Agawaadizi Ishkoniganan

 agawaaizi ishkoniganancraziness on the reservation

Things have been just plain weird: 1)hubs being in a mostly good mood every day and not complaining about my upcoming vacation away from them all  2) a troubled family member getting his sh*t together (finally!) 3)a phone call from a person who I had not spoken to in years ( I wanted to scream “how’d you get my cell number!!!????”)

Too busy, not enough time in the day, just plain craziness happening around here.

As I sit here typing, I feel I am in a The Twilight Zone episode and Rod Sterling should be narrating.

 bangishimo aabaakawadsunset after a storm

Tuesday evening we had a beautiful sunset after the monsoon passed that pummeled Oklahoma. The flooding is bad.

Hubs had to walk around many of his oil leases to check them Wednesday due to the creeks and local rivers being too high to cross in his 4X4 or 4-wheeler.

Hubs likes to walk so he was not unhappy.

My flowers are loving the rain and warm sunshine.

Hubs welded my flower bed border and he also painted it! Now I need to get busy and make it look nice…, maybe after my vacation.

Scooter striking a pose for Horse Illustrated.

Stoooooopid cockleburs. Only about three, but damn!

Hubs took Wee One to the Grandparents yesterday evening, then to the tiny park, Bubba has been gone on a fishing trip with his cousins, I was home alone…………

I said outloud to myself, “ta hell with chores and housework! I’m going for a ride.”

Scooter and I took off for about 45 minutes…..that is 3 rides in less than a week. We are on a roll.

On my next ride I may take along my camera…maybe. I am very, very careful with my camera. Heck, most of the time, I do not carry my cell phone when I am riding, it is peaceful without it.

The Goat Ranchers are having babies left and right. Over the weekend, Scooter and I saw twins being born. They were soooooo cute and tiny! I need to get some photos of them.

Poor Freddie left behind again. He does lead easily for a donkey but I do not want to ruin my too few trail rides ponying him along.

Freddie can be ridden. I have gotten on him but he does not know a thing. I know, I know. I should be teaching him….., eh, maybe after my vacation

 Mean arent I?

Not really, I did stake him out in the back yard and let him munch on the new green grass growing out back while I did chores. Freddie enjoyed it! 

Scooter acted like a complete ninny when he saw Freddie was out of the pasture and in the yard. You’d have thought he and Freddie were best buddies the way Scooter carried on. I finally shut Scooter up inside his stall and he whinnied his fool head off from inside there. Silly horse.

The next 2 days look wonderful in the weather department. Wee One and I will be hitting the big park Friday and some Easter Egg hunts on Saturday.

I really want to cancel our appointments today and play outdoors but that isnt feasible.

Happy Easter!



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23 responses to “Agawaadizi Ishkoniganan

  1. Freddie looks so sad in that picture! I just think donkey’s are fricking great, I don’t know why, they amuse me I suppose.

    I’m SUPER glad that you have been riding so much lately! you can tell it’s making both you and Scooter very happy!

    Enjoy the weather and have a Happy Easter!

  2. have Bubba teach Freddie –

  3. I’m laughing at Scooter. He can’t stand that donkey, now he can’t live without him? Silly horse! It always cracks me up when they do that, and they always do……lol

    I’m glad that things are gelling in your life. I wish I could say the same for mine. Funny how stuff goes in streaks.

    Looks like your hubs did a good job painting your fence. I’m sure you were happy to be spared. lol

    I’m also glad you’re getting some time to ride. That always does my brain good.

  4. Silly Scooter.

    I’m envious of the riding! Really need to get going with that around here. Wish the rain would stop.

    Love that you’re putting things off til after the vacation; no point doing today what you can put off til later 🙂

  5. jo

    What a great post…I’d give my right arm for that sunset photo !
    Glad all is going well before your vacation…ya packed yet ?
    How was Wee’s post op check up ? Is he still wanting blue everything ?

  6. Poor Freddie….left behind….

    We had some major rain in Arkanasas, too. I had an after school rehearsal Tuesday which ended at 5:30 PM, then I couldn’t get home due to flooding. Luckily, I could get to Mom’s house and spent the night there.

  7. Hey – when the sun is shining I say – get out there and ride. And you are correct. Everything else will still be there when you get back from vacation!!!

