Muddy Butt

From you have I been absent in the spring,
When proud pied April, dressed in all his trim,
Hath put a spirit of youth in every thing.
(Sonnet 98, 1-3)
Spring is all around us in Oklahoma.
I love it!

Wee One and I made it to the big park Friday afternoon. He quickly made friends with a cute little girl the same age dressed in purple.

Wee was showing off on the bumpy slide and raced down it into a giant mudhole butt first!


Wee One was rather impressed with his muddy self until I snatched him up and marched him to the car. At the car he was wiped off with handiwipes and redressed in clean clothes so he could play longer and not get a chill.

Wee One and I hit our tiny hamlet’s Easter Egg hunt at the ball field. Wee One grabbed up a lot of eggs! Not any prize ones though, but thats okay, he had a blast hunting eggs.

Bubba was gone from Tuesday afternoon until Saturday evening fishing at the Arkansas River and 4-wheeling on his 4-wheeler. He was with his Uncle W and his cousins.

The Easter Bunny made it ’round to the Res and the boys were happy with their baskets.

Wee One wants a fish just like this. He has mentioned it to me about 10X. Wee specifically says he wants a white/orange striped fish.

This fish costs over $400… yeah, let me grab the check book sweetie. Not hardly.

Our fish love Wee One…  

They know he always has food!

 Feeding frenzy

 I cannot believe they are only harmless Goldfish. They swarm like piranhas and circle during feedings like sharks.

 Me, “like the new carry on I bought? it has wheels and a handle.”

Hubs, “where’s the rest of the matching set? you know, the big suitcase? the one you always take everywhere that weighs over 100lbs?

Me, “there is no set. this is the only bag I am taking. I am carrying it on so I do not have to worry about checking then losing my luggage.”

Hubs, “HA! you couldnt fit all your crap into THREE of those little bags, let alone ONE.”

Me, “just watch me, I’ll do it.”

Hubs has no faith in my packing skills.


I may have to leave my new Minnetonka sandals home though……

I’ll see y’all when I get back from Florida.



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30 responses to “Muddy Butt

  1. Have a WONDERFUL time on your trip BG!!!!!!!! I will expect you to come back tanned and relaxed and ready to take on the world. Well at least the tanned part! I didn’t even get any tan, we were too busy shopping and eating too much in restaurants.

    That picture of Wee in the jeans holding the Easter basket is ADORABLE! It’s one of my new favorites! You have the perfect model with him, he never takes a bad picture.

    How about two of those fish while you’re at it? heehee!

    I love, love, love the bags with the wheels on them. Good thinking just taking carry on, I’ve lost my luggage way too many times. The only thing is where to put all the stuff you buy for the kids while you are there. I shipped home a box as I couldn’t fit it in my suitcase……..thankfully it got her before Easter as it was their Easter basket stuff.

    I wish spring would come to Maine, I think it has stalled somewhere. It’s 20* here this morning with snow predicted for Wednesday.

    Again, have a great trip!!! xoxo

  2. Enjoy yourself! Wee One is sure growing up; what will you call him when he isn’t so “wee” anymore?

    I sure do love his curls.

  3. That Wee One is a cutie! What’s blooming yellow in the horse pasture? Have a great trip and think of my freezing butt while you’re gone (it’s supposed to snow later today).

  4. Is there any other way for a boy to go down a slide and into a mud puddle? lol

    I’m glad Wee One had a great time hunting eggs and that he so enjoys the fish. They look like they are growing.

    Enjoy your trip. Carry ons are the way to go. I can’t even imagine going back to a bag that didn’t have wheels and a handle. I don’t travel much but lugging a heavy bag around any airport sucks!

  5. Barngoddess: I was just in Florida! I had to laugh at Wee One and the Muddy Butt scene. I can see you taking him to the car!!:D WEE ONE IS SO COOL!!!


  6. MM-thx for the well wishes! I am ready, nearly packed too. I wish I could send you some of this warm sunshine 🙂

    donnaW-He will always be the Wee One….maybe Ill just shorten it to Wee??

