LIKE CRACK! OMG! I’m excited and I just KNOW the next part is going to scare the bejeezus out of me. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

  21. Pinky-oh yeah, I bet miss pinks would LOVE the movie. Youch, your poor hubs! Duma Key is addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!watch out, it is good 🙂

  22. $2.99 – I can only dream of that price. Ours are currently $3.59 for unleaded.

    Our spring break is next week – I will definitely take the kids to that movie. It is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss stories.

  23. I think it is around $3.35, but I am boycotting petrol stations. I ride my bike and use public transportation these days. I refuse to line the Wahhabist Saudi Prince’s pockets. They sent 19 terrorists to our shores to kill thousands of Americans. To support their regime is treasonous.

  24. Tonight saw a station selling diesel for $4.05 a gallon.



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