  8. Looks like Spring popping out all over your rez!


  9. BG you NEED to ride whenever you get the chance! I call it my therapy. I didn’t get to ride today cause it’s snowing but I did get to brush Buddy for a good long time and got tons of winter hair out of him. Even that made me feel good! Thank goodness for shedder blades! I love the comments you put on your pictures, I don’t know how to do that. Duh. When you get back from vacation maybe you can give me a lesson???? I love learning new things on the ole puter. Scooter looks so good. Buddy has aged over this winter, he just doesn’t look as good. Maybe when I get him home I can spruce him up a bit. He’s getting up there in years, almost 30. He and I look about the same these days! lol! That was a beautiful sunset picture you took. Gorgeous.

    You take care of yourself! Just keep thinking about that vacation coming up and all the fun you will have!!!!!

  10. I think Scooter and Freddie have made friends. He just will not let you know.

    Have a wonderful time. Take a good break.

  11. pinky-Freddie was sad…he got over it tho.

    pamela-Bubba isnt into horses like me….

    risingrainbow-yes! equids always act like that dont they??? riding is like therapy without a shrink

    dwh-lol, my hubs is getting tired of my lame excuse. He has a whole list for me when I get back frmo FL.

    jo-packed? sorta….I have my ziplock sandich baggies for my carryon packed. I sent u the photo. Wee is healed with flying colors~!

    arkansassongbird-wow, glad you had a place to stay! hopefully your getting this warm sunshine we have now.

    karmynR-Im glad your on my side…..

    seamus-it is and I LOVE it!

    MM-Im stingy with my time. I can easily show you how to do that. It is at photobucket. Scooter will be 30 next year, he has aged a lot the last year and a half, I guess it is inevitable! Im sure Buddy looks great as always…our old guys are so special.

    celeste-nah, I think Scooter was just jealous because he wasnt getting special treatment!

  12. Kat

    I love the always. Its been raining alot here too…snows for a few minutes…back to rain…I am so ready for spring…and opening the doors and windows…AHHHHHHHHH

  13. Don’t blame you for skipping housework and going riding. Scooter is such a character! I’d be spending loads of free time with him too. There’s nothing quite like a ride for blowing away the cobwebs and putting life in perspective. Horse-magic I think. 🙂

  14. I worked my regular jobs today and instead of coming home and sleeping, me and all the mini-Infidels worked in the yard because it was so beautiful outside……oh, yeah and also because our sorry ass Home Owner’s ASSociation threatened to sue us for having some weeds in the flowerbed even though I told them I don’t put out my plants and new mulch until mid-March.

    The suburbs are so blissfully happy and problem-free.

  15. I love the pictures of Freddie and Scooter! Who do you think will miss you most when you’re on vacation, your family, your equines, or your online friends?

  16. kat-ew, no snow!!! it’s Easter dang it

    melanie-oh wise one! horse-magic is RIGHT ON

    ewbl-gasp, making me choose favorites??? lol! never. your homes owners ASSociation sounds like it sucks! I told my husband about your comment and he said he felt bad for you then we laughed crazily thinking about a home owners ASSociation in OUR area….not likely! too many rednecks w/ carss/trucks sitting up on blocks AND ew, the trashy trailer homes from the 70’s down the road…….no one lives there.

  17. The weather has been nice here the past couple of days, starting to dry out some. Fixing to go ride myself! Woo Hoo!
    Scooter just cracks me up! They are so smart, sometimes too smart for there own good! LOL! Well, getting off here and going to saddle up!
    Have a great and blessed Easter!

  18. Barngoddess: I’ll do your Rod Serling impersonation voiceover for you for free since we’re friends:

    “When Barngoddess woke up this morning, she had no idea until she finished her coffee and breakfast that she would be taking Scooter out for another ride. It was “catch up” time for the two of them. And it was fun being alone and saying ‘To hell with housework. Scooter galloped along in high spirits as the red sunset approached. Barngoddess may not have realized it, but she had entered a new dimension. She had in fact entered…”The Twilight Zone” (Cue Up music and Fade Out).

  19. kdwhorses-I hope you had a great ride!

    MM-lol! thank you. I loved your narration 🙂 very good indeed!

  20. The pics are absolutely priceless! I bet Scooter was thrilled to have 3 rides in less than a week! I know you were, too! I hope that ya’ll have a safe and happy Easter! *hugs*

  21. dickiebo

    Why do I get the feeling that you are already (mentally) on vacation? Can’t say I blame you!

  22. Happy Easter, cold but pretty out at least no rain.

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