    Linda-those are daffs, pretty arent they?

    risingrainbow-lol, Wee One was loving the mud, I wasnt! never again will I carry something thru an airport…especially when on occasion, Ive had to RUN.

    michaelmanning-I hope FL weather is perfect for me…..Wee was not happy about being marched to the car until I explained we were NOT leaving ….yet…

  7. Love the daffodils coming up! That’s so pretty!
    Wee One is adorable as always… them kids, they love the mud.
    Have a good safe trip! We’ll miss ya!

  8. bon voyage.
    There are actually some striped goldfish you can get at a local pond store that aren’t so expensive.
    How BIG they get is the question.

  9. jo

    Those pics sure brightened my day !
    Have a fantastic vacation…my oldest daughter and oldest grand are leaving this Sat for 10 days in Fla.
    They do not know how to pack…sigh.
    Hell, I can’t go from here to GR for 5 days w/o 3 suitcases…if you pull this off, ya gotta tell us how !
    be safe, have fun and rest up !

  10. dickiebo

    Just have a great time, Ramblin’ and, for goodness sake, don’t worry about us. We’ll be OK!
    Sob, sob, sob!

  11. Glad you all are getting better weather! Wee one is a cutie!

  12. Aww I bet you make it all fit!
    Have the BEST time!

  13. I hope the weather is great for you on your trip! From what I can tell, the weather channel is saying it will be.

    I love the pictures of wee one with the fish and his Easter basket. Awwwww

  14. mikey-arent the daffs pretty?

    pamela-I wanted to stop at the garden store in Tulsa after Wee’s last appt but no time 😦
    the koi get really big…..I think we have one that is a baby koi

    jo-I did it! I have successfully fit everything I am taking into my little carryon. I have access to a washer/dryer so that helps!

    dickiebo-haha! Ill think about you while I am lazing by the pool and listening to the ocean…guzzling mojitos or pina coladas or something of the sort.

    kdwhorses-its windy here 😦 bad storms this weekend. Ive left additional instructions for hubs incase…


    jolynna-thanks! fromyour photos, it looks like you had a wonderful time.

  15. I want spring here in indiana grrrr. Oh we flushed a fish today. Stupid thing disappeared I swear I looked in the tank the other day and didn’t see it so looked all around the tank and didn’t see it, then Keith comes home from school mom the fish is dead. I go look and there it lies in the tank on the bottom, thought the stupid things floated belly up when they died. ugh

  16. sabrhund

    The daffodils are springing up all over here in GA, but we’re due for another cold snap tonight. I hope it doesn’t nip all the buds!

    Beautiful photos, fun anecdotes. You can probably find a shubunkin goldfish that isn’t show quality like that particular specimen at any general fish store. They grow to be about 8-10 inches long and live for 5-10 years. I had one as a child who lived to a ripe old 8 years old, and her name was Callie 🙂

  17. Kat

    Have a wonderful deserve it!!!

  18. What’s wrong with a dirty butt?! hee hee

    Have fun in Florida!

  19. Spring has sprung there! I realized looking at your pictures that we don’t have any daffodils – I miss the daffys.

    Have a great time in Florida – safe trip!

  20. One chill aspect of your site is that it is not only a photo scrapbook, but a diary, and a exchange between mates all at the same time. Think of what it would be like if we had this access to our ancestor’s lives? We would know so much about their loves, interests, friends, experiences, and pain.

    I respect sheilas like you who put it all out there for the World to see. I have to remain in the shadows due to fear of my enemies. Keep on blogging because it means you are alive. We receive your spiritual vibrations in this medium.

  21. Cant wait to here about the fun you have!

  22. oh, have a good trip!

    It is snowing here this morning. sigh.

  23. Rebecca

    I think the Easter Egg hunt picture was my very favorite. SO so cute.

    I hope Florida was enjoyable!

  24. Have a wonderful trip!

  25. Have a great vacation. Get a good tan!

  26. Katie

    Have a wonderful time BG! You’ll be missed!

    Snowed here today . 😉

  27. I think women are always better at packing. I can alway pack 10 pounds of crap into a 3 pound bag! No prob!

  28. Yay! I hope you’re having a great time in Florida parading around in your itsy, bitsy, teenie-weenie, yello-polka dot bikini!

  29. Have fun!! I’ll be back later!~

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