Spring Break Blue


I am feeling blue.

It’s been raining for hours.

Rain, rain go away!

It has poured down rain all dang day.

ziigibiisaa (pouring rain).


Chance of rain 100% oh joy!

I promised Wee One we’d go to the big park during his Spring Break. I hope we get a decent weather day. Tomorrow is out, we have to go to Tulsa back to his Surgeons for an appointment. Thursday is out because I have a morning dental appointment and Wee One has an afternoon nurse appointment at the clinic for a vaccination.

Please let Friday be a nice day!

Monday evening was cloudy and cool, not much wind.

Hubs got home from work in time for a basketball game…..things got a bit rowdy

Wee One stole the ball and drove off with it.

Scooter  thought he was a racehorse…actually some kids were shooting off firecrackers and Scooter ran over to see what was making all that racket.

Scooter has suprised me on our last 2 rides. He has had a lot of energy and did not get winded like I thought he might.

I love to ride him at an all out gallop…..I was sooo tempted to just give him his head last night.


My common sense over-ruled.

I only allowed Scooter to stretch his legs at a comfortable lope on our soft, sandy road we usually gallop on. I had not inspected the road in quite awhile nor had Scooter been ridden much over the winter, he has not stumbled but I was not taking chances. Not to mention my last 2 rides were in the o-ring snaffle bridle minus a chin-strap. Disaster could have been around the corner with those ingredients.

Maybe next time…

Freddie was once again shut inside the panel pen while Scooter and I took off on another ride.

I took this yesterday before our ride. Scooter was grazing on some green grass shoots.

He isnt today……..

Today our pasture looks like this:

Scooter and Freddie are holed up inside the barn eating hay…neither one of them likes the rain much. They are too much like me.



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18 responses to “Spring Break Blue

  1. I suppose you are getting the same crud we got. Hope you didn’t have any really violent weather – that all passed just to the west of us.

  2. jo

    Awww…what precious photos’ !
    Sure hope the rain clears up for you..send it here…maybe it will melt some of the freakin’ ice.
    Good luck w/all those appts. this week !

  3. It’s been pouring like that here too. But the horses are all shedding like crazy so I have hope that summer might actually make it this year.

    As for Wee One stealing the ball. He really is an imp. I think he must have a gene that sends his those quick witted signals to do that kind of stuff. Seems like he is full of “it” most of the time. lol I would guess he got that gene from you.

  4. seamus-we had some thunder and lightening, flooding but thats all.

    jo-y’all have had a baaaad winter!

    risingrainbow-Scooter has huge tufts falling out. itchy. Wee is ornery! he is so fast, I do not remember Bubba ever being so dang fast. Of course, I am 10 years older too….

  5. I just love that horse! What a beauty!! WEE ONE taking the basketball and accelerating away! That’s so cool. 🙂

  6. We’re getting the rain tonight. Supposed to have severe thunder storms around 1 a.m. I’m hoping it won’t be too bad.

    Wee One snatching that ball is awesome! Also, I would totally hug Freddie.

  7. MM-I love him too! Wee One can be a stinker sometimes, he got away w/ the ball too.

    pinky-freddie likes hugs 🙂

  8. Katie

    I hope the rain stops soon! We’ve been having the snow, sleet, rain cycles here.

    I know it is tough to stay inide when our souls cry out . I much rather be outside…

    Wee One’s such an imp! So cute!

    I’m happy to hear that you got out for a ride… I thought about it on Sunday but ran off to the zoo instead – it has been a couple of years . I was able to go alone and take hours of studying in as well as lots of shots.

    Make your day a great one!

  9. Oh we have been blessed with the rain the last 36 hours as well! They say it is supposed to clear up by Friday and be nice and then chance of rain again on Sunday! I see you get the lake thing going in your pasture as well! LOL! We do too! We are on Spring Break as well! I hope the weather holds out as I have a Extreme Cowboy race on Saturday. Hope the rain clears out and you get your play time!

  10. It’s raining (actually sleeting) here today as well…so much for almost Spring, right?

    Scooter is a beautiful horse! I’m envious. 😉

    By the way, a long long time ago you asked a question on my blog and I just FINALLY posted the answer today. Stop on by if you get a chance.

  11. You NEED to get to Florida into the sunshine and warmth! Soon BG, soon!

    We’re supposed to get the rain and some snow starting sometime today. I need to go to the stable and do some shedding but am still unpacking and doing laundry. Hopefully later today.

    Wee has those two over a barrel doesn’t he?! That’s a really cute picture.

    Poor Freddie. He wants to go too. Could you lead him on a ride with Scooter? Has he ever been ridden?

    Smart girl for not galloping. Don’t end up on your head like I did!

    I was just drooling to ride that 18 hand warmblood though. No common sense here.

  12. Holy cow, bg! I’m going to have to send you a raft!

  13. Aniin BG, the weather is hot today and very windy.

    Hope all goes well tomorrow.


  14. katie-oh! does this mean you’ll be posting more work soon???

    KDWhorses-good luck at the Extreme Cowboy race on Saturday! I hope you are a winner. it’s a nice day today. 60 deg and sunny…of course we just got home from Tulsa so no park today, too much to do around here.

    karina-ew, sleet? Ill take the rains.

    MM-in 1 week, Ill be there! Freddie leads easily, and I have rode him a tiny bit. He does not know anything and I hate to ruin one of my few rides ponyinghis ass along…mean arent I? once I rode a 17 HH warmblood/draft. I felt like a giant, he was soooooooooooooo BIG. Scooter is only 14.3

    pavel-send a motor too, I do not like rowing.

    BG-thnx! my sister called me from FL she said the winds are howling….she was in the Hurricane Charlie (I think!) at her best friends house in downtown Orlando in the Historic area. Old house, Old trees….they survived. well…not all the trees……….

  15. I know how you feel. It’s one giant mud pile up here by us!

  16. It’s been gray here, too. It’s sad that seeing a little sunshine is such a treat.

    My boys always wanted a little tractor like that. Wee One is so cool.

  17. Cool post, sorry it’s been raining so much, but at least you got in a little ride 🙂
    Little more rain, you’ll have a pond instead of a pasture… but I envy you the green grass that’s coming…
    Wee one, adorable as always 🙂

  18. Your pasture looks like frog playground.
    We had a pasture with a pond – I remember it spreading out like that when it rained.

    (I loved catching frogs)

    Freddie is looking better then when you first brought him home. Did you brush him?

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